Wolfsburg tell Draxler he is NOT joining Arsenal

Wolfsburg issue statement on Draxler!

As I’m sure you are aware Arsenal target Julien Draxler has spoken out in an official interview with German outlet BILD, about his desire to leave Wolfsburg this summer!

According to Draxler’s quotes in the article, the German international has made it very clear to the board at Wolfsburg that he wishes to leave the club this summer. Draxler mentioned Juventus as a possible destination, after the Italian side failed to agree a fee for the winger last summer. However several media outlets understand that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is also keeping tabs on the youngster. Draxler has been a long term target for Arsene Wenger, with Le Prof trying to secure a deal for Draxler whilst he has been at both Schalke and Wolfsburg. A deal was reportedly agreed before Draxler’s move to Wolfsburg, only for Schalke to pull out in the latter stages of the process. Arsene Wenger will now be keeping a close eye on Draxler’s situation, because if the winger is available, Wenger will surely look to make an offer.

Arsenal are actively looking for another wideman this summer having already missed out on Henrikh Mkhitaryan earlier in the window, whilst rumours of Mahrez to Arsenal only seem to continue. However even with Draxler’s clear desire to leave, it doesn’t seem promising from an Arsenal fans perspective, as Wolfsburg have today issued a strong statement in reply to Draxler’s words.

Wolfsburg announced: “VfL Wolfsburg wish to make it absolutely clear at no time did those responsible at the club make either written nor oral commitments on the transfer of Julian Draxler within the current transfer period, all which is due to end on August, 2016. This is reiterated by a contractual release clause agreed upon with Julian Draxler and his management, which does not come into effect until summer 2017. VfL Wolfsburg will not be selling Julian Draxler during the course of the current transfer period.”

If the strong words in that statement don’t tell you what the club’s intentions are, then quite simply it doesn’t seem as if Arsenal or any other club for that matter, will have much luck in obtaining Draxler’s signature this summer. Of course you never know in football and if an extraordinary offer was to be made, then Wolfsburg would surely consider, especially as they now have a very unhappy player on their books. However it doesn’t seem very Arsenal-like because the Gunners struggle at the best of times when it comes to making suitable offers, so I can’t see Wenger having much luck with his transfer tactics on a club that are seriously frustrated with the conduct of one of their players!



  1. No chances! He want to go to top clubs! We not act like top clubs :/ and now report Marhez say he ok to stay with clubs to suit his skill. Wenger occupy being happy to walshot now staying winger!!! SO SAD

  2. Nevermind, Draxler’s release clause comes into effect in the summer of 2017.
    There’s no way that Wenger would have paid 50 million for Draxler, when he baulked at half that valuation a year or so ago.

    Sky Bet have suspended the betting on Mahrez joining Arsenal. This is a very good sign!… fingers and toes crossed. ?

    1. Betting companies DO NOT ‘set’ the odds of an event happening. They merely alter the odds as bets come in by balancing the bets for the event occurring versus the bets against the event occurring. SKY bet does not have insider information that allows them to predict that an event will happen L()L.

      Betting houses need equal $ on both side of the bet because they hedge the winning side with the losing side’s money. The odds change based on how much money is getting put on a given side. If a rapid influx of money comes in – in this case a ton of money on Mahrez to Arsenal, the odds will lower to encourage people betting on other options. Betting is suspended usually when there is too much action on one side. So the house wants to cut their losses.

      So until i see Mahrez in our starting Line-up next season…. I’m Least concerned bout bet suspensions…sorry

  3. Leicester held their own with Barcelona this evening
    New guy Musa scored both Leicester goals

    I don’t know if this will help convince Mahrez to stay
    or help convince Leicester that they can survive without Mahrez
    But I was impressed with Leicester

    Hopefully, we will get either Mahrez or Draxler because I have lost confidence in Walcott
    and Alexis needs quality support

      1. How many statements did Arsenal release before Nasri joined City? How many times did Wenger deny the transfer of Fabregas to FCB in his press conferences?

        1. And your point is…. What? ?
          So according to your bull ? theory … Bellerin is off to City or Barcelona because of Arsenal’s statement of: his not for sale? ? Yes, money talks and bull? wallks! But not every club is like Arsenal fc, mate.??

          Draxler is NOT! coming to Arsenal during this transfer window! …. Get over it .. ffs! ?

          1. You need to relax fatboy… Draxler may or may not come but he makes more sense than you being optimistic over skybet odds.. cant be dumber than that!!

      2. Yeah but Clubs change their minds all the time
        Managers and Clubs say that a player is going nowhere and then the player is sold

        Its not exactly set in stone
        Draxler could cause trouble and push them to sell him
        Anything can happen between now and Aug 31st

        1. Calm down! .. Calm down! … as our scouser mates would say.
          No one’s asking you to take down that Draxler poster from above your bed ???
          Just accept that Draxler is not coming to Arsenal, anytime soon! Okayyyy! ??

        2. Juventus just drained their bank account by making Higuain as the second most expensive footballer in the world ever (not worth it by any means). If they buy Draxler now it’ll take about 130M pounds in total. Juventus are not that rich. I’m sure, the Turin side will wait until Pogba deal done to balance their huge expense before jumps into market again.

      1. Its easy to see the final score instead of watching the match or following the match
        Any idiot can do that

        Do you know what “holding your own means”?

        Give me your definition

        1. @Arsenal_Girl
          Didn’t see the whole match. But what I did see of it LC did hold their own pretty well. They defended well enough and could have scored a couple more had they been clinically better…

        2. Arsenal Girl, I take your point as it relates to a friendly match not involving arsenal. The result does not matter and it is all about how well leicester played and not being overawed by barcelona.

          However consider the situation of arsenal being out of the champions league having lost 4-2 to barcelona. If you came on this site and said that arsenal had held there own and giroud had scored two good goals, the response on here would be not very good.

          In general I would take “hold your own” to mean a well deserved draw rather than a lucky draw.

          Anyway, I should have thought a bit more before making the comment.

  4. @ Admin

    Any chance of setting up that mini league in The Sun Dreamteamfc for all the Just Arsenal Fan’s on here?
    It’s free to enter!

    It Would be interesting to see who’s the best fantasy football manager on here! ?

    1. Dude, It’s very easy to set one up yourself! I set up a couple myself last year, one having over 70 people involved.

      Sign up, set up a league, give us all the PIN and we’ll show you who’s best.

      NOTE: it’s not me, I’m sheet at it 😉

      1. Hahaha thanks Dave… I’ve been playing the dreamteam since it started mate lol… I even chucked up a mini league on here for the Euro’s and not ‘ONE’ stuckup Lemming joined it ?

  5. Draxler is another Walcott.
    Injury prone. Just as hyped.
    “Potential” not proven.
    We already have Theo, Ox and Jack
    all over rated and injury prone.
    Why risk 30-40 mill on Draxler?
    I like Iwobi and Adelaide.
    Yes they are young and raw but both have as much “potential” as Drax.
    Together they cost 2 mill and are on low wages.

    1. He is only 22 years old. Walcott is 27
      Draxler has time to improve. He already plays for his country
      and is highly rated
      Walcott has had time to prove himself
      You can’t compare the two

      1. True AG but Stirling
        is 22 was highly rated
        and plays for his country.
        Cost City 59 mill!!!
        Chamberlain is 22 and he also
        was highly rated and has played for his country.
        Chambers was 21 highly rated and has played for his country.
        Walcott Wellbeck Wilshere the same all hyped up young played
        international football young but all have turned out bang average.
        Holding will be in the next England squad I bet.
        Draxler plays for the worlds best international
        team but still looks average.
        Until he improves Draxler is another Stirling.
        Not worth the risk IMO.

  6. Release clause comes in to force in summer 2017. Wolfsburg have said no sale this summer. That means if anyone wants to sign draxler this summer they will have to offer substantially more than required by th release clause.

    I cannot see wenger doing that. Forget draxler for this year, maybe next.

    I understand that when draxler signed for wolfsburg in summer 2015 he felt he was not ready to go abroad and wanted to stay in germany. It wpuld appear that he now considers he is ready to play outside of germany.

      1. @ Godswill

        Its because Wenger is a 50 cent fan!
        ( In more ways than one! )
        And ?I’m a window shopper ?is his favorite song! ?

        1. And his favorite film ..show me the money.

          His favorite food ..sandwiches outside the homeless shelter.

          His favorite invention ..1 of, the bicycle, Banks, home safe, money clip.

  7. Draxler wasn’t coming anyways. More likely he’d go to Juve than us. Day by day it seems less likely we’re going to sign anyone else at all.

    1. Something is definitely brewing mate!
      Wenger is wearing that smirk that suggests we will soil our pants, when we find out who it is.
      what would do it for you… Griezmann? ???
      oops! That was the only underwear I could find .. sorry mum! ?

      1. I’ve been left dissapointed too many times to have much hope. This manager and this administration has destroyed the little ambition Arsenal had left. Big changes need to happen up top before Arsenal can come close to actually competing again. I like to get new players, but I honestly feel like the issues run deeper than personnel on the pitch. There’s a culture of choking and under performing sewn into the club.

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