With Lacazette transfer DONE what next for Arsenal?

Well I never Arsenal fans! It looks like we are actually going to complete on this long talked about transfer chase for the France international forward Alexandre Lacazette from Olympique Lyonnais. The French club´s president has been saying all sorts of things in recent weeks to muddy the waters but I think we all knew that Jean-Michel Aulas was not always going to be completely honest.

The BBC of all people are now reporting with a lot of confidence that Arsenal are close to sealing the deal for the prolific 26-year old and it appears to be just a matter of crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. If the player wants to come and play for us then that is pretty much that as Lyon have already said that they will not stand in his way.

So I have to say well done to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board because whatever the eventual cost of this transfer, and it is probably close to the £50+ million that his club were asking for, the Arsenal boss has got his man and showed us all that he really is serious about getting the Gunners back to the top.

So assuming that Lacazette will soon be an Arsenal player, what next for our club? The chances are that we will now let Alexis Sanchez leave I suppose, and the new man will be the first choice centre forward. Should we keep Giroud as a strong second choice. Should Wenger look to add more strength and firepower in the wide areas, such as Mahrez and/or Thomas Lemar? Can we say goodbye to Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs and others?

Or should the boss, as I think, turn his focus on to the midfield and defensive side of the Arsenal team?



  1. Next for arsenal is Lemar done deal. #LACALEMAR
    Followed by lots of interest in Riyad Mahrez but that hinges on alexis sanchez
    The alexis situation is a dicey as i stated earlier take Mahrez and alexis rumours with a pinch of salt. My source thinks alexis wrapped up but for some reason club are still in contact with Mahrez.

      1. Media no picking up on the Lemar deal.. Like i said.
        Diaz is officially done. Now for the announcement of LACAZETTE!
        Imagine guys !
        Xhaka lemar ozil midfield trio Alexis lacazette chamberlain!
        Or 442 with lemar and xhaka in the middle and chamberlain ozil wide midfielders and a strike partnership of alexis and Lacazette!
        Alternatively Giroud lacazette with alexis and ozil wide!

        1. hey look you are all lies and fiction just playing with the fans.
          You are toying with those who take your comments seriously only to be harshly dissapointed.That is cruel and i hope admin punishes you for that

          1. Hi Ramterta,
            Every single thing i said from the way bids would be rejected and we would bid up to be accepted was true. I even clarified this when people asked on what basis i said the deals were done when the media reported the rejected bids. I said the media will catch on this was well in the past. And exactly that has happened.
            I have an amazing source which i will continue to keep private since there are risks of the source vanishing. The source could get into trouble for giving away such sensitive information.
            If you want my source please give me enough like ratings. I want arsenal fans to know the truth since our club seems to never tell us directly.
            100 likes and ill reveal. The source uses a proxy anyway so.. yeah.
            100 likes would tell me there more people who believe than skeptics.
            I believe the stories and reliability have been proven over time. And once the deal is announced by monday everyone will understand.
            100 likes for source.

            1. “If you want my source please give me enough like ratings.”

              And that right there has shown that you talk nothing but bollocks. Pathetic, desperate attempt for likes. Embarrassing.

            2. Im gonna call bs on this one matee, however I still believe the deals will get done

    1. You’ve done really well I must say.It’s a shame people think you are ignorant but don’t know they also pass ignorant comments against you.As for Laczette the only thing which can hold back the move now is the transfer fee as he wants to leave.For Lemar,it’s been stated that AS Monaco don’t want to sell but if Arsenal increase their first bid very significantly they might just give in so I doubt Lemar is coming.For Sanchez it could be that he’s staying because it’s been proven that he contradicted himself unknowingly in the interview which he granted.

  2. I think Welbeck is just as strong a back up centre forward as giroud. I think a lemar/Mahrez on the wing and also someone to replace coquelin that is a very abrasive midfielder such as max Arnold and we’re set for the season. Although it does look like we’re going to have to buy a back up keeper as well.

    1. Yes Welbeck could be a strong back up ONLY if he can stay fit until then, he can’t be relied upon…

      1. You are too kind, I tried to like Welbeck but I can’t, he is a UTD player who is picking up a wage at AFC.

        I heard Weger say in a interview how he would only have loaned Welbeck and I do not think Welbeck 1st 12 months would have earnt him a transfer due to becoming Welbroke.

        It isn’t just his fitness, it is his goalscoring record as well, he has played 247 games and scored 54 according to wiki, that is not a record to bring faith… I know he has played a lot out wide but so has Theo, at least Theo has scored over 100 goals and managed to play 400 games. I know his ratio is bad as well but this just supports you when you said Welbeck can’t be relied upon, Theo can’t be relied on so how can the more injury prone Welbeck?

        28 games or more a season is what I will use to favor Welbeck (instead of 30+ for ease).
        Welbeck 5 out of 11 seasons.
        Theo 9 out of 13 season.

        If I had gone 30+ then Theo would be no change but Welbeck would be on 4 out of 11, nearly 1 THIRD of his career….

  3. If we keep all our offensive players, I dunno if we would still need another player up front:

    But if we sell Walcott and maybe Perez, we would need to replace them with better quality…
    But before all that, we need to know what’s up with Sanchez before we truly know the next thing to do

    1. I can tell you that Sanchez loves Arsenal and wants to stay. He’s only delaying to see who is actually coming in before he talks.
      But if he wants to go, we’ll regret to have a sulking player run down his contract. As much as we like his work rate, I’ll be happy to miss him if he doesn’t want to stay.

  4. A very nice article! Keep up the good work!
    However,there are some issues in this transfer!
    The asking price of Lacazette is now troubling Arsene Wenger.
    You can check it out!

    Yours faithfully,
    Hiran Banerjee

  5. This move should have been done years ago.Giroud and Welbeck have failed us in terms of being the leading striker particularly Giroud.He’s only very good in the air and hold up play.To me he looks decent because of the chances he’s been given and not because he’s quality.Lacazette is going to love Arsenal so much that he wouldn’t want to leave.You know why?The chances would be there on a silver platter for him.Now we will see the real use of Ozil.Now I will really be able to determine if Ozil is actually good or not.I’m praying this deal goes through.

    1. I think it is a shame you rate Giroud so low, I believe he is a top player but AFC do not play to his strengths, he performs better in a 2 man CF lineup.

      France do more and Giroud has done better than Benzema, Giroud has more competition for France though for that style of CF than he does at Arsenal which is another thing Giroud needs, to be pushed.

      Welbeck is far worse than Giroud, Welbeck may be mobile and willing to run but for goalscoring and being a real threat then Giroud is leagues ahead when pushed.

      We can also rely on Giroud being fit a lot more than Welbeck, if Welbeck fails to play 30+ games next season as a whole due to injures then his career will be only 1/3 of it where he has played more than 30. Is that a gamble you want to take? I do not, I would prefer Giroud.

      I hope Ozil performs better with Lacazette, I do think it is the CM who also needs to perform to get the best out of Ozil, Ozil played a lot better with Cazorla behind him. No real surprise Cazorla makes others look world class with his magic 😛
      I hope Ramsey can stay fit and in form, I do worry about CM though…

      1. I think you rightly say AFC do not play to his strengths, he performs better in a 2 man CF lineup. So why would we want to keep a player who doesnt fit into our system. And while he is a decent player, he is no where close to world class. For the type of chances Arsenal create, he should be a 30+ striker. While decent, how many teams in the TOP 6, would have Giroud automatically start?? Lets not be fooled by a few goals he scored coming from the bench. But if you say he is a world class super sub, im sure a lot of people will agree. He needs to go. Look at players that earn same as him and tell me you would still rather have him. We should sell him. Together with Walcott, Ramsey, Coq, Elneny, Gibbs. Bring in some real strength and quality.

        1. A club with our kind of injury record cannot afford to turn it’s back on Giroud. Besides, he is a major reason why we hardly get bullied these days, he shut down that arrogant thwat,Shawcross, he diligently defends at corners, he is all over the pitch making sure we don’t get physically overwhelmed, for years we cried out for his qualities, do you recall when we only had the dimunitive Vela, Walcott, Arshavin Et al to battle against JT and Rio Ferdinand?

  6. It would be typical for Wenger to make just ONE big signing in Lacazette, and think that’s all our problems solved. He needs to get two WC players at the very least if Sanchez, and Ozil stay: CF, and DM/CM.

    We needed a quality LB/LWB as well, which we now have in Kolasinic (best LB in Bundesliga apparently), and if Monreal continues his end of season form, then that position is in good shape. Of course if one, or both of Alexis, and Ozil leave, then they need replacing as well. New WC GK, and CB needed as well, but I wouldn’t say those positions are an absolute priority at the moment.

    Wenger NEVER EVER concentrates on the weak areas of our squad during the summer months, so I do expect plenty of problems for this season.

    1. I would say getting a player from the Bundesliga team of the season was a big signing, sorry he didn’t cost £55 million as his contract ran out.

      If he adapts and performs for us is a different question, he did perform last season and wouldn’t have been free is his contract wasn’t out.

  7. we will ride on mr. lacazatte and we will win epl.
    a lyon stricker is our savior now we should also get some more unknown stricker n ride on them to glory.
    £50mil?u will always Remember Aubamiang was available with the same price but the french obssesion is killing us

    1. “Remember Aubamiang was available with the same price but the french obssesion is killing us” According to who? I guarantee 100% you will not be able to find a credible source for that, so please stop talking as if it were fact.

    2. Jay, you have to admit most off what he has said has been right mate. I thought he was full off shit to but now I wonder. He actually did say that the media would report that the bids would be rejected and then we will bid more and get the deals done . And the money he said we would go up to is what has happened. I mean no official news yet but if Sky and the BBC are reporting it that usually means it’s gonna happen

    3. People Aubamayang would not be a good signing for us as he can’t score goals in tight spaces. Auba needs space to run in behind and score which he will not get at Arsenal and in this league. Most teams play 10 men in and around the box when they play us and Aubamayang cannot operate like this, he is to skinny and not strong enough. Lacazette however is a little beast very strong has pace and is very clinical infront off goal. He has everything we need Pace, Strength, Creates, and can play with his back to goal. I think once he adjusts to the EPL he is going to be an amazing signing for us. 2 more players off the same calibre and keep Alexis and Ozil and we are ready to challenge. That’s if the manager picks the right team every week and his tactics are right .

      1. Another possibility Wenger might be thinking is what happens to the club that depend on him when he goes away a long time for the African Cup of Nations. Wenger is not impressed at all by that type of disruptions or distraction.

  8. This Lacazette deal is certainly looking promising, but it’s not done yet, so it’s too early to start celebrating.

    Even if Lacazette gets officially announced, we will still need another top-quality player to replace Sanchez if he goes. Then there is the issue of a fit & healthy replacement for Cazorla, and getting players like Ozil and Ox tied-down to new contracts.

    I would be delighted if the Lacazette deal gets done, but it would be so annoying if Arsenal stop short there (As has happened many times in the past) and fail to deal with the other burning issues that I’ve mentioned above.

    It’s still going to a long and tense transfer window for anybody that really wants to Arsenal challenging for the EPL title next season.

    1. I hope AFC act like a big club regarding Alexis, he has a contract with AFC and AFC have final say if he is sold or not, he can be made to sit in the reserves if he wants to act like a spoilt brat.

      I doubt he would though as he loves to play, if he wants to leave then he will want to play so Pep will keep his interest… He will also want to do well so Pep keeps his interest. We will have a passionate Alexis still even if we keep him after he asks to leave, he is not getting younger so every season is more important for him to perform if he wants to move…

      Replacing Cazorla is what scares me the most, I know we need a replacement for him but I do think Wenger has focused a lot on the attack, we have been linked to some CM but those links are not as strong in appearance as the rumors for attacking players.

      If AFC have the reported £100 million plus whatever we make back from sales then I do wonder how much will be left over if we get Lemar? To make things worse, I did read recently that £30 million had to be taken from that £100 million for player payments yet to be made…

      Where is the money for atop CM going to come from?

      Then there is the GK issue, if we sell Szcz (I don’t want us to) and Ospina then will we get a good enough GK for the fee AFC will receive from Szcz and Ospina? Lucky to get £20 million in total for them and look at the prices of GKs now for a proven one…

      I am happy to hear about Lacazette and keeping my fingers crossed but like you, I think we need more and AFC need to start acting to get things done swiftly so they can do more. We need to sell some players to recoup some funds to reinvest… More time Gazidis wastes trying to save the odd million here or there will come back to haunt all us supporters.

  9. why would we choose lacazatte over Aubamiang i dont get it! Auba played at a high lvl he played againest real barca bayern on the other hand lacazatte is someone who scored lot of goals in a non physical league n looks physicaly very weak

  10. I’m not a fan of keeping players that want to leave, so Sanchez should leave if that is his burning ambition.

  11. Swapping players such as Sanchez for Aguaro does not happen, because there is nothing in it for player managers!
    Sell ungrateful Sanchez for as much as possible and tell him to watch his back next time he plays Arsenal. Apparently there are plenty of players not happy with this prima donna. No man is bigger than the team.

    1. AFC could make an example out of Alexis… What is it worth to send a message to players that AFC is the one in control and we will not bow to unreasonable demands?

      Think about RvP… The humiliation of him shooting UTD to the title for £25 million.

      What if Alexis does go to City and he shoots them to the title? Would £50 million be worth the laughs?

      If Alexis is going to sulk then throw him into the reserves, ban him from being around the 1st team, refuse to give him game time and make him realise teams will be less likely to pay mega wages for someone who hasn’t played for 12 months…

      Tell City we want £150 million, demand more than he is worth like Monaco pushes teams to pay big fees. At least that way we could reinvest that into a couple big names and feel like we got the better deal.

      No longer take the wrong end of the stick in deals. We are not a selling club anymore.

  12. Next should be to keep Ozil and Sanchez, sign Leon Goretzka to play CM, sign a solid CB and sell loads of players such as Giroud, Walcott, Gibbs, Ospina, etc., etc.

    1. Keep Giroud, sell Welbeck instead, that guy has not shown to be reliable for fitness or for goals.

  13. So assuming Laczette arrives, and our stars don’t leave (I know big assumption) what’s our best line-up?

    1. I would take the 3-4-2-1 formation that saw us compete with Chelsea like never before….

      GK- Pet.Cech
      3CBs – S.Mustafi, L.Koscielny, N. Monreal
      2Wing backs – Hector Belerin, Sead K.
      Base midfield – Granit Xhaka, Santi Cazorla
      Attack mid – M. Ozil, Alexis Sanchez
      ST – Alex Lacazette

      First team subs – Welbeck, Lemar, ox, Ramsey, Coquelin, G. Paulista (Rob Holding),Ospina.

      What do you think?

    2. ___ ___ _ Lacazette
      ___ __ Sanchez __ Ozil
      ___ ___ Xhaka Ramsey
      Kolasinic ___ ___ ___ Bellerin
      ___ Monreal Kos Mustafi
      ___ ___ __ Cech

        1. Cazorla is not fit though is he?
          Will Cazorla maintain his magic after return from injury? Not all players do. I hope he does, I really do as I love our little magician who pulls the strings from the middle but being realistic, I do not know if he will be the same player when he is fit again.

          To start the season I would agree with beaver, Ramsey atm is the best option we have in CM alongside Xhaka while playing 3 at the back.

          It worries me though as Ramsey isn’t known for maintaining his form for a whole season and also kinda injury prone… IMO we need a signing for this area.

      1. I think similar. But I’d prob play Monteal as left wing back. Holding in defence

        I really think Ox can challenge Bellerine at right back too

  14. Francesco Totti transfer to arsenal to be announced before preseason tour to Australia

  15. For me i welcome Lacazette, But we need more 2/3 more but top players, And get rid of the deadwood. walcott, Gibbs, debuchy, Jenkinson, Its hard but Wilshire to, Perez wants to go, I also think one of Chambers,Gabriel,Mertasaker need to go to, Giroud i would keep as a impact player if he would be happy with that. And thats a big if Sanchez and ozil stay.

  16. Out of the Arsenal’s 25 man team of last season, It looks like Gibbs & Jenkinson will be out of it either loan out or sold. For his injury, we should take note as well that it’s not expected Santi Cazorla will be in the 25 man team for the first half of next season’s campaign. As Sanogo has already left and the vacuum he left behind has been filled by Kolasinac signing. Arsenal is bringing Lacazette, firstly, because they most need his quality services. And the likely leaving of Jenko or Gibbs will make room for Lacazette to come in.

    Now, about that #LACALEMAR theory, which to me can only become practicalized with the signings of the duo. Just as Arsenal are reported to be forcing the hands of Lyonnais to submission with an improved bid for Lacazette’s signature. Despite Monaco lack of showing respect for Le Prof who steered the club successfully before, I think Le Prof should try by all means to do the same forcing of the hands trick to Monaco with another improved bid to the stubborn Monaco executives to let go Lemar to us

    Alternatively, if AS Monaco finally refused to play ball, Arsenal should move on to the emerging force of holding/attacking midfielder – Leon Goretzka of Schalke 04. Who I believe could fit in very well into Arsenal’s mobile holding/attacking midfield play. What about #LACAGORET axis in the Arsenal midfield play? Anyone fancy that? We’ll learn more about him if he plays against Chile tomorrow in the final match of the Confederations Cup in Russia..

    The bottom line this summer in Arsenal signings is Le Prof MUST sign a top quality holding/attacking midfielder of Goretzka’s caliber to fully complement his entire starting XI team next season and just limits himself to the signings of Kolasinac and Lacazette alone which if he does without signing a top quality holding/attacking midfielder, his starting XI team next season could be understrength at midfield as Santi Cazorla won’t be available in the first half of the season and Elneny can’t be relied on to deliver high performances for Arsenal on consistent basis.

    Finally, on no any account should Le Prof contemplate selling any of Giroud or Walcott for the sole aim of recouping what he has spent. Understandable, he may have to recoup. But let him solve the recouping through selling or loaning out other Gunners who are mostly on the fringes at Arsenal. Giroud and Walcott are top quality goals scorers Arsenal will need during the season campaign which could be long as Arsenal will play official 63 games and prevail in the Charity Cup match, the League Cup final, the FA Cup final, the Premier League campaign and the Europa League Cup final to win fifthruple next season.

  17. so a re-source guy claimed we were gonna get a striker and a winger …hypothetically speaking… any more players left to come in

  18. What’s next for arsenal? If transfer of lacazette goes through? Simple all true gooners get behind the team and hope for the best rather than throw negative views towards our team and and bash Mr Wenger and co? KEEP SANCEZ AT ALL COSTS? Not even mbappe can replace the wizard at least not straight away.

    1. I never thought AFC stood much chance of getting Griezmann in the past but if we do sign Lacazette and regain UCL football then why not hope for Griezmann to replace Alexis in 12 months?

      Would that pacify fans about the loss of Alexis for free to a rival if we got Griezmann?

      Oh and kinda thinking about him as Lacazette and Griezmann appear to be real close, a bromance waiting to happen at club level… Also doesn’t Griezmann have a buy out of around £87 million which UTD was going to trigger.

      I know it is thinking about next summer window too early but I can’t help but think about the year we could lose Alexis for free if we force him to stay.

  19. We can’t confirm the deal until it’s done.what we want done now not later, 1 bring lacazette,2 since we can’t afford Sanchez ,swap with aguerro 3 bring lemar to complete attacking pattern as we need many goals to be at par with Chelsea ,but giroud can be sold to Lyon ,we pray that ox stays.Bring in DM ,two quick defender bcoz koscenly is now old Per is going paulister unreliable,we got only Holding as a sole defender .If we don’t meant this weakness ,we shall still sip in enough goals ,see you at the other end.

  20. Allot of good questions there, and am sure we’ll all have different choices in mind. But yes there is some work to be done yet. CM is a top priority, Alexis is still the conundrum, but we need someone who can slot in box to box. He must be a tough competitor, creative with good dribbling ability.

    Hopefully Alexis will stay so we can drop Walcott, Campbell, Perez, get some decent money. And bring in a winger that deserves to be opposite wing to Alexis.

    I’d still like a tall dominant CB with great aerial ability. It’d help us combat some of these tactics that catch us by surprise at times because we think we’re better footballers. The obv name is Dijk, but looks to be going nowhere unless someone pays over 60 million for him. The other areas are definitely top of the to do list.

    Giroud, he is useful to have in certain games but I’m not liking the noises he’s making. If we could get someone like Dzeko in to replace Giroud I’d do it. He’s that type but with more mobility.

    1. I like hearing Giroud say he will not be happy with so few minutes next season, to me that sounds like he will fight for that starting role and TBH if he is outperforming the other CFs then he should be starting.

      I hate the lazy Giroud that we have seen so much but I love the fighting Giroud which only really happens when he has competition for the CF role. Giroud has said he welcomes top CF additions as it would push him and it makes him a better CF.

      To me, Giroud saying he will not be happy is more of a fighting rally than a sulking baby, at least I hope so XD

    1. AFC could if they wanted, the wage increase scare is from ignorance as AFC make enough money outside of the TV money to pay for the wage increase.

      Should they?
      Has Alexis won us the UCL? Won us the EPL?

      I would say give Alexis £300k a week but unless he was a secret stoner than no to 420… 😛

  21. If Alexis leaves then we definitely need another top player besides Lacazette

    If Alexis stays than Lacazette may be enough but I would sign a Walcott upgrade too.

  22. I’m actually happy that we got lacazette, he’s not the tallest or the best at holding up play ,but with his pace skill and finishing he will score goals, next is a player to replace cazorla please let it be naby Keita we need pace in midfield and this guy has it all, if he’s available get him and we are definetly challenging if not rabiot from psg not Leon as he is very similar to xhaka with his lack of pace, you want someone different who can win the ball than burst into the opposition half and naby is that player. He’s got the skills to intercept and take on a player, he’s the missing link that we need. If it takes 50 million so be it he’s worth it !!! I

    Ps: young keeper alert Donnurama has one year left not even trying to acquire him would be an oppurtunity missed, or lafont from Toulouse as he’s still not in the spotlight unlike the Italian wall, Think ahead keepers are going for 30 mil and above and butland would be very expensive to purchase even more so next year. Hoping for a good transfer window, we sure do deserve it. Coyg

    1. You are happy we got zette? Not yet man, I just checked on Arsenal.com and it’s not there yet

  23. If some fans don’t appreciate Re-Source , I really appreciate him, he has so far predicted right. Kudos

  24. Nice one bran it’s easy to be negative, how about some input on Keita or a gk mate! who would you want us to target next? Or are you one of those desperately hoping are transfer targets fail so you can criticize manager board or even fans, put the team first buddy our manager will be here for the next two years whether you like it or not. So be optimistic I’m hoping for a successful transfer window and so should you. Coyg

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