Wolves v Arsenal Team News & Predicted Line-up for PL clash

Arsenal will take on Wolverhampton Wanderers this evening with the chance to build a gap on Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table.

The Citizens slipped up by letting Brentford claim all three points at the Etihad after seeing Ivan Toney score the winner deep into injury time, leaving us top of the table even before we play tonight.

We also go into this evening with plenty of our squad available, with Mo Elneny and Oleksandr Zinchenko both having returned to fitness, but Takehiro Tomiyasu is a doubt today. Emile Smith Rowe is our only remaining long-term absentee.

Predicted Arsenal XI:

White Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko
Partey Xhaka
Saka Odegaard Martinelli

This team should have more than enough to deal with Wolves, who have been woeful so far this season. Even with a new manager, it would be a shock if they were to pull off a win against our side. There isn’t a single player who is playing badly in this team, and even with our striker currently struggling for goals, his all-round game has been astonishing.

Do you think any other players deserve to come into the side? What are your predictions for this evening’s clash?


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  1. Strongest team to start ,could open up a nice gap for the return on Boxing Day .
    Even a draw wouldn’t be the end of the world ,but 0-3 to Arsenal is my prediction

  2. This is another test.

    Not because we’re playing the worst team in the league but because we have a chance to go 5 points clear. History has taught us we collapse when we have chance to climb.

    Come on boys!!!

  3. My biggest worry is that some players may have mentally clocked off for the WC.

    Have to wonder how much of City’s problems were due to that.

    1. I get your concern but heaven help them if they don’t take advantage of what was an unexpected City loss. Now’s the time to capitalise on slip ups and not make any of our own😬😬

      1. Yep that’s what winners do. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

        A 5 point advantage would be great to come back to – it was so close to being 7 points as well, with City’s 95th minute winner last week. It’s beginning to look as though City are not as invincible as many people believed.

      2. Sue, how many times have we failed to take advantage of our competitors losing before we play later in the day. Or given a team struggling for form at the bottom of the table a leg up. I hope we revert to type.

  4. It’s our day!

    Let’s get the 3 pts and create some gap!

    Marti and Jesus must be in a good mood before the world cup call, and I hope they both score today! If I were MA, I would try to switch their positions during the game .. this will give some headache to the defenders!


  5. So weird that Newcastle beating Chelsea isn’t that much a positive for us 🙂 TBF I rated Newcastle as a bigger threat than Chelsea/United to top 4 preseason, still weird to see it play out like this.

    Honestly we keep performing like we have the only question is the title, top 4 will be done and dusted. Will take any win tonight, wolves can be stubborn at the back although less so without Coady.

    1. Shout out to Willock.he’s having a pretty decent season so far.Howe seems to have unshackled him,he is very good at going/progressing forwards with the ball even his late runs to the box remind me a bit of Lampard.

      1. Just watched the second half of that match ,and Newcastle were good value for the money .
        Chelsea look awful and cannot see potter lasting past the end of this season ,said at the time he should have stayed at Brighton because Chelsea was starting on that transition period and who ever came in it would be 50/50 if they succeeded .
        Will say Howe is doing absolute wonders there ,more money will be spent next summer ,he’s a special manager .

        1. What some people seem to forget is that Potter came into a very good organisation.the club behind the scenes was well run,with good staff.

    2. I agree with you, couple weeks ago I stated Newcastle would make top 4 ahead of Utd. I still say City, Arsenal, Newcastle, spuds as the top 4 when the dust settles.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Newcastle add players in January to really solidify their position in top 4. Spending money isn’t an issue for them, but rather enticing the right players.

  6. I hope I’m wrong but beating Wolves might not be as easy as some think.they have a decent team ,despite not scoring many goals they are creating chances.also their new manager sent his coaching team to Wolves a while back.there is no doubt that we will see his influence on the team.having said that, COYG!!

  7. With a win we can be 5 points clear of City because of their loss. We need to take advantage of this

    BTW. Thanks Brentford

  8. After pretenders to the throne deservedly slip up today it’s only right for the King’s to increase the gap.

    Go champions!

    1. He straight pointed towards bench just after 90 seconds on board
      And literally sat down on turf..
      Looks bad

  9. Southampton played 5 at Back against us and we struggled to unlock that defence..
    Today wolves are playing 5 at Back and things are not looking impressive the way we have been

  10. There need to be a temporary switch between Saka and Martinelli, someone needs to take the ball to the bylines

    1. We are struggling against 5 at back systems of opponent…
      We struggled at Southampton when they switched to 5 at Back after going down 1-0…
      We never created anything once Southampton switched to 5 at Back…

  11. We are just playing too predictable, Wolves playing to a plan, need half time now, surely the gaffer must have notice

    1. Very poor 1st half so the 2nd half surely cant be as bad.
      We are not moving the ball fast enough and we are making wolves look like a top top side

  12. Lacking creativity and too static in the attack. Their 5 in the back is making it tough, but Martinelli and Saka need to take the initiative and go at defenders and open up some space for teammates.

    Vieira is looking as dull as his previous games. Rather see

    1. Tierney on and Zinchenko in midfield
    2. ElNeny in Partey pushed forward
    3. Anything other than Vieira. He looks like a 15 year old kid, too lightweight for the task at hand.

    Really needed Xhaka for a game like this. We tend to waste opportunities when we have chance to increase our points lead.

  13. I think some of our main players didn’t dare to take high risk because of World Cup, which are similar to some Man City, Spuds and Chelsea players

    I bet Arteta will be happy to take a draw, because of the situation

  14. FAR too slow when passing. Frankly, its a huge bore watching slow paced football not going forward.

    We just don’ t seem to WANT to pass quickly, all across the team.
    Unless they increase pace MASSIVELY, this will be a bore draw , probably 0-0. Not remotely acceptable, at half time.


  15. I would introduce Mo to play alongside TP,who could then play the Xhaka role.sadly/unfortunately that would mean taking Vieira off.

  16. We should have sold Nketiah not Willock, also why the hell is Zincchenco playing over Tierney ? Guarantee we get a goal after tierney comes on

  17. This is the predicted team btw not the team. Decent showing that we should have scored in not special, Saliba was a penalty but they massively brushed over the offside without providing evidence. Hoping like Chelsea it means we have a bit in reserve for the 2nd half. Hardly a dead rubber we are top looking to extend and Wolves will end up bottom without a win.

    1. No I said it looked like a dead rubber game and played out like one ,atleast read what is written before posting some dumb stupid sh1t per usual Angus .

      1. I didn’t reply to you and it wasn’t dumb. I get your meaning and where it came from but I disagreed never felt like dead rubber to me. What’s your problem?

        1. Well it was obviously a reply to me mr Angry ,as I was the one who mentioned dead rubber 🙄

          My problem ?
          Do nt have one buddy ,but I will reply to comments that have been aimed at me ,hope that answers you’re question .
          Anything else you want me to help you out with ?

  18. Judging by the Nelson highlight I saw midweek, he would have been a better option in that Xhaka role than Vieira. Vieira is not ready and there is no point trying to force things with him because of how much we paid for him.
    Tierney coming to LB and Zinchenco moving to midfield is also a better option. Wolves plan is very obvious and it will be painful to fall for it. Better walk with a draw if we can’t make a headway than open ourselves to counterattacks.

  19. It’s amazing how much some of these so called neutrals hate Arsenal. The commentators are cheering on wolves and the so called panel of experts lol! They are just so desperate for Arsenal to loose. Sky is jokes.

    1. Same goes for social media, can’t handle our rise to our former place at the top. Their banter club is wiping every one of their favourite clubs.

  20. Wolves have set up good to block our flying wingers but in doing so have opened space in the middle for odeggard.

  21. Did you know that in France the team topping the table going into the winter break is called”champions d’automne” or in English “Autumn champions”.

  22. Job done, that’s all that matters to me tonight,well done boys.a special mention to MØ for his captain performance!! COYG 👊💪👏🥳

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