Winning ugly at West Ham shows Arsenal have real character now

After seeing Spurs win earlier against a much depleted Leicester side, Arsenal were under real pressure to get all three points at West ham, or hand our North London rivals the advantage in the race for the Top Four.

But despite all the pressure, Mikel Arteta’s young side managed to pull out all the stops and beat a very aggressive West Ham team and claim the spoils in a must-win game.

Beating Chelsea, Man United and West Ham in the space of ten days shows real grit and determination that we were missing in the three previous games, and as Mikel Arteta said after the game, it shows the team has real character.

The boss told “It’s a massive win, under very difficult circumstances because we put ourselves in real problems, especially with our decision making and in ball possessions, and the spaces we were attacking, and the timing of it and the efficiency of it. But the team showed huge character, not to give up, to continue trying to do the right things.

“The way they fought, the way they understood how they have to manage the game in certain moments, with the way we defended, because we didn’t concede anything, it was phenomenal. In England you say ‘win ugly’, I think from my point of view today we won ugly, and I’m extremely happy to see a team that has this capacity to find a way to win and show the character that they showed today.”

Well, I don’t know about you lot, but I am feeling extremely impressed with “the character” of our extremely young team, and also impressed that the manager has instilled the belief and confidence in the lads to achieve these last three wins.

Only a few more to go!

Come on you Gooners!

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Video – Mikel Arteta Talks about Arsenal’s massive win over West Ham, injuries and the team’s “character”

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  1. Yes winning ugly is a skill but it shouldn’t be backed up by losing ugly. Playing good football, winning or not losing matches and throwing in the odd ugly game is what the true definition of ugly means. What it should say is we won and played ugly, slight difference.

          1. If I could jump in and ask Didrik what his definition of a young team is?
            Age? Experience?
            Also, why are the club fielding such a “young” team?

            1. Arteta and club had to go down this young squad road because after finishing 8th last season what top top player would want to come here ,out of the six signed who would have gotten into the top 3 clubs
              Tomi and Ramsdale maybe at a push .
              White Odegaard Tavares and lokonga no chance .
              If we get top 4 this season then maybe we can start thinking of top tier signings if not I expect another season wasted next year and for the foreseeable .

              1. Your analysis is really toxic.
                You guys always grumble 😖whether we win or lose. What else do you guys want?

          2. First of all Didrik, i really dont know what you mean, young old medium, it is Arsenal football club and like many teams we have young and old playing, the young, Saka England international but not that young, Nketiah yes young but an older attacker sat on the bench by choice, Martinelli, now a Brazilian international, Odergaard not that young and an international captain, Ramsdale an England international and played many games and seasons in the prem. Tavares granted, he is young, Gabriel, now a Brazilian international, played many games in the prem and Brazil. Then we have Xhaka, Holding, Elnenny all won Fa cups and all over 26. That just leaves Tomiasu, i think, played in seria A and not that young, he can tie his own shoe laces. I dont get this young, it is the team Arteta has chosen and put out to save his skin. And i expect the team and Arteta to finish 4th. I hope tis answers your unusual question, that i dont get at all.

            1. Many thanks for your answer, I respect your opinion but don’t agree with you.

              Arsenal have the youngest squad in the league. Young players tends to be inconsistent, but we have been consistent enough to finish top six, and could even manage top four. If we manage top four we have definitely been punching above our weight.

              We have a relatively new squad with many players that haven’t been together for a long time. If a young squad with relatively little time together can achieve top four in the best league in the World, it tells me about a fantastic potential, but also that we have interesting qualities in our management.

              Buying young players to develop a quality team could be a very good Arsenal strategy. Whether this strategy is an Arteta strategy or an Arsenal strategy doesn’t matter to me, I believe in this method. If they had a different strategy in the beginning and decided to change it based on strategic thinking and understanding, I support it.

              Perhaps Arteta could have built on his former squad, or perhaps he couldn’t. Despite lacking knowledge about details and internal challenges we have strong biased opinions about things we don’t know anything about. Some of us are creating opinions based on fantasies and rumours, and some do obviously believe they know more than our current management, impressing skills 😉

              I have been an Arsenal fan since 1971 and have seen many different Arsenal teams performing great and not so great. Today I see a young team with lots of potential in a league that never have been better. Now you need more than 90 points to win the league a number Arsenal never have achieved, but it’s the reality and there are two world-class teams able to achieve it season after season. We don’t have the resources to compete, but we can find a our own way, like Ajax has done since the 70s. It’s possible to achieve great things with less money by using our academy, and buying young quality players together with some established players.

              I believe our current strategy is the right way independent of our manager and management. I’m not happy with everything, but from my point of view the future looks bright for Arsenal 🔴⚪️

              1. Thank you for your reply Didrik.

                What you are saying about there only being two clubs that can compete for the PL title has been the case since Abramovitch bought Chelsea and the Sheik bought City.

                It’s strange that, suddenly, it is dawning on some fans, that this is the same situation that AW and UE found themselves in.

                What we should also acknowledge is that the young players, such as Saka and ESR, have been a product of AW, UE, FL and Per… Mikel is reaping the benefits of Hales End.
                That is not a problem of course, but it needs to be recognised, in my opinion.

                Finally, if MA gets CL football this season and then maintains that top spot for twenty years, while being unable to match the agreed superiority of city, chelsea and now Newcastle, would you say that MA has been successful?
                Especially as he has been backed up by the owner to the tune of over £200,000,000.

                In my opinion, he will have been very successful and I hope that this will be the case.

                1. Thank you Ken, and I agree with you most of the time. You don’t have to remember me about Wenger, I traveled from Norway to say Merci Wenger against Burnley in 2018. We don’t have to agree on everything, but the way we behave with our greatest manager of modern times was shocking, I still feel bad about it.

                  1. Agreed, but would you say that MA will have been successful if he finishes in the top four, but never challenges for the title and, likewise, if he gets to the QF of the CL, two semi finals and one final, would you be in agreement with me that he has been successful?

                    1. Yes Ken, but the competition is getting more and more challenging. Must make a reservation that Arsenal is in general terms is competitive, which I don’t take for granted with our current owner.

        1. I know am not the smartest, but I would assume Didrik is referring to the average age of our team members

          1. But being young, doesn’t mean inexperienced does it Gunsmoke and, as Reggie has pointed out, Xaka is a fully fledged England International and the team of 92 at manure didn’t do too badly either.

            By the way, what was the average age of the team that beat WHU?

            1. He is right about the youthfulness of our team, as it relates to experience,

              Practicality all teams are stock with internationals , with team members representing their respective countries.

              So Arsenal internationals in comparison to other teams am not sure, but he could also mean premier league experience.

              I for one is a nervous wreck when it comes to the young and inexperienced Tavares

            2. The average age of our starting eleven against West Ham was 23,63. Three players above 24 years, Holding 26, Elneny 29 and Xhaka 29.

              1. I really dont get what you are getting at. How many were below 21? Not that it matters. You go on about age but some of the worlds biggest transfers were for players under 23, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Pogba, Mbappe, Grealish, Dembelle, Sancho, Felix all sold under 23 for world record fees or eye watering amounts, what has age got to do with ability, inconsistency or any other excuse. Age means nothing. People say on the other end of the scale, over 30 is over the hill, look at Levandoski and Ronaldo, age means zilch, young or old, it about ability.

                1. Sorry, to have a young squad of quality players already able compete top four is great. The bonus is that young talented players often get better and from my point of view they can be part of a great team playing together for many years.

              2. And they were the best players on the pitch for The Arsenal, in my opinion and all described as “dross” or not good enough.
                What would it cost to replace Xhaka and Elneny, as Saliba is already on the books?
                Or are you relying on Hales End?

                1. We have to replace and invest and keep developing good academy players. If we don’t need them it’s possible to sell some of them. When we are lacking resources but have ambitions to compete for silverware we have to find our own way and I believe it’s possible.

                2. I’m not against Xhaka, but sometimes he’s too slow when playing against top teams. Elneny has been a surprise he has often delivered good when called upon, but seldom manage to be consistent. Perhaps our current management has been able to help him to adjust and read the game better…

    1. We don’t want to lose Ugly for any reason. It’s better we lose gallantly than lose Ugly.
      Losing Ugly carriers the thought of playing badly and losing at the same time. It isn’t the same lane with winning ugly. No it’s not.

  2. This is the type of character the invisible are known for, I am a gunner for over a decade and still counting, I am very happy looking at these young Gunners trying to replicate the invisible kind of heart winning no matter how dirty it means, a win is a win. Going by what is happening we are on the road of bringing our first ever champions league trophy to the emirate next season by the grace of the Almighty God.

        1. No savage you savage, read his post????? I am jesting. Are you so blind or do you just not read people’s posts properly.

          1. Reggie, we haven’t even qualified for the CL yet, but YOU are accused of not seeing things, when the claim is made that we are going to win it next season!!!
            Funny how some see the future… let’s hope they are right.

            1. Ken, there are some really slow people on here, having a pop at my little jest, am i the only one to see, he put INVISIBLE instead of invincible. Well correct me if i am wrong, that is what i was saying i dont see it for.

              1. Maybe, he didn’t mean invincibles but he still wrote invisible, so i just said because its invisible, i cant see it😉

          2. Haha
            I just got that Reggie
            I didn’t the first time now I see it ,or maybe I don’t who knows 🫣

      1. Some of us feel that you and certain other regulars on JA have no INTENTION of EVER seeing it Reggie, however clear it is to many of us.
        Some see things that are not there, others do not see things that are there, but MOST do actually see, and quite clerly too, things that obviously ARE there.

        1. @jon fox
          Seeing things that are not there, is called “hallucinating”…Keep hope alive though. IJS

        2. Huh?…Clerly?;)

          Where is spell check on this site when you need it!?


    1. Agree with you. The so called “world class” Tuchel lost to another novice – Lampard/Everton. Another “world class” Conte was undone by simple Potter/BHA. Every team suffers a set back, its how you bounce back and Mikel answered his critics / bad wishers by humiliating 3 of the top 6 teams in 10 days, something we were not used seeing as being bashed by the top 6 was the norm of day just a few years back. The first task of the board is to tie Mikel to a long term contract just like pool did for Klopp, then we can dream of something spectacular in the years to come

        1. Last year top 6! This year we have rightly taken their spot with the hope of making it to the top 3.

  3. This was an above average performance no lie but we actually defended and managed the gam well in the 2nd half which made us win. The two teams were equally matched and it was going to take something unusual for either to win and that happened for us when we scored two goals from corners. We still lack a proper balance between attack and defense but of course at this stage all we need is the three points. This doesn’t mean the cracks and tactical problems we have should be ignored else it will surely come back to haunt and we’d have this merry-go-round in opinions about the coach and some players again.

  4. Thought that on a day when we lacked fluidity, we found a way to win and that’s impressive. When other team’s do it, they are praised and I feel we should also be happy that we got over the line. In my opinion this game was the big one. Tottenham play Liverpool next, by the time we play them they should be 5 points behind us. Today was crucial

  5. Finishing in the fourth place with the youngest squad in EPL and two departing CFs is a good achievement

    Arteta, his staffs and other people at Arsenal just need to minimize the bad effects of the long breaks in the next pre-season. We lost three games in a row after a long summer break last year and another three after a long international break this year

    I believe we’ve made sure a top six place. So the club must extend Arteta’s and his staffs’ contracts as soon as possible, before another big club snatch him in the summer

    1. Punching above their weight… Young and temperamental… We often forget how inexperience this team is… Nothing short of phenomenal if we achieve 4th place… Many teams above us struggle, win dirty and are commended for doing so… Let’s as fan enjoy the ride and fully support the team’s effort.

      1. Imagine what we could achieve if we had Vlahovic! I hope Havertz or Lukaku will be available at a bargain price in the summer

          1. Lukaku was one of the best CFs in Euro, Kev. He was also perfect for Conte’s system at Inter

            Unfortunately, he isn’t suited to Tuchel’s system. I bet he’d still like to prove himself in EPL

            1. Oh spare me that GAI,his size is what i don’t like in a cf playing in a league like the prem,i agree on havertz though.

              1. Havertz is my first choice, because he is a tireless high presser, young, highly skilled and tall. I bet we’ll see a much better version of Lukaku in World Cup

            2. Nah mate I’ve seen enough of Lukaku in the PL now and the only time he really showcased his talents was at Everton, you could say west brom too, but even then he hardly ever scored against the big boys.. Serie A is perfect for him and suits his game as he’s big and strong and gets plenty of time on the ball, that’s why he was a success there and let’s not forget he’s 29 soon doesn’t really fit into Arteta’s age category it’s the same reason why I think there is no truth behind the Morata rumours.

              1. Yeah Kev, 30+ year old attackers won’t press as hard as our young ones. But if we can sign Lukaku for less than 50 M, he could be perfect as Giroud’s replacement

                1. GAI the difference between Lukaku and Giroud though is Giroud has a better footballing brain than Lukaku, Giroud has been successful anywhere he’s been – the same can’t be said about Lukaku. If inter sell Martinez this summer.. pound to a penny they will go after him and that move would certainly interest him more than it would moving to Arsenal not that I believe Arteta would be remotely interested.

                  1. I think Giroud is a little luckier than Lukaku…. because France have better international players and more options

                    About Martinez, I also believe Arteta would be interested

                    But I hope Arsenal chase a taller CF. Because we’ve got Nketiah and Balogun, who’re a bit similar to Martinez

          2. KEV Id say that we have recently sold one big name striker who had no intenion– just like LUKAKU- of bothering to try to score for their club.
            Hanging around on the outskirts of where the action is, is NOW, under this dynamic and determined manager , something that is no longer tolerated at Arsenal. Ask Ozil, Mykitaryan and above all, Auba.

            I would not take Lukaku even on a mythical free and with no wages paid to him. We need and MUST have ONLY types who passionately care and show it by 100% effort and who do not mope and moan and turn up only when they can be bothered. Not for me, at any price at all.

            1. Jon I would completely agree with you on that – Lukaku’s work rate and attitude is something Arteta will not tolerate, we’ve seen that since his arrival so any rumours that may link him to Arsenal this summer is something I would take with a pinch of salt as is the case with Morata. If there’s one positive I would give the manager is he will not stand for slackers and I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve had too many of those down the years.

      2. Totally agree with you, we have young squad and is still learning. The ability to win on a bad day is the pathway to success. At this point in the season, it’s about three points, and nothing else 🔴⚪️

    2. GAI I completely agree about the breaks. It looks like the team loses its rythm and then needs time to adjust back to its winning ways. I do not worry about Arteta though. He has started something here and he will stay to bring it to an end. I wish this end is what we are hoping for. He deserved a new contract though so he should be granted one.

      1. If Arsenal don’t extend his contract before the season ends, PSG could offer a more lucrative deal

        1. What’s the point of extending his contract so other clubs won’t offer more? He’s a manager, not a player.

          If PSG wants him, they have no problems paying for him.

          And if Arteta wants to stay, he doesn’t need his contract extended which ends in 2023. If he wants to stay, he/we can renew it next spring as well.

          1. By extending his contract, PSG or other club have to pay more to hire him. The big cost will deter those clubs

            Man United could sign Ten Hag because he just had one year left at Ajax

            1. @Gai
              Since when has the likes of PSG / Man City worried about paying extraordinary amounts of money for what they want?
              Even if we extend Artetas contract and PSG want him they will get him if he wants to join them.
              And paying about £20 million for Artetas contract is nothing to PSG. That’s like £2.00 to them.

              Managers are the cheapest to recruit for any club. As long as Arteta wants to join PSG and they want him then no contract will stop the move happening.
              Lets be honest.

              1. Bayern paid RB Leipzig €25 million for Nagelsmann in 2021, because he was still under contract until 2023 and had no exit clause

                If Arsenal extend Arteta’s contract for four more years, his suitor might have to pay more than €50 million

                PSG would likely not spend that much for a manager. Otherwise they would’ve hired a decorated manager like Enrique or Guardiola, instead of the trophyless Pochettino

                1. My bet is PSG will go all out for Antonio Conte this summer they will not go for a rookie! And Conte would be a great fit for them.

                  1. If Conte can’t play a tall and strong CF like Icardi as PSG’s main pivot, he would likely have a lot of problems. He always has that CF type at Juventus, Chelsea, Inter and Spurs, so I can’t imagine how he sets PSG team up with fancy diminutive attackers

                    1. GAI maybe he’ll bring Lukaku with him 😝 in all seriousness he’s a top manager I’m sure he’ll set his own terms if he’s goes there and if Mbappe goes to Madrid he will bring in a marquee signing.

                  2. The players and egos at PSG is a no-go for Arteta. He has shown he won’t or can’t manage big players with big egos, so I doubt he is going to PSG.

                    He seems to have found his Niche at Arsenal, and a PSG or Barca won’t permit him the control and final decision power he has at Arsenal.

    3. The good news is that we look like at least qualifying for the group stage of the Europey, leaving Man U to start their season early in the qualifiers. The not so good news is that we may not get a top 4 finish. We haven’t been playing really well for some time, and with Arsenal back to a makeshift defence with an accident prone left-back to boot, I fear without a proper goalscorer, we will drop too many points. I have us beating Leeds and Everton, but losing to Harry Kane, and only grabbing a point at Newcastle. Assuming Spurs lose to Liverpool, but win their other fixtures, that would put both Arsenal and Spurs on 70 points, meaning we lose out on GD.

        1. GAI I’m not ok with 5th and the draining Europa League again. Finishing 4th could make the difference of getting to the next level and missing it could mean regressing. I know Arsenal fans like comparing us to Liverpool and as I remember we were fighting with them for 4th when Jürgen came and they pipped us to 4th that season and the rest is history as they say.

          1. Yeah Kev, I know many fans expect nothing but a top finish

            We can only hope Kane gets injured, so Conte has no other choice but playing Kulusevski as the CF. If that happens, Spuds would lose their main playmaker, the great Kane

    4. I’m very confident now that we’ll make top4
      Wins Leeds on Sunday
      Spurs drop point to pool
      5points clear
      Get a least a draw in the Derby…MASSIVE GAME!!!
      we have got 5 points going into the final 2 games
      One more win from those two games and its job done!!!

      1. If Spurs loses to pool and we beat Leeds, then draw with Spurs, that’s a 7 point gap not 5… we are already 2 points ahead of them… (2 + 3 + 2 = 7)

        That means we would be guaranteed top 4 before playing Newcastle and Everton…

  6. MA shd be admired for winning ugly . Hes more pragmatic compared to Wenger. To the latter ,winning ugly is anti soccer . He was too dogmatic in his philosophy and as a result suffered humiliating losses. All that s in the past.
    The match against Spurs is a 6 pointer. The SK and Kane have been scoring for fun.
    Hopefully MA will put an iron curtain defence to stifle these two and hit on the break.
    WH had more possession but its goals that win games.
    The name of the game is winning and not playing ballet soccer

  7. Good dirty Win!

    Now unto the next 4 finals. How I wish we had at least four points from those 3 previous games from hell. Well, the past is gone. Perhaps the boys needed those trashing to pick up momentum for the rest of the season.

    The next 4 games will be the toughest. I pray the boys get energized for them.

    Leeds – Must Win game.

    Tottenham – Draw.

    Newcastle – We have to win but would be difficult.

    Everton – Must Win game.

  8. If Tottenham lose to Liverpool and we beat then then we just need one more win from the remaining 3 to secure top 4

    1. If the spuds beat pool and we lose to the spuds and Leeds…..what a lot of ifs and buts – let’s just wait and see 🤔

  9. I think holding deserves a lot more consideration. He lost his place in the summer, despite playing pretty well last year, but has remained motivated and invested in the team, and has performed every time he’s been called upon. We need players like this in the squad.
    You could say the same about soares and elneny – we’re fortunate to have players like this who might not play for long stretches, but will be fully focused professionals when called upon.

    1. Nice saying, totally agree with you. We need quality players on the bench as well. It’s a key factor to take the next step.

  10. Great result and don’t mind about winning ugly but surely Tavares should be able to make a 5 yard pass to a team mate wearing the same colour shirt as him.

    We looked very nervy and didn’t really do too much on the ball possession wise until the end when we were up. Maybe that’s youth or maybe that’s just an excuse.. keeping the ball and not giving it away to the opposition cheaply is what makes good teams good. You can’t hurt the other team if you can’t get the ball. But imo too many players (worse culprit Tavares) loose the ball in dangerous areas too easily.

    Anyhow COYG and let’s do this!

      1. Yes he was the one that presssed their goal keeper virtually every time in conjunction with Eddie…watch the game again….

        1. Pressing is one thing. Actually controlling the game, creating decisive passes and exhibiting skill is another..

          1. In a strange way pressing, does give some control as a team. Liverpool and city are built that way as a team and with their superior players get control of a match. I think ode is the most talented player we have in passing decisively and intricate play. But when that does not work, Hard work(pressing) is a must for all players…

  11. From exactly when did it become negative to have the ability to win a difficult away match on a bad day?

    It tells me that we have got more tools in the toolbox which we need to make the next step. We still have a young team with potential to get much better.

    Future looks bright for The Arsenal 🔴⚪️

  12. Tavares scares the life out of me he just can’t defend I don’t think he should play against spuds he will get torn to shreads teams are already seeing him as the weak link and targeting him! Need to find a solution and quick!

  13. It was a good win under the circumstances. The 3 points were necessary considering the Spuds had momentarily overtaken us in the table. A good performance but my real worry is Tavares. He is so susceptible in defence that other teams might take full advantage. Maybe MA should play Cedric as LB. That said, all the remaining 4 games are like Cup finals.

  14. The neutrals appear spooked by the the sight of Arsenal players and fans sharing the love. I realise we are celebrating as though we had won a major tournament rather than edging towards the much sneered fourth place trophy. Too early to call but it’s there for the taking. And it’s always a good sign when we are hated rather than pitied

    1. Good post Joe. S.
      We’re getting excited about something that, to date, we haven’t achieved…. and when we DID achieve it for two decades, it WAS sneered at and deemed unacceptable!!

      1. Let it go Ken, we have been over this hundreds of times. The same will happen to MA if he finished in the top 4 for a decade but never
        Challenging for the title…..

        1. So frustrating GoalDan, the way the goalposts have been moved to accommodate what is now deemed success.
          I’m hoping MA does secure top 4, but after all the hype in this article alone, I dread to think what will be said if he fails!!!

          Still waiting for Didrik to give his definition of “young players” by the way.

      2. Many didn’t listen and took it for granted. I know our history and doesn’t take anything for granted. Today you need 90+ points to win the league, and the competition has never been better. To achieve top four today is a different task than 7 years ago in the best league in the World. For the third time in four years two EPL team will most likely play the CL final.

  15. These last games will be difficult.

    Two home games against teams in a relegation fight, Leeds and Everton.

    Spuds away. Clearly a difficult game between the teams who can make top 4.

    Newcastle away – they have “nothing to play” for in trophy or qualification terms but their players know they are playing for their future in a club that will probably be “the place to be” from next season and will strengthen massively. NU are the only mid-table side that is winning consistently now. Not easy.

    Take nothing for granted, these are all difficult end-season games.

    1. Another post that says it as it is – seems we have forgotten the Brighton, Southampton and Palace games – fingers crossed that the consistency of the last three games stay with us and not the other way round.

  16. Winning games with ease, builds confidence more than anything, but it’s these type of games that build character.

  17. My biggest fear is Tavares being badly exposed next Thursday, that kid is a complete liability but it is what it is! A new LB definitely needed in the summer as no 1 LB Kieran Tierney can’t complete a season I just hope the club realise that.

    1. 👍 totally agree
      Would move cedric across to that side
      NT scares me to death
      Flaky passing with no vision
      Poor positional play
      Weak link

  18. Official: Arsenal have qualified for the Uefa Conference League next season. This came about when they garnered 63 points yesterday’s evening at the London Stadium after they beat West Ham in a difficult match with 4 games left for them to play this season.

    But I know it is not the qualifying for the Conference League that Arsenal are seeking after to qualify for it this season. But the Champions League which they are chasing after it’s qualification spot to play in the competition next season.

    But unlike last season when they missed out on European football qualifications although when they finished in the 8th placed position. But if this season was that last season, wouldn’t it has been good news to us Gooners if Arsenal finished 7th on the final day of last season’s campaign? And qualified for the Conference League which currently is West Ham position in the table.

    By the way, where has Sue gone to? It’s been long I have not seen her comment postings on this our Justarsenal forum to read. I hope she is doing fine

  19. Admini. I posted 2 comments. The last one which has been removed was intended to correct one single mistake that I made in the first one. But each time I reviste the site. I see my comment comes last after I’ve long posted it before the other ones that are above my own. This means no any other commenters have read my comment except me. Why is this trick pulled on me?

  20. Admini. I posted 2 comments. The last one which has been removed was intended to correct one single mistake that I made in the first one. But each time I revisit the site. I see my comment comes last after I’ve long posted it before the other ones that are above my own. This means no any other commenters have read my comment except me. Why is this trick pulled on me?

        1. Not possible I’m afreaid. If a Spud came on and wrote “I love you Arsenal” and I approved it. What would stop him coming back and changing ‘I love’ to something completely different!

          1. Thank you for your answer, in a free world we should handle that, it’s the freedom of speech.

            I’m Norwegian and sometimes I write something I don’t like and I would like to correct it. I try to be respectful with people also when I disagree with their opinions 😉

  21. This was a below average performance that got us 3 points .. right now that is better than an above average performance that results in a draw or loss but given the tightness of this race it’s a worry … when I have to acknowledge that holding xhaka and elneny were our better players then it doesn’t make for a comfortable couple of weeks ahead … what was particularly alarming was that the team that had played a tough European match 3 days earlier appeared to have more energy than us until the last 15 minutes of the game which is why we were able to see it out fairly comfortably .. that said a win against Leeds (a lpool victory) and 3 draws would see us through now … 🤞

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