Have Wolves offered Arsenal fans hope of Man City result?

While the Arsenal side in action this week in the Carabao Cup was full of fringe players and up and coming young Gunners from the academy, with Arsene Wenger clearly seeing the Premier League game against Swansea City this weekend as much more important, the Man City team selected by Pep Guardiola included regular first tem starters like Sterling and Aguero.

So it was quite a surprise to see them fail to score against the Championship side Wolves, who took the Premier League leaders to a penalty shoot out. It would have been great news for Arsenal and a big boost to our hopes of lifting the league cup had the midlands team actually knocked them out but the Man City keeper Claudio Bravo was the hero and helped them to see off the visitors.

However, I do think that this unexpected scoreline should be takem as a positive by the Arsenal fans as we have to go to the Etihad ourselves next weekend and until this week they were looking ominously good and scoring lots of goals. Will Arsene Wenger study this cup game and see just how Wolves managed to keep a clean sheet against Guardiola’s attack?

Should Arsenal adopt the same sort of tactics when we go to Manchester next Sunday? Would we be more than happy to come away with a point or do the Gunners really need all three to claw back some of the gap to Man City at the top of the table?



  1. gotanidea says:

    No, I want to see Arsenal played without any hesitation to attack in Etihad, like what they did in Goodison Park. If Arsenal follow Wolves’ strategy, they are not different than Mourinho’s team.

    I don’t want Arsenal focus on creating set pieces or penalty goals, but beautiful open play goals, like some of the goals in the Everton match. I don’t think they would have the guts to do it in Etihad, but let’s see what will happen. No guts, no glory.

  2. Xi_gunner says:

    Play our game. Defend well as a unit.

    We can beat them.

  3. Vanpayslip woz ere says:

    Play really well for the most part but lose 2-0 because Xhaka gave the ball away twice.

    It came to me in a dream

  4. Simon says:

    The best defence will win the game.

    I’d take a draw now – anyone should

  5. Mitch Connor says:

    First. We need to FOCUS on SWANSEA. If we can’t beat Swansea at home then God knows what will happen against City. I mean they already beat a team 7-2. That’s very close to the 8-2 loss we suffered against United. I would die if that happened again

    We need to defend our socks off
    Our big win was against Everton which is a poor side

    Look at some of City’s scores
    Man City beat Liverpool 5-0
    Beat Stoke City 7-2
    Crystal Palace 5-0
    Watford 6-0 away.

    I know we can still win or draw but my point is that you can’t ignore how good they are. Fear can be an ally sometimes. It makes you more careful. We should work our butts off defensively and offensively to get something out of it

    Honestly, if we play them like we did against Chelsea and get a draw, I will be happily satisfied

    BUT AGAIN… Let’s focus on beating Swansea then the Serbs

  6. GB says:

    At home to Hammers

  7. Sue says:

    We always have a good game against City… so let’s hope confidence is up. Arsene plays the right team & we go there & get something

  8. Jimmi says:

    You kinda failed to mention…. Man City used 8 rotation players in their XI line-up

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