Wolves show interest in signing struggling Arsenal star in January

Aaron Ramsdale could be offered a way out of his Arsenal misery in January as he looks to save his spot for Euro 2024.

The goalie is one of the best in his position in the league, but he is now second choice at Arsenal, with David Raya the number one.

This hurts his chance of being on the plane with England to Germany next year and Ramsdale wants things to change.

His change could be outside Arsenal, as a report on Goal reveals Wolves have an interest in his signature.

The report claims Gary O’Neil’s side needs a new goalie and considers Ramsdale the perfect choice for that spot on their team.

They will look to exploit Ramsdale’s desperation to play often and make a move for him in January.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We all agree that Ramsdale is a good goalie, and it does not hurt to have two first-choice goalkeepers in the squad.

But Ramsdale will clearly not be happy if he keeps struggling to make an appearance and we expect to lose him eventually.

However, that cannot happen in January because we need him for the second half of the season.

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  1. The Englishman has lost his place in Arsenal starting eleven, following the arrival on loan of Raya.
    In all fairness Ramsdale has an excellent campaign last year and base on the documentary he seems on integral part of the dressing room, as a leader and great character.

    But the manager has made his decision, the two Spaniard may have met and assurance given from day one Raya would be number one once join, only an act of God could stop the move.

    So Ramsdale must move on the damage already done , the relationship is fractured, can’t be fixed, the Englishman must move on in January if he wants to play top level football and fire himself upback representing England.

    1. Gunsmoke
      Are you suggesting Hein should become our no2 and that Arteta would sanction selling Ramsdale in January leaving us weaker during the crucial months of season?

      1. Can’t have our cake and eat it SueP, I don’t see the gaffer having a problem with selling Ramsdale in January, he will happily reinvest the funds elsewhere.
        Maybe a temporary # 2 from Ramsdale buying club, not necessarily Hein as a replacement.

        Deep down in the gaffer’s heart he knows the current situation is not sustainable, this crap about two number # 1 was only a facade, totally against conventional wisdom.

        And we knows how the gaffer feels about distraction, which is all this is doing and will only gets worse in my opinion.

        How Ramsdale performs and who the gaffer chooses on Wednesday will say a lot about the Englishman future.

        As for where Ramsdale could end up Newcastle or Chelsea, Nick Pope cant play out with his feet, Every premier league top club has a goalkeeper that can play out from the back, Chelsea goal keeper isn’t great either so Ramsdale will be welcome with open arms, a bid in the region of £ 55 – 60 mill will certainly test the gaffer resolve.

        1. I agree that the current situation is unsustainable and Arteta made a boo boo by suggesting the 2 keeper scenario.

          Are you then suggesting that before the season ends that Arteta would improve the squads of our close opponents? It would really have to be a big fee

          1. I personally wish Ramsdale well wherever he ends up, he has served us well, it will take Chelsea a full season to gather their marbles.

            If Ramsdale sale afford us a Douglass Luiz or a Zubimendi it would be a remarkable peice of business

  2. Not as outfetched as it might seem SueP.
    If we use Aaron as part of a deal for our No. 1 midfield target and Hein is a very good prospect.
    I think any moves, however, will be up to Aaron Ramsdale himself.

    1. Well Ken1945 that is a suggestion that hadn’t crossed my mind in some respects because getting a top player in January is notoriously difficult . You refer to Hein as a very good prospect so that is encouraging but I know little about him.

  3. Who said Ramsdale was struggling?

    In the game he was obviously rusty, and lacking playing time!!!!!

    Arteta has made his decision who is number 1, so why shouldn’t Ramsdale look to leave in January (either on loan or by transfer), to retain his chances of being in the England squad.

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