Winless run continues as Burnley punish wasteful Arsenal

Burnley will make the trip back from London happy in the knowledge that they took all three points from Arsenal.

The Gunners have now failed to win any of their last five league matches, picking up just four points from their last eight league fixtures, scoring only twice in that eight.

Arsenal had plenty of possession in the first-half but were doing very little with it. In fact, the best chance of the half was at the opposite end, when Ashley Westwood had a free header in the box, only to fail to connect properly, and it to come off his shoulder and go straight at Bernd Leno to catch.

We started the next half brighter however, and forced saves from their opponent’s keeper, and just as we were on top, disaster struck.

Granit Xhaka is initially yellow carded for a foul on Westwood, before a tussle ensues, and the Swiss is seen to have forcefully grabbed the neck of his counterpart, and VAR wasn’t to miss that.

It went from bad to worse soon after, when a Burnley corner was met by the head of Aubameyang and into the net.

Our side continued to try and threaten to claw back the scoreline, but it just wasn’t to be.

Something is really wrong at the club right now, and having a red-hot Southampton side to play on Wednesday certainly doesn’t fill me with any confidence.

What is going wrong in North London?


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  1. The Gunners seem to have understand Arteta’s 4-2-3-1 tactic, which is more similar to the 4-2-3-1 tactic Arteta used when Ozil was still playing before the lockdown last season. Unfortunately Xhaka ruined it and I suspect he did it deliberately to hurt the fans who criticized him

    I hope Arteta wouldn’t be fired though, because his tactics are much better than his predecessors’ and I don’t think the likes of Allegri/ Pochettino could come up with smarter tactics

      1. Look at our stats. 8 shots on target, 64% ball possession, 13 corners and 36 crosses

        It’s the Gunners’ temper that ruin Arteta’s plan

        1. Gotanidea you can brag about those smart tactics and impressive stats in the championship if Arteta isn’t sacked!

          1. @gotanidea you honestly could not be backing Arteta after this? No way! His football is shocking.. his decisions is shocking! He’s out of his depth, you must see that.

        2. Although it was bitterly disappointing watching yet another home defeat I still think Arteta will turn it around. Two things need to happen (1) Our injury situation needs to improve and we need Partey back. (2) Xhaka needs to stop being selected. What’s wrong with using Ceballos instead? More creativity that way too.

      2. Are you serious? Xhaka did it on purpose to spite the fans who booed him?
        To read a statement like that after watching this awful performance just about puts the nail in the coffin.

        1. I guess he’s a vengeful character, but I hope not. I don’t think he has future at though, after making a series of emotional actions

        2. Ken my friend, I’m very very concerned with the state of things. Here are my major concerns

          1. Arteta continues to select the same underperformers and exects different results. Will Xhaka get banished like Guendouzi?

          2. Repeat of same failed tactics.
          Cm’s drop back to play as FB’s, everything is on the wings, & chances come by way of endless crosses. Virtually nothing centrally, no quick passes or running the channels.

          3. No plan B when crosses and attacking on the wings is ineffective.

          4. Lack of disciple from the players. Xhaka, Pepe, Guendouzi, Ceballos in 2 fights with teammates.

          With Southampton, Everton, and Chelsea coming up, do you trust Arteta to turn it around?

          If we can’t get at least 4 points or more from the next 3 games, I’m believe Arteta has to go.

          We’re worse than under Emery, I see no plan or direction from Arteta, and nothing that convinces me Arteta is worthy of more time.

          What are your thoughts on this my friend? Am I unreasonable or to reactionary?

          1. You definitely right @Durand we have been found out crosses crosses all the time no middle play which is why I don’t understand ozil’s omission cos his attacking vision is needed right now to save us, auba and laca aren’t the aerial kind of striker they need it on their fit to make things happen our crosses are just waste, the earlier Arteta realizes this the better for him

          2. Adajim, that’s different to what GAI is saying – he is suggesting Xhaka did this to get his own back on the supporters.

            Watching the game, I think the players are just shell shocked with what is going on.
            As you say, there is no plan B, just cross after cross after cross, with no results whatsoever.
            I agree with all your points and we are in a desperate situation.
            As we have noted before, it seems that, be it AW, UE or MA, one is derided when the same criteria is applied.
            I hate criticising people, when I know that I cannot do their jobs, so I observe and use the already mentioned criteria others use.
            I listed in another post, the players that MA has at his disposal, those he and gazidis bought, along with the academy players coming through.
            There is no way we should be playing this way and be in such a position and I, personally, cannot see MA getting us out of it…. if he continues the way he is.

            Once again, I have been accused of not supporting the manager – nothing would please me more than for MA to prove me wrong.

        3. Ken it’s difficult to argue against, because Xhaka has no right to protest, he was at fault, laccazet pushed him away, still he ensured he got himself redcarded, what do you call that, he made it look as if it was intentional. Especially when we were in control of the game. The scenario looks exactly like Pepe in Leeds game . It’s looking as if some players trying to sabotage the manager effort

          1. Yes they should. Arteta should deal with it. He is the manager after all. You are nothing without the players on board.
            From my seat, I see the players want him gone. Except for Partey, Elneney, Saka, Tierney, Leno the rest would want to see his back. I want to see his back, he brought this on himself. Trying to do a Guardiola on players when you have no managerial reputation. Ozil, Torreira, Guendozi, Saliba. If he can’t get result he should be sacked. He is on a job not a free conditionless scholarship.

      1. We had many clear chances, but Burnley players were too dirty. Dyche always employs this scheme when playing against us

        1. Burnley were organised and we could not break them down they did not know how to Square passing slow passing

        2. How come all other teams have beaten Burnley.
          Arteta is helping teams to break decade and century old records against the gunners.

    1. Am sorry to say this….I actually think you say these things to taunt fans of these club…. There can’t be a better explanation for your comments

        1. If he was smart, he would play the younger players. The biggest problem he has is Arteta thinks he is doing well. He is blind to the truth, that we are not hours enough.

        2. Smart? Ooh my God! A smart failure? Maybe you can make us understand the word smart. Please fellow supporters, lets not just sacrifice our team for an individual

    2. I’m off to the bookies tomorrow I reckon the odds of us being the first top flight English team to get relegated and qualify for the Champions League in the same season (via the Europa League Obs, but only if Mikel still plays the kids) will be fantastic!

      1. dude I think you are paranoid. its Burnley. if we cant score or dominate Burnley,then who are going to dominate?

        1. Arteta selected Xhaka and we payed for it. How many seasons does he ruin momentum with his antics high up the pitch when we’re in the driver’s seat in a match. Both Manager and player at fault here. Plus we can’t score a goal to save our lives. Woeful Arsenal.

    3. Arteta’s tactics include team selection. He still plays William and Xhaka. Our play is predictable and doesn’t work. Time for Arteta to go. He does not have the skills or experience for the Premier league.

      1. I don’t think Arteta’s lost the dressing room yet, but he could’ve lost the board’s trust. Our tactic isn’t predictable at all, since we’ve got many big chances that weren’t converted by our attackers

        Xhaka was necessary for the double-pivot formation, but he was too emotional

        1. Are you joking, can’t you see we make aimless crosses to strikers who can’t jump, we rarely have any drive-ins , no player is daring to make runs,

          You say Arteta is smart, yet he’s played willian and Xhaka continuously without results, Maitland-Niles should be filling that spot,

          By now Arteta should be fielding hungry teenagers and not this bunch of lazy players.

          1. We made a lot of good ground crosses as well, that weren’t converted by our attackers. Our play in this game is much better than the previous ones, because we made plenty shots on goal

        2. I really cant see what you see in xhaka, pivot? What pivot? There is no such term in football, a lthough xhaka does pivot but always backwards . He is not emotional, just a thoughtless cretin who like an anchor just drags the team down. Notice the decline after we got him?

        3. No he wasn’t. AMN would have been just fine with Elneny. Willian and Bellerin are piss poor together, period. Xhaka cost us this game, cut him.

        4. We are on the verge of relegation and you still have hope that Arteta will turn things around? Even a blind man can see that the guy has little knowledge about the game. Arteta cannot see that Xhaka and Willian are the biggest weak links in the team. Arteta should go learn coaching somewhere else

        5. I honestly think that a little tweak will make a huge difference. Imagine Partey/Ceballos/Elneny in midfield instead of what we had yesterday. That suddenly that looks a lot better to me. Also looking forward to Martinelli coming back, and I think maybe Nketiah needs to get some starts to give Laca/Auba a rest/some time to get their acts together.

      2. Aubameyang and William are supposed to be playing Europa not EPL……use hungrier and younger Balogun, Willock and co…. we’ll get the needed results.

    4. Tactics???? What has arteta shown us? His tactics have lost us 4 consecutive home games. Continually starting xhaka means we play with 10 men at the start.
      You need to start supporting the club, and realise he has to go

      1. Changing from 3-4-3 to 4-2-3-1 isn’t easy. The Gunners took several games to get used to it, although they used it last season with Ozil

        They played very well in this Burnley game with that formation, but Xhaka ruined it. It was Pepe’s stupidity, then Xhaka’s

    5. What a load of bollocks about tactics, I doesn’t matter what tactics you play with this shambles they are not good enough

    6. am with you on this, I wouldnt let the red card cloud my judgement, we had enough chance to win before HT but we’re wasteful then Xhaka performed his magic. Just like against Leeds Utd, am suspecting these players are having issues with the coach. Xhaka has no right to be angry

    7. There’s a man thinking with his brain and seeing with his eyes. You are a rare breed sir. Long may you live.

      I feel like our problem is beyond tactics. I can’t fault any player for effort today. Not one . I however fault Xhaka for negligence. As a senior player, how did that action seem appropriate ?
      I’d like to see Arteta handle this sternly.

      I personally felt he went overboard with Pepe. Let me see how he handles Xhaka.

      The tactics look just right. We are attacking with numbers , and the guile was nearly there today. It’s just sad that a senior player let us down. Hopefully this means room for AMN in the middle of the park next game,

        1. Thank God for no Bellerin! I cheered when he got his latest yellow , as I KNEW IT MEANT HE COULD NOT PLAY NEXT PREM GAME.

      1. Your observations are the best among the emotional fans here. Had Xhaka not lost his temper, we would have likely won the game

          1. When Xhaka was sent off GAI, just remind me what the score was?
            It’s all too easy to blame Xhaka for the defeat, what about the person who selected him in the first place, while AMN sat on the bench?

        1. its Groundhog Day all over again …. Same people and same excuses as the last years of wenger and last months of Emery now defending the last days of arteta … And basically on same grounds …a few bad apples in the dressing room bad referring the weather etc but have to trust those at the top and back the players and things will turn around … We are in the football equivalent of a death spiral thanks to those at the top … Owner and manager and a squad of massively overpaid players who are championship level with a spattering of quality who if they turn up can keep us in top half of table … they haven’t this season … And please stop kidding yourselves that we have youngsters in waiting about to take flight … They are like the rest of squad …mediocre with a splattering of talent … Why would any serious manager come to Arsenal except for a very big package and promise of spending that the owner won’t give … Very dark days … Where’s the vaccine?

    8. An experience manager dont get off an striker after we get a Man down against a team who doesn’t attack and has 5 goals in the league…football is about messages too…and that was so noob…then he plays nketiah too late for willian who has do nothing since his first game…arteta Is good selling His product and he tell us he would ve the new Pep…clearly he I
      is not…
      We should go for a German manager…how about nagelsmann…he Is truly a young brilliant manager

    9. Arteta has got NO experience. He is flondering. The football is beginners football, micro managed rubbish. The players would be 100% better under a better manager. Wake up…Arteta is not up to this. Not up to Arsenal.

      1. you are so on the money. anyone one here have ever had physical education at school playing football. how arteta have this team playing is how my physical education teacher would have us playing. basic football that is easily read by the opponent. where is the plan b, where is the other tactics apart from loading it in from the wing. the opponent know that William is good at crossing so what do they do, they have 2 person defend against him. can dribble pass one but most definately not both. the opponent know that Tierney will go to the line and cross, so one man mark him,let him cross they can deal with it. we see it everytime, today against Burnley, against wolves,against villa,against and Leicester did it beautiful against us. to Leicester, just absorb the pressure,score one and they win. same against tottenham. I can read this team believe me. and if i can read this predictable team pattern of ball, just imagine all the premier league managers. just imagine.

    10. Get ri, long and short of it all, xhaka gone, Pepe 75 million for that….gone, Bellerin gone, Cabbalas gone Arteta gone, this is irreversible we are now in a dog fight!!!!!

      1. Bro, I think the first team need that kick up their butt.

        In todays game, purely judging from the player movement and body language, I’d say that the players did try to improve. It is however not enough at this point.

        We are running out of room for a slow climb. We need a big push.

      2. ARE you sure you are from this world?

        If the A team is discontent, then should do what they are paid to do properly

    1. Arteta did this to himself. I repeat, Arteta went on self destruct and killed his career before it even started. As soon as I saw the line up, I saw a man who had tied a noose to hang himself with. Unfortunately he will have to pay for it now.

  2. Sacked in the morning, sacked in the morning. There’s no other way.

    Xhaka off with him.

    Thanks for FA Cup.

    So candidates,

    Allegri? Favre? Poch? Who else is available?

    1. are u gonna block everyone to disagree and force to accept that we all great?

      Go on block me!.

      This isbeyond sport, you actually ruin freedom of expression we all here about, and sharing in comments. Not about you, im a journalist and this is really awfull and so outa line.

      dont have a website with comments if you want to impose us what to think and say…

      1. Me too. Way too early to change manager again. People are jumping in with the doom and gloom but Frank Lampard & OGS were given time to sort out their problems, and I think if Arteta is given time he will sort out ours. Our problems are much bigger than Chelsea and Man Utd’s so it will take longer. However I do blame Arteta a bit for not dropping Xhaka sooner.

    2. Favre is interesting, although I think a lot of their success is down to their fantastic recruitment and development teams. But its irrelevant. MA shouldn’t and wont be sacked mid-season and we wont go down – look how detached the bottom teams are, even with us playing the worst football Ive seen us play in almost 40 years.
      Arteta MUST carry the can for staying loyal to Xhaka, Willian, Bellerin, Lacazette and even Auba, who has not only lost all confidence but is totally uninspirational as a captain. The kids are not as good as some here claim they are, but they are confident from Europe and cant do any worse than half of our first team. Why oh why is Arteta not seeeing what EVERYONE else is seeing?

    1. i really hope this rookie is sacked tomorrow morning.. if even favre gets sacked, then its not too soon for arteta

  3. I’m speechless. Never crossed my mind ever that I’d experience a moment like this as an Arsenal fan…🙇🏽‍♂️

    1. I have seen the shit show presided over by Bertie Mee in 74/5 when beating Carlisle Utd was a big deal. And our star player was Jimmy Rimmer!

  4. Arteta gone
    Xhaka sold

    We are in a right mess arnt we!

    Who is going to fix this mess as its part the boards also for excluding Mesut, Matteo & Saliba then Selling Martinez when he was loyal and our no1. Arsenal has lost all its values and this is what happens, it’s called Karma.

    Stan needs to sell up too as a distant owner isnt one who actually cares, someone who is invested in the club like we used to before the Yank came along.

    Something has to change and now!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! As a club we deserve what’s happening to us for the way we treated both AW and UE not the criticism but the personal attacks, mocking(and people think the reason we can’t attrack managers of the calibre needed is money the real reason is that they’ve seen the disgraceful treatment given to a man who dedicated his life to the club and was discarded like a piece of trash) .. And for the arrogance to think we were entitled to CL football every season or that the FA Cup was a mini mousse trophy… We were warned but didn’t listen!

      1. siamois, what you are saying is so true – arrogance borne out of success!!

        I will always remember the claim that we “had got our Arsenal back” and the way some fans were celebrating when gazidis took over the hiring and firing.

        One of the quotes when this happened was I have woken up today and can finally breathe a sigh of relief, or words to that effect… complete and utter disrespect for a man who, despite his many flaws, was a fan and performed miracles.

        I take no pleasure whatsoever in seeing how it is turning out for MA, but I’m sick and tired of being told it’s all down to AW and how, if anyone questions MA, we are not real fans or the worst type of fans.

        How can those who accused AW and UE of having “favourites” not question MA when we see Xhaka, Willian, Aubameyang being selected?
        Meanwhile, the likes of “weedy Walcott” is still playing for a club sitting fifth in the table – one couldn’t make it up!!!

        Is there anyone out there who can still justify the treatment of Ozil, when we have witnessed such a woefully inept tactical and creative match ever at the Emirates?

        Having just watched Elneny, we were lucky not to have been down to nine men by the way.
        As for Xhaka, I am breaking my rule of not condemning a player – let him leave in January for Erikson or Hertha Berlin, the damage is too much.

        1. Ozil is not really important to this team, especially the way MA wants to play, and na isn’t ready to have plan B

          1. So who is important?
            As the players don’t seem to know, perhaps you could tell me who merits the word “important”?

          2. And how is the way Arteta wants to play. I saw the way you deflect of caused by his woeful tactics on the players. He even called Xhaka madness a positive energy why he hung Guen dry in the air for the same but not damaging madness.

        2. Agree with you 100% Ken. As for Elneny, I would have given him 2 red cards one for the foul and the other for playacting – embarrasing. Arteta was asked about it and guess what? He didn’t see anything, remember how AW got hammered when he made the same comment? Two records tonight, Burnley’s first away win against us for 46 years and the last time we lost 4 in a row at home, 1959!! It can’t all be MA’s fault, the players should take a lot of the blame particularly Xhaka and Elneny. The problem being there isn’t a single leader amongst the lot of them including the captain, Aubameyang who should now be dropped.

          1. Absolutely correct Andrew, regarding Elneny and how he got away with it I cannot understand.

            The actions of Xhaka must surely spell the end of his career at our club?

            I just cannot fathom what Arteta is trying to do and, as much as I want him to succeed, it seems he is out of his depth.
            I did suggest a while back, that he needed an assistant, as he has now got the same workload that saw AW struggle in his final two years.
            Perhaps the media and fan hype that surrounded his earlier success, has actually clouded his decision making – plus the obvious interference from above, regarding MO?

        3. Just to point out the fact KEN, that Weed Walcott is not always picked, neither when at Everton, nor at SAINTS! I DON’T wonder why!
          Is there anyone other than you, who can justify Ozils treatment of his duty under his contract to Arsenal. Best endeavours is a standard line in any contract of that level. WHAT BEST ENDEAVOURS ?

    2. We have been screaming something has to change for decades, years, months, weeks, depending on when which issue you are raving upon.

      But nothing ever happens unless Stan is replaced. We are officially a small club now.

  5. Theres still time to save the season. We are only 12 points behind.

    Sack MA. Cast off Xhaka as well.

    Bring in a winning managee with vast experience. Like Allegri. Give him some money to spend in January.

    Maybe he will bring back Guendouzi and play Saliba too.

    1. so will AUBA, laccazet, Pepe, willian, and Bellerin not play? Because those are mentioned are in the same category as Xhaka

      1. Bro, at least Bellerin creates a scoring chance per game. Even today he did. In contrast, there’s a man on the opposite flank………

    2. Saliba got a foolish red card. He’s not ready, actually arteta is protecting him from being skinned by fans.

      1. Zidane got a very stupid red in world cup 2006 and that didn’t lead to his total exclusion from the team, Nketiah got a rash red card in July against Leicester and he is still in the team and if getting red carded is a sign that he is not ready, Luiz should not be found anywhere near the 1st team. He got 2 yellow cards and one was harsh.

  6. The cost of Europa League is now becoming apparent.We have only won i think once on a weekend after Europa league,and that was the game against ManU.

    As for the match proper,Arteta is onto something but not yet there.I hope he doesnt get fired!

    1. are you joking? the losses are surely not because of europa league.. claiming that is ridiculous.. and i hope arteta is fired tomorrow morning

      1. What is wrong with Arteta and PL matches? Why can’t we play well against smaller teams? We look like a team who has no clear intentions going forward. We’ve heard Arteta said many times to “Trust the process”, in reality our own players have stop believing in Arteta being able to bring our club forward. Or in our Captain, who is a shade of himself since he joined Özils club of overpaid players… Any other manager would have benched him already… The last goal from him that I can remember is today’s own goal😥 Pathetic performance from him.

    2. Spurs and Leicester are also in Europa League and the two are doing very fine in the league, enough of flimsy excuses, we are just not good enough. Teams in Champions League are the ones that should even complain if there is need for one because they play to their full capacity while those in Europa rest most first team players.

  7. Trust the process.. what’s the process getting relegated ? If they don’t sack Arteta now then the club is dead! Arteta out all day long! I’d be amazed if anyone thinks he’s still the man!

      1. Oh I would too Sue! Did you hear that clown Alan Smith ? I think the Arsenal heirachy need to support Arteta over the next couple years.. is he taking the piss ? Couple years with him and we’ll be playing Shrewsbury town and Rochdale at weekends!

        1. I turned over, Kev… I’d seen more than enough!! Exactly, league one here we come!!
          Where has it all gone pete tong, Kev?? 😔

          1. He actually said let Arteta do his thing.. he must want the club relegated because that’s where we’re headed Sue and people will say no chance too good, can’t happen.. oh it can happen we can’t score or defend the perfect recipe for relegation! Kroenke taking over ? The club has turned sour since he arrived at the club and there is no direction or plan on now to run a football club 🙄

          2. I am saddened, not only by the loss to a very average Burnley side, who happen to have a very fine goalkeeper, but to the over reaction of certain fans on this site who have once again denounced our Manager for the ill discipline of one player who cost us the game.In the match I watched it was only a matter of time before we scored after stepping up the pace from the beginning of the second half.All that changed when the player many of us have always regarded as a liability, duly obliged.After that the fates conspired against us with the Auba og.I cannot fault any player for a lack of effort, but tonight, Arteta will finally realise that his loyalty to Xhaka, and 2/3 others has been misplaced.He will have learned a great deal from the match tonight and the suspensions of Bellerin and Xhaka could turn out to be a blessing for him at a time when the team as a whole need the support of genuine Arsenal fans.

    1. But Kev nobody has over told us what “the process” is. Maybe relegation, consolidation, promotion like Man U in the 70’s is part of it!

      1. Guy, maybe that is the process.. we’re breaking every other dreaded record, add relegation into the mix! There is no light at the end of the tunnel under Arteta.

  8. Who to blame ? Coach or players? Both for me.
    Arteta must be crazy if he thinks Willian and Bellerin is the way forward for that right wing.
    Soon as those two starts, the right wing is dead.
    Xhaka, time to go… Wasteful chances in the first half.
    Arteta needs to start answering

    1. Eddie, I disagree. Almost all our best attacking moments came from combination of Willian and Bellerin. The question to be paused, is what were the ones who were created for doing?

    2. Agree Eddie – both share the blame. Consider though, it’s not the players fault in all cases. If you lack certain aspects that are not training related eg speed accelation, size, age etc, then you can never be good enough regardless of effort. It’s then down to management for buying, playing and keeping them. Disciplinary problems aside, two off Xhakas biggest faults are in this category – speed and one footedness, which nobody can fix. Im go easy on him because its the club’s fault for keeping him more than his.

      1. Oh dear! There is always one, as they say! He is studying laziness as an occupation under the tutelage of OZIL!

  9. We must stay calm. We will go on a long unbeaten run soon. Arteta is still our best hope. Our players will bounce back. Keep the faith

    1. You my good sir is what I call optimistic but good on you for doing so and being positive but being honest we are screwed.

  10. Honest to god you couldn’t make this up!! I’m still cheesed off after the NLD, but this!! Burnley!! Omg… 2 more records smashed!! Auba’s drought ends…. it gets worse every week!
    Southampton next… Theo to score for sure!!
    I’m so fed up with this garbage… when will it end????

  11. It’s obvious now that Arteta cannot be able to manage this Team. We are in a complex situation.

  12. Arteta is just confused, why pick Xhaka in the 1st place? The Europa team would have done much better. Now the buck stops with the manager fair and square

  13. First of all, you were warned that xhaka is a total liability, waste of space and total useless footballer. Secondly losing four games at home on the trot against non top 6 teams, not scoring in seven from open play and losing to Burnley the way we did is sacking material. The job is looking way too big for Arteta, way too big. We cant afford to sit around waiting for something that is not coming. Its more dire for this club than it has ever been and Arteta has to take full responsibility for this teams demise. The season is nearly over before its started. He cant last much longer for the sake of Arsenal.

  14. make no sense when the club’s best playmakers left out of the squad – all because you’re wanting to keep the chinese happy

    1. I always tell people that ozil wouldn’t help this team rose from this state. Actually we would concead more goals with him in the team.
      If you say otherwise, check his stats in his last two years

  15. I knew we would lose after missing some chances in the first half. This things keep happening to Arsenal. Then Xhaka was so stupid there. A professional player keeps making same mistakes. Shame…

    This season is already over. We have lost many games already and its just December. We play Southampton on Wednesday and I am Sure that’s another defeat with Walcott scoring a goal….

    what is going on at Arsenal? There’s a lot of talented players out there but the lack of confidence and discipline must be a cause for concern.

    Five points off the relegation zone…

    Arsenal have now lost 4 consecutive home games in the league since 1959. Burnley first win at the Emirates. We just keep making negative records.

    What have gone wrong?

    I am weary and tired….Oh men

  16. Trust Arteta to be sacked and going on to win a league next season with another team.

    If this doesn’t force Kroenke to go all out Abrahmovic style squad rewamp, we are never coming back from this slump.

    Blame the manager (rightly). Blame the players (rightly). The truth is untill we have Kroenke on top, we are never going to compete for a title even in 100 years.

  17. I promised SueP that I’d post nothing but positive comments for the season. So here it goes.

    Xhaka and Bellerin can’t play next game.

    I’ll pick this up when Thursday night football starts again.

  18. Lucien Favre anyone?
    He doesn’t mind having no transfer targets iirc
    But like other managers he might not agree with being forced to play certain players

    1. That’s the problem. We need a manager, an experienced winner with a budget giving to him to add to this squad.

      Either Stan steps up or steps aside and sells the club. No more pussy footing around we need results and that’s it. Some stability would be nice too with a non absentee owner who let’s the in mates run the show!

    2. Manager isn’t the main problem. Arteta bare minimum had to just not be awful as we get him a better squad. He’s not even showing the basic managerial nuance to become successful tho and that’s why I think a change is needed. Got it wrong with Mikel. You can’t be this bad

  19. why does MA persist with playing players who are not playing well why not let the young lads who are willing to play and show desire to win? They can’t do any worse than our over paid premodanas.

  20. i guess i been saying this for a minute and crashed for it.

    not about trashing Arteta but reality, board simply cant have such a squad without a coach.

    Arteta was appointed and tries his best with what he gas and all his heart.

    But he is not yet in a year of coaching, cant be experimenting or growing in a top club but in a club doing so.

  21. Anyone want to keep defending Xhaka? That was sackable offense to be honest.

    Probably our first game in 5 where we looked like we were going to score until it happened too.

  22. Guendouzi playing brilliant football in Germany lots of people raving about him but its ok we got Xhaka
    Arteta please go

    1. the German wants to thank Arsenal for letting them have Guendouzi he said he is a brilliant footballer who will only get better MA threw his dummy out the pram again

  23. At this point I’ve become numb. I don’t feel sorry for anybody because I have watched this movie before.

    As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

  24. We’ve a team without purpose. The tactic is too slow to win. Every team we play knows that we are easily disrupted with a backline of 4 and 4 in midfield. We do not have a creative midfielder.

  25. Arteta tactics better than Emerys is totally out of place ,,,you can’t compare them I prefer Emery now,,, he was far better than this fraudiola arteta ,,,di Matteo won the champion league with Chelsea but where is he today,,, the FA cup should not be excuse, we going are down down down and people are still trying to justify arteta,,, I don’t know why people find it hard to say the truth like others who sees ozil as the next Messiah, xhaka and mustafi have improved under arteta ,,blind opinion,,, this is will be the last time I will be commenting on anything until i see any reasonable thing to talk,, those who really knows or followed arsenal for long knows this is not the club we used to love, unbelievable…

  26. launching countless meaningless crosses to nowhere does us no good. i miss the old Arsenal where silky passing and exquisite goals were the order of the day. back then even if we lost, you at least enjoyed the game. now it just seems to drag along. i know artetas plans even b4 the game begins.

    defenders pass pass, wingbacks get ball, try to pass to the wingers, wingers try cross…ball cleared and repeat. its so boring!
    Arteta out!!

    1. I see it too. arteta is just too predictable. where is the midfield. no playmaker, just defenders to right/left back to the likes of William or saka. no quick movement with or without the ball. I could predict him from start to finish. who is he going to beat. lucky win against manutd and we thought he is the messiah. we need to wake up,even Allardyce could get this team winning. piss poor performance.

  27. It is a times like right now when things are going against us and a combinationof many reasons means we are not playing to ourtrue level, that REAL supporters need to come to the fore and SUPPORT the club and our manager . It is easy and cowardly to write vitriol from the comfort of your home.
    Our club really needs our SUPPORT now, not cowardly and easy to write criticism. Let us see NOW, which are true fans of our club and which are fairweather fans ,only interested when we are winning trophies and playing with style.

    I am staunch, as I have been since age 8 in 1958. Are YOU?

    1. Oh come off it! We all have eyes and use them, just like you always tell us to! Can you honestly say you’re happy with the football we’re playing? How many games is that without a goal now?!
      And don’t give us all that crap about being a real supporter! We all are, we all love AFC with a passion! That is why this is so painful!

      1. It must be really bad right now. I doubt if I’ve seen Sue this angry before.
        Take heart dear Sue. We’ll have cause to be happy once again soon.
        Watching this type of horror movie such a midnight will only result in nightmares for the rest of the night. And after that, panic attacks.

      2. Let it all out Sue, it’s legit.

        But I am really unable to fathom or choose or predict who is remotely close to replace.

    2. On that note, couldn’t we have found 2000 fans that would make a bit of noise? Every other club makes 2000 fans sound like 20,000. Arsenal? Even before Xhaka’s brain fart it was quieter than with no fans.

    3. Jon
      It was a thoroughly rotten display and not helped by Xhaka or in hindsight by Elneny
      Very turbulent waters

    4. Sorry Mr.Fox. Understand that you support the manager wholeheartedly, but people saw the same pattern with UE that they are seeing now, and to call them fake makes it sound ridiculous. MA makes it harder to defend him every game in the league, by making the same decisions which have not worked previously. Do you think 4 straight home defeats are because of the owner? Does the owner influence the playstyle? No, that’s completely on the manager, the coaching staff and the players.
      Coming to the players, I guess the players have started dissenting against MA, and I fear it maybe the reason he gets the sack. Also if he does get the sack, from a business point of view , the Arsenal brand will take a huge hit, as just after a public vote of confidence from the CEO, the team plays poorly again and the manager gets the sack! The manager and the players need to wake up and start producing redults and not just spew some random **** in pressers. It will be better if MA doesnt say anything about how the team needs to win, whem thats what he has been saying for the past 2 matchdays without any positive change… time for results now.

    5. Jon, im afraid that you are falling on your own sword. If you just look at the facts and to quote “be a realist” you must see what is happening. Dont call people names for seeing what is smacking us in the face. I dont want Arteta sacked, i wanted him to succeed, i thought he was on the right track but you only have to look, he is out of his depth and cant sort the job out. As a team we are playing way way below the expected level. He is floundering badly. Dont stick your head in the sand, actually say what you see, not what you think we should see.

    6. Some of the fans still supporting MA and want him to continue just have a big fat ego and putting it Infront of the team they so call support. Let me remind them again this is supposed to be project Arsenal but now for some stubborn fans it’s become project Arteta. With all these excuses we are just kidding our selves no one else.

    7. Every arsenal fan surely knows the problem at arsenal is far bigger then MA can handle.

      Infact it’s the size of the management: owners, board and coaching staff to deal with.

      We have £25m per annual salary going towards players who are not good enough for our football club and HENCE why they are not being picked.
      This, obviously is upsetting the morale of the squad as players Besties are not getting picked.

      Admittedly MA has far too much then what a new manager should/could deal with currently at this football club. This is a huge club with huge issues, ones which I revert back to being the Clubs to resolve…not the manager of the football club alone.

      If we consider tactically MA I feel his style is progressive, it’s not yet technically unique enough to causes the opponent managers to be scratching their heads. Even if MA has some nuance to introduce something new and innovative, he doesnt have the personal.

      Besides it’s his first year in management and he is learning the hard way to handle and manage 25 employees and a further network of youth members and also coaching staff. Big job at hand as I mentioned. Getting arsenal structured and able needs to come before he can really kick on with his objectives as a technician of football.

      But you assume he is the long term man to do this as his role name was changed.

      I know arsenal fans will be divided, that’s occured since Wenger’s final years and will continue for many more years to come.

      BUT we are seeing a new era of fan support.
      Consider AFTV and how they were already set to profit on arsenals misfortune with ‘Arteta out’ shirts after the derby.

      Fans, like troopz have large enough lemmings following them on social media that this influences players to believe they are the voice of the fans. So now we are in the era of players and fans having closer relationships then ever before.
      Fans influencing players, players influencing fans – and everyone has their intentions!

      So why would I prefer to see MA remain? Partly for this very reason. Partly because I feel his errors are not justified as totally his errors. I would rather see, with all the tools and personal him get it wrong (and I say he must go) then get it wrong like this.

      Admittedly it might be the player fan power that might be enough to get him sacked. Then we steam the flow with another manager until the same occurs again…

      I want a stop to this, stop supporting players who are clearly not good enough and having negative influence on the young talent we have.
      Some are just not good enough, some just dont have the temperament and most are past their best.

      It may be that the issue at hand requires someone with vast experience, vast understanding of this club (all fingers point in one direction) but equally it requires the board to take ownership of this mess and Stop using managers as scapegoats.

      My personal opinion is its clear we are in a position were we need to rely on the personal we have Yet appreciate they are not giving their all. The process is to continue to eliminate them from the club nonetheless imo.

      It’s either we accept the vast majority of this squad is no good enough, or we accept Josh Kroente, Edu, Vinai and Arteta (probably an average age of 39 years old) are not experienced enough to take this club forward….

      ….or both!!

      Either way, I want to start by accepting the vast majority of the players we are expecting to lead this club are not good enough to do so.

    8. So right Jon, just as you did with Arsene Wenger from 2008.
      Such a hypocritical post and, by the way, we all want MA to succeed, but judge him as both AW and UE were.

      Just watching weedy Walcott playing for a club in 5th position – I wonder if he will come back to bite us in the posterior?

  28. Gotanidea did I here u say Xhaka’s left foot…………well Xhaka my foot. Guys don’t blame MA cos everything was on track before Dhaka did what he is good for.
    U are not playing well and u make a useless foul instead of u to keep ur mouth shut to prevent a yellow u showed the whole world how foolish a player u are to get a red.
    If I was at Emirates I would boo so loud that I would be sent out of the stadium for mental check up.

    1. What was in track? We actually played decent at best for 10 minutes??? Still no goals. Nothing was close my friend. Same thing was said against spurs. Still no goals. The Arsenal you think we are isn’t reality right now

      1. first ten minutes of second half were good – first half was the usual Arsenal slow-go back pass extravaganza

  29. Here is a very positive stat. If we go on to win next 25 games, we’ll end up with 88 points. Enough for us to nail 3rd position in the last two seasons.

    There is still hope.

  30. The most annoying part is we actually looked like scoring, have been saying all week that arteta should go but for the first time this season I actually see a brand of attacking football from him which I love but for Xhaka stupidity we lost again. I really believe arteta is on yo something but I really don’t know maybe to support him or against him.

    1. Same here bro same here…I’m at a crossroad. Do I support him or not, seeing how Xhaka single handedly ruined the game

    2. the inefficient attack portray by our attackers is the reason the man is suffering, I feel for him, I dont know how a gaffer with good work ethic and dedication is getting ridicule for doing the right thing. was he the one who asked lacazet not to score?

      1. Dont defend Arteta please. Arteta like Emery was NAIVE and ARROGANT by removing Ozil from the team. If you wont play Ozil, then play Smith Rowe in the number 10 role. Aubameyang should have been benched today. Yes. He had no business starting the game. Arteta is to blame 100 percent for this embarrassment. I have seen countless times when Pep would bench Aguero just to make a statement.

        1. are you sure Ozil is the answer?
          NO way.
          You need to understand MA is trying to play Liverpool way not man city way, we do not have creative midfielder anymore like the days of AW so it will be foolish to play the way Arsena has always played under AW so the option is try wing.
          You will agree with me we had enough opportunity to put the game to bed in the first half. And on AUBA I support you and I feel he is afraid of public opinion

        2. Skills I really wanted to debate with you but seeing as you’ve mentioned ozil again like you always do on every article, I won’t.

          1. Leno, try and understand me. If you wont play Ozil, then play Smith rowe. I know Ozil’s faults. I know he is lazy and does not track back. But that decision to exclude Ozil from the squad will backfire. Because people will always bring it into the discussion. We were playing Burnley at home. Why didn’t arteta start Smith rowe? We need creative midfielders. We can’t keep playing crosses aimlessly into the box when we dont have a player like Giroud who can convert them. Ozil as an option from the bench is not too much to ask for. If you say Ozil is not good enough to be on the bench, then what about these ones playing? Things are getting worse by the day. This is an embarrassment. Check the league table. Arteta is NAIVE AND ARROGANT. and he will lose the job. As a young manager, you have to be pragmatic. You have to choose the path of playing beautiful football. You should be open to correcting mistakes quickly. And arteta is stubborn to admit it.

      2. strikers SWAN VESTA strike quicker than Arsenal if our strikers went to a brothel with a fistful of £50 notes they still would not score

    3. Leno that is how I saw the game I thought we were building up a sustained bit of pressure before Xhak a had his brainless moment.The criticism of Arteta is justified due to the fact he appears to have a blind spot regarding Xhaka and unfortunately the club is picking up some horrendous stats that I haven’t seen in my lifetime.He probably is a very good coach but good coaches do not necessarily make good manager s.

      1. John I understand you bro, but is arteta the one who asked Xhaka to grab that guy neck, Lacazette missed 2 clear chances, auba scored an own goal, I can see the man is really trying but it just seem like nothing is working for him. Even auba except actually looked like scoring but Xhaka ruined everything. I really don’t know why every coach like Xhaka, Wenger Emery Freddie now Arteta 😭😭

        1. Lack of discipline and professionalism is something i pointed out weeks ago that this team is missing, that is something that should be stamped out and not tolerated. We commit more fouls, more mistakes, more red cards, more foul throws and more stupid decisions than anyone and that is unforgivable.

      2. Skills thousand is talking with good knowledge and brain. MA is arrogant and naive thats for sure. Atmosphere around him is negative and has turned off the hunger from players. Without hunger you loose battles in PL dont matter who you are playing against.

    4. Arteta is an attack minded coach but lacks the personnel to do it. For instance, Auba does not have the skills for counter attacking football like Mo Salah of liverpool or the speed of Marcus Rashford, which player at the moment in the arsenal squad can we compare to Bruno Fernandez of ManU?
      We have bunch of average leftovers as players.

  31. Waiting for Artetas usual words about the next game. Also he slaughtered Pepe for being sent off so will he do the same to the 1st player on the team sheet each week? I will always support Arsenal, but it’s embarrassing

  32. That was awful and once again – his faith in Bellerin, Granit and Willian were proven to be misplaced.

    I know that it is heat of moment but the Arteta out calls are starting to appeal to me…don’t think that will really help but somebody needs to smack Arteta and if a loss to Burnely (first time since 1971 in the league) doesn’t do it nothing will.

    1. I thought Lacazette was okay. Auba had some good chances in the 10 minutes of good play as well…Bellerin was poor with a bunch of give-aways, Granit was Granit and Willian at least worked, but gave the ball away.

  33. I hope the players, after this performance, look at the mirror collectively, and thank their lucky stars that they are jot the ones to be sacked. Even if MA is sacked(very likely, but I hope not) these players have let him down on many occasions this season. He coaches tactics, not headbutts, neck grabbing, missing one on ones, foul throws etc.
    This doesn’t mean that MA is not at fault. If something is not working, try to change it up! Change the midfield setup, formation, players, anything. Try to keep atleast 2 3 lineups. As you are not a big name(yet), try to keep things simple so that the players buy into the vision more easily. What happened to the team that was so united when winning the FA cup and the opening game?

    Please god help Arsenal climb back out of this mess!!
    Onwards and Upwards (please!)

    1. Did you are right and I want to say, though I would not disagree the coach is at fault but I see him trying different tactics and formations just to find answers but the players has been a huge letdown

      1. Yeah, that was my way of ranting, lol. The players frustrate me soo much, it seems either they dont understand the manager’s tactics or dont want to play that way. MA has tried to change it up, but honestly, the primary tactic of crossing remains dominant which is what I have the beef with. Now today we actually looked like winning before the Xhaka incident(which I didnt see), but after the goal, it just seemed like we will definitely lose. I don’t think this was the vibe I got when Arsenal played last season under MA.

    2. Sid you say: I hope the players, after this performance, look at the mirror collectively.

      They see their coach and nothing else.

  34. I would have loved us use Saka instead of William and Nelson at left but am baffled at our wastefulness, it’s the reason we are where we are

  35. Take a deep breath. Isn’t this the legacy that Arsene Wegner has left? For years until he was fired Wegner defended the business model supporting what the Kroenkes were doing. Lowing the bar year after year. Good young players were allowed to leave and the wrong ones promoted. And trying to sell snake oil with spin like,” We’re only interested in signing top top players”.This is just the chickens coming home to roost.

    1. I just knew there would be one – even after signing over 15 new players, three different MANAGERS and spending over £215,000,000 since he left…. It’s all down to AW.

      Let’s just hope with all the above, we can match his worst season and finish 6th, with maybe a fa cup win thrown in!!!

      1. I know you like a good spat Ken and will defend Wegner till your last gasp but when the Kroenkes came in Wegner was God and could have stood up to them like a Prima Donna. He would have been listened to. However he chose to become a company hack and from that point on every move at the club was compromised by the balance sheet,. So here we are today, the club is struggling to cope withthe mess he left behind. My last straw with Wegner was the Van Persie issue. RVP knew the deal and left. To the Wegnerites he is still a traitor but he was our last good captain,someone who cared. In defence of the professor though, he really knew how to prepare a team and let the ball flow. Compare our players smiles then to this lot who have forgotten how to enjoy themselves.

  36. Pathetic.
    Checking on the return train fare to Sheffield for when we are in the Championship
    Arteta has got NO experience. He is floundering. The football is micro managed rubbish. The players can’t breathe and would be 100% better under a better manager. Wake up…Arteta is not up to this. Not up to Arsenal. Toooooo inexperienced, yes we can go down to the Championship

    1. before today I would have said that you were an alarmist and out-to-lunch. Now I am starting to get worried. Watched Crystal Palace earlier and they are sooooooo much better than us right now. Very sad.

    2. As they were 100% better under AW and UE? I totally disagree and may I ask you to wake up from your fantasy, it’s all on the players, they are not good enough. No wonder no team bid for AUBA, lacca and most of them

      1. but it doesn’t seem to be turning a corner at all, Arteta’s apparent blind faith in Bellerin, Willian and Granit keep causing grief. Except for 10 minutes of the second half they looked their usual stilted, pedantic selves.

  37. Evra says he was once invited by Thierry Henry to his house to watch an Arsenal game and Henry turned off the TV and said, he can’t watch Xhaka being the captain of his team.

    I can’t just understand why Xhaka is always in the line up.

    Xhaka and Bellerin……….hmmm

        1. sadly, and Arteta. Can’t change the whole team, and I don’t disagree with the assessment. Sometimes it has to be the coach. That really was poor today and it comes time after time. He will talk about the 10 minutes of fun in the post-game but they were awful…

          1. Stewart
            It is the coach. He micro-manages every move and the can’t breath. The team would play for a better manager. Arteta cannot fix this.

          2. we are getting close to a point that we need a bump anyway, even if it can’t fix the underlying issues.

        2. I will say it again, none of the players deserve any criticism. ARTETA is the only one responsible for this embarrassment. He is to blame. Not Lacazette, not William, not aubameyang. The bulk stops at arteta table. He plays negative football. He wants to be in control. The attackers are not playing with freedom. Willian was quality at chelsea. Something is fundamentally wrong . It is Arteta’s fault

          1. This is just so sad. Nobody is afraid of us, we can’t bank points. Hopefully this is the darkness before the dawn.

            I really hoped that Arteta was ushering in a new era for us, but it is more of the same or even worse. I was all for giving him time, now I want a change.

  38. Arteta is 100% at fault!!!

    You freeze out your most creative player OZIL, when you have nobody else to replace him

    Start Bellerin ahead of Cedric!

    Pepe/Nelson ahead of Willian!

    Saliba ahead of Holding

    Freezed Guendozi out for Xhaka!

    Thanks for the FA CUP


  39. Willian, Xhaka, Bellerin and Auba all need to be dropped. Put on youngsters if need be! Also what is the point of all these crossed and corners if we have no target man or header of the ball? Arteta does know that Giroud has left right?

  40. Jesus christ guys get a grip, slagging off other fans for having a different opinion is asinine, were all on the same boat here, all pissed off, none if this is good enough, but be civil to one another, a house divided amongst itself CANNOT stand.

      1. and I will be thrilled to be proven wrong as the team settles and goes on a great run. I just can’t see it happening with Arteta now…

      2. Haha I get it man! I’m an optimist by nature but jesus its wearing thin this is diabolical! I just think we should have healthy disagreements without resorting to name calling (which I am also guilty of and apologies to those involved) by all means slag the manager and the players at this point because this is shambolic, but ultimately we need each others resolve to get through this nonsense, this too shall pass.

    1. Says the guy who himself slaggs off other fans for having a different point of view. Such a hypocrite you are. As the tide turns I see the lot of you start using this statement to hide your hypocrite behaviour… Not afraid to call out you, Sue P, Durand and Jon all who labelled other fans negative, moaners n all sort of things for having a different point of view to yours. The ones who are more realistic then living in cocu land like you lot do.

      1. I JUST APOLOGISED ON MY POST FOR BEING GUILTY OF THE SAME ACTIONS, WHEN HAVE YOU EEEEEEVER APOLOGISED TO ANYONE MOSHAN??? your a weasel who covers behind the same argument and slags off fans on a DAILY BASIS, zero apologies, your pathetic. Grow up.

        1. Yeah right, as I said first sign of hypocrite when things start to go against you start being nice only to go back to your own ways when things are in your favour. Although I never apologised but I tried to restrain from going after fellow fans but then ppl like you would still leave offensive comments on my personal point of view about the team and the direction we are going in. Now you see same treatment being ditched at you guys by some one else all of a sudden you are taking morally higher ground and portray yourself as peace keeper. You are beyound pathetic. I didn’t see the same peace keeping comments by you then??? Your name explains all..

          1. “Now you see same treatment being ditched at you guys by some one else all of a sudden you are taking morally higher ground”

            You have been hurling abuse at me and everyone else JUST AS MUCH THIS WHOLE TIME, stop pretending to be the victim here, I dont slag off fellow fans with EVERY SINGLE POST, you seriously need to grow up.

            “Although I never apologised but I tried to restrain from going after fellow fans”

            You do this in every post wtf are you talking about lol, jesus learn to self reflect.

          2. Typical moshan, doesnt like the replies = ignore it, learn nothing and resume slagging off fellow fans tomorrow 👏👏👍

      2. Mohsan
        I have responded both positively and negatively to your posts and you have been more than rude yourself
        You are certainly not in a position to take the higher moral ground
        As for moaning you are leading member in a small group of serial complainers

        1. THANK YOU SUEP!! granted I can be out of line / harsh, i just extended an olive branch of supporter unity WITH an apology and that is the response, unbelievable.

          1. SueP yup I totally get it!! Seems to enjoy arsenal being broken to keep reminding everyone that supports the team there “delusional” etc

        2. I m not taking any higher moral ground, I am just sticking to my ground. Not agreeing with one’s way of thinking is another think but calling them depressing, Moaners and negative is another which you did again. Simply put when you point a finger at someone you should look at the other three fingers pointing at you. I just put my point of view, why would I complain to you as in no form or capacity you have the power to impact the club.

          1. “Simply put when you point a finger at someone you should look at the other three fingers pointing at you”

            Hence why I actually APOLOGISED, cant you abide by your own teaching? Hypocrite much?

      3. Mohsan
        I NEVER personally attacked another fan. I will not ever attack you after your slanderous accusation and no evidence to show.

        I criticize players and managers but never call commentors names. Just shows you never read my comments or applied any thought to them.

        A pity that you verbally flail around, casting baseless dispersions to distract from your own insulting comments.

        See, I corrected you and never resulted to name calling. I based my criticism on your comments and actions.

        Next time come at me with truth & facts, or not at all.

        1. Durand, in one of the last articles yiu posted in response to my comment over UEFA cup football standard “stop fcken moaning”. So there you go. I never said anything bad to you before that reply of yours and if my memory serves me right I actually never commented or post anything under your comment in any article. So it was you who provoked me first.

  41. MA is so useless his right flag players are poor until he changed both players. Arsenal will fight for relegation this season but the manager needs to go or resign. What is beauty about football when there are no goals? I also players want MA out of the club their body languages are obvious.

    1. I would like to see some of those players thrown under to bus but I think it has to be the manager unfortunately.

  42. Before this match I saw the lineup. I saw Willian. Xhaka. I was thinking Arsenal will get a draw at most
    Didnt realized its down to 1-0.

    M. A really need to change these 2 senior players and put younger n hungry players in to groom n take chances rather than these 2.
    MA change these 2. Give it a try. Theres nothing to lose anymore.

    This season need a miracle if not this season will be a rebuilding for next season as I dun see any chance of Top 6 at all maybe not even Top 10.

    Arsenal this is really tough time but we have gone through ups n downs n will be our toughest test.

    Stay strong be strong We will come back!!

  43. Patrik this phrase from goal media also answers your article’s question “….
    That meant another start for the likes of Xhaka, Willian, Hector Bellerin and Alexandre Lacazette – players who have consistently underperformed this season.
    So can there really be any surprise that Arsenal produced yet another insipid performance in the Premier League?….”

  44. When you analyzed Arsenal’s transfer window properly you won’t be surprised at what is happening. Emery was sent into his second season with a far weaker squad than he had in his first season.
    I understood Arteta playing the way he did last season, but a serious club would have provided him with a better team by the start of the new season.
    I am tired of blaming individual players and coaches. The reason we keep talking about Xhaka and Ozil is because the club has refused to sign better replacement for years.
    I look at our team, I see a weak first eleven and an uninspiring bench.
    We have a serious managerial crisis beyond what we can imagine. So the sacking should begin from the top else, we will keep going round in circles

    1. afraid that you are right but Arteta might be as high as this would go. Can’t fire all the players so take out the manager and hope for the best. The way he is setting up the resources he does have is not inspiring…

      1. Areteta’s comments after the game show that he really isn’t grasping reality. The dominant performance was the 10 minutes before Granit was sent off in second half. First half was unfortunately typical – lots of possession, fantastic back passing and glacially-slow play.

  45. Arteta is so stubborn, football has moved on from tired legs..modern football is all about speed..Ac milan, dortmund, ajax ,bodoglimt, chelsea etc young bloods running the show.

    Arteta is just too negative, xhaka and elneny against Burnley??

    Saka Nketiah nelson
    Emile rowe
    El Eneny
    Tierney Gab holding Amn.

    Big boys coming from the bench to change matches like auba did at rapid Vienna..
    The formation above would beat every other team except against the top 8 where we need to be cautious…
    Arteta needs to grow some balls and stop acting scared,hoping things would change with same eleven every week…it wont

  46. Arsenal football club is now the ridicule of London….some claim Arsene we get to be bad, then we go for the worse(emery) and now to the worst(Arteta)….my conclusion Arteta has no clue about coaching….the sooner we realize the better for us to avoid relegation

  47. Clearly players are disrespecting the manager, the fans and the club. These are football players, if they don’t fear their boss then it’s all over. Pepe and now Xhaka (El Neny too should have been sent off btw).

    I think MA will be a great manager one day but for now, he’s still too young for Arsenal. Why didn’t he do like Lampard and start in a lower league? But I think if he stays we’ll be soon playing championship anyway

    1. I think if he was really honest with himself he would regret taking on a job like Arsenal so early on in his career and it may well damage his reputation. The job was too big with a mess behind the scenes and too many average players on a fortune at the club for someone so inexperienced. If he does go then the supporters really should look and concentrate their unhappiness at the real culprits of our demise. The board and the owner who knows nothing about running a football club. He probably thinks we won the FA championship last season.

  48. A serious dip in form always raises a question, the fish stinks from the head MA /EDU /VINAI VANK/KRONKS.

    1. Jon Fox’s comments are an insult to us all.
      Age is irrelevant to opinion.
      We are in a really bad place.
      Loathe to sack managers but Arteta must go
      We are in freefall.

  49. What is going on in north London?
    spurs are in a tussle to win the league and we are in a relegation battle. That’s what’s going on!
    Anyway at least we won’t see Xhaka for three games after his straight red.

  50. Sadly our club has been in decline since we left Highbury to “compete with the best in the world”.
    It’s less and less ‘our’ club. Arsenal has become part of sporting franchise peddling a ‘self sustaining business’ where in truth the business owner’s main interest is profit.

    Against an out-of-form in-all-sorts-of-trouble Burnley I thought we were on top until Xhaka went berserk, closely followed by Elneny. Talk about an own goal! Against a better team (and there are few worse in the league at the moment) how would we have performed? Going forward do we carry on playing our senior players hoping they’ll come good or turn to our youth? Change the formation? Change tactics? Would we really attract a better manager?

    I keep reading the on-line posts and honestly , whilst I share everyone’s unhappiness and rage, I don’t see the obvious answer.

    I don’t know. Maybe just need our luck to change….

    “Dear Santa, Please can I have…”!

  51. Guendouzi was banished from the club because of his on field behaviour, will Xhaka be treated the same way I wonder.

  52. If I was the board I would sack him very early tomorrow.
    his presence conference after the game was a disaster.
    A manager that says” I am scratching my head” has no answers and is complicit in all this. Arsenal need to move to a world class personality/manager that can have the balls to bench Willian or Auba if they are not pulling their weight. Look at Deli Ali and Mourinho. Arteta was blatant enough to play his favorites and keep players like Saliba/Ozil/Guendouzi and even AMN frozen. Well now he is paying for his stubbornness and we suffer with him.
    Frankly the whole club when I look at it I have a WTF moment. Buying Luiz and Willian must rank pretty high in the list of blunders yet we continue to make these mistakes for the last few years. When and how this changes is a true mystery now but I hope we are not heading for a very dark period in Arsenal history.
    I do not see how can we even grab points from the next 3 games. We may be spending New Year in relegation zone and we all know what are new year wish will be by then.
    God help!!!

    1. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the interview!
      Yes, I agree, a very dark period and how the hell are we getting out of it? To call this a successful season, will be to stay in the PL!! Can you believe it?!! SMH…..
      Home or away, we’re terrible.. going to be a very long festive period!!! More records to be broken!!

  53. Arteta openly criticised Pepe for losing the game.. Nothing from him against Xhaka, who has repeatedly done the same thing. Inconsistent & poor management, & you just know he’ll pick him again. Results are not improving, his selections & tactics are difficult to see how they’re progressing the club, & we’re becoming a laughing stock. I don’t want churn, but we need someone experienced enough to know how to drive this club back up the league & rebuild our reputation- he isn’t that man yet, & needs to build experience elsewhere first, like Klopp, etc. We can’t afford to be where he learns by mistake

  54. And all the pepe-haters are were so happy that we don’t play him for 3 games , in the end we had three straight losses without Pepe

  55. Arteta is making mistakes, no doubt about that, but this is the worst Arsenal squad in 35 years or more. Yet again, a player’s braindead actions have cost us. We were completely on top, so Xhaka decides to sabotage it.

    I am surprised Arteta has any hair left, because he must be pulling it out daily!

  56. After winning the FA cup and CS,things were looking bright.I believe the rout started after the international break and defeat by AV.
    Imho,its due to Arteta’s tinkering. I maybe wrong but whatever it is,if nothing is done, Arsenal could be fighting for epl survival.
    I fear the invitation to be part of the Big 6 maybe with drawn

  57. That was awful! no tactics and no chemistry between most of the players, only Saka and Laca are trying to attack and Elneny was alone in the mid, Teirny, Gabi and Holding were fine and Leno didn’t need to do much, so we played with 7 players even before we start the match!!

    Now, what’s wrong with Auba? Why he is not in the mood anymore?
    How many times we are supposed to see Willian there doing nothing?
    Xhaka losing his temper and not doing his best?

    When we play on Thursday’s I see chemistry, players thirsty, not only to win, but to score, everyone tries hard! but in the PL they don’t have the chance to play!

    Playing AMN after 80 minutes? Really MA?
    Nkeitah? What was the plan? pull Laca and play Nkeitah??

    How many times we saw Ceballos saying that we he want to leave and he is not even passing the ball but still MA keeps giving him the chance, Elneny was alone today!! no one was there next to him, it was the time to play someone who can at least move around with the ball! pass !! attack!!

    Asking the youngsters to put pressure then starting the same players is a joke!!

    Where we are going from here?! I didn’t expect him to win the title, but fighting for the CL and winning some titles will be fine for him! not fighting to stay in the PL!!! 5 pts from down!!!!!!!

    And yeah, Guandozi, Saliba and Ozil out but keep Xhaka, Willian, Ceballos and Bellerin in ha?!

  58. We will see more players lash out, first it was Pepe and now it’s Xhaka. It’s not because they are against the club but it’s just when you are not winning n under a lot of pressure some time ppl loose their thinking ability. Don’t be surprised if you see some other player act same way on a bad tackle by opponent. They are frustrated and that can come out in wrong way some time. Look at the history of football there are numerous examples even on international level when players get frustrated playing against a certain opponent team and lash out in fustration. Didn’t Viera and Keane use to do the same stupid things sometimes. They are humans as well.

  59. Here is what I think has happened with Arteta. He took over the team, he assumed he was in same situation as pep when he took over the Barcelona team. Where he got rid of Deco, Ronaldinhio n co to stamp his authority. Arteta did the same got rid of ozil, Sukritus and MG. What he forgot was Pep was not stupid he got rid of the players because he had better options in inesta, Xavi, Messi. He could afford such act and also because he had come from Barcelona B team so he had some good youngsters he knew will deliver on big stage like Pedro n Buesqets. Pep also had was Barcelona man with that DNA from start. This is where Arteta mis judged the situation. First he inserted his authority too much, he dropped players with out having good players to rely on. We also do not have the same good level of youngsters as Barcelona at that time so he can not use them league matches as well when he did it back fired. His football philosophy is not the Arsenal way and he does not have that DNA connection either. It would have been better for him to understand the situation n put his on spin on it rather then pulling a pep out if the hat. If he would have assert his authority gradually, played better entertaining football and used his first team to gain more confidence by playing them in UEFA cup as well when they are struggling with confidence. Things would may be not completely different but would be bit different for sure. His lack of trust on some players in the name of merit has not helped either. Willin constantly perfumes under avg but keeps getting selected. Bellerin the same and even Cebollos. Elneny has improved a lot but I don’t think he is Arsenal material and why put him there when you have bought Partey.

  60. Arteta’s managerial reign is eerily similar to his time here as a player…he wasn’t who Wenger originally wanted(Jagielka), they acquired him on the cheap(he had to actually take a pay cut to get the deal done), they overhyped his arrival at the Emirates(both times) and they had him perform tasks he wasn’t functionally equipped to do at the time(be a first-time manager w/o any previous experience and play DM instead higher up the pitch, which he hadn’t done since he was at Barca in 1999-2000)…round peg, square hole sh**, once again…fact is you don’t adopt tactics that are counter-intuitive to the strengths of your team…for example, Wolfsburg sends a lot of crosses into the box because they have Weghorst, an incredibly tall target man…with our lineup it makes absolutely no sense to choose this course of action, unless you’re simply hoping to luck into something…based on those odds we would be much wiser to simply send long balls up the pitch because it’s far more likely that we might get someone on the end of it, in space, than continuously lobbing balls into the box at Laca, Eddie or even Auba…it’s clear he doesn’t think we have the skills require to attack more directly…he certainly didn’t learn this from Pep because he would never adopt such a nonsensical plan given the personnel available for selection…at the very least he could have allowed Balogun to get some playing time, as I think he might be the best heading forward we have on staff

  61. I know you like a good spat Ken and will defend Wegner till your last gasp but when the Kroenkes came in Wegner was God and could have stood up to them like a Prima Donna. He would have been listened to. However he chose to become a company hack and from that point on every move at the club was compromised by the balance sheet,. So here we are today, the club is struggling to cope withthe mess he left behind. My last straw with Wegner was the Van Persie issue. RVP knew the deal and left. To the Wegnerites he is still a traitor but he was our last good captain,someone who cared. In defence of the professor though, he really knew how to prepare a team and let the ball flow. Compare our players smiles then to this lot who have forgotten how to enjoy themselves.

  62. From the past games, if we are to leave our biased nature behind and say it as it is, Aubameyang,saka,willian,bellerin,xhaka,Leno shouldn’t be anywhere near the first 11. I hate to say it but saka is overated too. Come on man is out of form. Between Aubameyang and nkethia, I would rather have a hard-working nkethia over Aubameyang who is nowhere near a captain material. The best performers thierny,gabriel, lacazette. I was angry when he subbed lacazette. He should be subbing Aubameyang or saka. Arteta’s faith in some players is gonna get him sacked. If he doesn’t want to use AMN or cedric, I’ll rather he play mustafi as a rb. Bellerin is done no two ways about it. And at this point, he should start using balogun,EMR, willock, Nelson. And even consider playing mari next to Gabriel, I’m tired of watching holding pass the ball from the back. And oh runnarson could do no worse than Leno who is amongst the least goalkeeper to face the least shot this season but he leaks goal at ease. I can’t remember this arsenal team facing a whole lot of shot bar Aston Villa’s and Leeds. But yet he doesn’t have a magic moment. Keepers sometimes come through for their team even when the team is playing bad, but this arsenal team it baffles me how the whole squad is out of form…

  63. The problem with this club is the squad. We have cycled through a number of coaches but the results only improve momentarily then go to shit again. Xhaka and Bellerin have never been good enough and will continue harming this club unless they are ejected from the starting line-up. Even Arteta as well has been making indefensible, illogical decisions like freezing out Saliba. If Arteta cannot kick out the bad apples then he himself should be kicked out. And what exactly is the job of DoF Edu if he cannot advise Arteta on such issues? The board as well are to be blamed for not challenging the amateurish decisions being made by our rookie coach.

  64. What is Arteta doing, I just dont understand. Why is he playing Xhaka again and again, when AMN is fit and available. Also, playing Willian and Laca is not working so he should instead play ESR and Nketiah/Balogun. I am seriously worried about Arsenal, either Arteta should change his tactics and selection or else we are in a relegation dog fight.

  65. I have been following the forum for many years. Have been supporting Arsenal since 1979 when a certain Frank Stapleton scored the winner in the FA cup.
    Right now I am just ready to cry and decided I need a good forum to vent my frustration.

    Still do not think Arteta should be sacked. But there has to be pressure from above. He needs help.

  66. Dear Arsenal fans I have great news for you , some might call it a prophesy but it’s what’s going to happen . Arsenal will not lose a game again . we will finish in top 4 position . we needed this low point . But our great coach will rise to the occasion . please save this post for end of the season.

  67. Greetings, I wish to make a quick point.

    I recommend that we do an audit on our players. We write down all the reasons we should keep a player against why we should get rid of him. We could use the options: sell immediately, keep until better, long term project.

    For instance, Xhaka is not worth the problems he causes. That is called a liability. David Luiz is not as bad. He actually has a balance sheet – so keep until better.

    Do the same with MA. Write down the dumb things he does, the divisions he has caused among players, and his adolescent fantasies like crossing numerous times to small players; then weigh these against his structural and actual coaching frames. If we do we might not keep him either. Clearly his biggest problem is the human side – just management and appreciation for individuality. I shall risk it here and suggest that he urgently needs to know his players – where and when to deploy them.

    We are in trouble!

  68. Come on……. Arteta. How crazy you will be, keep a player who highly paid and keeping low paid on the field. That is what you will expect.

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