World Cup Predictions – Results and new draw

Well done everyone so far

Results, peeps

Gundown 10-5 Khadi
Rob 49- 7- 9 Sue P
Yayo 9-4 Ackshay
Stephanie 5-8 Prince
Phenom 8- 7 Savage
Terrah 6-7 K Tyson
Kobin 6-6 Sid ( Sid wins on more correct score lines )
HHH 7-4 Kenya 001
So here are final 8 ……
Gundown vs Sue P
Yayo Vs Prince
Phenom Vs K Tyson
Sid Vs HHH
Predict the QFinals…
1 point for correct result
3 for correct scoreline
Joint points will be separated by …..
A) most correct scores
b) Most correct scores in the whole tournament
C ) points in whole tournament
D ) where you finished in last season’s table


  1. Happy i lost by more than 2pts else i’ll had been been about that bloody last min pen for Poland. Good luck for the remainding players.

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