Wilshere will be the new Mr. Arsenal (if he stays fit)

It has been a long time since Tony Adams was the definitive Mr. Arsenal, and he famously said that when the Gunners offered him a new contract, he would just sign without even reading it, that is how much he loved playing for us.

Now it looks like Jack Wilshere is set to beome our new leader, and hopefully he can have as much effect on the side that Adams did in his heyday. Wenger is convinced that he can be and made that clear yesterday wheen Le Prof was asked if he saw Jack’s future being with Arsenal. “I see him here because he is an Arsenal man,” Wenger said. “He was here at the age of 10 and I believe as well he’s not only been here for a long time but he has some leadership qualities. He has a football brain. He is completely focused on Arsenal.

“The fact that he has been away and come back makes him realise as well that life here is not so bad maybe. That is something that is important that he can be one of the leaders in the future.

“He is much more patient and mature now. Before his desire to play was the only thing that mattered. Today he can analyse better. Is he fit or not fit? What is he to do? He has a lot of prevention to do and he does that religiously now. Before he was a bit more, My body can take that’ like we all are when we are 20 years old.”

“Who would question his love and commitment for the club,” Wenger added. “Nobody. We have to find an agreement that makes him happy and the wish that in the future he remains fit.”

Us Arsenal fans have always lamented the lack of leaders on the pitch, someone who can galvanize the players to keep going, to keep their heads up when things don’t go our way. I really do believe that Jack can be that man, and will be spoken of as Mr. Arsenal for many years in the future..

Who agrees?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal need a new idol for the fans after Sanchez leaves and Wilshere fits the bill, because he:

    – Relatively young, still good looking, English and Arsenal’s homegrown..

    – Has good skills and pretty creative.

    – His actions in the field are quite entertaining.

    At least until Arsenal find another prince that is more talented than Wilshere. Otherwise, he could be like Totti for Roma or Raul for Real Madrid, an icon for the young fans.

  2. Hayzed says:

    Malcom deal off-David Ornstein

    1. Coldzero says:

      Was it ever on? Nope! It’s the Arsenal propaganda BS team at it again is all.

  3. Mudassir says:

    there’s only one Jack and he’s ours.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      What about Roswell?

  4. Phil says:

    Jack epitomises everything a homegrown player feels for his club.Just as importantly is what the fans feel for him and anyone else who comes through the youth system.So let’s not let Jack enemy contemplate leaving.Lets give him a contract that shows how much he is valued by the club and supporters.

  5. McLovin says:

    Goretzka to Bayern, FOR FREE.

    Damn, first Lewandowski and now Goretzka. Now that is good business.

    Malcom not coming is not a loss IMO. Ie. Pavon looks more effective and should be cheaper.

  6. Coldzero says:

    Has Jack signed his contract then? As for a manager that thinks so highly of the new Mr Arsenal I read they have offered him a reduced wage each week! After all nothing says you are valued than your manager telling you that you are getting a pay cut!

    I know he has been injury prone but so are most of our players – they aren’t offering them reductions.

    Jack at the moment is our shining light and he actually is loyal to Arsenal as we have been to him- he should not be offered a pay cut as someone may sneak in and turn his head – I would be gutted if we lost him, Alexi the little mercenary I couldn’t care less but not Jack he is a top lad with fight in him. We need more of that.

  7. Coldzero says:

    We need to seal the Jack contract, Nelson and Nile’s- nail those doors firmly shut if other clubs come sniffing.

  8. Ox says:

    Defo leader for me did see you see the way he had a go at that money grabbing rat Sanchez itvwas a thing of beauty

  9. arie82 says:

    We had walcott who loyal for 12 year, before someone axe him, couse iwobi is better than him.
    Shoud we call him ex mr arsenal for his loyalty, goals, assists and never complaint for being a bench warmner

    1. Phil says:

      Walcott was loyal because he was paid far too much salary than his very limited ability deserved.Did we ever hear reports of him banging on the managers door DEMANDING to play? Of course not as he knew nobody would pay him close to what he was being paid by Arsenal.As for Iwobi-How has Wenger allowed our SQUAD and YOUTH POLICY to deteriorate to the levels we have reached where this talentless player is even offered a contract.Im convinced THE TIMES THEY ARE A’CHANGING. The days of players of such limited ability paid millions of pounds of OUR (by this I mean supporters)money are coming to an end.For this Wenger has himself to blame as his tired broken down ways have been found out.Yes of course we want our players to be loyal but the players who we have called out over the years SÁNCHEZ RVP THE BLOKE WHOOSE DAD WASHED ELEPHANTS NASRI were all Wenger signings and showed as much loyalty and gratitude to him as much as the Club.Sign the right players and put them in a winning team is the first step.Win trophies and Pay them well and then you will see Loyalty.

      1. Sue says:

        The bloke whose Dad washed elephants?! Love it!!!

  10. Break-on-through says:

    No Wilshere is not that captain, he’s a different kind. A captain must know a fair bit of knowledge about team play, tactics, like a manager. He must have a keen grasp on different positions to his own if he’s to be able to orchestrate things. Jack can point and speak to a teammate now and then, but it’s not in a dominant commanding type of way that he does it, neither does he try getting everyone pushing/pulling in the same direction so to speak. Chambers surprised me there a couple games back ..and done well in that last game too. He was trying to martial the defence also the two lads in front of him, the game I’m talking about we had a great set up that day, shape looked right, pulling in the same direction. Chambers was one of them trying to orchestrate, see that’s the thing, you need more than one guy as one guy can’t be always telling everyone what needs telling. You need four or five guys communicating, and one of them will hold the arm band. Communication is key, one guy can not come close to a team that communicates to one another.

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      OT: If we sign auba and mkhi.. which basically seem done. I think that arsene will revert to a 4231, BUT he will play one of the world’s deadliest strikers in auba out on the wing…
      Because if we play auba as striker, we have to drop lacazette. I dont see Lacazette playing on the wing..

      1. Innit says:

        Lacazette has experience playing on the wing. But i see your point. They are both strikers and Wenger likes playing players out of position ie used to play Ozil on the left, Adelaide LWB, Monreal CB, Ox LWB and LW.

  11. pires says:

    Wilshere has done nothing yet.thé patience wenger showed towards him starts to give results but nothing great yet

  12. John Rambo says:

    The 3-5-2 system can accommodate both laca and auba with a floating player behind them probably ozil or miki. Wilshere has shown a lot of courage and mental resilience to be where he is now and his love and passion for the club is unmatched in the current squad. He still has a way to go though for him to be considered the true leader in the team.

  13. Grandad says:

    Wiltshire is displaying maturity .He is class act who would perform well in a more attacking 4_3_3 system which is used by virtually all the top sides in Europe e.g Barca,Real, Man City etc.When you are weak at Centre Back which is the situation at Arsenal why on earth would you use a system which means deploying 3 average defensive players when you could limit the problem by playing a flat back four. Chelsea are now finding it difficult to score goals.Hardly surprising as the basically play a safety first system favoured by Italian managers.Perhaps that’s why they failed to qualify for the World Cup finals?

  14. Peterhos says:

    Absolute rubbish. Cannot score goals, few assists, often injured, off pitch antics. Somebody buy us a few true superstars.

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