Would a new contract for Arsene Wenger cause chaos at Arsenal?

Arsenal are supposedly considering offering Arsene Wenger an extension to his contract, but a growing number of fans will surely be against the idea.

The Frenchman is the Premier League’s longest serving boss notching up over 21 years within his current role, but is thoroughly expected to step-down from said role in the coming years.

Wenger signed a new two-year deal in the summer after much speculation regarding his future, and there is talk that we are considering extending that deal, which sounds like madness to me.

I’ve backed the 68 year-old on a number of occasions, as well as voicing some concerns at times, but as we look destined to miss out on Champions League football for the second season running, I’m not sure there can be any argument against giving the reins over to somebody else.

I think Wenger has done an outstanding job at times, but he no longer commands that consistency from his players, and he doesn’t appear to be able to have much influence in where the club spends any of its money either.

I’m sure that Arsene demanded a central defender in the previous window, maybe even naming Jonny Evans as the player who would shore up his backline, and the necessary work wasn’t put in to get the deal over the line.

Instead two former Borussia Dortmund players were acquired, most likely thanks to the input of new head of scouting Sven Mislintat, who recently joined the club from the BVB.

Is there a shift in power at the club? Has Wenger done anything to improve the team this year? Can he ever regain that consistency of his team? Does he even deserve to see out the second season of his current deal with the way our term is going? Would fans be able to accept a new contract for Wenger right now?

Pat J

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  1. Goonerboy says:

    Where is the chaos coming from? Most of the fans still thinks he is the best for the job, some that rightly know his time is up does not have much influence as the board never care about the fans.
    Many will still rush to get the season tickets even if others refuse, so the board continues to make money and there wont be any chaos.

    I do not know if Wenger deserves to see out his contract, but what i know is that his time is up and it frustrates me that he himself fails to realize this…
    When Klopp thought he could not help BVB, he resigned, why cant Wenger just leave on his own?

    1. Because he earns 9 million a year to make press statements every weekend and perform personal experiments with club money.

      1. Goonerboy says:

        @ QD,

        Many people say that but i can’t buy that, what on earth does he need money for at his age?
        He has worked for 21 years FFS!!!
        You can be forgiven if you say he enjoys the limelight, the power, and he wants to remain relevant and he can he enjoys all that at Arsenal…

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Goonerboy, added to what you stated Arsene Wenger has lost his marriage, has no family and nothing else in life but football and Arsenal. It is quite sad, but a further extension to his contract is not deserved.

      2. Thomas says:

        Um pesonal experiments sorry nobody gave him 150million pounds to sign eonaldo or messi or 100 million pounds to sign a player oh plus another 400million to fill out the other ten sorry he was given ants and has still won our record signing 55million i mean other teams are able to spend more on bench sore pine slivered second strings than hes been on starters over the years and hes still won only manager invincible oh and then when the other clubs new we were low on cash and winning started injuring our star players and dont say it doesnt happen cause it does um he still won whole given ants to spend hes done amazing extend please one or to bad seasons compared to twenty great seasons and had our strikers finished their chances this year in 5 or six key matches we’d be sitting pretty reall only 3 or two and a draw or saw and we’d be sittingin the thick of itextend now that the board an owner are willing to spend snails for him finally atleast a little more than ants cause of inflation

        1. Break-on-through says:

          We spent good money recently, but we made most of it if not all of it back. Tells us we are not using our resources to the fullest of our capabilities. We went with 12m bid for an aging, above average, English CB, why not steal some top tier clubs captain. Why not upgrade CM where we used to go with 8 internationals. Wenger, had he made the list instead of telling people he believes in the ones he has and how he’d disband the winter window if he had the power. It might be a different story. He said in other seasons, how certain teams had an advantage over us by being able to rest players when they had no CL fixtures. How can he explain that off now, with City looking this season like they’ll lap us.

    2. jon fox says:

      Goonerboy, You saying that “most of the fans still think he is the best for the job” is like claiming that most Britons love Trump and want him to become a naturalised Brit and then become our PM. I have seen some ludicrous claims in my long years on this planet but this one of yours is among the most stupid, wrong and bizarre I have ever seen. Incredible!

  2. Declan says:

    New contract for Wenger? Sorry, fake news!

  3. Goonerboy says:

    But ultimately, fans have the biggest say in this i strongly believe.
    But it will take a massive and uniform unity among the fans, because whether you believe it or not
    “the fans that really matter” (season ticket holders) still support the manager and if that continues there is little any one can do on the internet that is why i personally don’t overwork myself on Wenger or Arsenal’s woes.

    I don’t have any expectations but i want the club to do well but to get to the next level, Wenger is surely not the one to take us there.

  4. AndersS says:

    I really don’t understand, why he is still our manager. Our decline has been obvious for at least a couple of years, so apparently Arsenal is the only club in the PL (maybe in international top football), where a manager seems to have his job in spite of constant underperforming. Whether we will se chaos, if he continues, I don’t know.
    Personally, I would loose even more interest in how Arsenal are doing, as I can’t be enthusiastic about us, if we have absolutely no chance to compete for the top positions And with Wenger, we have no chance.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      It is terrible yes. But in the mind of the board:

      ” Wenger is still the best man for the job as he has achieved our target for 20 years (top 4)”
      “he has only missed out only once and should not be sacked because of that,
      besides, it is a very tough league to compete in”

      While some of that may be right, it fails to mention our steady decline, we have seen this coming and now it is finally here what with poor tactics, contracts issues and so on
      Can’t wait for the season to be over.

  5. Pato says:

    I think he shud be given a new contract.I can’t imagine Arsenal without Arsene.He is still the right man for the job

    1. Phil says:

      Pato-our club is in decline and it is all down to Wenger.I am still dumbfounded how anyone can even contemplate defending this manager.

      Season 2014-15 2nd place
      21015-16. 4th place
      2016-17 5th place
      2017-18. 6th place????
      I’m not sure if you can see the pattern here through your Wenger Tinted Spectacles but if you can you will see what everyone else see’s.WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS.
      I am not alone in stating his sell by date was at least 6 years ago if not longer.The Board know 99.999% of supporters have had enough of paying the HIGHEST TICKET PRICES in WORLD SPORT to allow this outdated has been to endulge himself at OUR expense.

    2. jon fox says:

      You poor boy! In the midst of normality, there is always one madman and YOU are that one!

    3. gooner4life says:

      Pato what planet are you on how can anyone claim he is the best man for the job. He is in the process of destroying our club because he is so pig-headed and wont listen to any advice.He fails to see his own shortcomings and believes his way is the best which it clearly is not.Time for him to move on before he completely destroys our beloved Arsenal.

  6. John0711 says:

    Not for me, I’m done until that dillusional idiot leaves only a fool would continue to support him. And did not give me this we support the club not the regime it’s all the same

  7. John Wick says:

    If Wenger is given another 2 year deal I’m calling the police because that is just criminal.. the board can’t even justify his current new deal let alone give him another one the team is an absolute mess! We’ve won 3 away games all season definitely aren’t even making top 4 the supposed main objective so why would anyone in their right mind reward this failure with a newer contract? This nightmare needs to end soon Wenger will be in his 70s for goodness sake what the hell are the board seeing that’s making them hang onto a man who’s earning a bloody fortune whilst continuously failing season after season and in the process of that failure we’re further away from challenging for the league title than ever before! It’s absolute madness anyone would think Wenger is winning trophies for fun! If that old relic is given another deal there needs to be an investigation of Arsenal football club! We’ll be seeing our manager on the touchline with a zimmer frame before this charade reaches a climax! He’s had 22 years enough is enough!

  8. Gelz says:

    I hope there is if he gets a new contract, I don’t want to see him managing Arsenal next season let alone getting a new contract. We are falling further behind the other top 6 every season with Wenger and next season will be no different, yes with a new manager we may fall behind next season whilst he tries to implement his ideas and philosophy’s but we may also start pushing ourselves further up, there are no garentees what will happened, except that Wenger is no longer a man who can manage a title winning team, even his top 4 priority is becoming a distant past.

  9. Sue says:

    If that was to happen, we’d have another 3 seasons of this ?
    I’ve really had enough of the underperforming, the thrashings, losing to teams we really should be beating, players being played in the wrong positions, wrong tactics…. the list goes on & on!
    I want us to go back to the arsenal we used to be…when people actually feared playing us! Right now we’re a joke…. even Swansea said we were easy to beat!!!

    1. Thomas says:

      We lost to swansea in the pissing rain we never play good in the pissing rain ask chelsea if were easy to beat sue

      1. Sue says:

        What the hell has the weather got to do with it!!!

  10. barryglik says:

    Mou destroyed everyone in ’05 and ’06
    and Fergie won 3 in a row in ’07’08 ’09
    Wenger was saved by Kroenke in 2009
    who came in saying top 4 is my goal
    because winning is too expensive.
    So these past 9 years of the 55 players Wenger
    brought in only two Ozil and Sanchez were world class.
    The others were battlers at best and many
    more were flops or injury prone or token English quota.
    Top 4 is enough for Koenke so if Arsenal make top 4
    those hoping for the Arsene-extinction should
    ready yourself for the Arsene-extension.

    1. Jhud says:

      this team will not make top 4. or top 5. goodbye arsene.

  11. Grandad says:

    Professional football today is a business run by businessmen.When a business declines a new Chief Eecutive is invariably appointed as part of a major reshuffle at Board level. Arsenal FC differs in that it’s Board is prepared to go along with an aging Chief Ex – Manager who is no longer competent, as evidenced by our decline over the past 5\6 years.At this club we have a Manager who does not appear to be accountable to anyone within the entire organisation.Wenger rarely mentions the most important people at the club in his press conference that is the fans. Yet they are the people who have effectively paid his unjustifiable salary per the years.There comes a time when even the most mild mannered fan will turn and proclaim enough is enough.

  12. Franko says:

    We are an attacking team my foot. Ferguson spent 21 years and won 13 EPl plus countless other titles. Chelsea have changed coaches countless times in 21 years and have won more trophies. Wenger has spent the best part of 21 years experimenting on his failed project and he has regressed so much that he has caused a lack of development in his own players. What a shame.

  13. Ray says:

    We need a manager who is NOT content with top 4 place. Even if Kronke is! The guys is a sports enterprise business man and result don’t mean as much as money. So, Wenger has been fitting the bill over the years until now. It looks like we are likely to finish in 6th this year, YES, SIXTH and, at least 30 or more goals in difference to top place!

    The only way Wenger is taking us is south of the border. South of the table border that is!

    We’ve all seen the decline over the years so how you can award anyone with a “nice new contract” is beyond me and gives a whole new meaning to the term, “taking the piss”!!!

    I just hope this story is taking the piss too because I’m not impressed!

  14. Phil says:

    The THUMBS DOWN would have EXPLODED this morning.Where are they Admin.

    1. Thomas says:

      Well lets start at hybrid to emirates then incincibles then wait sorry we have won countless trophies and while other teams have owners spending billions of dollars over the years we have been more consistent then they and oh wait why per say board members should extend because they have somone who can win with out having to shell out such cash so then the board gets bonuses and more money versus spending billions over a few year period and still paying the three managers they sacked before contracs uo obviously if you can do math just simple math what wenger has done is amazing if not miracle no one else ever could of done it and without him we’d be at hybrid sitting 9th or 11th maybe 8th who knows without the draw for those world class players who will benefit all us fans even after wengers gone because he built them a lovley amazing training facility for generations to awe over extend him please oh the games changed to inflation i mean liverpool spent 75 million on a defender cb from south hampton our record signing same month at 55million and its slowley grown i mean jose and ferguson spent billions upon billions to go up and down and win titles we spent ants so we could become a giant club with a giant stadium and wenger won all this time with beautiful football and our board and owner willing to spend ants for him and he has done so well that in the future as it is now it will be seen as a modern sports miracle

      1. jon fox says:

        I d just love to be able to understand your punctuation free ramble but I can’t. Something about “ants” , apparently. Try an insect website; this is for football fans!

        1. Thomas says:

          Um its called a metaphor hello similies would include the usage of like or as but atleast you got the sport were talking about right bravo ???

  15. Thomas says:

    But easy to say negative things when your an addict of negative making negative statements we didnt win everything every year tottenham has been behind us till this year for 2o years mu went through 3 managers then got mourinho and he said hi i see you have billlions of dollars to spend why dont you buy a team ill smile for three years make some dumb comments win a title chelsea not yet mu cause you spent more money than anyone else has except those city folks recently and play fall asleep football i mean wenger is great and haters gonna hate cause thats all they know to do they’ll hate till we win the title then be happy for a day once its confirmed then say well we didnt win champions leauge or vice versa cause theyre a negative addict they nead their dose to disassemble true success

    1. Phil says:

      Thomas-you are Happy we are in decline and going backwards under Wenger are you?That is what you are saying.You believe Wenger can improve us from the mess he has made us?

      1. Thomas says:

        I believe he can improve us phil and a mess i am not so sure he has brought global success and attention to the club ex. Emirates stadium and huge sponsor deals we finally have had two poor years by his standards at the helm we always havent been so great and are we weak supporters or strong give him a contract i mean hes won with ants for money let him spend for once cause even if we do get new manager inflation has occured and no body else will win with the small amounts we gave him to spend and in 20 years actuall more it seems the club is finally willing to spend give him a contract let him spend and if we dont improve which i think we will i think that the club is finally willing to spend shows were on an upturn because as long as top four the owner and board weren’t and after we spend big or somewhat big for once and auba and mkhitaryan arent the big im hoping for i want more if liverpoodlians can pay 75million for a cb let wenget spend a bit and if we still do bad we can always sack him or ask him to leave wouldnt be uncommon but we owe it to him and dont say we do not because emirates london colney that will bring in high talent here for years to come and we have never spent for him just gave little and hes always done big things with little i think he can do bigger things in his final years if we give him big i dont see us in decline but if we sack him we will be for a good three maybe four years

  16. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Why is there not more protests from fans at the Emirates. When I’m screaming from my seat at Wenger and Bould, the fans (or tourists) around me look at me with a puzzled look. Although I think it’s now about 95% of fans want him out this doesn’t seem to be reflected at the ground. That tells me that most of the real fans of Arsenal Football Club are not able or sadly can’t afford to purchase tickets anymore. Therefore the board, who incidentally don’t care about the fans, are not being put under pressure to change the manager. The news today that Wenger will be offered a new contract horrifies me especially following the positive recent signings which I feel were definitely we’re not sanctioned by Wenger and the assumption that they’ll be followed by a keeper, defensive midfielder and central defenders in the summer. This fraud keeps telling us how much he loves our club, bullshit, all he loves is the money and the power given to him by this stupid, non footballing board of directors. I’m praying the wise contributions of Phil And Jon fox of him leaving in May don’t come back to haunt us.

    1. jon fox says:

      Have faith Kenny. Unless you have just heard something that I have not, there is no way they will extend his time. Induging the hypothetical for a moment, IF they did they would be declaring war on us fans and I do not think they are that stupid, where money is concerned at least.

  17. Shinoda says:

    Arsene Wenger has completely lost it. Anyone supporting his conract extension is just scared of change. Arsenal was there before Wenger & it will continue to exist after him. We’ve had failure & success before him & great success with him, but he has also made us a laughing stock & tarnishing what he achieved. What I can’t understand is people saying that nobody can come in & do better than him, really??? what if he dies today, he has no divine right to manage Arsenal. There’s a reason why people retire by the age of 60 or 65, or even seek other challenges. We have seen his best & now we are experiencing his worst, it is time for him to leave Arsenal. Whether he feels he has something more to prove, let him do it elsewhere. We aren’t performing on the pitch because of lack of investment. We have teams poorer than us with lesser wages & performing way better than us, so the issue about money is BS. You can assemble the most expensive squad in the world but without a good manager it is useless. We don’t know what we can achieve with another manager but I believe it’s worth a shot. It’s better to try than doing nothing. I want to see my club competing for big trophies & showing fight & passion in every single match, that’s all. I support Arsenal FC, not Arsene Wenger!

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Absolutely right Shinoda, who do these people think we’re going to get after Wenger, Tony Pulis?

      1. jon fox says:

        Some of that 5% who want him to stay actually fear we will get a Tony Pullis type man to replace him. I say they think, you will notice though “thinking” is not something they are capable of, clearly.

    2. Thomas says:

      The club is bigger than him i support arsenal fc to not arsene but who has spent less in bp performing better not man city not chelsea not man u not totte ham not liverpoodles??? Just curious

  18. Break-on-through says:

    It’s a shame that they took so long before getting people around Arsene that have contacts and ideas. It should have happened a long time ago, Arsene had the will, the good football brand, stature, and had more desire, but we left him busy with other areas of club before him becoming a megalomaniac. Mislintat helped reel these players in, but we tried before, so Gazidas comes out of this situation the worst in my opinion. Even though fans are trying to spin it the other way around. And I look forward to seeing the effect that Raul will have on our club. Barcelona middle man, he’ll have his pulse on Spain, after Barca Madrid there should be still excellent players to scoop up. He’ll
    also have all the Spanish speaking countries agents and passport people in his phone book.

    1. Thomas says:

      Gazidas comes out poorly with me too wenger got will passion and heart for club but used him to build a stable club for the modern future instead of invensting in trophies well said now hes in the embers of his career even though I want him to stay his prime was used to build a stable future for whoever follows him which may take three managers to get the grand success we gooners hope for

  19. jon fox says:

    A totally academic question Pat , as there is NO way the club will extend his contract. They know that to do so would be widely regarded as an act of treason (figuritively speaking) against us fans and would effectively reduce the attendance in future games drastically. I would then give up all thought of ever coming along again and would regard this club as the enemy of us fans. In fact, I already DO regard the regime as enemy of us fans, since they have wilfully refused to do what has been obvious for many years past and sack Wenger. But as I say, it is academic and will not happen. I am almost convinced Wenger will be history in our club come May. To have a glimmmer of staying he would have to make top four or win the Europa cup and in reality land , where I have always lived, unlike some, I know those things will NOT happen, hence he will be sacked; though the club will try to fool us to save his face by calling it mutual consent or concoct a health condition of his, neither of which will fool us. I CAN SCARCELY WAIT FOR MAY and am more than 90% certain that he will be gone. And 100% certain he will not be extended.

    1. Thomas says:

      So if he stays and wins you wont follow the club real fan you are i mean academic is the low iq in your reply its ok to say fire but disown the club even Newcastle fans still show and they dont like ashley i mean fans are split even with winning teams bit refuse to show thats just cowardice and yellar

  20. Thomas says:

    I mean john fox how sad at least phil would show up to the games as i call me an idiot for supporting wenger while i say whatever i say while we both wish his aunt had bollocks so we could be in first or second (lol no offense phil) and still sing the songs to aid the team to victory wenger no wenger wheres the heart

    1. jon fox says:

      Listen, Sonny punctuation wonderboy! When you have spent 60 years watching and attending Arsenal games , as I have, you have the right to speak to me. Until you have a clue what being a true supporter means -which is helping your club to rid itself of the cancerous manager harming it, not supporting the cancer like you do – keep your ramblings for someone who has time for them. I don’t. Get it, sonny?

      1. Thomas says:

        Well then leave a statment with some substance to go off of junior bring about some actual statistics so we can at least discuss opinions and ping pong instead your just pointing to things in the room and saying negative and if thats too high iq for ya just bring an ants worth of intellect to the conversation even if you have a different opinion weigh some pros and cons leave some details junior instead of getting confused over simple metaphors 60 years and you dont understand invincible, Emirates stadium, london colney, add some depth either future or past at hybrid instead of being a surface bug who said we finished out of the top four in 20 years once if we do twice and give him a contract your turning your back on the club and not going like come on bandwagon ( similie by the way) glad from age forty to sixtey you were always in the top four a lot of fans werent so fortunate junior

        1. jon fox says:

          What is it with you and “ants” sonny boy? And why not look up the words comma and sentence? That would be at least a start if you wish to be properly understood, as you clearly have something to say but make it so difficult to read.

          1. Billy says:

            @john being abusive again. What happened to freedom of speech? Oh they didn’t agree with you old man. And stop with the grammar police, no one cares, this is an Arsenal site for fans, not a wordsmith site. People are allowed their opinion even if you don’t agree, get over yourself, your like a troll on this site.
            By the way folks I’ve wanted Wenger out for about 6 years.

          2. Thomas says:

            Thanks billy even if we differ in opinion about wenger i respect your right say what you feel about the situation we all have our own afc feelings but i think we all want the same the club to be successful and my touch screens finicky with all the grammar pauses takes me 3 times as long

          3. Thomas says:

            Well lets talk football and the lack of money we’ve put into new signings.(happy) I stated an extension because I believe wenger has a vision and passion for club success.(another period in a comment) when in 2018 our xlub record is 55million were low on the totem pole in spending. we have had 5 games this year which have placed us in this unfortunate position 6 if you count mu. These games consist of swansea, stoke city, watford, bournemouth, and west brom. We truthfully should be in 3rd or second sadly realistically this year cause of us losing leads in 4 out of 5 of those matches were in 6th now. Watching the season and those games what is sad is the poor finishing from up front our strikers. We play offensive attractive football and when doing that unless you sit 9 or ten always behind the ball you will give up a goal or maybe two but we have scored first. The tactics have worked the chances have been there this year but our strikers have failed to kill the games. We have created quality chances and grab leads in the first 60 minutes. The frustration is our defenders/midfielders pop in a goal and our strikers have failed to kill the games to go two nil up and open up the opponents. Then in last 30 minutes when were tired we leave teams who need points with hope and due to some poor referee decisions not going our way this year( including tottenham away but different scenario on game style front) and that hope we leave them has cost us not the tactics the finishing of chances that have been there. Which is why i say extend the contract spend big for once and especially since world cup year which means limited summer training time for new manager with squad. Wenger knows his team knows him spend big on some players we need and if we finish we got a good shot at going far the statistics are there are strikers finish and we are speaking totally different look at the table and those games have been the ones to shackle the season with remorse.

  21. Tom says:

    I think he should be allowed to finish this contract and for after next season, there should be change. When he leaves, we should pay him proper respect for all the good years that he has given to us.

    It is not guaranteed that Arsenal would be any bigger with other managers especially as our board is always reluctant to spend money necessary to compete against other top teams. Although, it seems that we have splashed some cash, but the net after selling players is almost nil. This has always been the philosophy of the club and Wenger has done brilliant work under such circumstances.

    But Arsenal are such finance powerhouse and a club loved and renowned to all due to his works. Frustration of not being on top is normal, but fans should see the bigger picture. His legacy will be talked with pride by next generation Gunners. This is a critical point and we should handle things with more maturity.

  22. Ray says:

    Are you quite finished boys?

  23. Shinoda says:

    I respect your point, & to answer your question, Liverpool & Spurs have a lower net spend & lower wages than Arsenal in the last 5yrs. Bayern have a lower wage bill than Arsenal but humiliate us in CL, Atletico with lesser resources and a lower wage bill but have recently done better than us in CL. But my point is that even putting finances aside, with our current squad we should be performing way better than previous seasons & yet we’re in decline. This is the most expensive Arsenal squad we’ve ever had but the worst in terms of performance. Even our Academy products have been declining recently once they break into the 1st team. What do you think about that?

    1. Thomas says:

      Well your righ with met spend but in amount paid out for players no net were 5th but i agree our champions league performances have been poor we had some tough draws and the premier league is more demanding then the other leagues in strwnght of competition and games played still excuses dont win
      but that monaco loss left me shaking my head in cl we get theough the group but cant muster the strength needed for knockout and we should be performing better were under performing for the talent xhaka has frustrated me hes got the talent and plays well but cant hold focus in games he drops off and loses his marks our academy is doing well but yes it is tougher now to break in to the first team iwobi has done well but one or two seasons away from being there if he does turn himself elite ever has to score or he will just be another ox but i think its been a wake up call to the club we finally have to act theres a wave of ideas to not only get us back to winning ways but become title contenders and i think give him the extension one year its a world cup year and that will also allow our players esp strikers who been very poor this year realized its tough to play in englad and next year will have a better idea what it really takes to win here shore up some spots and depth and were in contention fail and the changes will happen but let him have one more year the fact were willing to spend shows me an upturn from the decline

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