With a tight budget, should outcast be given another chance to play for Arsenal?

Arsenal will be looking to strengthen their team in this transfer window, but a combination of covid19 and their financial losses because of their absence from the Champions League means that the Gunners will not have a ton of money to work with.

They have signed some players already particularly in their defence and attack, however, the midfield is also a problem spot for the Gunners and Mikel Arteta will want to strengthen that department.

The Gunners will miss the presence of Dani Ceballos if they fail to have him back for another season.

If Arsenal doesn’t have the money to sign the likes of Thomas Partey, they might as well reintegrate Mohamed Elneny back into the squad.

The Egyptian spent the just-concluded season out on loan at Besiktas and he impressed greatly for the Turkish side, according to reports.

Unai Emery didn’t feel the former Basel man was good enough to play for his team, but that view might not be shared by Arteta.

The fact is that if we want to sell the midfielder this summer, we will hardly make enough money to land a better replacement. I will suggest that we give him another chance, perhaps, Arteta can get the best out of him.

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  1. He is an okay player, but he cannot replace Dani C. Not Arsenal level.

    Off Topic, reports saying we are swapping Bellerin with Rugani and that players agreed, clubs have not yet struck the agreement.

    That would be stupid to be honest. Bellerin is more valuable and if we got Gabriel. I do not see why we need Rugani.

    1. Elneny should go. its not his fault he isnt good enough for us, i never understood why Wenger bought him in the first place.

      I read that aswel about HB and Rugani, IF it is true then we must have definitely agreed to move on some CB or are considering offers for them at present or Gabriels move is off and / or AMN is going to play at RB fulltime.

      For me it looks like BS, to many variables to consider.
      I dont think we can take actual valuation over what clubs have and want, we’re in different times right now and its likely some clubs are going to lose out on the true value of a player just so they can strengthen their teams in more important areas

      1. Hopefully we do do this deal. Rugani and Gabriel would be a great centre pairing for us and enable Saliba to integrate to English football. This might spell the end for some of the other centre backs at the club that we don’t need which is a positive and if it means we keep Maitland-Niles then I’m all for it. Maitland-Niles is young, has the trust of Arteta can play as a fullback or wingback and is English which I think is important. Yes Bellerin will be a loss if he was at his best form but he hasn’t been that for a couple of seasons now due to injuries.

        1. Of course either AMN or Bellerin should go but will prefer to AMN since he can also play on the left

          Don’t know why nobody is talking the waste. Kolasnic

      2. He brought him in, because at that time both flamini and Arteta were sucks and injury prone at the end of their career that ElNeny looked better at that time for low cost. He hoped he would develop but he did not develop enough.

      3. Elneny is an OK mid-fielder but just does not score. That goes for those around him. Arsenal need a side that can score from all position.

        1. Raymond, He is clearly NOT OK as(UNLESS YOU HAVE ZERO AMBITION!) all sane Gooners are well aware. HE must be got rid of ASAP.

    2. Off the topic pea as not signed yet no one as offered him a new contract hes going to leave if this carrys on

  2. OT: My wife visited Stonehenge in the 60’s when you could walk up to the stones. She was told a RAF base was close. Anyone know which one?

    1. no idea my dude, i was based at Yeovilton which is a naval base and is about a 30 min drive from there, so not close

      1. Thank you so much for reply. Anything about the RAF and “the few ” I find fascinating: and of course the Royal Navy!

        1. Try reading ‘Spitfire Inheritance’ by RCS Hutching.
          It’s fiction but a decent exciting read.

          1. Thank you Ingleby. There seems to be no lack of books on this. I just finished “with wings like eagles” by Michael Korda.

  3. Elneny has done his bit in Arsenal. I think it’s best for him to move on. Jus can’t see any space in the present set up.

  4. My view is that we have two very similar players inn Elneny and Guendouzi – both seem to like passing the ball sideways and backwards more times than they do forward, seem to run around like headless chickens and get nowhere.

    Out of the two, Elneny has never caused any friction within the club, behaved in a responsible way and respected his manager.

    If either should be sold, it has to be Guendouzi for me , but I’m not sure that Elneny can be anything more than a reliable squad player…Mikel Arteta will probably prove me completely wrong!!!


  5. @Ken1945 Exactly in that order! I think we should sell Torreira but out of the three, he is the only one I think can still do a job and be of some use if staying.

  6. Hmmm. I can feel what Arsenal are currently feeling as thy have appeared to be having complications in their hands and headaches in their heads at this time in the ongoing summer transfer window to deal with them by taking the medication in it’s correct dosage to be cured, healed and become free form these problems that are attacking them which they are currently going through and experiencing in this summer transfer market window. For, Arsenal are looking to be finding doing deals much tougher to handle than they have expected them to be tough for the club deal with them in the transfer market this summer. Which I think they think deals doing this summer will be going their ways with some ease when after some days into the window they signed Willian. But since they’ve signed him, things have turned out differently for Arsenal in the summer transfer market as they are looking to have not been able to pin down any of their incoming transfer targets of top quality grade players whom they’ve identified for signings to sign them this summer. But what is going on at Arsenal? What are the problems that they are encountering or have encountered in the market hindering or have hindered them to conclude their signings and actualise them? Have the players who they wanted to sign refused coming to Arsenal this summer or what? Or have their parent clubs of these players refused to sell them to Arsenal, or is it more money these clubs want before they will agree to sell? Or suddenly,, out of no where some money bag super rich big club sides have appeared to burst in into the market and have out bid Arsenal for the same player or players they want to sign?

    Arsenal have just a week and 2 weeks left from today to open their next season account in the season opener Charity Shield match against Liverpool at Wembley. Which after a week that follows, they will begin their next season’s campaign in the Premier League with an away match to Fulham. But yet Arsenal have only signed one incoming player in Willian. But if the club don’t sign the new players they want to sign in time this summer and integrate them into the team in time to start full training to become ready to play for their new club Arsenal from the Charity Shield game match against Liverpool, what is happening or has happened to Arsenal in their thinking is what I don’t understand,

  7. I only remember his goal against Barca otherwise he did nothing with Arsenal and I’m not sure if MA will consider him.

  8. He has no strengths. His only use would be filling out the XI for a League Cup match. He is definitely not to the standard Arteta is looking for.

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