Worry for Arsenal as PSG linked with move for key player

Paris Saint-Germain are claimed to be eyeing a move to sign William Saliba from Arsenal, with the defender yet to sign a new contract with the club.

The Gunners are currently flying high in the Premier League, sitting top of the table by five points going into the international break, and that will always attract interest in our highest performers. You would hope that the club would be quick to nail down any new contracts which were due, with all of Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and William Saliba not only gearing up to perform at the World Cup in Qatar, but well deserving of improved deals on what we have already seen from them in our famous colours.

The trio will not be short of offers should any hiccups occur in negotiations to extend their deals, and we are now under threat from PSG, who are claimed to be keen on bringing our young French defender back to his homeland. The DailyPost (citing CBS News) claims that Saliba would be open to such a switch, which is hopefully just one of those rumours which will increase his negotiation power when considering his wage demands, but we will have to wait and see if things go smoothly over the coming months, with his current terms set to expire in 18 months time.

I’m not currently worried about losing Saliba, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he was to turn to a move with PSG interested. He could earn a huge paypacket with the club, and would be more-or-less guaranteed a treasure trove of domestic silverware. The Premier League has it’s own pulls however, and given the fact that he already has a connection with our fanbase and that he is now starting every game, he will hopefully decide that continuing where he is would be best for all.


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  1. I believe its extremely unlikely that Salba would wish to go to PSG, a club withoutany true competition in its own league.

    The Prem is widely acknowledged throughout football as the true test of a top players ability. As A TRUE COMPETITOR, it seems to me that such a type of warrior player would ever accept a cushy, though meaningless, role in a one club league, rather than remain in the fiercely competitive Prem.

    I am not at all worried therefore, as I DISMISS THIS RUMOUR AS NONSENSE!

    1. @jon fox
      He’s still French. And would more than likely want to play for the top team in his home country. Regardless of the competition or lack of. Last I checked PSG were still playing in the Champions League. IJS


        But you seem not to have given any real thought to my point about France being a one club league and therefore less attractive to real warriors.

        Do you have anything to say about THAT precise point though, as I PERSONALLY THINK IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE I MADE TO SUPPORT MY CONCLUSION?

        WHY do you think he would want to play for the top club in a league of effectively only one title winner? You don’t explain why, I notice!

        Give REASONS, if you have them! AS I DID FOR MY OPINION.

        CL alone is not a good enough reason, as league games, and not CL, are the weekly bread and butter.
        All Prem games are massive games.
        But almost ALL French games are hardly noticed around the globe, by comparison.
        Players like to be known and noticed as being in a top level league , which the French is NOT!

        1. @jon fox
          It’s not that I disagree with anything you’ve stated Gooner.
          I simply added my thoughts of reasons why he might consider the move.

          1. NY_G Well your version of giving your thoughts and my version of the same, are two very different things. I asked for REASONS but you gave only your opinion and not the reason behind your opinion.

            Had you said , for example, he would get a higher wage at PSG, then THAT would at least be ONE reason, at least from your point of view. I would have disagreed that he would and we could have seriously debated that. But you chose not to say. A pity I’d say, as you are plainly seriously bright.


            Its just that I always look for serious debate from serious thinkers but many others on JA are not equipped to give it.

            1. Let me give you some reasons jon
              1-Guaranteed to play in the CL every season.
              2- gets to live in his home country in one of the best cities in the world ,I turn closer to family and friends .
              3- gets to play and train with world class players daily .
              4- weekly wages probably double what he would get here (we all know money talks )
              5-more likely to get picked for international games playing in France.
              6- not treated the best last season when he had to decide himself to go back to France .
              Just a few ,but probably a lot more reasons that he would go back to France

            2. @jon fox
              I don’t give “reasons” for someone else actions. That’s up to them to do…No harm no foul Gooner. ✌🏾

    1. I think a good few of us did gunner. I was told a long time ago, he was angry at his treatment by Arsenal. He wont forgive easily and as i said before, the ball is in his court. PSG would be ideal for him, if he left Arsenal.

  2. I THINK there is a clause in his contract where Arsenal can trigger a further year on his existing contract if he doesn’t sign a new one.

  3. People may as well get used to these stories in all the local fish wraps. Saka, Martinelli, Saliba, Jesus probably the next one.

    Best players will always have rumors about other clubs interested, or they are ready for another challenge, or even some concocted stories created by the media.

    1. Gunsmoke Why are you?
      If you think deeply about it and think properly about the reasons I GIVE FOR NOT WORRYING, YOU MAY WELL BE ABLE TO STOP BEING NERVOUS , AS IT WON’T BE HAPPENING.
      To be nervous about constant rumours , hardly ANY of which ever come true, is not wise and not being intellectually intelligent either.

      1. Jon the kid was not happy with his initial handling at Arsenal, it was obvious the kid was sad for quite some time,

        My father once told me the man that stoop down and pass his stool into a park remember nothing about it, but the man that happens to walk right into it will never forget.

        1. I’m sure he wasn’t happy. Big transfer for a youngster and not enough experience to slot in the same way that home grown players most likely will with Saka as a prime example
          Saliba doesn’t look like he is looking to move on. The harmonious atmosphere at Arsenal is plain to see. Why would anyone think that he’d settle for PSG when life on this side of La Manche is going so well for him? He is a young man with a great future and he is fully supported by the club and has been all along in my view

          1. I sincerely hope you are right Suep, I really do,
            But something was just not right in those early years, a find it strange a club like Arsenal known to operate on a shoe string budget could pay approximately 27 mils on a young and promising player many rated highly and not given a chance.

            Remember even Mustafa was playing ahead of him, but the gaffer did admit he had made a mistake.

            It is for those reasons I get a little uncomfortable, when teams come circling.

            If one check my posts back then I was screaming for the kid to be given a chance.

            1. I think I had to trust Arteta- as we all remember- was at the start of his journey in management when Saliba pitched up.
              Saliba doesn’t look to me as though he is damaged by being loaned out. I believe that both parties may have behaved differently, Gunsmoke, with hindsight but I’m not getting the impression that there is acrimony at all. Therefore, until Saliba slaps in a transfer request im happy to let the past stay where it is

              1. Yes he may have redoubled his efforts to prove the gaffer wrong, but am hoping by gone be by gone and good sense prevail.

  4. Was always going to happen ,let’s hope his first 3 years here where he wasn’t treated fairly does not effect his decision later on .
    And before anyone starts telling me that the plan all a long was to loan him out and gain experience,I would strongly suggest going over some of his interviews where it was plain to see he wasn’t happy .

    1. DK, he was 100% not happy and his trust in the club really tested. Of course he would love to go to the biggest club in his native conuntry, he will give it a great deal of thought because he can.

  5. The key to keeping our best players is to at the least qualify for UCL and we are on course to do that. Also, if PSG pay anything upwards of 100m then it’s a no brainer for me. Sometimes, where funds are limited, you need to do some smart businesses to move the club forward.

  6. This will start happening a lot now that Arsenal is full of young top-quality players rather than overpaid deadwood. Some will leave to chase the money or go to a country that they prefer living in compared to England, so cash-in on those. Hopefully most will want to stay and win a League Title and grow with the team.

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