With Arsenal’s dodgy defence our tactics should be set up to attack, attack, attack!


Arsenal are faced with a defensive crisis very early on this season. Players like Monreal, Mertesacker and Koscielny are all getting older and one cannot guarantee that they would last a full season. The fact that Arsene Wenger rarely gives over-30’s more than a one-year contract tells you about being on the wrong side of thirty and playing for a team like Arsenal. Indeed we have had the policy of not giving more than a year contract to players in this age bracket.

The defensive worries are worsened with the fact that Gabriel and Mustafi are making their way out of the team. Kieran Gibbs has gone to Watford and Calum Chambers has been linked with a move away as well. It means Wenger simply must look to get quality cover in the closing stages of the window.

Now that we are sure we have the shaky defense to contend with and we will be getting to leak lots of goals this season, Arsenal should be designed for the only response we can. Arsenal should score more frequently, score more earlier in and score more goals than our opponents. This means we have to generate an almost unexpected goal conversion ration from attack and therefore Wenger needs to shape the team around superior ‘attack and score’ default system. The squad is certainly well placed for frontal domination. Just look at these players; Lacazette, Sanchez, Giroud, Ozil, Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi, Lucas Perez, Ramsey… and I have not included any new signings as well as players in the youth ranks. Oxlade-Chamberlain is also part of the cast if he too stays.

My personal team under the current squad circumstances for the above would be a 3.4.3 system as below:


You would agree the setup is more compact allowing very little entry spaces between the players for the opposition side to explore. Of course there will be lots of ground around this compact set up that the opposite sides will find room to run through and cause problems. This is where individual attributes come into mind. Players like Alexis are obstinate and will push the opposition hard. Someone like Bellerin will deploy his speed to great effect and Lacazette will keep the ball close enough. All this means is Arsenal have it in their lockers to keep up with whatever will be thrown at them.

Ozil in the Central Midfield? Yes, we need to try him there and he will have three super great options running in front of him to aim at. That scares the hell out of any defense. Can Ozil next to Xhaka even work let alone becoming what Xavi and Iniesta were at Barcelona? Maybe not – as Xavi and Iniesta started this union much earlier on in their youth years. But with the intelligent ball brains in his locker and his defense piercing passes he could be a great revelation that may help Xhaka settle into his element. It is certainly worth a try so that the front three can be engraved into place. And with Walcott, Iwobi, Welbeck etc, no one would want to face these front three at any time. But if it means sacrificing Ozil and getting someone like Seri who we feel may be more fitted for the role, so be it.

Arsenal should really allow the rejuvenated Giroud and the sharp poaching Lacazette to play together. Add on to the tenacious Alexis, if he stays… sumptuous. Giroud was such a success playing alongside other strikers for France and even at Montpellier, he thrived with assistance from other attackers. No reason these three front players will not each make an average of more than 20 goals each for Arsenal.

If we can’t defend well, then we should be able to score much better. You sense that at Stoke Arsenal were unable to do any of the two duties rather well. Do you think this set up would work?



  1. Dan says:

    Dosnt matter how good how attackers are we simply can’t defend have to score at least 3 goals a game to have chance to win the game simply not good enough!!

  2. Nayr says:

    Ozil as a CM.
    no way.
    we complain of his laziness to track back when he is a forwad just imagine him as a CM.

    the likes of can and henderson will have a laugh against that midfield.

  3. Nayr says:

    Giroud better start today.

    1. Break-on-through says:


  4. McLovin says:

    Wenger beating Klopp s high pressing, pacy Liverpool? Never! We’d we lucky to draw this. Wenger doesn’t know what ‘tactics’ are.

  5. ivvy says:

    we are not an attacking team nor defending team..we are a passing sideways and backwards team..mark my words Liver 4-1 Arsenal #wengerout #steveout

    1. Nikkogunners says:

      @Ivvy, your telescope seams to be seeing the future…4-) it is already

  6. Uber4Wenger to France says:

    You said it already trailing l.pool by 3 goals..no comment

  7. BOBBY says:

    Wenger Is A Tyrant. Arsenal’s Fans Should Fight To Gain Freedom Or We’ll Keep Falling Like Autumn Leaves.

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