With Partey still injured should Arsenal be playing Jorginho more often?

According to Charles Watts, Mikel Arteta’s decision not to use Jorginho much in Thomas Partey’s absence leaves his midfield missing something. The Arsenal-affiliated journalist observes that Arteta should have been courageous in relying on Jorginho in the absence of Thomas Partey, even if Declan Rice performs better in the No. 6 role.

Jorginho has flaws, but he is a superb passer of the ball (while Partey is also a great passer; some claim the Italian is better), and the idea is that, as many noted in the FA Cup match against Liverpool, with the ex-Chelsea man Arsenal had a better build-up, they can comfortably play from the back with him. Aside from that, he excels at producing penetrating passes from midfield.

However, Arteta clearly overlooks him and prefers to play Havertz. Speaking to Harry Symeou on The Chronicles of a Gooner, Charles Watts feels that Arteta’s decision not to use Jorginho more in Partey’s absence was a mistake.

“Thomas Partey’s absence is a big part in that… I felt like he [Jorginho] had been a bit underused by Arteta this season, in the absence of Thomas Partey. I thought he played well against Liverpool. There is definitely a strong argument that he hasn’t been used enough in the absence of Thomas Partey this season.”

We’ll have to wait and watch if Arteta continues to overlook the Italian. That said, it will be fascinating to see if he is awarded a new contract, as his current deal ends in the summer.

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    1. I think so too. My other observation is that he lacks physical strength against certain quick midfielders and easily gone pass at times he is also not combertive leaving Rice with a lot of work to do in the midfield. However, I rate Jorginho and still feels Arteta’s man management not at top notch.

      1. Jorginho is a very good playmaker, who’s more suited to play in deep-midfield area because of his lack of pace

        But if Jorginho plays CDM, Rice would have to play the left-sided AM which isn’t his best position since he’s too right-footed

    1. Much rather play Patino in well planned scenario. Much rather blood a youngster vs playing someone that’s likely leaving very soon and has no Arsenal future

  1. Last season it was clear we atleast needed cover or even replacement for Partey.
    We went for Caicedo but failed, settled on Jorginho as stop gap for then which was okay.
    Someone please explain why we went through the summer window then started the season with Elneny, Partey &Jorginho (all aging and always injured)as our DMs?

  2. I will say this once more, then sit back and watch Arteta try to prove me wrong.

    Arsenal need a football playing DM, like Zubamendi, before another forward.

    Just look at Liverpool’s midfield, Aston Villa’s midfield, Spurs midfield, even Chelsea’s midfield;

    And Man City’s midfield (Rodri, Silva, Foden, De Bruyne, even John Stones.

    We have Rice and Odegaard,….

    then: Havertz, Viera, Jorghino, Elneny

    I have not included Partey, since I do not believe his heart is with Arsenal anymore. He lost his tie mate (Xhaka), and then Arteta disrespected him by forcing him to play right back.

    It is when I look at our options that I cry out for a Zubimendi.


  3. Am in full agreement with JW above, though am not aware that Partey is presently injured

    Arsenal simply need another top midfielder regardless if the Ghanaian is available or not

  4. All due respect gunsmoke do you really think if TP wasn’t injured he would be playing and if he wasn’t injured he would be playing for Ghana
    Hope he is on the mend as we are stronger with him in the team then out
    As for Jorginho. Good in certain games but but going from back to front quickly he slows our play.
    Loves a side or back pass

  5. If Arteta wanted to play Jorginho, who would he replace?

    The only real candidate is Havertz,

    but since Arteta’s ego won’t let him admit Havertz is a failure, then that will never happen.

    So No Jorginho!!

  6. I thought the whole idea of buying Jorginho was to cover for Partey so why doesn’t he play. If Arteta thinks he’s not good enough then whoever scouted him needs looking at.

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