Would a European League be a good thing for Arsenal fans

Arsenal fans may think that Arsenal falling away from the Elite sides in the Champions League has not been such a disaster right now, but it could have immense repurcussions in the future if we don-t fight or way back into the top division in the next few years, as Arsene Wenger fully expects a European League to take over from the Premier League at weekends, and relegate the EPL games to be played in midweek.

In his last press conference as Arsenal manager, Wenger spoke about how the English game has changed in his 22 years at the Emirates and how he sees it evolving in the future. “There’s two aspects I would say.” Le Prof said. “The Premier League has created many jobs, when I arrived we were 80 at Arsenal, we are today 700. That means from a private little company where you know everybody, we have gone to a normal company with an HR department where everything has to be processed and regulated. That’s not down anymore to your initiative, but every single decision has to go through a process in an over-regulated society. It’s sometimes discouraging, so the human aspect has dropped a little bit.

“On the other hand the financial power of the clubs has become huge. On the other hand, in 20 years the ownership has changed completely. If you look at the ownership when I was arrived and what it is today, it has become completely world wide. England does not own the clubs any more, it’s much more international. The world has become globalised and open, so the competition is worldwide with the players as well. These owners buy players from all over the world. The Premier League has become a world-wide championship. The next evolution? Maybe I will see you in a few years and you will certainly have a European league over the weekends. A domestic league will certainly play Tuesday/Wednesday. I think that is the next step we will see.”

If Wenger is right, then it makes it even more vital that the club invests it’s billions to take the Gunners back into the top echelons, especially if only four teams are chosen from each League. Can you imagine if we were playing in a second tier Europa League standard competition every weekend?

This would also create other massive problems, as surely only one squad could not play every single game in both competitions for the whole season. The range of backup players would have to be increased in quality and numbers if one team was aiming to be successful at both European and domestic levels. In fact would it be basically the same as having two different squads for the two competition. How would this fit in wth the Premier League squad size limits and our home grown quotas?

This theory is only going to throw up more questions than answers, but who thinks it would be a good thing for the fans? Would have two tiers of fans too? One going to European games and one going to EPL games in midweek?




  1. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t think it would benefit the English clubs. The European clubs definitely want to see this happen because PL money is massive and it’s only getting bigger. A European league would pull in even more money than the PL with every top nation following that league all of a sudden. Barca and Real are already very powerful, for years they were too powerful but the top English clubs are closing the gap on them financially speaking. The quota rule is the biggest handicap to English teams, and if we were to enter a super league I could see that quota being raised eventually, the powers that be may want to inject some patriotism into the league. If they do try and make this happen, I’d imagine that the G14 would be the teams making up the numbers. Am not sure if a relegation format could work, because why would these clubs agree to that when it is themselves with all the power, and it’s only got a chance of happening in the first place because the big clubs want most of the pie. It would be akin to a billionaire letting his entire fortune ride on one gamble each season.

  2. Arsene is Out says:

    Who would make it from the PL top 4 or top 6? Who decides? What happens to the rest of the teams? Would Burnley have won the PL this year if the top 6 were in the European League?
    For me it kills all the other leagues for the sake of one.

  3. Kenyanfan says:

    ooh my dear “Mr.sick-off” sir OZIL may not be happy with the current situation as he can secure champions league football elsewhere.Though he is a wonderful player, he is very mischievous… we all know Prof. Wenger is very soft on him considering the fact that his salary can pay 4 Kosielnys.
    pretending to be sick with world cup in his mind..
    for me, I would have preferred that we were not going to play this Euro thing and concentrate on the league.

  4. gotanidea says:

    European league is good for me, because I can see more football shows from Arsenal

    I just don’t like lacklustre performances that usually come when Arsenal players underestimate the league

  5. #MAGA says:

    Euro League?
    Being thrashed on a regular basis by, Bayern, Real, Barca, PSG, Sevilla, Monaco, Athletico and A N Other at weekends and then the elite of the Prem league midweek. Yeah, sounds like great fun for us Gooners!

  6. Durand says:

    Firstly it’s optimistic to think we could be part of that league. We get outclassed by top European clubs already, not interested in getting regulated and dropped from the super league.

    More importantly, Wenger can’t see we’ve needed DM for years, defense is embarrassing, not to mention lack of quality in the squad. Yet somehow he knows the direction of world football?

    Please, he couldn’t see deficiencies in his own squad yet speaks about new league and EPL playing only weekdays. Ready for him to stop talking already and go away.

  7. jon fox says:

    I think this silly idea would kill many fans love for PREM football. It would certainly kill mine. The real glue of national football leagues is the sheer fact that they are against your own country’s rivals. I believe in national borders and clubs playing the MAJOR and most important competition always against other clubs from the SAME country. If this is ever replaced, the game is in mortal peril of it’s very future. Football is tribal and long may it remain so. It is difficult to be as tribal playing regularly against rivals from abroad. Local bragging rights are key. That can NEVER work, if you go to work on Monday and brag that “”Oh , we beat Inter Milan on Saturday”. The answer would come back, “So bloody what!” Now change Inter Milan to Tottenham and see how how different the reply will be. THIS STUPID PROPOSAL IS ALL ABOUT MONEY . We must fight it all the way if Prem football is to survive in it’s present magnetic form. Be warned!

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      I agree Jon. The only change from the present system should be that the FA give greater consideration to EPL teams playing in the European Champions League and Europa League, by appropriate scheduling of EPL games around European commitments. This would be similar to the assistance currently given by the European leagues to their competing teams.

      1. jon fox says:

        I know you are from AUSTRALIA and as an older person (late sixties), I wonder how many younger Aussies identify primarily as Aussies. In England most youngsters are quite happy to feel European , judging by the 2016 EU referendum polls. This impacts on football attitudes among young people, who will be making future decisions on things like a European league and on whether such a league will have primacy over our English(and other national 0 leagues. I fear for football if this ever becomes the norm. I would love to know how young Aussies in general think, bearing in mind that you are both a country AND a continent, unlike Britain. I am not anti European , far from it and nor are most other Brexit voters(as I am ). Though many youngsters confuse nationalism with bigotry and racism. Perils of being young, naive, inexperienced and idealistic, even though all those factors can well be good as well as foolish, dependent on how they are implemented.

  8. Trudeau says:

    I can more envision a European League to rival the Premier League ie without Premier League sides. Some form of the Champions Leagup would still exist but maybe global. Will be interesting.

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