JustArsenal World Cup Predictions – Uruguay to overcome Egypt in Group A

It is World Cup Preview Day on Just Arsenal and we will be forecasting who will finish where in each of the Qualifying Groups. Let’s go….

World Cup Finals Group A Predictions by Dan Smith

Arsenal have Mohamed Elneny playing for Egypt

Uruguay -1st
Like most in South America, Uruguay were not overly impressive in qualifying. This convinced their manager half way through the campaign to call up players from their under 21 squad. With certain individuals fast tracked into the system this makes them a somewhat unknown quantity. Despite boasting the likes of Suarez and Cavani this is a team who have a reputation for being hard working, organised and physical. Their mindset often prefers to be the underdog. It may be out of their comfort zones to start proceedings favourites to win the group. As long as they show the right level of ambition they should have too much fire power compared to the other 3 nations.

Egypt -2nd
Currently a lawyer is appearing on numerous TV outlets in Egypt promising to sue FIFA and Ramos if Salah does not compete at the World Cup. Now any half decent legal person wouldn’t realistically think they have a case based on a footballing injury, yet the hysteria is very much real. Salah is the African version of David Beckham, him not fit this summer would be a mental blow that his teammates might not recover from. It’s heartbreaking that a man who might have been a game away from winning the Ballon D’or had only lasted half an hour in the Champions League Final and could now miss the greatest show on earth. If fit, they are better then Russia. If not they won’t have enough to advance from the group. He’s that important.

Russia 3rd
This group is doable. That’s all most Russian’s could’ve asked for when the draw was made. Of all the controversial things Vladimir Putin has been able to control, it’s largely accepted that they do not have the talent they would’ve wanted when they won the rights to this tournament. They are a functional, ageing, well drilled outfit who are not pretty to watch. Their own public seem resigned to the fact and you feel it wouldn’t take a lot for them to lose faith. That’s why them kicking off against Saudia Arabia is ideal. While not the sexiest match to kick off a World Cup it’s a great opportunity to start with 3 points and have their own supporters on board during the opening week

Saudi Arabia – 4th
Qualifying should be seen as an achievement. Heavy defeats in friendlies have been enough to see two managers sacked, suggesting they will struggle with the level higher then the teams they faced in their continent. Despite being the groups’s outsiders it really could have been worse.
Take away them being the host, they would rather face a Russia then a Brazil, Germany or France. Meanwhile Uruguay and Egypt will not be comfortable with expectations on them. Could Saudi use that to their advantage. For example, in the opening game, home fans uncertainty may play into their hand. The reality is most in the squad play in their home league, they shouldn’t have the quality nor experience to get through.



  1. Innit says:

    1. Uruguay
    2. Russia (home crowd will lift them like the Greeks lifted Greece a while back in the European championships)

    1. McLovin says:

      Yes, I don’t think Egypt will overcome Russia. They don’t have much quality in addition to Salah.

    2. gotanidea says:

      I am inclined towards your prediction, because Salah is unfit, despite Elneny’s performance was pretty good in EPL

      I wouldn’t compare Salah with Beckham, but the comparison between Ozil and Beckham would be more suitable. Compared to Ozil and Beckham, Salah is:

      – Faster
      – More skillful
      – Hungrier
      – Is braver in taking on his opponents
      – Has better ball control
      – Is usually more influential in tough away matches
      – Has better first touch

      For me, Ozil and Beckham are just football idols or public figures

      1. ClassyGunner says:


  2. Difrine Madara says:

    Football idiots dont win World Cup, play for Real Madrid, lay more than 20 assists in each of his 3 seasons in Madrid and be a Germany first choice for 9 consecutive years since 2009. RESPECT OZIL, blame Arsenal for giving him a mediocre team

    1. Malch95 says:

      Noones saying he isn’t a great player but his contract does not justify his contribution, I’d say PEA & Ramsey maybe even Myhkitarian are more pivotable to arsenal than Ozil, he doesn’t have the character to have a team built around him, time and time again when we need him to produce in big games he goes missing. In a big game I’d put the afore mentioned players more likely to influence a game than Mesut. He’ll help you pummel a mediocre team but will go missing when you need him most and that’s not just for Arsenal, players in the German camp think he’s a slacker too. Now that father Arsene isn’t here to protect him, let’s see if he’s gonna pull his socks up and be counted for cause I have a feeling that Emery isn’t gonna hesitate to bench Mesut permanently if he goes missing as he usually does! He’s like Lukaku but instead of being a 24 year old trying to sharpen himself up, he takes constructive criticism extremely poorly and sooks like a teenager when he’s one of the most senior players in the squad. If he puts in the yards he can easily be one of the best players in the Prem but I just can’t see him trying at all, here’s to hoping tho!

  3. barryglik says:

    The referee’s will come
    under intense pressure
    in Russia’s games.
    The Var officials could play a crucial role too.
    Apparently the refs for the Russian games
    have been shown videos of the gulags in Siberia
    to remind them to make the “right” calls 🙂

  4. Sue says:

    Imagine Suarez biting a Russian!!

  5. jon fox says:

    Glad to notice a welcome paucity of comments on here about a WC that should not be morally taking place, IN RUSSIA! Perhaps there may be many more, like me, who will shun it completely. I fervently hope so. Sport , dishonestly awarded by corrupt organisations to corrupt countries is not true SPORT at all .

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