Worrying developments in the William Saliba saga – Maybe a compromise incoming?

We have had two years of the will-he-or-won’t-he questions about whether William Saliba will be returning to Arsenal to continue his blossoming career, or (as he has said himself) he would stay with Marseille and play for the Ligue 1 runners-up in the Champions League next season, and cement his place in the France setup ahead of the World Cup later this year.

Well now he has come back to Arsenal and performed magnificently in our tour games in the USA, and there were murmurs that a contract extension had been previously verbally agreed, with talks with Arteta and Sailba’s agent planned for this week.

But now Fabrizio Romano has reported this intrigung bit of information. He tweeted….

This raises many interesting questions and no answers, like if Saliba was going to stay with Arsenal, why would Marseille’s boss even be still interested in Saliba or involved in talks?

Now there was one thing that Saliba said last month when he was on his way back to join the Gunners. “I belong to Arsenal – and I still have two years there,” Saliba said in June. “I will be there for pre-season with Arsenal. I have played zero matches with Arsenal and I want to show them what I’m made of and have the chance to play for the supporters and for this big club.”

He says he will be with us for pre-season, no mention of staying unconditionally…..

Let me put my theory forward. We know Saliba is desperate to go to the World Cup with France, so wants to play every week until then. So, perhaps Arsenal are thinking: ‘Let’s get him to sign a contract extension to maintain his transfer value, then allow him to go back to Marseille until Xmas (or maybe the whole season again) and get his wish to play at the World Cup.’

Could that be possible?


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  1. I believe Marseille are trying to tap into Saliba. But I don’t think he’d be interested, since Arsenal is a more popular club that competes in the most competitive football league in the world

    Aside from that, he could easily force Arsenal to insert minimum playing time on his new contract, since he was one of the best CBs in Ligue 1 last season. He doesn’t need to go back to France, unless he is homesick

    1. Tactically, Ten Hag playing style is “proactive with a high line with his side pressing opponents to win back the ball whenever they lose possession. Arsene
      wenger’s possession and attractive football and pressing to get the ball back. What is Arteta’s playing style besides getting goals because at the end the teams needs that style.

  2. 2/3 days ago,Sky Sports Michael Bridges who was with Arsenal in Orlando,wrote in the Notebook reporter.”I was lucky enough to spend time alone with William Saliba which I really enjoyed,visiting the Universal studios.he made it very clear to me,no more loans for him and that his time at Arsenal is NOW.”if you ask me this is just PR from Longoria so he can tell OM fans he tried,as for his agent , why would he turn down the chance of being wined and dined??would you??

    1. Well said and I believe you are correct.

      Longoria is on fishing expedition, doing everything to try and unsettle Saliba. He knows how important Saliba is to his team. Saliba has already commented, so Longoria is on a charm offensive with Saliba’s agent.

      Longoria needs to get the point, Saliba is staying at Arsenal, give up. Sooner we extend Saliba the better. Insert a buyout clause of 100 million or more to end this nonsense.

      That way the Juventus, Barcelona, Marseille, and everyone else knows that bidding starts at 100 million or piss off.

    2. Even if he’s agreed to leave us its not possible if we insist on him staying because we have a contract with him, that’s why Kane couldn’t leave Spurs. He loves Arsenal and that’s the team he wants to play. He saw how big Arsenal is when he went to the US.

      As for that petulant and disrespectful player called Guendozi, sure he was trying to convince Saliba but would not be a success. With lack of humility, Guendozi has a problem, talent can only take you far.

      1. Guendouzi’s talent is overhyped. I never really saw much in him. If he was at Arsenal today, surely whom would he displace? Not even Lokinga imho.

      2. A lot of naivety. You all have no idea of what Saliba thinks and will do. Most of your articles are full of wishful thinking. The lad has his view and none of us know what he will do. He might want to use the power he has to get Arteta to give him more money for a renewed contract and that’s the one which is more likely. As of him preferring to stay in England because of higher competition is another wishful thinking. France 2 time World Cup winner. So that league produce more quality than yours.

  3. Please stop trying to ‘create a story’ where there is none. Marseille are broke! Where would they get the money? Saliba has already said he’s staying in London. Arteta has said the same yet BS stories like this keep surfacing?

    Move on please cos this story is getting boring!

    1. The president of OM is the only one I have a problem with. I am sure many of you people agree last transfer window he came crying for Saliba,,,,OK have him on loan. And in the same transfer you are acting as is we(ARSENAL) AND YOU BIG HEAD WE BOTH OWN HIM

  4. Naughty article, Saliba is almost a shoe in to start the season as first choice CB. Tomi wont be fit for weeks, and Saliba will show he’s undroppable. Arsenal will never ever loan him again.

  5. This is disgusting from Marsille.. They are breaking the rules set by FIFA but seems as most things seem to imply only to English clubs tapping up Foreign players !! So glad wwe are nearly out of the EU as we are the most hated football nation on earth and the most hated country in that vile repulsive EU… and we have always been regardless nothing ever changes !!

    1. Carl, why do you think that we are the most hated football nation on earth and the most hated country in that vile repulsive EU?
      Always have been? Perhaps you could explain why you would think that as well?

      As for the article, if there has been an illegal approach, wouldn’t it have been done more subtly and secretly?

        1. Your country was excellent at those tactics when it was try to colonize the whole planet. People don’t hate Britain they just dislike the people from there for their ignorance and entitlement. You just showed both. However like yourself I do not have the time to explain any of this to you.

          1. yeah, Those poms ate some kind of people,pew.

            but good football, at least got 1 thing going for em.

        2. @carl, I’m not going to get involved in this ridiculous conversation, but I think we need to apply Godwin’s law to your answer at 1.46pm

        1. While I agree with you about the EU in general, I don’t think posting long rants with no paragraphs helps to persuade people.

    2. Not rule breaking to contact a players agent and Carl please calm down and stop the inferiority complex with us being hated, sheesh!

  6. My take on keeping Saliba at Arsenal is well documented.

    I will repeat here, renew his contract at all cost, if it means extending his contract by three years and allowing him to go back to France for another season.

    This kid value will go through the roof in another year time , now we must do everything that he remains an Arsenal player, regardless of his initial handling.

  7. Knowing they can’t even afford to spend at least 50 million on saliba or match our wage offer makes me feel more than confident they are’nt going to get the deal over the line.my advise to marseille is to go get rich then beging talks of having top notch models on it’s bedside.


    ADMIN COMMENT – Comment reduced due to popular demand….

    1. But I ask you once again – why do you think we’re the hated country in the footballing world and the most hated country in the vile EU?

      1. ADMIN COMMENT – Can you start talikng about football or move your posts to a political site.

        The royal we are not interested. This site is called Just Arsenal, in case you hadn’t noticed…

      2. Is it true that @carl is a reincarnation of Jumbo and Thirdman rolled into one?Because that was truly political. I thought Just Arsenal, a few weeks ago, made it quiet clear that this was a football site based on just Arsenal views and opinions only. Political views were to be banned from this site. Obviously, there seems to be rules for some, and rules for others. Good on you Ken1945 for calling him out

  9. Having dinner with agent won’t change a thing they should bid at least £50m or else there is no chance. I edge all Arsenal fans not to panic they just clutching at straws😂

    OT Arsenal insert sell on clause into Guendouzi and Hutchinson deals.

  10. An obviously pointless and silly conspiracy theory! Ad PAT, with his own life and football experience, OUGHT to know better than to foist this crazy conspiracy theory from his own imagination on us all.

    The agent may well have other completely unconnected players at Marseiile. Or they could well be simply friends or just in the same area by chance and met up for a chat. All sorts of other possible reasons for having a drink and meal together.

    But lets not let other strong possibilities get in the way of a juicy and plainly false conspiracy story that feeds this hungry site , eh Ad PAT!!?

    1. @jon
      I will wait for the facts. But I don’t make up theories without considering all the quotes and facts…
      Never write any theory of mine until I’m proved wrong eh?

    2. Jon it also could be the agent sees a chance to make money from his transfer fee to Marseille.

      Fortunately the decision is Saliba’s (and Arsenal whether to extend contract) and the agent and Marseille are just white noise.

      I’m cynical by nature, and find it too difficult to assume it was an innocent dinner, reminiscing of the good Ole days with Marseille.

      Longoria desperately trying to unsettle the player, and agents always open to filling their own pockets. Nevermind Saliba and Arteta themselves have clearly answered this question already.

      Longoria behaving like an ex who can’t take the hint that it is over, and to move on.

      Saliba said he wants to show Arsenal & fans his talent, and Arteta said he’s staying this year.

      Instead of moving on, Longoria seeks out agent to sweeten his ear and unsettle Saliba. Amateurish really, and a bit despicable to appear so unseemly and clingy.

  11. This lad is extremely good; very confident, bosses his space, very creative. At ease with ball at his feet. We have a gen on our hands. Let it not slip away.
    I personally rate him far above White and believe within 2 months or so the perking order will change in his favour

    1. White is not a bad player, but I believe time will show Saliba to be the better player.

      Not White’s fault club forked out 50 million, but he clearly hasn’t shown performances worthy of the price tag. Maybe in time he will.

      Performances should determine playing time, not price tags.

  12. What people need to remember is Saliba has no relationship with Arteta and does not have any allegiance to him at all. He hasn’t played any first team football, hasn’t been offered a new contract, hasnt got a squad number and hasn’t got a place in the team yet. Saliba is obviously saying different things to the outside world than he is privately. He has to think of himself because he has many open doors to him and many adventures ahead. This situation will not be sorted out while at the minimum September and maybe later. Saliba and his agent are not stupid and the ball is in their court 100%. The truth is, anything could happen until something does. There is no relationship between Arteta and Saliba and time will tell if one develops. Saliba is can and will play his cards very close to his chest.

    1. I guess you are a staff at the coleny to have known they don’t have a relationship. You want to see Arteta and Saliba Kissing in training for you to believe they have a relationship? Who’s been picking him to play In the friendlies? You lots are over hyping this guy. He’s no Ronaldo or Messi, he’s a 20 year old man, with 2 years contract. His Ass belongs to Arsenal and therefore they decide where he plays this year and next atleast. They have a relationship, it’s called player and coach relationship period.

  13. arteta says hes in the plan for this season. Our fans have just legitimately forgotten what its like to have desireable players because we havent had any for such a long time.

    1. Correct and the player has not been part of Arsenals team for all of the three years Arteta has been here. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the situation and Salibas thought process in all this, he will be wary of his next move and can take his time deciding.

      1. It’s a successful man management and a win-win situation for both parties. Saliba has been playing every week, and been closer to his family after both his parents died after signing for us. Saliba has become the best version of himself, and Arsenal have a player suited for the PL. All the rest is speculations and conspiracy theories 👍👍

  14. It’s up to Edu and Arteta to tie Saliba down regardless of earlier ” misunderstandings”. He has to be persuaded that this club is big enough to accommodate his ambition and he belongs. No doubt the likes of Real Madrid (still looking to replace Ramos), Barcelona (haven’t yet found another Puyol), or Juventus (in need of the next Chiellini) have our boys number and would snap him up immediately especially if he is not under contract and cheaply available. Arsenal need to be smart.

  15. With his recent showing for Arsenal in their US tour, and for Marseille and France last season. I think William Saliba is now gradually becoming a hot cake top League centreback in the transfer market.
    For this reason, Arsenal will therefore do well to protect their valued asset – Saliba by extending his current contract deal at the club and Tie him down to a new long-term deal. To thereby upping his transfer selling fee to £100-150m payable by any top club sides who want to price him away from Arsenal.
    But how come that Arsenal have watched West Ham signed the towering Italian striker Gianluca Samacca this summer window?
    When us Arsenal ourselves are looking to want to sign a towering striker this summer (seemingly). Or have Arteta and Edu identified a better than Samacca striker, who they preferred Arsenal to sign him this summer.
    As a necessary 3rd striker option to Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nkethia is a necessity must sign by Arsenal this simmer. Which I believe Arteta and Edit know what I am taking about and even know more than I do in this field. Anyway, I hope they will implement this particular signing for Arsenal this simmer window.
    Another prospective incoming Arsenal signing this summer but which I have not read of Arsenal are interested to do it this summer is the signing of Amaduo Onana. But whose signing West Ham are looking to want done this window under our noses. But will Arsenal allow the signing of Amaduo Onana to pass us this summer? No please, Arsenal shouldn’t.

  16. Ladies and gentlemen
    My opinion is that we should enjoy the moment
    For the first time in many a season we go in to a campaign with 4 solid CB. I include holding in this category as he won’t be a starter. seems a good pro, seems to be a great squad player and does a lot behind the scenes as well.
    Has a mistake in him and has a heads gone moments as we saw against the spuds but calling him of the bench when we are hanging on to a lead, you can guarantee he will stick his head where it hurts to block a shot.
    Very optimistic about this season
    Said 4th last season and we died and finished 5th so I will go 1 better and say 3rd up for grabs and if we fall short, end up 4th 😄
    5 sub rule this season and if we are 1 nil up and need the win. Sticking all 4 on at the same time, Nothing will get past them
    Onwards and upwards

  17. And who said Saliba cannot play France in the world cup if he stays back? The boy want to stay and Arteta wants him. Case closed. All the club need doing is give him a long term contract and a buy out clause of 100M and above

  18. And who said that Saliba cannot play France in the world if he stays back ? The boy want to stay and Arteta wants him. Case closed. All the club need to do is give him a long term contract and a buy – out clause of 100M and above

  19. I don’t understand why anyone would be concerned. Around 100 players have been signed by the 20 premier League clubs already this window and the list of departures is more than double that figure. Many players move every window and many more don’t, that is normal, it is not a reason to create headlines.

    What is important for Arteta now is trim some of the fat from the squad. Leno, Runarrsson and Torreira look certainties to go, having not made appearances in the US despite travelling. I am certain Bellerin and Mari won’t be far behind. Then there is Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Balogun, Pepe, Marquinhos and Tavares to consider.

    Even If all those 11 left on loan or permanently it would open up space for up to 4 non-homegrown signings and up to 3 homegrown signings.

    The most important decisions should be around Leno, Bellerin, Elneny, Torreira, AMN and Nelson who are now all in their final year.

    I am surprised that a swap deal involving AMN and Tielemans has not been discussed, as Rodgers wanted Ainsley before.

    1. Sensible post.

      People are talking about Saliba as if he’s not just the new Messi, more like the new Messiah. He’s never played a competitive minute in the PL, let’s see how that goes.

      Getting the players moved on that you listed is a key priority now. The squad is pretty good as-is and there’s still over a month left of the window.

      Having players around the training camp who are not in the squad and haven’t been loaned out is a negative factor for morale. It’s important that they go somewhere.

  20. I mean, the Marselle President met Saliba’s agent only for a dinner. How can one draw conclusions that the meeting was all about or only about Saliba’s situation. It could also have been a personal friendship meeting. Journalists come to unnecessary scary conclusions. As far as my opinion goes, Saliba wants to play for Arsenal and Arteta has liked Saliba playing for Arsenal and thats that.

  21. Imagine after finding a superb pairing of Gabriel and Saliba, a madness comes and we sell Gabriel to Juvé, and give Saliba to Marseille on loan. Arsenal would decide to throw away the season before it starts, as a madness decides to throw away the season. There is no way Saliba will be loaned again, or Gabriel sold, unless Arsenal decide they are giving up our challenge this season. They would have to be ‘un peu mal à la tete’.

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