With Lacazette transfer OFF who should Arsenal sign?

This is a theoretical question for you Arsenal fans, because until the summer transfer window closes or until Arsene Wenger completes the signing of another big money centre forward, I will not fully believe that the possibility of the Gunners completing the transfer of Alexandre Lacazette has gone.

Even though The Sun is reporting the president of the French international star’s current club Lyon as saying that he expects Lacazette to stay where he is, at least until the winter transfer window in January, we all know that things can change quickly in the modern world of football.

January is when the Spanish La Liga club Atletico Madrid will be able to sign players again after the transfer ban, and Lacazette and Lyon had already agreed the transfer with them before this. However, Simeone is also being linked with a move for his former star striker Diego Costa from Chelsea.

If the transfer of Lacazette to Arsenal really is off the cards though, who should we go for instead? Could it be the time for Wenger to try to hijack the move of Alvaro Morata to Man United? Maybe he should push on with the proposed idea of a swap deal with Man City between Aguero and Alexis Sanchez. What do you think gooners?



  1. Mreal says:

    swap sanchez for aguero, lewandowski or abumeyang…..sell off walcott

    1. Red Dawn says:

      May be in Football Manager but not in the real world..

      1. Janssen says:

        why not? because top players don’t want to come to Arsenal any longer?

        1. jeff says:

          because those deals never happen…

          1. Janssen says:

            Just because something has not happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

            Aguero’s star in on the descent. If Jesus had not gotten his long-term injury Aguero might not have seen a lot of starting roles. Pep doesn’t rate him so highly. He will turn 30 at the end of next season and is frequently injured.

            At the moment neither Bayern, Barca or Real are looking for a striker and London is not a bad place to live. Aguero also has already won the PL a few times so his ambitions might not run as high as Sanchez’s. So if Wenger can wield his supposed player attraction power in a convincing speech and Pep tells him he is not wanted, does Aguero really have so many better options?

            Mourinho won’t like him for the same reason Pep doesn’t like him, he does no defensive work what so ever. Chelsea supposedly want Lukaku and City might not want to sell to a direct rival, that would leave Liverpool.

            If we wait long enough there will be other suitors for him but at the moment it would be worth pushing for this deal in a hurry before the likes of Bayern and Spurs start to look for a striker should they lose Lewandowski and Kane.

        2. Red Dawn says:

          What top player wants to play for a team that finishes fifth and who never challenges for the big trophies?
          People have to come to terms with the fact that Arsenal are not a big club anymore – we cannot compete for the top players and top prizes. Sooner they realise that the sooner they will look at the cause of it and push Wenger and Kroenke out…

          1. Dee23 says:

            Dude! We finished 5th one time in 2 decades, chill! It’s not like it’s an every year thing.

            Funny how no one gave Chelsea stick when they finished 10th the season before last. No one was saying why would players want to sign for a 10th place team. Chelsea still signed players because players like Kante aren’t so stupid to think that they would be joining the same team that finished 10th. The team automatically improves with his (Kante’s)addition. Likewise a quality player like Lemar could also recognise this and sign for Arsenal not to mention that Arsenal can guarantee these players regular game time, starting line up and make them first choice players at a time where they want to impress and get places in their national sides for the World Cup.

    2. frustrated gunner says:

      why u guys always bring the name lewendoski? why would someone leave bayern for arsenal doesnt make sense same goes for aguero.bayern n city will only strenghen their team n wont sell their best

      1. Skills1000 says:

        I will answer your question this way. Why did Falcao leave Athletico madrid for Monaco? Why did Zlatan come to Man United from PSG even without Champions league football. Why did Si Maria come to Man United from Real Madrid. The EPL has this Appeal. We are only out of the CL for a season. Chelsea kept hazard, costa, Fabregas, Willian and Pedro even without a champions league football. The players care about money. Yes. Money, new league, and a change can persuade Lewandosky. Any player can be bought. Oscar went to China. Wenger should convince Lewandosky. Offer 55m pound to Bayern. Make him an offer he cant resist. And you never can tell. If we get a top quality player like Lewy, we can give Sanchez an ultimatum to sign the contract. If he still delays, we sell him to anybody. Fans wont mind loosing Sanchez and getting Lewandosky. Lewandosky gets goals. He is tall, strong, quick, very skillfull. He scored 5 goals in 8 minutes in a match. Get him and keep Perez. We need a bigger squad for next season cos of the amount of games. Lewy, Giroud, Perez, Walcott, Welbeck is good enough. Wenger should continue with the 3 man defence. Per played well in that formation in the FA Cup final. Just go all out for Lewamdosky. Forget Lacazette. Even Balotelli scored 15 goals in the French league..Batsuayi, Gomis, Ben Arfa all performed in France. But did badly in the EPL. Lacazette is good but is a gamble. Not worth more than 45 million pounds. Rather than pay 60m pounds for Lacazette, i would rather pay 65m pounds for Lewandosky. Its all about the money.

        1. Abel says:

          Young man, you do love to shoot off your mouth without recourse to facts.
          1. Lewandoski is the top dog in Bayern has no reason to want out.
          2. Di Maria was surplus to requirement at Madrid hence reduced game time and Madrid wanted him off the wage bill, hence th move to United.
          3. Falcao left Athletico Madrid to Monaco cos of higher wages being offered.
          4. Zlatan’s contract expired and United signed him on a free with the promise of astronomical wages and image right deals.
          5. Arsenal do not have the financial clout to through money around like you are suggesting. United has the most income in the world. Monaco, Chelsea, City ha sugar daddies.

    3. Coldzero says:

      Aguero is on about 350 grand a week- will Arsenal pay that? Will Aguero take a pay cut? No on both counts which is why it’s nots going to happen.

    4. Dololo says:

      Keep Sanchez and Sell that cake Welcott

  2. Red Dawn says:

    “The Sun is reporting”
    That is enough to tell you its rubbish.
    Really, you have to be dense to believe anything that scummy newspaper reports.
    Having said that I have zero confidence in Arsenal and Wenger’s ability to negotiate their way out of a telephone box much less sign a top class footballer..

  3. Goonerboy says:

    You pointed out something interesting there, If Athletico can still get Costa I think they would prefer him unless they wanna get both Costa and Lacazette

    But if they can only get one, Costa would be their first choice leaving Lacazette free again
    I also haven’t given up on Lacazette, things can still change very quickly especially as Lyon have bought two forwards already……

  4. kenneth watson says:

    lacazzet needs to want to come, I don’t think he does or cares where he ends up. the club want the most for a player that is prolific in the French league like many other so-called elite players in their respective leagues. I think wenger like players with current wages not topping more then 80,000 a week always prioritising negotiating personal terms and that’s with or without out champions league

  5. gotanidea says:

    Maybe Arsenal could still steal Aubameyang from moving to China. All those “prestigious trophies” reasons to move to a Champhions League club are bullshits.

    Arsenal can offer Dortmund 80 millions (the China club will pay that amount to them) and offer Aubameyang 15 millions per year as the salary (the China club is offering him 30 millions). They must be interested and he could help Arsenal tremendously for several years.

    If Arsenal still cannot get any big name striker, we still have Giroud, Welbeck and Sanchez. I know most fans don’t want them anymore, but I’m sure they will score a lot of goals in the upcoming season, as long as Arsenal replaces Ozil with a real playmaker/ forward attacking midfielder that can score a lot of goals.

    As an alternative, Arnautovic actually possess good skill as a forward, tall, quick, strong and should be available at a cheap price. He is not a long term investment, but he can push Arsenal’s current attackers to perform.

    1. Raj says:

      Buy Arnautovic?? You sound like Wenger..
      Arsene,, is that you????

  6. tolulope adewale says:

    its abnormally for arsenal to swap Sergio aguero to Sanchez… it doesn’t make sense,confuse the Chile man not to go and add to the squad

  7. satanK says:

    As the time goes by I am more of the impression that the groundhog day’s still here.
    So Lacazette most probably goes to the “almost signed” list, Arsene’s favorite list.
    Who’s next? Mbappe? Aubameyang? Morata? Werner?
    Can’t wait for us to sign someone like Rubén Castro or someone even more average and old as an excuse that we’ve tried everything to sign top players.

  8. Arsenal007 says:

    I don’t think Lacazette’s deal is off.
    But this is typical of Arsenal. Just Typical.
    When last were we ready for the start of the season?

  9. Marty says:

    Yawn,yawn,yawn…..this Lacazette transfer is the Higuain of a couple of years ago. If Wenger really wants him then offer what they want and sign him, stop mucking around with lower bids. We need to get transfers done before we go on tour so they can integrate in the club before season starts, but this is Arsenal and we all know we don’t do this. It’ll be one mad scramble to buy players ar the end of August that we don’t really want.

  10. ManMulo says:

    Morata, Lewandowski, Abumeyang, Lukaku, Dybala, Icardi and why are we talking about Costa going to Athletico and then Lacazette to Arsenal, Costa is a proven top quality striker in the EPL, why not Arsenal make Chelsea an offer and see what happens unlike going all in on a striker with no EPL experience.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Costa said he was unhappy in England and that the money on offer in China is maybe too big to turn down. He done this before Chelsea were over the line, maybe he wanted more money from Che I don’t know, but Conte was not happy about it. Conte handled it well, but Costa’s goals dried up at that time. Chelsea will not sell to us, and if they don’t want to give him parity with the Chinese offer, what makes you think we would. I think he’s home sick to be honest, not everyone is adaptable to city life. Spain is a very different country to England.

  11. Arsenal finishing outside the Champions league position has made it harder to attract top class players

  12. Break-on-through says:

    If we don’t get Lacazette, Hernandez would be a decent striker to have so long as we don’t lose our biggest players. And sign some better midfielders. His finishing is very neat, and he might actually score more than Lac because he can work in congested areas and find some space as he’s a difficult little player to track. Lacazette will not be used to the ten man wall we face over here on a regular basis. PSG are prob the only club that get that treatment in France. But the French league is an extremely open league, where at times average looking players can flourish. However, I firmly believe that we’ll get Lacazette eventually. I’ve believed that for a long time, and this is all a merry dance with that chairman taken a disliking to Arsene.

  13. Bashorun. Lagos says:

    Arsenal will bounce back after 2 years

  14. Raj says:

    We have pissed off so many clubs with our bids . I don’t expect any top players to join us.
    Lets sign the likes of Smalling , Mahrez , Turan etc who don’t find starting place in top teams

  15. Jib says:

    BBC and David Ornstein has reported that a bid has been rejected and negotiations are ongoing. It’s not dead a buried but we are not a club that negotiates well.

  16. Macho says:

    I think Sanchez wants to leave so let him go to City and get Aguero. If that happens no need to sign lacazete, for me I prefer Aguero than lacazete

  17. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    We don’t really need another striker. We have Giroud and we should be playing to his strengths as he has all the attributes of a top top player.

  18. Steve H says:

    Nothing is going happen any time soon. Wenger and co at it again I read. Not wanting to pay the asking price for anyone. Leaves it late, penny pinching. We tried.ffs

  19. Deji obe says:

    We are the Arsenal

  20. jacob says:

    same old arsene,same old arsenal

  21. satanK says:

    So far, Wenger’s doing the same old, same old.
    Should this transfer window prove to be yet another failure, Wenger deserves way worse abuse than what he was given last season.
    From day one, he should be treated with the 90 minute long “GET OUT OF OUR CLUB, GET OUT OF OUR CLUB. ARSENE WENGER GET OUT OF OUR CLUB!”
    When somebody takes you for a ride year in, year out, that someone deserves nothing less.

  22. kelisjech says:

    There’s still a guy named ABumeyean in Dortmund..

  23. Scott says:

    If i can just get morata to arsenal squad and axe giroud away

  24. Skills1000 says:

    Forget Lacazette. Go all out and sign Lewandosky. Offer him 350k and 50m pound bid. We will win EPL with Lewy. 30 league goals guaranteed. Wenger should go all out and convince him to come.

  25. Nick says:

    Every one has a price , if you through enough cash at them , most players want to play for Arsen not cos it’s Arsenal give them enough wages and the deal is done

  26. David Rusa says:

    Who did the Arsenal management tell that they were after any particular striker? All we know is that Arsenal do their transfer business in secrecy. How then can anyone claim that any bid is on or off? All these are rumours which none of us should take as gospel truth. Let us wait for the transfer window to open so that we can monitor Arsenal’s conduct in the market. It is not fair for anyone to get a heart ache based on hearsay. Let us wait and see how things unfold.

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