WORST first half this year, but Arsenal deserved three points!

Arsene Wenger’s men made a spirited comeback against Man United last night to gain a much-needed point in the race for the third guaranteed Champions League spot, but the first half was only notable for Man United’s control of the pitch and Arsenal’s failure to even get one shot on target.

Nacho Monreal, who may have been at fault in conceding Herrera’s goal for United, admitted that Wenger had brought out the hairdryer at half-time. “We know that we didn’t play very well in the first half, it was probably the worst 45 minutes we have played this season. The boss was angry, which is normal and we knew that we have another 45 minutes to fix it. In the second half we played much better than the first, we were lucky because we could score and draw the game. And we go home happy with the score.

“We didn’t play well in the first half and the boss was a bit angry with our performance, but we knew we could make a difference. We played much better and drew the game, and almost won it as we had some chances. But the draw is good for us.”

Le Prof preferred to gloss over the first half deficiencies but was more than happy with the response from his team after the break. “”I am pleased with the performance.” Wenger said on the official Arsenal website. “The only regret I have is that we didn’t take the three points in the second half. We started the first half slowly, Manchester United were sharper at the beginning, and we were a bit stretched as well width and length-wise. The second half we were more compact and we took over. We showed a great response and got a deserved point.

“We were a bit too timid, too conservative in our possession and a bit too far from each other as well. In the second half we were more compact and we had good opportunities on the counter. We were quicker and we had enough chances to win the game in the end.”

However the game panned out, it was always going to be the result that mattered, and Arsenal have deservedly (nearly!) earned a place in the Champions League Group Stages, and we also managed to ‘not lose’ to a Top Club in an away fixture again, which can only help our confidence going into next seasons campaign.

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. To be fair it wud hv been harsh on Man Utd if we got 3 points as they dominated us for an hour or so.In the first half we had zero shots on or off target.We made a good comeback and that draw was deserved.Now 3rd place in our hands.COYG!

    1. they rob us in emirates they didnt even spare a point so i said fvck them no need to pander on them much. we should have won that game and rightfully deserve it.

    2. Article is anyway totally wrong. Watch teh replay and see that Monreal was actually very busy in the box by the time Herera began his run into our box. You will see indeed a silhouette lagging back, running few yards behind and then giving up. At first I thought it is Ozil but then I have seen Ozil in the middle. Truth be told, Sanchez didn’t track back with Herera. Watch the replay. Monreal had absolutely nothing to do with it. He didn’t expected unmarked med in front of him.

      1. I thought from what I saw that it as Bellerin’s fault but upon watching the replay it has to be sad that Sanchez DID drop off of tracking back, overall the team have AGAIN taken their foo off of the peddle. It seems that third is ok for these guys, and while I realise there is no prize for second, pride should have dictated that they push for the runners up spot above city.
        It seems that for the players the season is already over and they are looking to next season, but without the Beast of a striker we need and a different attitude there wont be any real change for next season either. Its not good enough!!!!

  2. last time I spoke about Rambo outwide i got load of thumbs down. But i know am saying the truth. Ozil and cazorla in the middle will only work against very shit and out ofform teams. Any decent team will stop us playing by floading the middle knowing we have no width.

    Rambo yes Aaron Rambo is our most complete midfielder and the engine room of the team. WTF is he doing on the right? The manager should make a decision between ozil and cazorla in the midle as it will cost us loads of points in future.

    We wanted depth and competetion. No need fitting ozil and cazorla especially in big games. MOnaco Chelsea United. We struggled in all 3 games as we have had no width.

    1. I completely agree with you Galen, Ramobo at wide is a waste of talent, when Tho came, Rambo moved to the center and instantly the game was changed. Had Wenger made that change in 60th min mark instead of 73rd minute, we would have won the game.
      I am pretty sure Ozil and Czorla together will not work, they must rotate.
      We were missing OX in this game as he would have had devastating effect. Even Walcott was much effective

      1. I only hear that the Ozil/Cazorla combination doesn’t work when we lose or draw – yet we’ve won most of our games this season with them both in including Liverpool and FA Cup Man U match. But I agree, we should rotate our players in the midfield these last 3 games.

    2. Typical Wenger tactics again. Load up with CAM’s and try and pass the opposition to death. No pace, no width. Poor game from Ozil and Cazorla. Theo and OX should be on the wings vs. Sunderland on wed.

    3. Ramsey has stepped up
      played out of position
      brilliantly, deserves credit.
      Not his fault the other 7 options
      are not up to it. Walcott
      not quite ready to start
      Ox injured Gnabry Wellbeck
      not fully fit. Campbell on loan.
      Rosicky being phased out.
      Rambo has been huge.

      1. You are right its NOT the players fault this lack of options is entirely down to the manager. We have ONLY one main striker and if he’s not in the form that he should be (because he’s not the striker we need to win the PL) then we have no one who can really seek out the oppositions net, The last two games we have been mediocre at best Im still NOT convinced that Wenger still has the magic he once had despite a massive improvement in form

    4. yeah I was so frustrated that AW never learn from his mistake. And i don’t understand why he so afraid to substitute early since since his team are struggling.

    5. Carzola is there because he is on top form (anyone remember Man City game?) while Ramsey is nursing injury. He just cannot keep up with that performance in a weekly basis, and after today performance, I won’t blame Wenger to have the change of heart to start Ramsey there and put Walcott on the right vs. Sunderland.
      This had been Arsenal problem all these years – on our day when all of our player hit top form we can beat anyone in the EPL – We are just not as consistent as Chelshit and it shows on the table

  3. Fans who want Jack and theo sold are smoking bitter herbs. If you look at the enrgy this 2 bring to our game and how they can both strech the game its incredible. Just look at jack gliding pass opponenets with ease. Only him can miss 5 months and just glide like that. Some of you u want to give that talent to City? We must be nuts on this forum.

    Great Cameo from Theo and jacK. We are better with them in the squad than with them in the clinic.

    1. Jack has plenty of potential and has been hampered by injuries that have for sure stunted his progress. Only a mega bid could tempt on that one but I’d rather keep him and hope he sees his potential at this club.

      Walcott on the other hand is 100% expendable, bar a lucky OG which we were all relieved to get, Theo came on and looked average. He’s 26, been here 9 years and is not at all a starter for the club. I can name 2 dozen players that would be an upgrade on Theo and to top it off he’s pushing to play ST, where he’s poor, and he’s one of the top earners at the club. Idk about you but 100k+ contracts at Arsenal should be for guys in the first 11 and who are instrumental to our ambitions. Not Theo.

      You can big up the “energy” they injected, but at Arsenal fc quality comes alongside energy and Theo especially doesn’t possess enough of it. If Liverpool wanted to give us 25mil I’d take it and gladly upgrade.

      1. Being realistic who are these 2 dozen players that are an upgrade on theo? For me only reus or muller would be that upgrade and maybe Felipe Anderson but he would be a HUGE risk

        1. Only muller and reus are an upgrade on Theo Walcott are you joking? Bolasie of palace is arguably an upgrade. I’m not gonna name 2 dozen players it was hyperbole signifying how replaceable he is.

          But Pedro/Fekir/Draxler/Payet/Sterling/Reus/Muller/Lacazette/Ayew/Dybala are of differing qualities that could easily provide more than Theo….who let’s remember has no defensive appetite, is poor in tight spaces, is a weak dribbler. His game is good movement and finishing, THAT is extremely limited for a 100k a week player at Arsenal.

          1. Theo is absolutely Expendable, I remember a few years ago when every gooner and his dog, including me got the hump with Alan Hansen because he stated that theo did not have a footballing brain, on hindsight despite having some wonderful flashes and some superb results he has NEVER fulfilled his full potential and his finishing still leaves a lot to be desired for a supposed world class player. Id have no problem oozing him providing we get a suitable replacement, one gets the feeling with Wenger that he is scared of attempting to restructure when he looses what he considers to e a lynchpin player, Theo I almost certainly NOT worth the money his is asking for and if he was going to ever be the finishd article e would have by now.

          2. Sterling! Better than Walcott, ur off ur game cc seems lot of gooners have short memory , ,when fit theo is as good as it gets on the R wing , sterling isn’t even close

            1. You keep that one to yourself, Theo has mountains to prove. A deflected cross vs United isn’t elevating his stock.

              1. its not worth it mate..the 4th place junkies on this site will wax lyrical about the whippet til hes ploughing his trade with fleetwood town….he`s a must go in summer as he crowds out even our own better younger options let alone the world class attacking options we need to compete with top teams in europe…i watched pedro yday and while i am not a big fan the guy is a completely different level from walcott…and there are obviously so many better options…even in the epl

      2. Walcott is expendable only if we can find the right replacement – and it is a big IF.
        Unlike Sanchez and the OX, he like to make more run without the ball – and he give us something different and variety in tactics – a more direct approach and a big threat on counter attack.
        Unless he really steps up, I do not see him being first choice in a title challenging squad – but no doubt a very valuable to have in the squad and on the bench.

  4. What if City looses to Southhampton and we win the remaining matches…….then they will be on 76 points and we will be on 77…….#COYG

    No excuses should have won yesterday

    1. Unfortunately we have given up on second lace already. Watch Wenger and Theo’s interviews

    1. Can’t really think of any Mert did wrong. Our real issue was our inability to score.

  5. Shitty display from some of our players as usual, just shows that we can’t compete with top teams. We only won won game against the teams currently in the top 4. Smh

  6. I hope Wenger does not sign an extension on his current contract and actually retires, I have a gut feeling our next manager will be bring special things to Arsenal.

    1. Good thing were not going with your gut. And if the next guy does bring something special it’s cause wenger laid a strong foundation and platform for them to thrive. Don’t you forget that.

  7. Congratulations
    to our top X1
    Bellerin Mertz Koz Monreal Coqu
    Cazorla Ramsey Ozil Sanchez Giroud.
    Great to have an Arsenal team we can recognize now.

  8. We now must select
    the next best 11.

    Szcz Debuchi Chambers Gabriel Gibbs Arteta
    Wlshere Walcott Chamberlain Wellbeck Akpom.

    Buy Kondogbia and Bale.
    Squad 24

    Martinez Jenkinson Hayden Diaby Podolski Ryo Flamini
    Rosicky Moore Zelalem Bielik Campbell Sanogo Niles Crowley.

    1. Nice thought BUT we all know this wont ever happen!!
      While Wenger, Im sure knows what he should be doing and who he should buy BUT his scrroge like outlook would never allow him to buy Bale. Also and he spent all of January wasting his time getting in Bielik and wont admit that was a waste of time.

  9. We could win it? I think i didnt see the same match than monreal and mr wenger…we were extremly awefull in the first half, manu would score 3 with shrek…then we draw the game with a deflected shot and the only other clear shot was one of giroud (i didnt blame him because his control from a bad ozils pass was very good)…for me we werent even near to win the game and we were lucky to get a draw…very much to improve, we get our 3 spot, but the fact that wenger didnt even recognise our bad game worrie me

  10. (ADMIN COMMENT – You are now under moderation by myself, and will continue to be so until you can prove you can write a whole sentence without any personal abuse, or swearing, on a continuous basis….)

  11. OT: I think this should put us over the line next season.

  12. Since that Chelsea game, our players have gone into chill mode – probably because we’ve secured our Champions League spot and the PL title is outta reach. With the FA Cup final approaching, we need to get that motivation switch back tf on. Hopefully Wenger makes the right calls and the proper changes by then.

  13. Anyone else like me forget just how fast super jack is at running with the ball ! Great for counter attacks, just hope he stays fit so everyone can see just how good he is . Or we could sell him to city lol muppets

  14. It looks like Wenger is afraid of substituting Ozil. I was really expecting him to move Ramsey to the middle put Carzola to a more advanced position and Walcott to the right. All midfielder were working and we know Ozil struggles in games like this.

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