Wolves aim a dig at Arsenal after beating Spurs

Wolves didn’t enjoy losing to ten-man Arsenal, and they have thrown a subtle dig at the Gunners.

Bruno Lage’s side has been in fine form, and they were stunned by the spirited Gunners in that game.

However, they returned to form in their next match against Tottenham and beat the Lilywhites 2-0 in London.

The win is a huge statement, and it calls for a celebration. Well, they believe it is worth celebrating more than Arsenal’s win against them.

Ruben Neves had said Arsenal over-celebrated the win, and now the Wolves social media admin wants us to know how to celebrate properly.

After beating Spurs, they posted a video of their fans singing and celebrating with their players and captioned it: “Celebrating the right  way”

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Who judges when it is the right way to celebrate? Surely, if Spurs had beaten Wolves, they probably would also have complained about how Antonio Conte jumped all over the place in celebration.

It doesn’t matter what Wolves or any other club think about our celebration, all we need to do is keep getting the wins.

When we do, we would bask in them and celebrate as much as we want. If it annoys anyone, they can stop losing to us.

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  1. And we are ready for it we just wanted to get on form and it’s exactly what we did. So let them brace for a difficult night! Martinelli will be back then to make things right!!!!

    1. Martenelli I don’t trust either he plays and plays till the ball is over the pitch. He doesn’t want to pass to anyone in a better position to score.

      Good player but selfish. Needs a lot of coaching. Not a team player. We could’ve scored 3 against City if he hadn’t gone for glory. ESR is a better goal getter

  2. Wolves need to pipe down a bit. They are having a great year, but let’s not pretend they are a big club perennially in the top of the league table.

    Reality is lurking around the corner, and they will be right back to mid table and worse in a couple years.

    They lack the branding and exposure, not to mention the investment to stay near the top. Leicester finding that out now, so Wolves should be looking over their shoulder for Newcastle, not picking fights with Arsenal.

  3. although the story itself appears to be overblown, it does make me wonder what message our club and/or it’s players are sending out into the footballing world that would illicit such seemingly unusual responses from this and other teams…we don’t really have a highly contentious relationship with this particular team, albeit we’re presently competing with them for a Euro spot, but they aren’t the only team that we appear to have rubbed the wrong way…do we excessively chirp on the pitch or does this go back to the whole Guendo incident of a few seasons prior, as it’s not like we’re a traditionally “dirty” team, even though our recent propensity for send-offs might suggest otherwise

    personally I think there’s still an entitled stench that still hangs over our club that gets under the skin of other clubs, especially those with a more blue-collar historical association…if that’s the case, it doubly sucks for us, as a fanbase, because we’ve talked for years about our disdain for overpaying players when it’s unjustified and we likewise raked Guendo over the coals for his deplorable behaviour…not the end of the world, but it does make you think

    1. I’m curious about the entitled bit. Not saying it’s not there at club level but historically, my mum’s family lived a 10 minute walk from Highbury – my dad a bus ride away. Neither family could ever have been described as anything other than working class and nor were their peers. Their old rented houses in that bit of North London- now occupied by the very comfy middle classes – were houses of multiple occupation by extended family then.

      1. not suggesting that it’s a perception that’s totally based in logic or fact, but there’s no doubting the fact that the terms “spoiled” and “soft” have been bandied about on a multitude of occasions by those on the outside looking in, especially since our move to the Emirates…not to mention, other fanbases have mocked us for years over our seemingly “entitled” behaviour…maybe Guendo simply felt quite comfortable in saying the things he did as that was part of the prevailing culture at the club both before and during his time here…just postulating, not stating indisputable facts

  4. I think Neves’ comments were largely misinterpreted. His main point seemed to be about how far his team has progressed. And he’s got a point there.

    The video was probably posted by some 21 year old intern looking to make a mark. Strange subject for banter but if it helps them take the sting away from the loss, power to them.

    Seems all much ado about nothing but if it adds a bit of colour to the game next week, and gets the home crowd riled up, it could land in our favour.

  5. Som eof the so called “articles” that appear on JA are incredibly insulting to our Gooner collective intelligence. We are expected to believe that Seaman thinks RAMSDALE IS IN DANGER OF SHOWING SHOWS TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT, THOUGH THE PRESENT LEVEL IS OK!!!
    Now it seems we are expected to believe that it bothers Wolves that our team celebrates too much.

    These two pieces of nonsense are exactly why I never take “reported” statements as true, until I have had chance to properly examine what we are supposed to sometimes believe.

    I say both these reports are completely bogus and are simply a figment of someones over active imagination.

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