Would Alexis to Man United be Arsenal suicide?

Manchester United manager mentioned Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez mistakenly in an interview this week, sending social media into meltdown.

The Chilean international has been strongly linked with the exit door this summer, with his current contract having run into his final 12 months, and with a mexican stand-off having ensued.

Alexis has finally declared his wish to play Champions League football this week, seemingly ending any hopes of agreeing a deal to keep him with the club into the coming season.

Since that interview, Manchester United boss has name-dropped him whilst trying to rule out a move for another player in Alvaro Morata.

When Mourinho was asked by a Spanish journalist if United were attempting to sign Morata, he replied in Spanish: ‘It is a question for Florentino [Perez, the Real president]. I don’t know the first thing about Sanchez.’

This name-drop has since alerted United and Arsenal fans into somewhat of a frenzy, with many claiming that the incident was more than just an accident.

The possible freudian slip will not please any Gunners fans, with the thought of strengthening a strong rival an unprecedented possibility.

The Red Devils have been spending largely in recent windows, and have to be feared in our bid to land our first Premier League title in 14 years, and surely selling Alexis would make them the clear favourites to land the league.

If our club really has aspirations to win the PL in the coming years, than allowing such a top player in Sanchez join a rival would be suicide.

Would selling Alexis to the Manchester clubs or Chelsea be like waving goodbye to the title? Are United our biggest challenge in our bid to win the PL already despite their sixth placed finish last term?

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  1. If he goes, he’s not going to any PL team. Not this year at least. He might go on free transfer next year to a PL team. But neither MC, MU, Chelsea or any PL team is getting him this year.

  2. Arsenal play suites him, he may not be as effective as he is with arsenal and country. I won’t mind selling him to any club for 80 to 90 million. Remember it took three years for him to be this good in the club.

  3. I hope the history does not repeat itself, But If you are running a club just to make money, then you will not hesitate to do that, Knowing arsenal for last decades, the management’s first preference is money . If this season nothing changes , then they will very well sell Sanchez to a direct rival which prematurely will end our title hopes before August.
    Will wait and see

    1. Really.. Was Sanchez nt in team dat got thrash by Munich, was Sanchez nt in team dat drop out of the top 4, was Sanchez not in d team wen the likes of Leicester won the league so wat makes u so sure dat without him, arsenal won’t finish well…no Player is bigger than the club, even on his best form, d guy can’t boss the likes of Barcelona n Co, d way he bosses arsenal around, if he want to leave den arsenal should just let him go after all wen the likes of Vieira, Henry, fabregas, Nasir, Van Persie left we didn’t went into oblivion, we still standing and one of the biggest club in Europe. And Alexis leaving won’t change dat at all.. Just saying

  4. What do you think?

    Aguero Lacazette
    Welbeck Xhaka Ramsey Walcott
    Sead Koscielny Mustafi Bellerin

      1. My bad

        Lacazette Aguero
        Lemar Xhaka Ramsey Mahrez
        Sead Koscielny Mustafi Bellerin

        Feel better?! Good luck if you think we can afford to change half our team in one summer!

    1. No.. we Will play 3 CB for sure..
      3-5-2 will be great if Aquero arrive..
      But Aquero and Lacavette is a bit similar kind of player.. don’t think we will get Aquero after having Lacazette.. hehehe

  5. Well we did sell them the best striker in the league and the epl trophy for a combined total of 24M a few seasons back…hell, we probably sold man city the title or a few trophies too at some point so forgive me if I take such a rumour seriously.

  6. It will be suicidal to sel sanchez to direct rivals.. If he refuses to sign sel him to clubs else where

  7. This whole Sanchez thing is becoming annoying. The guy had his best season in years yet arsenal as a club had the worst season in like 20 years. Suarez’ s best season at Liverpool saw tremendous improvement in the whole team and only missed out on the title thanks to Gerald’ s infamous slip up. In comparison, Sanchez cant seem to raise the game of those around him. Because somehow, you get the impression that he looks down on everyone else other than ozil. He is a good player undoubtedly but the sun will still shine with or without him.

    1. If he is that good, I think we should be playing in Champions league. He’s not at the level of Liverpool’s Suaraz… During Van persi’s last days in Arsenal, we were playing crap but still manage to finish in the first four thanks to VP’s important goals. Just let this guy go, what if he’s injured for the rest of the season, does that mean out team will crumble? Someone (Outside the club) can step up and fill his space.

      1. I’ll let him run down his contract, he’ll only be allowed near the team if there’s no risk of him poisoning the dressing room.The last thing we want is an Alexis desperate to prove he’s right to leave now playing for a direct rival. Bayern Munich, Inter or PSG are viable, not the EPL. I wouldn’t be as worried about him in a couple of seasons though, he’ll be closer to 30 and would have lost a yard or two, there’s only so far passion can take you ala Wayne Rooney. Kroenke will have to take one for the team by writing off 50 million in transfer fees, fair enough compensation for the fans for missing out on the Champions League this season if you asked me.

  8. people are becoming too sentimental about Alexis issue. He leaving won’t be the end of arsenal and arsenal forcing him against his wish could detrimental or productive nobody knows. My own opinion is if he wants to leave desperately then arsenal should let him go because nothing good can come out of him staying. He will down too, disrupt the concentration of the team and sow dissension with the club. Wenger saying one thing and him saying another is the beginning.

  9. Chelsea sold Mata to Mans united, Spurs just sold Walker to man city, Everton finished 7th and Man U finished 6th, yet Everton sold to them there best player and Rooney went the other way. It won’t be near suicidal if Alexis goes to any EPL team. It is a small club mentality if arsenal and the fan think it is. Man city for the past 3 seasons had being picked as tittle favourite yet they are so far away from it after spending good money. Alexis will not make them a winner. There are only two players in the world that singlehandedly win tittles for there clubs and he is not one of them. yes, he was our best player last season and that is all he has done and that is due to the number of goals he scored. Take away his goals, we won’t be having this argument.

    1. Are we saying the league table would look the same if any of the Manchester clubs had Alexis in their team this past season? Liverpool?

  10. I can’t imagine Wenger sanctioning a move like that to Utd, not with Maureen as manager, he despises him.

    It sounds more like Maureen trying to irritate Wenger with his childish mind games.

  11. its not ‘our’ sanchez, but secretary member of board of real madrid, Enrique “Sánchez” González. who hold hand players transfers club with perez

  12. Saying that we are not in CL because of Sanchez is plain ignorance. He may be ungrateful to the club, but with 24 goals & 10 assists in PL, I don’t understand how one can call that failure. He did his job, and he did it very well. It’s the midfield & defence that failed us, as well as Wenger. Sanchez has his own faults, but who doesn’t. What matters is that when he’s on the pitch, you are certain he will give his all & that’s what I love about him more than his skills. However, we just can’t let him leave if he wants to, unless we have a better or equally the same replacement.

    1. Great players lift their teammates and it’s not by throwing tantrums and acting like you run the show. I am too certain if he made his gripe known without constantly making him and his teammates look like assailed, we won’t be in such a situation. Recall when Mertesacker called out Ozil for not applauding the crowd? He’s not made it an habit to call out players in public. It’s almost always understood the first time or occasionally to call out fellow players but not as frequently as Sanchez did, even laughing at us getting defeated at Bayern.

    2. Yeah, I agree he scored some great goals but how many points did the game won for us? See how Ronaldo won the champions league for Madrid, VP carried us to champions league spot… No one is irreplaceable. Without Sanches in our team last season we would still have managed to top Everton and probably Manure

  13. Get Martial ans cash for him. His uncertanty about playing for Arsenal cost us last year and will again. Get rid of him and sign someone who wants to be here

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