With Mhki injured, should Lacazette and Aubameyang play together?

The Arsenal winger Henrik Mhkitaryan is definitely out of action for the next few weeks, and his absence will give Arsene Wenger a headache on who to play in his place for the Gunners League games, but who could replace him out n the wing?

Wenger played Reiss Nelson this weekend but as Lacazette was needed for tonights Europa League game he was only brought on for the last half hour, replacing Aubameyang. But Lacazette himself thinks that he should be able to play at the same time as Aubameyang when they are both available. When PEA gave Laca the ball for last weeks penalty against Stoke, Laca was asked if he thought that the two strikers could play together and he said:
“Yes, because he is different player,”

“He loves the space and I’m a player who loves to get the ball to my feet.

“I think we can play together like on Sunday but the coach will decide and we need to respect the decision. But I like how Pierre plays and I think we can be good together.

“Auba is a nice guy and after the first penalty [against Stoke] he told me: ‘If there is another one I will give you the ball’. So it was nice from him.

“In life he is a great guy, he is really nice with everybody and it was good for my confidence.

“For the team it shows that even if we are strikers we can think about everyone in the team and we are not focused only to score goals [ourselves].”

It is great that they still have some camaradie despite competing for the centre-forward position, but could Arsenal be even better if they both started the game together on the pitch?



  1. Godswill says:

    Start them together and let’s see.
    As we are getting set for Moscow I hope we have learned a lesson from what happened in Rome yesterday.

    1. gotanidea says:

      True, CSKA Moscow could hit back if Arsenal underestimate them

      Remember the Anderlecht match in the Champions League a couple of years ago

  2. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here? says:

    No they should be kept separately in separate rooms and must never meet.

    1. jon fox says:

      Wonderful sarcasm! So many on here and esp Wenger , HATE the thought of playing our best players together and doing it regularly. THAT is why we are also rans in these dog days of Wenger. Why play your most productive players when Elneny , Iwobi, Xhaka and Bellerin are fit. After all 6th place is the new Title winning team at Arsenal under the ” intelligent and sublimely ambitious Wenger”, as we have all noticed this last decade! Thank God that Elneny, our very own MESSI, has had his red card overturned. Now we are almost near greatness!!! BTW, there is a rumour going around that someone ONCE saw Elneny make a forward pass. He would only EVER make a forward pass, to an attractive woman!

  3. wenger says:

    Three of our striker are on form. It’s hard to pick who should start since we also need one of them to be back up in case of injuries

  4. Break-on-through says:

    The clinical levels go up with both of them on the pitch. We all worried about this, compatibility. I think to a degree it has been put to bed, so long as Arsenal can create chances you’d have to say that both of them on the pitch together is a very handy thing to have. We do miss badly on our off days, these two wouldn’t be like that you’d imagine, then we have goals and assists coming from Mkhit Ramsey Ozil, even Monreal who has more than AOC. His other can score too, Kolasinac. We finally made a step or two in the right direction by replacing Alexis with a team player and by finally bringing in some real quality in the penalty area. Because of this I feel we will now make some ground in the midfield areas come summer. I think these forwards will help attract a good quality of player[s]. Defence, I’d expect some to change, but without a change of management it will still be a sore point for us. Altogether I do have some optimism in believing that our fight levels and an edge of sneaking ahead in games will be present as of next season. (Aubameyang Lacazette) are an awesome piece of business, if we could bring that same care to the CB, GK and CM area surely that would make a great bit of difference.

  5. Nayr says:

    As long as aubameyang plays as the CF why not.

    lacazette can go wide.

    aubameyang is the best CF we have.

  6. Should Lacazette and Aubameyang play together? Erm, why does it matter? Once again the author misses the most important point which is, nothing really matters if Wenger is the one making the decesions. This cannot really be stressed enough. Auba here, Laca there we are just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Whether Auba starts alongside or is benched for Lacazette or Lewandowski or Messi we will finish the season with 70 points or thereabout..because that is all Wenger ever aims for, 70 points. That will leave us yet again anywhere from 4th-6th which will just show how pointless it really is discussing anything other than Wenger’s departure. The day 70 points wins the league is the day we shall be crowned champions.

  7. tas says:

    As we are so bad at defending we have to go all out offensive and try to keep the ball in the opposition half so yea have Laca and Auba playing together it will split the opponents defense up and if they don’t score Aaron will steal all the goals or we have the option of play long ball’s like Liverpool and Man-U

  8. Dammy says:

    Everyone keeps talking about Aubameyang and Lacazette playing together but no one talks about the possibility of them not geling

  9. jon fox says:

    Well run, well managed and successful teams play their very best, most productive players the vast majoroty of the time, resting them only when overplaying is near. THAT is why they are successful. DOH!!!! ARSENAL PLAY OUR MOST USELESS PLAYERS REGULARLY AND OFTEN. THAT is why we are unsuccessful. Laca and Auba are our best forwards by a million miles. So what does your IQ tell you what Wenger SHOULD do? Why! Play them together of course. Will he though? What do you think!(I DO know Auba is ineligible in Europa, in case this post is not clear to some )

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