World Cup Predictions – Ozil’s Germany to easily win Group F

World Cup Finals Group F Predictions by Dan Smith

Mesut Ozil has probably our best chance of an Arsenal player reaching the Final…..

Germany 1st
No team has the tournament mentality the German’s have. So much so that even if they continue their poor form displayed in friendlies they should win this group. In fact I go as far to say that Germany are the only side who could not play well and still make it to a final, their mentality is that superior. Since winning In Brazil they have found the balance of winning the World Cup while bringing through the next crop of talent. Don’t underestimate how hard this is. For years France struggled with this. They held on for to long their golden generation who had become famous in their homeland. Then they had youngsters come through, told how great they were before they achieved anything. This created a split in the two camps. By not calling up the man who created and scored the winner in the final 4 years ago, as well as Premier league Young player of the year, Sane, Germany have found the right balance. The decision to select fringe players for the Confederation Cup proved genius in giving as many players as possible knock out football experience. Not considering law of averages that no side has retained this trophy, it’s understandable why they start as favourites.

Sweden 2nd
Kind of Europe’s enigmas. People call them negative and question where the goals will come from.
Yet to get this far they have had to survive, France, Holland and Italy over two legs. That kind of run will inject confidence into a squad with limited star names. There was talk of Ibrahimovich coming out of retirement, something Henrik Larson use to do every time a serious competition came around. That there hasn’t been too much of a campaign for the LA Galaxy striker to do the same tells you their level of confidence

Mexico 3rd
There is a national obsession with the team’s failure continuously at the last 16 stage, a jinx which most likely won’t end in Russia. If they fail to a group involving Germany and Brazil realistically wait in the next round. These concerns perhaps highlight unrealistic belief in the national team. They should be proud of their consistency in always reaching the finals but they have no divine right to get out of this group.

South Korea 4th
Best performances at a World Cup have come from outside of Europe. The consensus is that there remains uncertainty over their best line up and formation. This has been amplified by injuries to key players. There has been encouragement by the form of Son Hen Yeng, who proved this season that he could handle the pressure of stepping in for Harry Kane. Might not be enough quality for South Korea to advance.


  1. Nayr says:

    Brazil to easily win this world cup with neymar taking golden boot.

  2. Counsel says:

    I support Russia

  3. Muffdiver says:

    I believe Italy or Holland will win the world cup .
    I feel it in my fingers …i feel it in my toes

  4. gotanidea says:

    I predict the Germans would lack the motivation to win the World Cup again, as what happened to France and Spain after they became the champions

    Hence I think Sweden and Mexico would go to the next phase. I feel Spain would go far, because of the way they play, but they also have the Catalonian problem

    1. kev says:

      I guess Adli really did change his mind.The player must have been concinced by his agent or family to stay back.It’s a shame really.We still have equally talented players and some better in my opinion.Keep a close eye on Smith Rowe and Kelechi Nwakali

      1. Declan says:

        Also, Lemar has gone to Athletico Madrid.

        1. kev says:

          Replacing the Barca bound Griezmann.

      2. Arsene Wenger. says:

        He can as well stay in France otherwise he wasn’t coming to be a regular player.We need someone for the present and not future.Even other giants are signing present stars and not future ayn

  5. Innit says:

    I don’t think the people commenting above understand this article. This is about Group F. There will be An article for every group and examining each group individually. This article isn’t for the World Cup as a whole

    Anyway, I agree with Germany and Sweden going through and Germany winning the Group. Germany has too much quality even on the bench to not win the group let alone not go through. BUT it is possible for Sweden to win it if Germany take it lightly and don’t perform as well as they should.

    I think South Korea may finish above Mexico though.

  6. jon fox says:

    Dishonesty has already won this group and every other group too. The whole sham tournament is a corruptly awarded sham by a corrupt organisation in FIFA to a corrupt and evilly run country. I do NOT mean the ordinary Russian folk but the gangster who runs that country. I find it deeply distressing that so many care nothing of this corruption and get excited, just as if the whole thing is honest. It is NOT. All these articles on an Arsenal site about a corrupt competition is actually repellent to me and I guess to others , who may be very few in number , but who also recognise that without honesty , professional sport is meaningless. I shall be shunning the whole ghastly circus which will seek to legitimise the frauds running FIFA and the even worse – far worse – evil of the regime running Russia and enslaving ordinary people. However , I have no beef with those fans who take a different view of this competition and will therefore be heavily involved. We have free choice, at least in most Western countries and can choose either to support or to shun corrupt organisations. Though I find this competition taking place where it does distressing , I blame no other fans for their own freely made decision to watch. I do not , BTW, claim that individual countries involved as competitors are corrupt, but merely naive with different values from mine. I also freely admit that I do condone watching Prem and world club football at top level, much of which is run by billionaires who I cannot stand, our own Kroenke very much included. This is hypocritical of me too, I do admit though I recognise that we are all free to be hypocrites too . It is merely a matter of how much one is prepared, or NOT prepared to stomach without protest. I repeat that I am not preaching and each must make their own decision . Be grateful that IN BRITAIN AND MANY OTHER FREE COUNTRIES WE CAN STILL DO THIS.

    1. Sean says:

      Deep… Unnecessary but very deep Sir! All have our opinions I guess & respect that. Though I can guarantee you that you will be bored one of these days in the next few weeks & watch a world cup match….

      Ur a football fan at the end of the day, ul watch a game…. maybe even the Final itself. This is a football related site which is all ran by the same organisation you went mental about. Think about that, we worry about Arsenal on here, World Cup is a bit of fun. Cheer up there’s plenty of footy on this summer along with all the rumours
      Good day sir

  7. JW says:

    Germany, Mexico, Sweden, S. Korea

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