Wilshere wants to prove a point to Arsenal – but West Ham will end up pointless

Despite Arsene Wenger supporting Jack Wilshere as Mr Arsenal for many many years, Unai Emery made it clear that the midfielder would not be a starter for the Gunners this season so he left to join his boyhood club West Ham United, who are going through as much as a transition right now as the Gunners are.

So next weekend will be the first time Jack has ever taken the field against Arsenal, and before the Hammers game against Bournemouth this week, he was looking forward to getting one over on us. He said: “First of all, I’ve got to concentrate on football and I quite fancy our chances. I obviously know them really well.

“They’ve got a new manager, but I know the players, so hopefully it’ll be a good time to play them.

“It’ll be a strange one for me as I was never able to go there and play when I went out on loan as you can play against your parent club, but it’s one I’m looking forward to.

“It’s down to me to prove a point to Arsenal that they were wrong to get rid of me.”

But West Ham lost to Bournemouth, to add to their 4-0 hammering at Liverpool, and they are below us in the table on goal difference, and after the game Jack was not quite so confident. He said on the official Hammers site: “It won’t be easy next weekend,”

“We’ve had a tough start but you have to be willing to fight against anyone in this league and win your duels and earn your right to play, and I felt we did that at times.”

Arsenal had a tough start too, but at least we lost to Chelsea and not Bournemouth! I have a feeling Jack is going to be leaving the Emirates next weekend with a lot more to prove, and still pointless after three games!

Darren N


  1. Pablo Picasso says:

    I hope our player put in a 100 percent & prepare even better than the last two games besides the opposition. Imagine the amount of damage an upset can cause to the club.

    The EPL is so unpredictable, no team just lays down, not especially for Arsenal.

    Unai should have a good indication of his best 11 by now, we expect to see them gunning down hammers this weekend.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I predict Emery would give Ozil and Xhaka another chance, because they are too expensive to be left on bench and because they have experience against West Ham:

      Bellerin . Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
      ……..Guendouzi ….. Xhaka
      Mkhitaryan ….. Ozil ….. Aubameyang

      1. jon fox says:

        I predict he won’t! Because both are awful and completely ineffective. OZIL, UNLIKE XHAKA , DOES POSSESS OUTSTANDING TALENT . BUT DOES NOT PRODUCE IT THROUGH LACK OF EFFORT. Lack of effort means that player cheating the club and conning us fans. That is unforgivable.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Lichtsteiner must start in front of Bellerin; he is a hardened professional footballer, not a “wanabe” male model.

  2. mobella says:

    Good luck to him.

    1. Pat says:

      I was sad when he left but when I saw his replacement I was really glad he is a gunner. Guendouzi Is a super talent, fearless, energetic and hardworking.

  3. Jack you have nothing to prove to me. I was shocked when I heard you were going over to West Ham. For me you were Mr. Arsenal.
    But, Things change. I do think that we’ll beat you on Saturday.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Graham, as Jack Wilshire has stated, he left because Unai Emery was honest enough to tell him he wouldn’t be selected every game. That should be the case with every Arsenal player.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Oops “Wilshere”.

  4. gotanidea says:

    I’m not worried about Wilshere, because I know he tends to distributing the ball around instead of scoring or assisting

    The main threat would be Arnautovic, which is tall, quick and tricky

    I remembered Cazorla and Coquelin bossed Pellegrini’s team several seasons ago. Hence as long as Arsenal use midfielders that are good with the ball like them, I think Arsenal would dominate in midfield area

  5. Nigel Hill says:

    I would like to see some changes ozil,bellerin and xhaka should all be on the bench tbh in all fairness I think they should all be moved on Ramsey also for first time ever I’m ready to concede our “best” players seem to be ones letting us down Ramsey would be the exception but by not signing he has shown to me he isn’t loyal to our cause, doesnt have the excitement for the project anymore. Ozil will be almost impossible to get rid of though I cannot see any club wishing to pay 350k+ for the contribution he provides and that contract was our fault we pressurised the club into it. Arsenal need to implement a strict 18 month policy and a maximum % raise for any player on 100k+ if ya on 18 months left and u ain’t signing plans need to be made to move on and replace

  6. ruelando says:

    I had expected 3 points against Chelsea and Loss, I definitely expect 3 points from Westham. It will be a little bit uncomfortable seeing Jack In Westham colours, like seeing your ex at a party, but as mature adults we can enjoy the party without any mishap. It is the same way i feel we will enjoy the game without any mishap.


  7. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    In as much as the Gunners will make attempts to gun down the Irons – difficult, the Irons could resist the Gunners attempts to gun them down but make attempts to hammer the Gunners as much as they could in the match.

    Let me sound a note of warning to the Gunners to not be overconfident they’ll beat the West Hammers in the Premier League match encounter between the duo club sides to thus underate the West Hammers resolve to get a result from the match. Because Pellegrini, the West Hammers boss and his Irons team who’ll play in the match will not like to return to the London Stadium empty handed but at least will try to get a point from the match.

    Therefore, for Arsenal to beat the West Hammers on Saturday at the Ems in the PL, the Gunners have to be up and doing in their game against the Irons and be professional about it eschewing any kind of profigancy in front of the West Hammers goalmouth. But seize their goals scoring chances and convert them appropriately.

  8. Chiza says:

    We need to beat westham with 3-5 goals without conceding.. Anything short of that I won’t be that happy…we must use this relatively easier run of games to gather enough confidence and increase our goal difference positively…..we can only do that by dismantling the lesser teams so easily

  9. Ian Wright bruva says:

    Super jack will prove his point, wherever West Ham have enough to turn us over remains to be seen. I for one believe jack will play out his skin to prove the point that he is still good enough to wear the Arsenal shirt.

    I hope we can keep him under wraps.

    Super Jackie wiltshere

  10. Adajim says:

    Wilshire has nothing to prove, no doubt a talent but his non challant and reckless attitude made injuries plague is shinning career. Sorry man Arsenal need this winning badly. No mercy. Ppl complaining about our defense need to understand u don’t rotate that department, as players who plays their need to gel and understand each others well.
    For me our attack cost us more than defence in d last 2games. Even Bellerin whom most condemn play fine against Chelsea, I can’t blame him for any of Chelsea goal and on d other end he show us all how his finishes is now better. This means he is learning fast. Coyg

  11. Gabie says:

    I see you guys are still looking forward to see Cech on the goal . His 1st Arsenal game it was vs west ham and got hanged nicely for his childish errors . I wish Unai plays Leno I don’t understand why he can’t play him while that small kid keeper Chelsea and Liverpool are playing their new signings . Also Bellerin why is he plying and when Luchtsteiner going to Starrts . Torreira also needs to starts and xhska nerds to sit on the bench .Ozil is an important player when team win ppl are happy when they loose he got critized what’s shit is that . I’m getting tired the boy went through hell still now he’s getting such rubbish .

  12. Gabie says:

    Jack is dreaming Saturday he will go home and ask himself so many questions . Arsenal will win hole Leno plays not Cech as he cant use his legs and his reflexes are finished .Jack will regret for not signing the contract even if Unai told that he’s not guarantee for 1st team . He was right no player is quarantine to all the clubs

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