With Gibbs gone do Arsenal fans expect serious transfer action?

The departure of Kieran Gibbs from Arsenal after 13 years with the club in the academy and first team, is probably not going to be the last bit of transfer movement away from the Emirates stadium this summer. Arsene Wenger has already spoken about the need to trim our large squad before signing more players and he seems to be getting it done.

We have recently seen Carl Jenkinson and Cohen Bramall go out on loan for the season and Sky Sports are reporting that our left back is set for a permanent transfer to Premier League club Watford. Apparently the transfer fee is agreed and Gibbs wants to go so that seems to be that.

The departure of the 27-year old will leave the Arsenal squad numbers at 30, which already gives the boss some room for manoeuvre and I would not be surprised to see any or all of Debuchy, Lucas Perez and Joel Campbell leave as well. So, Gooners, are we expecting a couple of big signings from Wenger in the next few days now that he has reduced the squad size at Arsenal?

I think it could be an interesting and exciting end of the transfer window for Arsenal, don’t you?



  1. Oboms Jackreece says:

    I hope Wenger Signs new players, but I really don’t understand Wenger.

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      Hate to break it to you guys. But arsenal are screwed this window.. No news on incoming transfer from my source. Arsenal are focussed on get net spend down upto the point where they make a profit on absolute transfer fee this window.. This is because alexis is staying and is most likely leaving on a free.. Arsenal are joke of a club. Be prepared guys. The only upside at this point is if the fans protest hard enough, we could get kroenke to sell as I believe usmanov values the club t roughly 2 billion and this is a massive return on kroenkes investment..We will always have suitors for the club as long as we don’t disappear and get relegated..

      1. Remember Resource,
        Shut up will you. Your a joke of a fan. Arsenal are not a joke off a club. Don’t talk about our beloved club like that your the joke mate, coming out with all this crap making out like you know something. You don’t know shit .
        Arsenal are not a joke of a Club
        Kroenke is a joke of an Owner
        Arsenal are not a joke of a Club
        Wenger is a joke of a Manager.
        Stop it with your crap mate .

  2. kev says:

    JUST IN :As I brought to you yesterday and people will testify that I said a £12.5 fee was close to being agreed for Kieran Gibbs.The deal has now been agreed but personal terms have not been agreed.Personal terms agreement for Gibbs’ transfer for this season has always proved a problem so people shouldn’t rejoice just yet.
    Ox update:Arsenal have told Ox Chambo to make up his mind today about leaving the club.This is to ascertain whether to drop him or involve him in the squad for Liverpool.If he says no then he’s definitely being sold and unlikely to make the squad tomorrow.I’ll update you on that but if he’s not seen tomorrow then he’s off.

    1. kev says:

      Mustafi update:As I said no deal has ben agreed between Inter and Arsenal yet and Wenger has said he’s not for sale but the truth of the matter is Mustafi wants the Inter move.Arsenal will only sell him if they can replace him with likely Virgil Van Dijk or Johnny Evans but for now he’s not for sale.They’ll only sell if they can replace immediately
      OT:I’ve had it confirmed Ox will not be the only key player leaving Arsenal before the window ends.Take note that Arsenal are currently not close to signing anybody.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        Lol you just said on another thread that that deal was all lies . Wow just leave it out m8

      2. Remember Resource? says:

        Yo stop copying moles tweets… If you don have your own authentic sources don’t spread rumours, we get enough of rumours on this blog

  3. Marvin Mbazima says:

    Don’t hold your breath,no signings will be done

  4. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Just one more season after this, I can’t wait…

    1. Break-on-through says:

      This could be his last. After seeing how things went last season. I think it would be best, if say, you intend on doing one more season, just put down two so we don’t have all the questions and players wondering whats gonna happen. I believe Arsene would stay five more seasons no problem, but even he realizes how toxic it’s been so it’s doubtful this will go on for too much longer unless the club dramatically improves on all fronts.

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      True. But a long two seasons. Let us as fans prepared to see two seasons of europa league and we also must prepare ourselves to see tottenham and everton above us. We will comeback stronger over the next decade I think. For the next tow years I will be enjoying watching the underdogs liverpool challenge for the major trophies with exciting football and passion under klopp I will also be closely tracking my second team leeds utd..

  5. Ronny says:

    Probably not!
    I’m not worried about lb as we’re covered but Gabriel and now mustafi is this kroenke after the dollar again?
    Even if Wenger doesn’t fancy either of them that leaves kos, and the inexperienced but fairly good holding and chambers.
    Our cover being bfg, Monreal and elneny/kolasinac.

    I’m mean yes they are cover but it’s disrespecting the importance of experienced cb in the back line.
    Always build strongly from the back Wenger.

    Please tell me that we’ll sign another experienced cb if he goes, VVD?

    1. Paul P says:

      Van Dyke? Ha, ha! Never in a million years with the emperor at the helm!

      1. kev says:

        Teams are wssting their time with Van Dijk.He’s Liverpool bound and wants only the Liverpool move.It’s just the relationship between Southampton and Liverpool which is delaying the move.I can see him signing for them in the coming days.Arsenal are not close to signing any player.Any player who comes in will be a typical Wenger signing.

        1. GO says:

          Not true at all. Arsenal’s met with Virgil Van Dijk and are willing to meet Southampton’s expectation and THAT IS THE ONLY reason Mustafi’s transfer is even been entertained at all. Possible sale of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is the reason there is no progress in Chamber’s purported sale. And mark my words Arsenal will sign one of Asensio or Draxler before the end of the week and don’t be surprise if Arsenal ships Walcott either on loan or permanently.

  6. Ronny says:

    I still think with Wenger at the helm they couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery!
    All this business in the last week why so late?

    I used to think oooo Wenger had a plan and that’s why he’s waiting etc
    Then the window shuts oh nothing happened!
    Yes got used to the fact it’s just incompetence and bad prioritisation now, (still long to be proved wrong though)

    1. chris says:

      Why so late ? because Wenger takes an age to make up his mind – till t is too late. Ask people who actually work at the club ! Plus he usually wants to deal at the wrong price … or he tries for a player he KNOWS is not going to be available.

  7. Paul P says:

    The emperor in his ‘new clothes ‘ ain’t buying nobody. Suck it up all you Wenger lovers and see. What a joke of a club the Arsenal have become.

  8. Adam Criniti says:


    Early goal of the year winner, Charlie Daniels. What a wonder strike early against Oil City.

    And Arsenals futbol looks so pedestrian compared to the beautiful, free flowing style of Man City. Both Silvas, DeByrne, Jesus, Sterling, Mendy, Danilo is an embarrassment of riches.

    And no Aguero, lol

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      judging by the way Utd and City play

      personally do not think we can beat them

      thats 12 pts gone

      not to mention Liverpool, Chelsea and Spud……thats 18 pts

      if we are lucky we can get 3 pts out of 18 from fool, Sea and Spd

      Be realistic

      1. Break-on-through says:

        We’ll get at least one draw v utd, we’ll get one win at the least v Chelsea. We’ll get at least one win or a draw v city, I’d say a win. We’ll definitely beat spuds at least once this season. Liv I’m not sure, we play into their hands, a draw this weekend and I won’t complain. If we get that draw this weekend, then Id say four points from them this season. If what happens is what people think will happen, then Liv will get four points from us.

  9. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    “I think it could be an interesting and exciting end of the transfer window for Arsenal, don’t you?” Not with Wenger in charge; no it won’t be! He’ll soon be coming up with his usual excuses as to why we couldn’t take 4 last minute deals across the line. He’s made more money for himself in the two year extension to his contract he recently signed as well as more money for the Board with his penny pinching escapades. Almighty God help us with this manager! Useless, clueless and rudderless! I will be too distressed to bear to watch the humiliation coming tomorrow. I did warn about Xhaka just minutes before we played Stoke last week on how he gives the ball away so too often. Many of you marked me down. What happened in the game? He gave the ball away that again led to Stoke scoring the only goal! We need 12 men against Liverpool tomorrow to stand any chance.

  10. OLD TIMER says:

    This man speaks with a forked tongue so expect no decent players coming in.
    After many many years a fan on Sunday i’m going to cheer on Liverpool disgusting that I have to resort to doing this but for the future of our beloved club the more pressure on AW to leave I suspect there’ll be several other true gunners who’ll do exactly the same SIGH!

  11. HA559 says:

    Why is Mustafi being sold to Inter. I though it was fabricated stories first now it seems to be real.

    Wenger is a disgrace to this club. What other manger do you know who is continuously building a team so that one season they can compete for the title.

    1. chris says:

      Why to Inter …. ? Because he does not want to play for arsenal and for Wenger. Neither does Oxlade – he’s been here for 6 years and what is his position ( ie. if Wenger even picks him.)

      1. Wolf says:

        Gibbs took his sweet time but has done the right thing. That’s a lot of years to be at Arsenal and still can’t break into the 1st team. Ox six years and has decided he’s not waiting 10 years plus. Mutaffi also while Wenger brings in crap players and bloats the team. How many good players has Wenger let rot on loan, in reserve’s while the like of Gervinho, Bentner, Walcott get game time. Wenger is a joke

    2. jon fox says:

      With any normal, sane manager-which Wenger is NOT- and the constant stories that Mustafi is about to leave, which Wenger has verbally indicated has legs, you would then naturally think this: “Oh great , that means we are getting Van Dyke or a top CB in replacement.” But us realists Arsenal fans who have had to suffer Wengers madness this last decade(since he became insane), know this will not be happening. The club are spending no more money this window-unless an unknown no hoper, Sanogo style, from the French lower division comes for loose change – and this Scrooge club are simply trying to recoup the Lacazette fee from existing deadwood, reduce the wagebill and con us poor mug fans once again with lies about this or that big player being on the radar, when the truth is – as we cynics know very well, who have learned better from bitter experiience of the clubs constant lies – that no one of note is coming in and this dishonourable, shifty club continue to drag our former great name in the mud, with their corrupt misrunning of our once great and glorious club. As an attendee fan since 1958, this pains me to write, more than you will ever know.

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    I just cannot wait to hear the excuses once the transfer window shuts.

  13. HA559 says:

    Looks like Ox and Mustafi will be sold.

    So we need 2 players to come in. Nacho and Sead can replace Ox easily but we will need CB and if it was up to me a full time DMF but another attacking player would be good.

    It won’t happen. We will be in turmoil on deadline day and Wenger will take cover behind the 2 week international break. Normally first international break is a week after transfer deadline but this time it would provide Wenger a perfect cover from abuse for a couple weeks until the abuse dies out.

    Just wait and see

  14. Geekaybee says:

    I get the feeling that we will not to wait until after the next season finishes. I think that in four months time it will have to be time for the board to golden handshake Wenger.

  15. Vishaad says:

    For Mustafi to be wanting a move away from Arsenal after one season speaks volumes about the club itself . It’s shows we have no ambition and that this ship is sinking quickly hence all the rats ( Mustafi, Oxlaide Chamberlain etc ) want to leave . We can’t say that we aren’t seeing the change promised by Arsenal, unfortunately it’s a change for the worse

  16. HA559 says:

    meanwhile…Theo is chilling on the bench on 140K. He is so bad, that no one wants him either cause his bad or his wage demands are too high for the teams outside the top 8.

    We only heard one rumour in the entire summer of this guy and that was West Ham.

    You can automatically add another 7 to that lost column on the table next to Arsenal. Tomorrow Arsenal will win and Wenger will say we don’t need to sign any players but will try.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      I hope we get exposed for what we really are on Sunday instead of another game won to paper over the cracks. On paper we match Liverpool in terms of quality and should get a draw, but in reality the atmosphere, player uncertainty and our inept coach leaves us with a lot of uncertainty and doubt.

      1. Dee23 says:

        How the hell can you want your team to loose against a title contender at the begining of the season? SMH

        I’m sorry but if anybody wishes failure on the team they claim to support they delude themselves and aren’t true supporters of that team.

        You got people that will draw blood and tatoo their skin with Arsenal, men that will physically fight if people talk crap about the club and you’re gonna hope that they lose?

        This isn’t the team for you mate and probably isn’t sport for you either. Supporting your team is wanting them to win at all times and sticking with them through the good and the bad. Man U fans weren’t wishing for their team to loose when they were finishing 6th or when they were loosing under their last 2 managers. They supported their team regardless despite not finishing in the top 4 since Fergie.

        It goes both ways. The same way fans want our team to have success like Man U, are team wants the fans to be as supportive as Man U fans.

  17. HA559 says:

    Spurs defence already good yet they are investing in defence.

    Arsenal defence has been poor for many years and yet we are weakening by selling.

    1. chris says:

      Wenger is not big on defence. He only won trophies 10 – 20 years ago because he inherited a great defence. Like it or not …. it is TRUE. If he had been a given a load of money and a blank sheet of paper when he 1st arrived …. he would have left many years ago.

      1. HA559 says:

        It’s not just that. We concede most of our goals the same way, thats mistakes, counter attack and then set pieces. It doesn’t take brilliant play to score against us.

        Again from another day I say there is no emphasis on defence, they just train to pass the ball.

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      Wenger still dream of tiki-taka like Barcelona yet we don’t have the culture in England to play that kind of football

  18. Arsenal_Girl says:

    When was the last year Wenger didn’t screw up the summer transfer window? I can’t remember. Maybe the summer he got Arteta and several other players

    1. Xxnofx says:

      No he only signed them because we got thrashed 8-2
      They were again last minute panic bus after the season started

      1. waal2waal says:

        i think arteta, merta and monreal came in the same panic window, after we got that drumming???

  19. ayodeji says:

    For how long are we going to continue in this mess?wake me after winger is out

  20. Leon says:

    I feel bad for Sanchez.
    What must he think of the shambles that is Arsenal Football Club.
    What chances do we have of winning anything with Wenger in charge?
    I think this marks the end of Arsenal as a top four club…
    At least until someone grows a pair and removes the dinosaur in charge…

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:


      On the one hand Wenger is saying he hope he signs a contract in the season and in the other hand Wenger is decimating the squad to the point we are worse of than last season given that the shambles continues.

  21. gooner4life says:

    All tiese rumours about possible signings why no GK Chec is well past his best when was the last time he kept a clean sheet? he has never saved a penalty for us or if he has it is so long ago i cant remember it.

  22. mark says:

    I don’t expect any transfer action. We have an injury prone squad with a manager who is struggling to stay in the 21st century.

    I would argue our style of play encourages injuries, because we often seem to play desperate football due to going behind in games or teams dominating us mentally.

    Far from our team being balanced, I think it is out of balance and that is why we struggle to control games.

    Put simply, we are predictable and soft bellied, and a team reflects its manager.

    So no transfers. Go on Wenger, surprise me/us.

  23. John0711 says:

    Kev states they ox and mustafi are being sold to balance the books as Sanchez will leave on a free what utter BS. Firstly Sanchez cost 35m ox will be sold for that. Secondly the club is Makarewicz by money so it’s not balancing the books. My guess and it is a guess either wenger is trying to f up the club after last year or this is all in aid of the club being sold. Take as much money as you can now. The. Sell it for 2 B

  24. Quigg says:

    Does anybody actually take kev seriously? He promised us Lemar (a done deal) and he genuinely seems more interested in members of this forum acknowledging his ability to predict transfers than he does in anything else.

    Kev, you posted incessantly about Lemar – I acknowledge that you are now an unreliable source. Is there anywhere else you can go to have your ego massaged?

  25. Ganja says:

    I wonder what Arsenal could be with an owner that is a die hard fan, always in the stands and spends money on class players year after year to finally compliment this 5 star stadium that we built. I dream of the day when Arsenal are the club that every player wants to join, where every pundit, media, critic and so on speak of us as a force to always fear. A time when teams dread coming the emirates knowing it’s a lost cause while standing in the tunnel. Where players play for the badge on the front and not the name on the back, dominant in all areas of the pitch. Earn their places and not have it handed to them, getting paid what they deserve. That’s The Arsenal I would love to see…

    1. Paul P says:

      You won’t see that until Wenger goes. He enables the board and the board enables him.

  26. Authority007 says:

    wenger will nt lead dis great club to any Whr as far as I am concern

  27. waal2waal says:

    im pleased with lacaz… altho, it still remains a ‘disturbing’ transfer window – being there were lots of monaco-fc players on the market and we could not turn the eye of anyone of them. wenger did name his target lemar and chose to let mehrez stew; so we are yet to show that we are serious by going into a transfer market and returning more properly prepared,

    fact is we leaving far too much to chance; fact is wenger and his mis-management are conducting business in a sluggish and sloppy way. mustafi came here to a revolving door, even more madness

  28. Adam Criniti says:

    If only Wenger and the club had the balls to shock Arsenal fans and the EPL by making the following moves.

    *Offer Alexis $350K a week after the loss to Liverpool tomorrow and give him a 24 deadline to accept the terms. If he refuses sell him on to City or abroad for $50-60M. Arsenal wont and can’t let him walk for free next summer.
    *Sell Ox for $35-40M to Fool or Abramovich FC, don’t care which. Sorry dude your an injury prone, average EPL player worth barely half of what your asking. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
    *Sell Lucas Perez to DLC for $14M. The Spaniard deserves better and should feature regularly @ the Emirates but sadly Wenger fancies certain favorites over Lucas.
    Sell Gibbs to Watford for $10M. Wenger has frozen out the Englishmen and it is time for a change.
    *Loan or sell Mustafi to one of the interested Italian sides. Wengers reluctance to dismiss this transfer possibility says everything about the Germans reputation in the squad.
    *Get Debuchy off the wage bill by whatever means necessary.

    I don’t see Sanchez committing his future to the club so Arsenal would have apprx. $125M to reinvest

    *Sign VVD for $50M, dude is a significant upgrade over Mustafi, CC, Holding and Per and would immediately solidify Arsenals back three or four
    *Sign Seri or Goretska for around the same price, $35-40M. Santi is a long way off from returning and Jack W is frankly not the long term solution. Arsenal desperately needs an upgrade at CM, have for many, many years. Goretska is a future superstar @ the Emirates.
    *If Sanchez leaves line up either Draxler, Lemar or Mahrez for around the same money. Personally I fancy the young German, but Lemar would be a wonderful addition as well.

    Draxler, VVD, and Goretska would cost around $130-$140M, a net $20M spent with the above defections and would bring Arsenals total summer spending to around $50M. That’s 1/4 of what both Manure and Oil City have spent so far, but Arsenal would be a greatly improved side.



    Show some freaking balls AFC, and show the door to those that simply don’t want to play for the club.

  29. Elder says:

    I can’t wait for Friday morning,when we will know who is in and who is out.

  30. Malcolm Townsend says:

    With the players he has sold he has got the money back for what he has spent on our new C/F so in actual fact he has spent nothing he could buy a top class C/H and sell Walcott and buy Mahrez he has got to be better than Walcott who is just a bench warmer now on £140 000 a week

  31. gooner4life says:

    we have as much chance of signing Dick vanDyke of Mary Poppins fame!!!

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