Wilshere, Walcott and Diaby to start for Arsenal at Hull?

Now we we all know that Arsenal are not going to pull off a miracle and beat Chelsea to the Premier League title this season, we need to look at how Arsene Wenger is going to manage the squad for the rest of the season.

The pressure may be off the Gunners in the hunt for the title but there is still a hell of a lot to play for. Not only do Arsenal need to keep up the great momentum that we┬┤ve had since the turn of the year, we have a massive Wembley final to think about.

In my mind it is now very important for Arsene Wenger to use his squad in an intelligent way, while obviously trying to make sure that we can win all of our games. In my opinion I think we can now start to give some game time to a few key fringe players in order to keep them happy and interested in the Gunners and our future.

Foremost of these are Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott, two players that can be absolutely amazing on their day. Then you have the age old question about whether Abou Diaby will ever be able to make a decent contribution for us over a season. We know that he is a brilliant player but will we see enough of him? The same question could be asked of Jack.

If Arsenal are to keep one or both of them then we need to see something form them on the pitch before the season ends, so should Wenger play them on Monday when we go to Hull?

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    1. dn’t really care who starts or not(as Long as they are deemed fit and reliable)…….MY WISH: Just bring home a well packaged 3pts garnished with spicy goals back from the K.C stadium

      1. You should have made all your comments at once instead of replying to your own posts each time. It’s almost as boring as Chelski.

        1. I don’t get the hate on Wilshere, he was getting in to form before his injury when everybody else was playing crap, you can’t expect him to do the whole team’s job. Now that we have Coquelin I expect him to flourish quickly

          1. He gets Wack Wiltshire for a reason.
            “getting in to form” when was that?
            What match did he excel in?
            Did he reverse the stat of us losing more games when he plays?
            Did he NOT run at a wall of defenders, fall over and waste a chance?
            Not good enough, should be sold immediately.

            1. Very clever nicknames…
              These armchair professionals are just ridiculous. I’m assuming you’d like to see Theo cashed in on as well??
              Even after nearly every season we see a few players emerge and grow right before us when given a consistent run in the first team and confidence to build upon fans still jump to ridiculous conclusions based on a handful of games..
              Seriously, Coquelin comes from 2 very unsuccessful loans then hits the ground running. Bellerin has matured over the course of the season and looks a player well beyond his years. Monreal, Giroud and Ozil’s performances have grown out of sight. Just maybe the people who work with these players on a day to day basis see more than your 90mins of expert critique?
              If i was a betting man i’m sure you had these players named as surplus at the start of the season… Or suggesting we go for star names like Balotelli, Falcao and Mangala???

              Wenger on Jack – ‘We are no longer in a position where we need to sell our best players’ what does that tell you?

  1. I really want Walcott to fit into this squad and it’s new-found style sooner rather than later -if at all that is the reason he isn’t getting as much games at the moment.

    He is just too dangerous/useful a player to keep on the bench or even let go off. With him on the pitch, you just feel like we are gonna create atleast one good 1-on-1 chance.

    Plus he deserves the chance to live-out his fantasy of playing in an all-out-super-crazily-speedy attack with Alexis.


    That combo will probably work like how the Santi, Walcott, Rosicky, Gnabry axis worked to devastating effect against Spuds in the FA cup last year!

  2. Diaby wont play at all this season, theo and jack will be subs at best as Wenger desperately wants 2nd place and with City and United hot on our heels he wont take the risk with rusty players!!

  3. I’m okay with Walcott and Diaby but Wilshere hasn’t played well enough to start TBH.

    However, we might as well finish the season with Ospina, Koscielny, Mertsacker/Gabriel, Monreal/Gibbs, Debuchy/Bellerin, Coquelin/Diaby, Ramsey/Cazorla, Ozil/Cazorla, Alexis, Welbeck/Walcott, Giroud

    I don’t see Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini starting this season

    1. Hang on – on what basis are we saying Jack hasn’t played well enough? Diaby hasn’t played first team football in over a year and you’re saying he IS playing well enough? Where is your basis?

      1. He’s obviously been at the training ground watching the players day in day out!!!
        Or else such a comment would be ridiculous….

        1. Diaby, partly because of how often he has been injured, can get into game shape quite quickly and even when he is rounding into fitness, he generally wont cost us games. Jack has been terrible since the first time he sprained his ankle 3 years ago. Just because he is flashy and scores some goals doesn’t make him a good player. He just doesn’t help the team at the moment, and I just don’t see him getting regular playing time (on the merit of his play anyway) unless he remembers how to be a B2B player.

          1. What rose tinted glasses are you watching Diaby through? The guy has been good in a handful of games but usually sits alongside those with a bunch of average games before he gets injured. He has played 2 first team games since 2013 and you’re saying he “won’t cost us games”. We have very different memories of Diaby – He’s definitely got the ability to be great but he’s never produced it consistently and is not exactly a workhorse for the team. There’s no way anyone can say without having watched a large chunk of his rehabilitation as to whether he is ready for first team football or not.

            As for Jack – flashy and scores goals are not attributes I attach to him. He’s a hard working midfielder who is good at turning the ball, driving at players and creating space where there is none. He has bad habits (overplaying the ball, running into dead allies, holding the ball in dangerous areas) but certainly has stuff to offer the team. The fact he isn’t “helping the team” is because he’s been injured – when he was fit and others were out he certainly did help the team. You can say he isn’t that good all you like, and we’ll just disagree on that, but to say he’s useless and doesn’t deserve a chance while Diaby who has not shown his level of ability in over a year does is just a tad mad.

  4. Don’t mess with what ain’t broke. Maybe rotate 1 or 2 players but you’re gonna rip out at least 2 CMs to fit in Jack and Diaby. Theo is most able to slot in as you can stick him RW or CF and not totally delete the spine of the team. Preferably you’d play Theo RW and rotate in either Wilshere or Diaby into the middle – give one of Ozil/Cazorla a 65 min game and the other 25 mins.

    No more then 2 changes to the team would be best. We don’t want to get wobbly – minor adjustments and we’ll keep the streak but blood the fresh players.

  5. Haven’t heard anything about Ron Vlarr on this site, his free at the end of the season rock solid, pl experience and extra cash for marquee signing. Would improve our defense twenty percent, bench mertesacker and allow us to press higher up the pitch, hence more goals and he doesn’t cost a cent just what the boss likes.

    1. BFG has already been bench….Paul is playing in his place…

      we need someone like Varane or Hummels to rotate or provide backup…..

      1. Is Varane for sale? You think you just rub the Transfer God’s ass and it happens.

      2. @Hafiz get a life mate!! You are most definitely a troll that supports someone like Liverpool. Please leave our club alone and stop posting thick ass comments about superstars this and superstars that. I dont even think you watch football!!

  6. Pogba 58m move to PSG….another world class CM gone….

    we have 3 billlionaires yet we cant outbid PSG….

    1. You really are business dunce. You think buying shares in Arsenal comes along with paying millions for a player.
      You really think Usmanov can buy Pogba and deliver him to Arsenal ? Is Third party ownership allowed in the EPL?

      1. It still surprises me that many still don’t grasp this basic issue – no wonder so many feel aggrieved or frustrated if they think it is the main board shareholders job/remit/function to fund Arsenal’s transfer activities. They are investors and not owners. My dear old grandmother had shares in the Post Office – she would have been quite upset to get a call asking for money to buy some new delivery vans.

  7. I personally think it is a good opportunity to rest a few with such heavy congestion coming up. Need to be somewhat fresh for United and F.A. Cup final.
    If it were up to me I’d rest Ozil and Sanchez for Theo and Wilshere. Bring on Sanchez at 70 if it’s close.
    Coq Ramsey
    Theo Cazorla Wilshere

    Plenty of gas off the bench with Sanchez and Welbz.
    If we can establish a solid lead i’d personally also like to see what Chambers is capable of in midfield at some point.

    1. If Chambers didn’t get a chance there while it was a train wreck earlier in the season, Arsene either thinks he can’t play there or needs more work to be able to play there.

      If Arteta is ready, it would be a good game for him to get back in, and definitely no Wilshere on the wing. If we’re resting Sanchez, I’d put Ozil or Welbeck there.

  8. We are no Wenger is so timid that he wont change a thing! Its a shame considering we have a very big squad!

  9. Hull badly need the points, so they will be fighting tooth and nail, and we could have one eye on ManU and Villa. I hope they ate motivated for this one.

  10. Read Wenger’s latest comments. Diaby isn’t even fit yet. He won’t make the bench.

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