Wonderkid vows not to quit Arsenal and hopes to captain the side

Gabriel Martinelli has declared his love for Arsenal Football Club, and reveals his hope to become captain of our side.

The 19 year-old only joined the club last summer, but made a huge impression in his debut season, despite making the big jump from playing in the fourth tier in Brazil to the Premier League.

Martinelli is keen to repay the faith shown in him, and has already tied his future to the club by signing a new five-year deal in recent months.

The wonderkid has now revealed that his preferred role is to play from wide, although he will play in any role given to him.

Martinelli told Bolivia Talk Show’s official YouTube channel: “I like to play open and I play quite centrally, but I prefer to start wide.

“But my preference is always just to play, centre-half, full-back, goalkeeper, I just want to play.”

The left-footed attacker goes onto reveal his intentions going forward, and is keen to follow in his manager’s footsteps and wear the captain’s armband one day, pledging his future to Arsenal.

He continued: “Arteta is the boss. I am trying to follow his path in being an idol at the club, winning trophies and being captain of the club.

“I have just signed a 5 year contract here and I will stay 5 years here, and if they renew with me again I will stay at this club, I love, I love this club. I dream of winning the league and the Champions League here.”

Giving an update on his knee injury after recently undergoing surgery, he stated: “I started walking again last week, so I hope to be back as soon as possible.”

It’s refreshing to hear how proud and happy that the young future star is in North London after only a short spell, and assuming that he is able to fully recover from his injuries, he will have the chance to play a key role in our bid to win those illustrious titles down the line.

Is Gabriel already showing qualities deserving of the captain’s armband?


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  1. What a heartening, even thrilling attitude from this fine young man. Contast it with the attitude of our highest paid player and you see the full spectrum of players attitudes , from the sublime to the pathetic.
    As I have been regularly saying ever since I joined this site a long while ago , without REAL drive, determination, ambition -which are all essentially much the same thing of course- you will not amount to anything special in football (or in life).

    Most fans will recognise that, though some will never do so, sadly for them personally. Ability is HALF the equation only and without desire to make the MOST of that ability you will always fall short of your potential.

    As in football, so in life itself! In all walks of life folk fail to make the most of sublime talent because of lack of determination to use BOTH parts of that vital equation. Not so though with fiercely ambitious and thrilling MARTINELLI!

  2. Martinelli is amazing as a player and it music to the ears to hear that he wants to Captain our Club one day, certainly Captain material. But John, there is one thing important in the comparison of Martinelli and the highly paid pro in our squad, and that is experience at the highest level and that too proven experience. However much you may criticise the said pro, he has won everything that has to be won, both at Club level and at International level. It is not for nothing that he was selected in these winning squads and mind you, he played a pivotal role in the World Cup winning team along with Muller and Kadira. I dont know why people repeatedly mention his salary, is it his fault he is so highly paid? Maybe at that point, the hierarchy decided that he was worth the money and we cannot debate on that. As far as ability is concerned, could you name any player who, in the past or present, in the Arsenal squad, who is as much talented, artistic and skilled. There are many off field issues haunting this man which makes him frustrated and disinterested. MA had started him in most matches till the pay roll issue and he was left out of the squad, more for non footballing reasons than footballing reasons. He had just voiced his opinion over a matter he felt dearly about, and is it a crime to express one’s opinion? So many other players have been given chances time and again, but I personally feel he is being targetted for issues not related to football and issues which are personal to him. For me, he remains one of the most sublime, artistic, skilled and talented players Arsenal ever signed. His performances have dropped only due to consistent targetting by the media and other like minded people, both within and outside AFC. He has been praised, not for nothing by legends like Henry, Bergkamp and Vierra, during his heydays, and one must not forget his contribution to the Arsenal cause. I surely love my dear Club above any player, but a player must get his due where he deserves it. And I also feel, other than Auba from our current squad, if anyone would ever get into the Invincibles, it would be this man. Just my opinion.

      1. Matthew, just check the Invincible squad and that will answer your question.

        Cygan, Clichy, Aliadiere, Edu, just to name four for starters… any SQUAD can be improved on, even The Invincibles

    1. Gunner for life, what a superb response to JF’s monologue of a player who has achieved everything in life at the age of 32.

      I really hope Martinelli can do the same thing, being part of a world Cup winning team is a good starting point.

      What JF and others need to remember, is how far MO has come from his humble beginnings, just by using his talent, drive and ambition and there is no reason why Martinelli can’t do the same, along with Saka I should add.

      1. Ken , my old chum, I suggest you may care to read my reply to gunner for life , much of which applies to your view of this man too.

        1. Jon, if any player achieved what MO has in their footballing career, without using drive, determination and ambition, you might have a case.
          If January through to March is ancient history, when Ozil was one of Ma’s first choices you might also have another point… if that’s what you class as “ancient history” then you and I must have been party to the seduction of Adam by Eve!!!

          1. You are attempting a false and cunning try at truth distortion as usual KEN but it won’t wash! Ozil has been lazy and lacking drive for almost all his time here. Four plus years ago IS football ancient history! A year from now, when he is gone, I suggest you try defending the indefensible on him THEN and see what reception you get from Gooners.
            Hi s name is already mud and dirt to most Gooners, apart from you and your fast shrinking band of diehards.

    2. Well gunner for life , football is of course a matter of opinions. You have your point of view and I have mine and on this player they are about as different as opinions come. I respectfully suggest that my comments are about the player as he is today and yours dwell on the player as he was half a decade and more ago and as such are irrelevant to todays football.
      I totally disagree about the reasons you give for his being(in your OWN words)”frustrated and disinterested”. My view is he shows complete lack of character and honour and shows only selfish intent, based entirely on what he alone wants. I want to ask you, however, how much use you think a player is , ANY player in fact, to our club who is “frustrated and disinterested” though? CARE TO ENLIGHTEN US ALL?

      To be frank, I suggest you are attempting, though palpably failing, to defend the indefensible and I suggest that a large majority of Gooners share my opinion and reject yours and your reasons given too. Seems to me that MOST football fans much prefer living in the present and prefer to base opinions on current happenings rather than on “ancient football history” on which your opinions are based.

      1. MO is plainly and simply overrated(saka had more impact last year!!!)…The sooner we get rid of him the better it’s for the team and the club…..

  3. Regardless of the two comparisons made above I hope that Martinelli can go to the highest level both at Arsenal and internationally. He comes across as a smashing chap with bags of desire and determination.
    The rest is boring boring boring having been mulled over, dissected, call it what you will. Can’t a line be drawn underneath that topic?
    There are so many other interesting things to discuss

  4. Gabigoal.. what a man.. what a revelation for the Arsenal.. the future does indeed look bright for us.

  5. I just hope he stays injury free and we bring him along at a responsible pace to be Auba replacement. He and Nelson are our future up front with Pepe

  6. Can’t wait to see the young man play again. The skill and productivity from one so young is really incredible. We’re lucky to have him, and Arteta is a wonderful coach for him.

      1. Thanks Sue. Saka being played as RW brings up an interesting question for me; perhaps so Martinelli gets some games on the LW? Or maybe centrally as ST and Auba on LW?
        Martinelli seems miles ahead of Eddie up top, and hopefully Martinelli gets majority of chances Eddie is getting now. Nothing against him, but Martinelli is more productive and adds the goals and assists that Eddie struggles to achieve.

        1. Totally agree about Martinelli. He looks the real deal… and at such a young age… going to be a joy watching him bang in the goals for us!
          Maybe Eddie will go on loan again?

  7. The man has a real chance to be one of the best strikers at arsenal ever if he continues to progress at a good pace. He already has the physical qualities, eye of goal and a great mentality, only need more experience and get lucky with injuries. He will gain muscle with age since he’s only 19 making it more difficult to mark him.

    1. Saka and martinelli partnership upfront in a front 3 for at least a decade is a ridiculously good prospect.

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