Worst ever? A veteran Arsenal fan explains why he left Wembley early

Please Arsene leave the club now and don’t let the door hit Steve Bould’s arse on the way out! by Geoff Wood

I have supported Arsenal now for over 50 years, I had a box at Highbury, had 5 season tickets at The Emirates, and just to put the Cherry on the cake I am also an Arsenal shareholder. So please don’t tell me I have no right to have my say, I have spent a fortune supporting my team over the years and Wenger has earned one.

I gave up my season tickets to my cousins, in protest over the way the club was managed some 6 years ago. Although I have been to a few finals since and I watch us on the TV at every opportunity, my protest against Wenger has continued, I have sworn never to go back to The Emirates until he has gone.

This week I saw the worst Arsenal performance I have ever seen against Ostersunds, I felt ‘well even though they were a pub team, ours was mostly second string’ and by Sunday against the heavily favoured Man City we would put that right.

So I went. I was one of many queuing to escape once the third goal went in, yes I did say escape. I was amazed at how many people that had spent their hard earned cash were doing the same, in fact it took longer to get out than it did to get in, half way through the second half. And did I mention it was freezing.

It was quite simply the worst performance I have ever seen from Arsenal, no fight, no passion and the most inept defending I have ever seen.

Forget Wenger, what on earth does Steve Bould do? He is a disgrace, he is taking a salary from the club and allows them to defend like that, it’s okay saying that Wenger won’t allow him to influence the team but then why is he there? Grow some balls Steve.

In his day he was world class, now he is an embarrassment. He should hold the door open for Wenger, and then follow him out.

I get sick and tired of Wenger telling us he will always respect a contract, I’m sure most of the managers in world football that got sacked this season would love to have respected their contracts too, you know what Arsene? It isn’t your call.

I even met people on the train on the way back that are still reminding me of what Wenger has done for us, well no more than we have done for him, who was he before he joined us?

Please, please leave my club now before we slide even further down the table.

You are a greedy, self obsessed man who doesn’t know when to call it a day, what we witnessed yesterday sums you up.



  1. Maks says:

    Respect to fans like this!
    As long as Emirates is full,… no, wrong, all the seats paid for (Board dnt care if fans are there as long someone pays)
    … we will have attitude in the team like in two
    last games.
    When some fan heroes Xhaka and Ramsey had to fight for their place in starting 11. Never, and this is part of the reason why they are shit!
    other one is that they are not good enough to play for competitve Arsenal!
    This is just one example and I wont even start about our Manager.

  2. Sue says:

    It baffles me.. does Arsene ever stop & think about how crap we are? Does he ever watch MOTD & see how poor we’ve performed to then be slated by all the pundits? Does he ever think about why all the ‘decent’ players we buy a few months down the line are awful, make mistake after mistake, stroll round the pitch like they’re at the park. Does he ever wonder why no other team is like this??
    Well Geoff I’m sorry you had to go through that yesterday, I watched at home & wasn’t at all surprised by what I saw. Hopefully it will get better, not sure when though, have to keep faith that he’ll be gone soon…. I don’t want to put up with this for much longer, it’s so depressing. I want my Arsenal back

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      He does his own version of match if the day down the pub. Gazidis is Linekar, Arsene is Lee Dixon and Bould is Shearer.

      *Spoiler alert* their version of MOTD always ends with external factors explaining the loss

  3. sethxy says:

    wenger is a deluded, wicked and ignorant old man who pride himself as mr know it all. We are nw the laughing stock.

  4. RSH says:

    Bould probably makes a very good salary, and all he has to do is show up, because Wenger doesn’t allow him to have any influence. You’re right, he is useless, but why would you walk away from a job that you literally just have to show up for to get paid? Massive changes are needed and I fear they won’t come. It still remains entirely possible for Wenger to get a contract extension next season, we all know it’s true.

  5. McLov says:

    To fans who have been supporting the club for 40-50-60 years, Wenger will just say “support the team” when facing criticism.

    He’s not in this world anymore. He’s isolated on his deluded island inside his head.

    If there’s uncertainty concerning his contract, he will say “I respect my contract”.

    1. Yossarian says:

      Shame he doesn’t respect the fans as much as he respects his contract.

  6. ks-gunner says:

    Just imagine that fans who have seen this day coming where once called plastic fans, and glory hunters one for to many times.

    I have turned so old already, and i can most deff remember many things, i do even remember all the former chatters on this side, everyone, and i can tell you, that they all today are gone. I can even tell that the admin has changed his tune, as he as well as a former akb was giving people like me a hard time. Banning us and deleting our comments so many times like mad.

    Could this situation whe are finding our self in be avoided? Could it be or not? It most deff could if fans had the backbone of other teams. But Arsene was given to much credit for his success and this made him build his ego so much, that in his mind he is a god figure who can not do wrong.

    I can wait for Wenger to go, and with him i want to see every akb slave gone with him. Just take an example on that guy on youtube, Gay chris or Ty. Those people are helpless. Having a strong fan base means that the future is secured. There is no thread which could harm us if the fan base sticks together and becomes united. Wenger is just one person. Stan is one. So pray that people become serious with time and start to demand and welcome change-

  7. jon fox says:

    Well Geoff, why not say what you mean! I applaud your total honesty and believe me , I fully share it and endorse it too. I have been attending from 1958 as a young boy til last season when I went only once and not since. I was also a season ticket holder for 35 years and followed home an away for much of that time. I AM PLEDGED NOT TO GIVE ANOTHER PENNY OF MINE TO THIS DISHONOURABLY RUN CLUB , UNTIL WENGER IS SACKED. I have wanted Wenger sacked since the Gallas sulk at Birmingham in the 2-2 draw, when we blew a five point lead over United in early March to finish second. I recognised, beyond doubt back then, that Wenger was too soft, too cosy and too unwilling to make hard and crucial decisions for the clubs good. Having gone round the block a few times , as we both have, gives us the crucial life experience and wisdom to recognise , before so many others also see it, the moment when it is plain that things are broken, never to be mended. And to our disgust this has happened again and again. How this arrogant and conceited man sleeps at night with a clear conscience is a mystery to me. People have oft said he is , personally, a kindly and thoughtful man. But this decency , kindliness and thoughtfulness does not extend to us fans and to the health of the club we adore. This man is acting without decency to we fans. He appears to have a Messiah complex and should be sacked today. A decade ago would have been enormously beneficial to our second rate team standing of today. I am almost certain the club will sack him by May at latest and probably the day after we are out of the Europa, hopefully to AC Milan. If they do not , the club itself will then be the direct enemy of those who cherish and love it; us fans. I would then declare open war on the club I love, to rid it of the cancer running and owning it.

  8. Bill Park says:

    I’ve had a season ticket since 1978, and I too gave up my season ticket, two years ago, for exactly the same reasons as Geoff. He and I were probably Arsenal fans before Wenger had ever heard of Arsenal – I’ve been going regularly for 55 years. Its not whether we are in City’s class or not, although I believe we should be a lot closer to it than we are, its the lack of defensive organisation, the failure to improve players, the inability to convert possession into goal chances, above all the lack of fight and heart – and the fact this has gone on now for around a decade. Its not to do with the players – and even if it is, its Wenger’s team after all – its because we have been putting in similar performances to this one for years.

  9. Phil says:

    Geoff-you have earned the right to state your disgust at this Manager.You have made THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE of a Football SUPPORTER by giving up your seats.I can’t believe you had taken this decision lightly and it’s not something I would even contemplate ever doing.But you have mine,and I’m sure everyone’s,TOTAL RESPECT for what you have done.
    I now go to EVERY GAME to Spite Wenger.I was at this club before him and I will absolutely be here when he has gone.I now despise this man like I don’t believe I have ever hated anyone ever before.To take our Club backwards like he has done is negligence of the highest order.We are in such a decline that the only remarkable thing now is how he was not SACKED first thing this morning.
    The arrogance of this man is deplorable.I have walked out of humiliating defeats this season humiliated at the performances.Wenget should sit where we do at away games and walk through the crowds who openly laugh at us.He would soon know what supporters have to endure when HIS PLAYERS picked for HIS TEAMS playing HIS FOOTBALL coached by HIM AND HIS COACHES LEAVE US at the mercy of opposition fans of POWERHOUSE CLUBS such as Watford-Bournemouth-Swansea-Notts Forest.Citeh fans were laughing at us yesterday.Can you believe that?Of course because that is now the norm.
    This Board MUST ACT NOW.I don’t give a flying S**T about him never breaking a contract.He will never again bring this club back to a level where we can be considered challengers for the MAJOR HONOURS.He should be humiliated like we are.There can be NO MORE CHANCES.
    I honestly hope there is a day you and everyone else who made THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE will return on match days to once again support OUR CLUB.

    1. jon fox says:

      Phil, Though part of me hates myself for saying it, I DO ACTAULLY WISH WENGER PERSONAL HARM. IF HE DIES HE CAN NO LONGER MANAGE US. I don’t care what people say about me; I care only for my / our/ all of ours club and it’s recovery from near death under Wenger. I will not be a humbug and pretend otherwise. I never have in life and it is a great pity Wenger does not have even a tiny bit of my honesty. IF HE HAD, HE WOULD HAVE RESIGNED YEARS AGO AND SAVED THE AGONY OF THOUSANDS OF GOONERS.

      1. Admin says:

        Come on Jon. Football is not life or death. However you perceive it to be it is still only a game and you can’t let it destroy your life mate….

        1. Phil says:

          Admin-Jon HURTS.We all HURT.Wenger is on £9m a year.FOR WHAT?
          Like Jon and Geoff before him you are getting THE RAW UNCUT EMOTIONS OF ARSENAL SUPPORTERS.These are TRUE FEELINGS that are not written lightly.
          I would add you must have thought long and hard about removing Jon’s reply.You are to be congratulated for not doing so.

          1. mystic says:

            What has Arsene done to this club that someone could feel so aggrieved as to wish him such harm. What a mess he has allowed to happen. I hate how Wenger has made me feel towards him and whilst I don’t quite wish as much as “Admin”, I must be honest and say if he were to befall an accident that forced him to retire I wouldn’t be sobbing over it – OR BE FEELING GUILTY OVER MY GLEE.

          2. Admin says:

            Just to clarify: ADMIN did not write this post!

  10. AB says:

    Respect to all the long time fans from a very young one who started supporting since 2009.
    As we keep writing about our pain on this site, I wonder if this is ever seen by the powers to be. Are there other avenues like Arsenal Facebook page,etc. where the fans can make their numbers count.

    1. Admin says:

      You can bet the players read it but Arsene and the arsenal board? Forget it…..

      1. mystic says:

        Sorry but there is no way the players read anything, it would require too much exertion.

    2. Phil says:

      AB it matters not how long you have supported the Club.as you will no doubt be around a lot longer than some of us so your views are every bit important as ours.
      Trust me Arsenal Football Club have endured bad times before.Weve had worst teams than this before.
      Previously if players were not performing they were SOLD.If Managers were under achieving they were SACKED.
      At this time we have a Board that seem scared S**TLESS to even comprehend life without Wenger.The Manager knows this and somehow feels he is accountable to NOBODY.Thiis is why we are in the position we are in.
      Wenger is a DEADMAN WALKING.Why?Because even this Board with this Chairman and this Owner will learn very shortly that this Manager is Despised and Hated by an ever increasing majority of the supporters.
      Fans old and young are in contempt of them all.They are treating us as their own property to do with as they like.Well just one more performance and result this season just could be the time when the protests from the past few seasons are finally to be replaced by the masses instead of the few.
      It is the duty of ALL supporters to attend these protests.I have never in the past but I intend to be on every single one from now on.
      This Club WILL return to better times.The LEACHES that are in control and take MILLIONS OF POUNDS out of OUR FOOTBALL CLUB must see and hear the contempt by the THOUSANDS and not the hundreds of fans that live and breath the life of OUR FOOTBALL CLUB

  11. gooner4life says:

    How many more humiliating performances have we loyal fans to endure before Arsene finally does the decent thing and packs his bags and leaves, he has obviously no self respect or he would admit he is no longer fit for the job. His transfer policy and tactics are failing him miserably some of the players he has brought to the club would not get a place in championship teams.

  12. RSH says:

    Oy, Wilshere’s latest social media post is…. a disgrace simply put. I’m embarrassed we have players hiding behind referee decisions now along with our manager. Totally embarrassed. Arsenal is going so backwards.

    1. AB says:

      Now he will get new contract with a higher pay and bonus. He is singing the same tune as wenger.

    2. Sue says:

      RSH….. Wenger has rubbed off on Wilshere for sure with those comments!! And his spelling is atrocious

  13. Grandad says:

    Well said Geoff.I,m sure the vast majority of fans share your frustrations.

  14. Me says:

    I wonder what the odds are they will offer him another contract?

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      we have wenger for another 20 years

  15. Rkwg says:

    The guy hopes to leave the emirates in a box …but I watched his latest interview on bbc which is a bit weird and almost felt sorry for the man he is completely incoherent talking about being denied sufficient added time at three nil down …bizarre …like he has lost the last two marbles up there I genuinely think the man needs medical help … Can’t we get some doctor to diagnose him as a clinical case and bring in the padded wagon … Seriously for his own good as well as the club

  16. Mohamed says:

    How did lpl fans remove Gerard houlier he didn’t want to leave we should use their methods

  17. Chizzy Nigeria says:

    It’s really sad. I started supporting Arsenal since 2006 as a young boy and have been hopeful each year that the next would be better. I came to terms since last season that my beloved Arsenal can’t go further with Wenger in charge and I rarely watch matches now. I’ve not seen up to 10 games this season because I know there’s no point win or lose as we won’t achieve anything. So sad I have never witnessed us winning the Premier League

  18. Craig says:

    It’s really simple. One home game with less than half supporters turning up and the suits will notice.

  19. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I’ve contemplated giving up my season ticket for about the last five years, driving my mates mad, continually telling them “this is my last season”, now they laugh at me, “yeah, yeah we’ve heard it all before” they say, all because of this manager. The trouble is, if I give it up you could be certain the following year someone like Allegri will take over, build a fantastic defence, buy a new keeper and a brilliant holding midfielder and turn us back in to Premiership contenders and then I won’t be able to get a ticket because of the 40,000 on the waiting list. The board know this and have got us by the “niags”and know there’s not much we can do about it. In other words ,give up your season ticket we’ve got plenty of other fans to take your place. They treat us with contempt because of our love for the club.

  20. Nayr says:

    Best article i have seen in a while.

  21. mystic says:

    Maybe now some of the moronic AKBs will finally acknowledge Wenger has NOTHING (other than heartache) to offer Arsenal. Some of them fawned over him year after year despite the evidence, now finally they are seeing things with unfettered eyes.

    He came, he saw, he conquered – then he failed and failed and failed and……… 2018 has been an embarrassment that will take years to put right – trying to sort out the mess should start IMMEDIATELY, not wait until the summer.

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