Wolfsburg destroy Arsenal hopes of Draxler transfer – What now?

The story of the summer for Arsenal in the transfer market is starting to sound like a broken record. We are linked with a player and the Arsenal transfer rumours grow until we hear news that Arsene Wenger has actually made contact and maybe even put in a tranfer bid for the player.

Then as quickly as the excitement and optimism of Arsenal fans grew, it is gone as we hear that the transfer will not happen for one reason or another. This time it is not like the Jamie Vardy situation where the player himself decides against a move to Arsenal, but the result appears to be the same and the Germany international Julian Draxler joins the list of transfer targets missed.

Just a few days ago we heard from Klaus Allofs, the sporting director of Draxler´s current club Wolfsburg, suggested that there was a good chance that the Bundesliga outfit could be parting company with the exciting young attacking player but now The Mirror is reporting that Allofs has performed a speedy u-turn and declared that there is no chance whatsoever of Draxler leaving.

He said, “The situation with Draxler is 100 per cent certain that he will be staying at Wolfsburg.

“There is no discussing that.”

This does sound pretty definite, although we do not know what is going on behind the scenes and perhaps it is just a case of Arsenal not offering enough. There is also some encouragement from the fact that we have heard this sort of thing before and then seen a transfer happen.

It happened just this summer with Man United, Dortmund and Mkhitaryan but what are the chances of Arsenal doing the same with Draxler and Wolfsburg? Slim I would say, very slim, so where does Wenger turn now in his pursuit of more firepower?


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  1. First I would like Admin to explain why in the morning clicking some just arsenal articles was leading to 2009 articles? Second I think the sub-editor could do well by putting relevant headlines. How does a club saying their player is not going anywhere destroy a third party’s hope? In any case Arsenal never said they were intending to buy Draxler. It would be good for admin to research on how the transfer market operates for the readership to then discuss from point of knowledge rather than the current state where most arguments are purely based on ignorance. The way some comments and arguments are put you would be put, one would think players are traded on some auction, or market similar to financial and commodities markets.

    I also would want to know where this notion of a transfer window as a contest came from? It would appear fans think a club should always buy because others are buying even if the club doesn’t necessarily need the players. See for instance the case of Barcelona with Turan, and that other player. It was more of a show of power contest. Chelsea is another club where players seem to be bought for the sake of it, such as Coudrado, Selah, Shurle, De Bryne, Marin, Djiliboli, etc. Can Arsenal afford this kind of show off purchases in transfer windows?

    Fans also make the mistake of thinking that players lifespan at a club should be like a condom’s lifespan. To this end they do not mind buying without proper thought. Take for instance Arsenal’s pursuit of a defensive midfielder. Xhaka reported that he was contacted by Wenger some 12 months ago over a potential transfer. No one knows whether Wenger wanted to bring him then or this window. That contact made it possible for Granit to join us this window. On the other hand fans wanted Wenger to buy either Morgan, William, or Wanyama. Wenger was abused for not pandering to fans and pundit whims.

    Buying Morgan, Wanyama, or William would have meant filling in the defensive midfield vacancy for at least four years, and that Granit would not have joined us. Who is better between Granit and either of the three players whom fans and pundits wanted Wenger to buy last season? As a matter of fact Morgan had a very underwhelming season at Man United, and if Arsenal had bought him he would not have made any difference. You can go and compare his stats with those of Flamini, the difference is very marginal.

    what am I saying? A club Manager looks at multiple factors before buying a player, except if he manages clubs awash with cash who can afford to buy a player for 30 million pounds who will make 5 substitutes appearances before being moved on. As an example, buying Higuain may mean letting Giroud go because, they are similar type players leaving the club with a slightly improved Giroud, who may require another 2 seasons to adapt as he did at Napoli. Keeping Giroud and buying Higuin may mean having excess mass which does not improve the strength of the team. This, engineers can explain as they realized that not every part of a steel bar mattered in carrying weight and we ended up having T shaped bars after removing parts that did not add value.

    1. Arsene are u there?? “Fans think a club should always buy because other clubs are buying even if the club doesnt nesessarily need the players” so, do u think arsenal doesnt need a striker? Are we ok just with giroud even with our beautifull injury record (pls dont talk about sanogo or asano). Tottenham, even with kane, are looking for a striker and seems to be close with janssen…if u want to compete, ur point doesnt exist…u are just saying xhaka is better that carvahlo or every other DM even when he is not played a single minute for our club! Whats that??? Xhaka is better than nobody while he is not prove that on the pitch…in the emirates i mean, not the euros (orherwise, giroud and ramsey are our better players)…im with u about the fans euphoria sometimes, everyone asking for everyone…but we need a striker, now, not in two more years…so ur transfers politics, arsene, are just indefensible

      1. When you want to engage in a discussion you need to appreciate the point being made first before jumping headlong into rebuttal lest you find the pool empty. The general thrust of my point is buying a player is not buying a packet of sweets from a supermarket and that most comments ooze of ignorance on how the transfer market operates. At no point did I say Arsenal does not need a striker, so your blabbing on the issue is irrelevant to the discussion. I made the point that who is better Granit or either of Morgan, William and Wanyama, and your response is Granit has not been proven at the Emirates. Who between Morgan, William, and Wanyama has been proven at the Emirates? Are their assessments not being made based on their performances where they are playing? Granit is 23 years old and has been playing football well before euro 16. The way you argue buttresses my point that most fans argue from points of ignorance rather than facts and knowledge. By the way one best way to measure the rationality of a person is to check the extent to which the person resorts to labeling and name calling in a discussion, so your reference to Wenger was very telling.

        1. Hahaha ok men, u are trying to look very elocuent…the truth is u are using the same arguments than arsene has been using for a long time to defend his inactivity in the transfer period…we all know its not easy to get the player we need…so wenger has a very extended and expensive team who should eork every day to advise mr wenger….look at mou, he wants a player and he takes him…even if he makes a mistake he are trying….it seems wenger doesnt have the courage to play big…he doesnt take risks…then he says he was looking at the player of the moment, or he said the same speech u already gave to us to defend something that is, for me, only stubborness and lack of diligence…about granit: dont start with formal arguments, go to the bone, u know what i mean…u cant said xhaka was the good choise while we didnt see hin play for our colours…i hope he could be the player that we need, but nobody can said that today

          1. “so wenger has a very extended and expensive team who should eork every day to advise mr wenger”

            Ivan Gazidis, he took over Deins role in getting transfers done.
            There was a short period when Wenger done it all himself and he only signed 2 players while we had the stadium debt. 1 was Arshavin who he broke our own transfer record to get and the other was Nasri who signed a new contract to get Wenger and Arsenal to pay more for him as Nasri wanted to get the best for the club that gave him his chance.

            Gazidis arrived and said Wenger is clueless over players valuations, this site done the article and yet a lot of people will ignore this, Gazidis works for Silent Stan and not Wenger.

            “it seems wenger doesnt have the courage to play big…he doesnt take risks…then he says he was looking at the player of the moment, or he said the same speech u already gave to us to defend something that is, for me, only stubborness and lack of diligence…”

            Seems to who? You?
            I have already pointed out that Dein had the job of dealing with transfers initially, I pointed out how Wenger spent when he had no Dein or Gazidis doing that job for him.

            “.look at mou, he wants a player and he takes him”
            At Chelsea he had money bags buying him players, even bought him players he didn’t want.
            Chelsea still get players quickly.

            Inter Milan are not shy in the transfer market, Mou took over Manchini and Inter spent for Manchini..

            Real Madrid are not known for being shy in the transfer market… before Jose they would spend big.

            Back at Chelsea… Well Chelsea we know are capable of spending and it wasn’t Jose that done it as they have done it without Jose.

            Now at UTD… Please remind everyone how UTD have been in transfers the past few years? Not shy at spending!

            All the clubs Jose has been with since his 1st go with Chelsea have been teams willing to spend, Jose has gone to teams willing to spend and have the staff already to get things done.

            Thinking it is all the manager is ignorance.

            1. So when gazidis said that arsenal can buy the player wenger want and he is eho decides, whats that? A lie? A joke? Like suarez episode….so wenger is the face who can be blamed for anothers mistakes, eho can support that…the dark knight who can live being the villian…come on, wenger is as much respondable than gazidis and all the team in charge of transfers

  2. I understand both those points of view. Unfortunately, transfer windows tend to bring out the worst in us Arsenal fans. There is plenty of time left this window so let’s try and hold it together until the end. I’m among the impatient crowd, but in terms of getting players in early and settled and ready to fight on day one.

    Wenger likes to wait until the end in hopes of getting great player for good value, although it will take time for the player to contribute.

    If we get an Ozil type classy deal at the end, I’ll be very excited. But if Xhaka is this year’s Chec then maybe torches and pitchforks come to mind. Seriously, I hope we get one more top signing; ST preferred, but attacking winger works too. ST prices outrageous, so I’ll wait til the window closes.

    1. Kindly explain what you mean by “transfer windows tend to bring the worst out of us fans” so that I will be able to engage with you on the conversation.

      1. Limited time and scarcity.

        Limited time I think explains itself? Clubs only have a short time-frame to get additions, shorter still if they want to get the player before the season starts. I think we all would prefer Arsenal to be prepared for the new season before it kicks off?

        Scarcity is top quality will drive the prices up, if we wait too long in acting then it is time that another club could show interest and then start a bidding war. As Arsenals board haven’t shown great ability in getting players quickly since Dein over a decade ago it has built the impression that we are a bit limp in signing players, fear of that… well fear is something that can bring the worst out in a person…

        Fear is the path to the darkside, fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

        Awesome quote which says it all I think ^.^

        1. On one hand you claim that you do not know what goes behind the scenes while at the same time you accuse Arsenal of being incompetent on the transfer market, which is which. Don’t you think it is only rational to have facts before making some wild accusations?

      2. @Midkemma

        Thanks that’s what I meant. Nicely explained you seemed to understand my point.

      3. @The Analyzer

        My point was 99.9% of people here don’t know all that goes on behind the scenes; myself included. That’s why I called myself impatient. People blame or defend Wenger without knowing and it’s emotionally based not rationally.

        We will never know what goes on in transfer business, so we as fans can only wait and hope. Watching others identify and get players only makes it worse, causing fans to lash out at one another unfortunately.

        There are literally DOZENS of spuds fans around the world, we should save verbal abuse for them.

        If you still don’t understand then I can’t help, sorry

  3. This is simply media’s speculation. We have no official confirmation so far from both parties.I don’t think the transfer could be blocked as far the right value is presented.

  4. I would like to see Draxler at Arsenal, I think it would be interesting to see him play as a CF and if he could be encouraged to shoot more.

    He isn’t a CF though.

    I did read that if we fail with Higuain then we will bid again for Lacazette in the region of £40mil… Maybe being priced out of Draxler at the moment is a good thing?

  5. Wenger, as well as many another a manager, has come out and said this is what will happen 100%. Isn’t always the case that it happens though. If a big enough price is offered we know they will cave in and sell. This is one way of trying to force that giant bid. He said to his fans, that we have to realise a few things, that keeping Draxler basically might not be possible. He probably received allot of low ball offers after making that statement, so now he is showing a position of strength. You don’t say one week that Draxler could be on the market, unless you mean it. The second statement is contradicting the first. They are in debt, I think for the right price we could get him. But us offering that price is a very slight possibility. I believe if Marhez is really 25m, even if Wenger thinks Draxler is better for us, he would try for Marhez simply because it’s a fairer price. I also believe we have more hope of signing Boufal, over signing Draxler.

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