With Shaw out can Arsenal play Chambers as centre back?

It was looking like Arsene Wenger would probably stick with the same back four set up to face Manchester United later today, as neither Laurent Koscielny nor Mathieu Debuchy is fit to play. And that means that our Spanish left back Nacho Monreal would partner Per Mertesacker in the centre of defence, with young Calum Chambers at right back.

But I think the boss would agree that Chambers is the better option alongside our BFG, as long as we did not need him on the right. With Chambers’ fellow Southampton academy graduate and England international Luke Shaw supporting Januzaj or Di Maria on the left flank, however, Wenger probably thought Chambers would be better on the right than young Hector Bellerin.

But if the Daily Express report is right and Shaw is likely to be sidelined with a groin problem, then maybe Wenger can afford to think again and bring Chambers in to strengthen the spine of the Gunners.

United’s next option is probably young Tyler Blackett to fill in but he is not really an attacking left back, so Bellerin’s task would be easier. In fact the young Spaniard’s own attacking instincts and pace could be really handy in getting United going the other way and forcing their attackers to offer the defence some help.

It all depends on Shaw’s fitness of course, but do you think Wenger should make this change to the Arsenal defence?

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  1. Y’all know I don’t like Wenger and I also don’t consider Giroud as good enough for a club like Arsenal, but I really do pray that both of them (together with everyone else) will have a great game.

    I hope we win.

    1. Honestly, HRD (His Royal Dumbness) really should play Bellenrin and move Chambers to CB.

      I’m really disappointed that even a dwarf can lift off higher that Matesecker, and damn falls too easily to the ground like a possum playing dead. It even seems Monreal does a better job as a CB than that German snail.

      Guys, what if Wenger plays Gibbs and Chambers as CB, drops Matesecker and moves Monreal to LB while Bellerin plays as RB?

  2. Aha!……..Losing pLayers Like weLbeck, walcott etc hours before the great clash!………….who still thinks d football gods aren’t angry with us?

    1. Chambers at CB, BeLLerin at RB!… Is this too much for Wenger to understand?…. Or must wecalculate that for him using pythagoras theorem? ……… BTW, i keep asking myself, when will Mertesacker start enjoying Life on the bench?

  3. @Soopa, I think the founding spirits of Arsenal are f**king pissed by the way the club is managed. I quite don’t care what anyone thinks, but I have a damn feeling that there’s something spiritually wrong with Arsenal.

  4. A bad game would set
    Bellheim back a lot. Monroyale
    at 28 can cope with the flack
    any way RIP and Rewknee
    are not that tall.
    With both defenses struggling
    there should be loads of chances
    at either end. Could be real
    helter skelter entertainment.
    Arsenal 17- Man U 10.
    Wellbeck 3 Sanchez 2 Gioud 2 Poldi 3
    Rambo 3 Szcz 1 Cazorla 1 Ox 2

  5. Been giving some thought to the best eleven we can offer (all being fit!). Welbeck seems to take the honours for striker (depending on the formation), he seems better than Giroud at poking it in the net. (stats aside). No10, I can`t go beyond the only true footballer we have Sanchez. The wings must belong to Walcott and Oz-Chamberlain. Midfield pair, Wilshere and Ramsey have got to work it out together. Playing with a centre half and two full backs is old fashioned but with a top central midfielder in front of them it could work without optimizing our attack. So, I put Gibbs, Koscienly(CH) and Debuchy there. That leaves the age old question, where`s the central midfielder? Chambers is too inexperienced. Flamini over the hill. However, we need a strong no nonsense guy who will top the list for yellow cards providing they are well away from our penalty area. His job is to break down play before it gets too serious.

    1. @ Aussie jack …….i see u putting injured players (on the pitch)here and there…… Is that what we need right now?

  6. SoOpA AeoN…….. Read again! It was not a selection for the United match but the best (IMO). Quote(“IF FIT?). For what it`s worth (and I hope I`m wrong) Arsenal2 United 3. Now you can have a go at me.lol

    1. @ Aussie Jack…….. A go at u?……. Nah bro, anything’s possible (even ur scoreline) ……. I’m just tryna be positive (even when i dn’t feel too comfy inside) ….. So, u are Let off the hook …. L()L

  7. Damn real madrids debts might ruin them, i think wenger should start buying from January and stop almost buying he is getting us in to a mockery situation, just my thoughts from having a view at the sports dailys of today

  8. This fixture looks about as significant as the tossers v west ham or Sunderland v Aston villa in the title race,ie also rans. 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th or 10th or 11th.

  9. If the same back four of Monreal and per as CB is what wenger will play again today I think we should raise banners #wengerout. He always think he knows éverything about football maybe he did but he lost them all except how to penny pinch. We know coaches who are doing things right and that’s why no one will question mou’s ability,but the mentally retarded arsenal fans “NY Gunners,big gun and others” who think wenger should not be sacked because of what he has done should follow him. He has done many wrongs than his rights in my own. I will explain if you want. Thumbs up for me to give you my analysis of wenger’s wrong which consists of favoritism and others.

    1. how can you call your fellow supporters mentally retarded because they dont have the same views as you ,,,?
      infact if you read there posts most of the time there more intelligent and thought provoking conversation than most of you boys on here now that pretty much say the same thing over and over
      fack wenger ,, old fool ,, akb ,, aob ,, wilshire fan boys ,, ect ect
      its old and boring and dosent leave much room for discussion about football ,,,,,
      also now the anti arsenal brigade ,,,
      ha we all support the same f,,king team you muppets
      coyg from an arsenal fan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      1. You belong if you think the way they do…..it is not wrong to call a fool a fool at least we were told to call a spade a spade.

    2. NY gunner and big gun just gave thumbs down lol….I’m not counting yours. Both of you are enemy of progress

  10. Why do we have to capitalize on Man. u’s injuries to beat them?
    Come on,it’s not as if they have been flying lately and if we can’t
    even beat a depleted Man.u side at home,
    then it shows how low we have sunk.
    I would prefer to beat a fully fit Man.u team so that there are no excuses!

  11. Lets make ourselves heard whatever the result we want Wenger out say we want Wenger out….. Me plus a group of mates are taking Wenger out bangers to the game so i hope all the anti Wenger fans are ready for action time for talk to stop lets hound Wenger out today!

  12. Hope I’m wrong but Per is doomed today, (as is monreal playing next to him), there’s way too much pace in this united side 🙁 should be end to end today coyg!!!

  13. Over a year in the Premier League unbeaten at the Emirates. We’ve faced the likes of Suarez, Aguero, Toure, Hazard and yes, Rooney and RVP and we’ve pulled through against all of them. But today I can’t see it happening. Our only hope is Chambers at centre back. If I see Monreal there I don’t think I can watch…

  14. Wenger rarely changes his team based on who we are playing against. Unless Bould has mastered some Jedi mind tricks it will be Monreal in the middle I fear. Out of all our injuries, the one that frustrates me most timing wise is Hayden. This could have been a chance to see what he could do in a run of games at CB. Surely he would have been ahead of Monreal in the pecking order.

  15. You accused me of using abusive words as if you will never abuse anyone,maybe you forgot I am a fellow gunner too and you just said a fool. YOU ARE A SUPER FOOL

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