With our youngsters and loans I am actually excited about Arsenal’s coming season

A familiar summer, but perhaps the youngsters will shine next season by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! I’ve been following what’s going on this summer transfer window without having too much expectations as I’ve learned what transfers are with Kroenke in charge.

Today we announced 2 signings – Ceballos on loan from Real Madrid and Saliba, who we are sending back on loan in France. I like loan deals to be honest. They help you when the money is not there, although just the Adidas kit deal a season is bigger than our transfer budget, but that’s a whole new topic.

Ceballos is held in high regard, and the fact Madrid do not want to put in a buyout clause mean they value him. He’ll be interesting, because he’ll ask a question of Ozil, and since Ramsey is gone we don’t really have an alternative.

Saliba on the other hand is also highly regarded, but sending out on loan when our defense is a shambles asks questions. We really needed to address the defense and even if we’re sending Saliba on loan, why not do it in England? I guess this was the only way to convince his team to sell, without overpaying for the player. Problem is, that this makes it another year until he even starts to adapt to English football.

Koscielny is on strike and I expect him to leave. Honestly it’s so sad to see such behavior from an otherwise decent servant of the club, but do we need him really? Our defense leaked 51 goals. With or without him, that number should be 21 less at least! The problem is, we’re stuck with Mustafi and I don’t think he’ll cut it with Sokratis and Monreal. Chambers is back and Holding could be a massive boost when he returns, but we’re playing a risky game here.

I’d give Chambers a chance. Can it be worse than Mustafi honestly? We’ve seen a lot of youngsters in a preseason which saw good results, but we’ve seen this before. I honestly think this is the season where the youngsters should be given a chance. Players like Willock, Nelson and Eddie Nketiah should be more incorporated, not just in cup games.

The problem is that they play where Ozil, Auba and Lacca do and I don’t see how we’ll keep 700k/week on the bench to play youngsters. Then again, the new blood might bring something different than what we’ve seen for the last 3 years in a row.

It’s unclear what we’ll do with Gabriel too. It seems like we have too many attacking players, yet there’s that Zaha thing. I like him. No doubt having someone who can take a player 1 on 1 is an attribute we can use in the squad, but 70 million? They can get that from Everton if they want it so badly.

Speaking of Everton, we could get him (the Brazilian) if we’re desperate for a winger and I’d rather spend 70 million on a proper CB and a LB. We’re trying to get Tierney from Celtic. I’m not too convinced on players who play in Scotland with all respect to their league. But a new defender that will be here next season would be a welcome sight.

The ignorance of the defense is a major concern. We could’ve done with a new DM, yet Xhaka will be most likely captain next year. One of the most error prone players in the squad. And the shortlist of captains included Ozil. Enough said, you’d hope, but who would really pick?

This summer reminds me of summers past. I don’t see the plan. The signings don’t add up, because the formation and our style of play are unclear, yet the obvious problem (the defense) doesn’t seem to be addressed. Maybe we’re hoping that Torreira and Sokratis will steady the ship in their second season, but it feels like we could’ve had a better plan.

As funny and illogical as it is, I’m a bit excited. The youngsters seem full of energy, and if they’re given the chance, they’ll have something to prove. Besides, we did sign 2 players today and whenever I see a player pull on the famous red and white shirt a little fire lights up inside and makes me think of a better future even if I fully well know it’ll be a hard season.

On another positive note, the new kit is stellar. I’ve been refusing to buy the kit until we spend some money, so I don’t fund another American ranch, but hell, I’m taking the new one. It’s 10/10 for design.

The good thing about this transfer window is that just like my road trip to Italy, it’ll end soon and we’ll get to focus on the football. A fun tip for all of you on the road there, despite the Italians being famous for pizza and Ice cream, Croatia is the place where I ate the best of both.

That’s me done for now. Hopefully you’re enjoying a wonderful summer. See you in the comments.



  1. How can we be excited with this possible starting line-up for the Newcastle game, which is highly similar to last season’s line-up?

    …………Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    Maitland-Niles . Torreira . Xhaka . Kolasinac
    ……..Aubameyang …………. Lacazette

    If we can’t get a 30+ M winger, Emery would most likely have to use the three-CB formations again throughout this season

    1. Even if we get a new winger the 4-3-3 would fail as we have no rb and kola is better as wing back than Lb so we would leak goals again. Then emery would revert to 3 at the back

      1. I think we would succeed if Emery follows Klopp’s false nine system, as long as Arsenal have two skillful inverted wingers and two lung-busting attacking fullbacks like Liverpool:

        Bellerin . Mustafi . Sokratis . Tierney
        …..Ceballos ………. Xhaka
        ….Chukwueze …………. Zaha

    2. Konstantin you are usually the straight to the point, no nonsense writer. What exites you? So far a loan who has to go back to Spain, an 18 year old Brazilian, a loan back and pay later Frenchman. I don’t believe you are excited. It’s not you. Have they doctored your tea? We have no net spend at all. I’m flabbergasted.

  2. But sincerely after how
    The season ended no one
    Would believe that if you
    Fast forward to this day
    That our transfer dealings
    Will look this way even I
    Could not have believed it.

    But it is what it is..we can
    Only pray all things will work
    For our own good..

    1. Actually NONNY, I can believe it! Call me a pessimist and I will tell you I’m a realist!

      Over the past decade I can only wonder in amazement at the total shambles of business dealings (in and out). The BS this club will have you believe in is almost astonishing. But, I will believe it when I see it!!

      Up to now, I’m not impressed with what we have and how long it has taken to get it. If anyone is then Arsenal F.C. have them right where they want them!

  3. People forget chambers was playing better than holding before being loaned out. Holding was our best defender so if chambers is anywhere near his level we should be conceding less goal. Not playing mustafi= -10 goal against.

    I remember chambers being a good cb and a mediocre rb but bad impression last longer so people remember him by his rb performance. Mustafi was meant to be 4th choice cb last season but all the injuries meant he played the most matches so if we have less injuries he will play far less matches thus less mistakes so less goal conceded.

    1. ? Ackshay, correct re Chambers. Some people have short memories regarding his performances prior to the Fulham loan.

  4. No. Not exciting to finish 6th which we will probably do.
    United are fixing their team with big signings

    Ceballos is a good start but there is a ? Of how he will deal with playing in the Premier League

    Our defensive line is weak and leaky

    We lack quality wingers

    No. Not exciting for me until we get more signings

  5. For goodness sake we are not judging the Scottish League we are judging the individual in the case of Tierney.Two of the best defenders in the PL served their time in the Scottish League namely VVD and Andrew Robertson.Further back we can cite Kenny Dalgleish,Ian St John, Charlie Cooke ,etc etc.Perhaps you should now reconsider your view on inferior leagues generally, after all virtually all the best players in the PL come from overseas?

  6. Who picks writers here?

    You are out of your mind mate.

    We have no defense, can’t you all stop writing non sense? How football Can bé played with no defense?

    Who cares for these players when we have no defense? This is depressing!

    1. Or….it might be nice having a positive post for once rather than all this doom porn that has took over the site. It’s miserable coming on here now, absolutely nothing but negativity before the window has closed and a ball has been kicked.

      I’m with Konstnatin here, there are a lot of players I am very excited to see and with some of our injured players coming back I don’t think our defence will be as bad as last season. Holding and Bellering coming back in will be massive for us and if we manage to sign Tierney that is almost a whole new back four compared to what we ended the season with this year. We also have Chambers, Beilik and Mavro and it will be interesting to see how they develop.

  7. does this mean that we were never in for sampdoria duo? we were never in for PSG Right back? so funny how the media play with our heads

  8. At least a breath of fresh air, too much negative post on the site already. Every fan here thinks they know our players/team deficiencies better than UE and his technical crew. Cut the guts some slack, we still have almost 2weeks till transfer window ends big signing could still happen soars 36m and Tierny 25m are big signing enough and ok, we could still get a 10m cb which i doubt though and i will like to give our cb another chance, am not saying kos, must or monreal.

  9. I bet with my wish Bielik will be retained by Arsenal this summer but not be sold. And he should be given the chance to play at senior level for the club in the PL next season to see if he can come top.

    Ceballos wasn’t signed by Arsenal to undermine Mesut Ozil. But principally was signed as a temporary senior player replacement to Aaron Ramsey I’ll like to believe so.

    Furthermore, since Chambers has comeback to Arsenal and if the club keeps him next season as replacement to the will be leaving the club, Koscielny this summer, which they should in my own view. But yet, Arsenal still have to do a defender signing this summer to replace Lichtsteiner with him. But the replacement doesn’t necessarily have to be a right-back for a right-back signing .But I’ll think should be a top quality left-back/wing-back signing in the mould of Kieran Tierney. Then of course Arsenal will still need to do a top quality new senior forward player signing this summer as replacement to Danny Welbeck. But the signing may not be a no 9 striker one since both Auba’ and Laca’ can play as a no 9 striker. Therefore, the new top quality senior signing can be a versatile wide player, e.g. Everton Soares or Wilfred Zaha. Any of the duo players should meet Arsenal need in the first team squad reinforcement for the position this summer. More so, Everton Soares I will like.

  10. All i know is if Krystian Bielik leaves Arsenal, then i know that the club or and coach are very far from having wisdom insight, foresight and hindsight and the goal of the club is just to remain in the EPL, they aren’t interested in trophies or victories.

  11. I am sorry to observe that this site mainly represents the radical wing of Arsenal which is extremist, intolerant and impatient. Why can’t we give people the benefit of doubt? Who does our pessimism serve? Why did we concede too many goals? Was it only the CBs to blame? How about Emery’s tinkering with the team? How many clear chances did Lacca and Aubameyang miss which could have made a difference? How about the mid field? Were they blameless? What toll did injuries inflict on the team? Answering these questions will enable us to get a holistic view of the problem and give us a well thought out attempt at solving the over all problems of the team.

  12. I’m with the author, feeling excited about the new season ☺️???
    As others have mentioned, injuries were horrific last season. I’m hope and pray Hector & Holding come back quick and regain the awesome form they were both in before their injuries.
    We all cry when Laca & Aubameyang don’t play together, but I’d prefer to see one or the other with 2 wide forwards supporting. Hopefully next season we have the choice of Everton, Nelson,Iwobi & Saka to fill those wide spots. Laca & Aubameyang can rotate at 60 minutes or bring on together and switch formation when needed.

    Midfield seems stacked to me, with Torreira, Guendouzi, AMN, Bielik & Xhaka to do the graft. Allowing Cabellos, Willock or Ozil to link to the front 3.

    I don’t know Tierney but sounds awesome, and I’ve always loved Kola. Monreal in the squad also if needed so LB would be covered solidly.
    RB on the other hand, we only have a still recovering Bellerin ?. AMN hasn’t let us down but I don’t want him ruined playing out of position, Chambers was a bit ? and Mustafi has no confidence left after all the lovely support he gets from us fans.

    CB we all know it’s the big problem. I’m hoping Holding and Sokratis can stay for and form an understanding together. Mustafi as 3rd choice works for me. People forget about his MOTM performances and that he’ll never give up even when he has no chance. Body on the line for the cause every time. Can’t comment on Bielik, Medley or Mavrapanos as I haven’t seen enough of them, but hope one at least is deserving of bring the 4th choice CB.

    So yes, I’m hopeful. Definitely looking fwd to at least 2 more signings (happy with Everton and Tierney)

    Would be great to clear out Mkhi, Ozil, Xhaka, Koscielny, Chambers & Jenkinson (although only if he’s replaced) I’d still all 6 for a total of 50 million just for a fresh start and wage savings.

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