Would Arsenal be mad to reject Ozil demands?

Arsenal are believed to be close to landing targets Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan at present, and Mesut Ozil is claimed to be demanding a pay-rise to match the new signings.

The incoming duo played together at Borussia Dortmund previously, and are set to be reunited in North London, with former BVB Chief Scout Sven Mislintat likely to have played a big part in recommending the pair to his new club.

The deals look likely to be completed this week, with the Armenian midfielder moving from Manchester United as part of a swap deal, with him believed to have arrived in London yesterday in order to complete a medical.

The pair are expected to sign contracts worth in excess of £200,000 per-week, and Ozil is set to demand a salary in line with the new stars.

The German international is currently inside the final six months of his current deal, and has been linked with a move away from the club on a free transfer, but has continually reiterated a desire to stay beyond his current contract, and could well sign a new deal.

The same cannot be said for Alexis Sanchez, who has made his intentions clear, and is set to be sent to Manchester United as part of the move to bring Mkhitaryan to North London.

For me it would be crazy to allow Ozil to leave the club if we genuinely have the opportunity to keep him beyond the summer. He is said on a number of occasions that he is happy at the Emirates, and I struggle to understand why we have allowed it get to this point of his deal without an agreement in place.

Is Ozil really willing to sign a new deal? Could he be looking forward to teaming up with the incoming duo? Does he deserve his wages to be on a par with Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan?

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Updated: January 22, 2018 — 11:12 am


  1. Allowing ozil to leave would be a STUPID STUPID decision now that he is at the peak of his career. His Workrate, defensive contribution and body language has greatly improved. What could he possibly do? Teach our team to defend properly in place of incompetent Wenger lol, might as well give him wenger salary and half the current attacking players since he does their jobs too.

  2. If the window goes accordingly, we will have the good problem of trying to fit in these super six players: Ozil, Mhki, Wilshere, Auba, Ramsey, Lacazette…If Wenger does not see this as a good problem we should have, then he should transfer himself and let us sign a manager that would love to have such a problem…

  3. Apparently, We agreed to pay Mhki the demands so i do not see us refusing to pay Ozil. We need to sell dead wood to free the wage budget. We got people like Debuchy who rarely play for Arsenal…We have Martesacker who should be retired sooner rather than later. We got Carzola who let’s face it will probably never play for us again due to injuries. I’m sure if you ran down the sqaud list we got players we just need to move on so that money will be available to use on players who can win us things…Like Ozil right now if he gets to play with Auba, Lacazette, Mhki…Wilshere.

  4. If Wenger after his last failed 6 years before winning the FA cup could be given a new contract and despite his poor managerial skills since he got too old… Not renewing Ozil’s contract would be total madness.
    We lost Sanchez, now if we lose Ozil and say we are bringing Mihki n PEA, tell me are we improving the team n building it or are we just standing in the same spot we’ve been??
    If we get Mihki n PEA, I reckon we might be seeing the best of Ozil again.
    He’ll have creative Mihki to have is work easier for him, I say the Trident of Laca-PEA-Ozil-Mihki would be dreaded if they’re to start matches together.
    Quote me anywhere

  5. Ridiculous situation that Wenger has got us into. As I said the other day, Liverpool lose their two best players in recent years, and bring in £210 million, we’re losing our best two players, and only getting a Utd reject in return, who’s been poor in the Premier League, and valued at less than £30 million.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted Mkhitaryan when he was at Dortmund, but Utd are laughing at us because they’ve easily got the better deal, and Liverpool have schooled us on how to conduct your transfer business.

    Yet again, another embarrassment for us, and Wenger is now costing us hundreds of millions!

    1. Hang on… Wenger isn’t the one in Dortmund… That is Gazidis with Sven and Huss.

      Wenger have a say in the young Greek CB?

      Wenger wanted Martial as part of the Alexis deal, Sven wanted Mkhitaryan, who are we getting? Oh yeah, you just moaned about Mkhitaryan… but blaming it on Wenger.

      Wenger has plenty of faults to do with coaching and tactics that you do not need to blame him for everything?

  6. The pressure to succeed
    is lower at Arsenal than Man U.
    At United he was expected to
    perform miracles.
    Arsenal fans have much lower expectations
    and Mkhi could thrive here so this could
    still work in our favour.

  7. Ozil is the best Arsenal player.
    Enough said.

  8. Just pay him d damn money.

  9. He is a player who we can’t afford to lose.The club knows this,the fans know this,and just as importantly so does Mesut Ozil.The fact that he will be in a position to get himself a very nice Signing On Fee from whichever club he signs for after June means he will get the financial rewards he always wanted.Who can blame him for getting the very best for himself.If his abilities had been appreciated by the club and management earlier then the player would have not been in the position we have now where the cards are all held by him.To keep him will cost the club a huge signing on fee and colloidal wages but that is the price we must pay.We need him so pay him provided it is what SVEN M and RAUL advise.Im sure the player himself would be impressed that these 2 are involved and the whole structure of the club is moving forward.

  10. Im a wenger out all day long but to blame him souly for the contracts of Alexis & Ozil is ridiculous. The board/owner is who offer thie big pay rises & sanctions deals for new players to come in & go but will not go in to their own pockets. Yes Wenger is responsible for what happens on the pitch & he is failing miserably over the last 10 years but If he gets Mhik & Auba, gets Ozil & Wilshere to sign new deals & maybe just maybe pulls a rabbit out of the hat in a CDM we can give him until the summer as it would leave us in good shape for a nee manager coming in.

    Best we can hope for tbh gunners. I want Stan gone also but wont happen so have to accept he is here for the long haul of making money from us, Wenger will die at Arsenal by the looks of things ??

    1. @Sean In case you ever need to use the word where it matters, it’s spelt *solely. 🙂 #JustHelping

      1. Thanks knew it didnt look correct when i re-read it.

  11. Dein used to take care of the contracts…since Law left..so currently think its Gazadis or Raul who will be in charge together with Famy

  12. Buying Auba 5 years ago
    would have been mint.
    But instead we have spent
    42m on Mesut. Can go on a free.
    34m on Sanchez. Swap/no money deal. “The Sanchez Salsa”
    16m on Wellbeck. Struggling.
    16m for Perez. On loan.
    46m for Lacazette. Struggling.
    How can we justify spending another 50m+ on a 29 yr old?
    We may have to sell Ozil because he can go on a free in the summer.
    But clubs will want a “Sanchez Salsa deal”
    We are up sit Creek without a paddle.

    1. “How can we justify spending another 50m+ on a 29 yr old?”
      Add in wages and it will be less than what UTD are paying for Alexis.

      I read it will be 10 million euro a year for Auba for 3.5 year deal.

      If transfer costs 60 million Euro which I read to be the fee they are asking then that is 95.5 million euros.

      Alexis is costing… 180 million euros in total if I am not mistaken.

      Now if we can regain UCL football instead of dropping out of european football (replace Alexis or not replace him) then that could be £50 million extra for that single season, if Auba can help us get UCL for 3 years running then that is £150 million (about) on top of EPL money etc.

      I recognise that Auba may not adapt to the EPL and it can go wrong, no player is a guarantee to settle in the EPL.
      Should we not look to sign TOP players who are 29 from time to time? Not saying everyone and I doubt Sven will either, 1st signing is a prospect after all.

      As for Laca struggling, he has but look at the support he has been getting. Welbroke has been too selfish too often while not producing. Alexis is a high risk player who has lost the ball a lot. Iwobi has looked like a headless chicken. Ozil has off field issues (contract).
      Our CM has not got a DM so any time our attack loses the ball, we have shown a vulnerable side to counter attacking movements.

      Any wonder Laca hasn’t got off to a flying start?

      Wengers fault for poor tactics.
      Instead of dropping an attacker for a DM, he dropped an attacker for a CB, while it helped to boost confidence in the team at the time it also means we still have no DM and we are still vulnerable to the counter.

      If sit creek without a paddle has an attack of;

      Auba. Ozil. Mkhitaryan

      then WTF have we been doing avoiding it?????

  13. New ball game Arsenal,try joining it or we’ll get left behind.

  14. Ozil worth more than Mkhitaryan – so that’s a fair request.

    But after 2 years of trying to get him to sign I’d assume they are willing to offer – they haven’t already

    So won’t believe he’s signed until I read on Arsenal

  15. Considering that Sanchez has gone to UTD earning £450 grand per week and got a 15 million pound signing fee, paying Aub, Mkre and Ozil £200 grand each is roughly what Sanchez is getting at UTD on his own and our 3 top players earning £600 grand per week between them is nothing. Just give Ozil whT he wants. He is world class when he plays well is great to watch and I think now Sanchez has gone he will be better and we won’t have that bad feeling in changing room. As Saturday against Palace we was awesome especially Ozil. And Wenger don’t need to whine over a few grand for Aub, if they want 60 million for him pay it. COYG’s.

  16. Mik and Auba with Ozil feeding them, may be we might end up 6th this season and play Europa again

  17. we dont need Mika Or Pierre..

    why? mika on his day has an impact but his day isn’t that often. Why get Pierre when we just paid over £40 million for Laca. Is it Wenger’s admission that he is not up to the pace and power of the PL and never was. Pierre, has a great conversion rate but he doesn’t create goals on his own. At Dortmund he plays with an extremely dynamic and creative midfield. We on the other hand are pedestrian at best.. Since Santi has been out we have lacked the cut and thrust he provided and it is in midfield where the problems truly lie.

    We loose our best player to united again, and wenger tells us its not a problem…
    seen and heard it all before..

    First we try to be like Barcelona, and now we are trying to be Mini Dortmund..We are not..

    I pray someone has the balls and vision to remove wenger sooner rather than later and to get
    a modern thinking football tactician and someone with ‘current’ stature and successes behind him.

  18. We lost Alexis Sanchez because of the ineffeciency of the club management. For me, now only Ozil is a quality player in a squad. His standard is setting above on Mkhitaryan & Aubameyang ability. I konw these incoming duo are a good addition to the club and they are a super players but not compare with him. If ozil leave this club his replacement cost is cover him salary more than three up to four years. so,why we should pay to ozil a salary in line with sanchez earn in man united.

  19. If it were a simple – who would you rather keep, Aleix or Ozil? I’d pick Ozil.

    Ozil is unique in his ability, his vision is second to none.

    Alexis, as vital as his goals were, also was toxic for the squad morale. He regularly loses possession and never really felt like he was here for the long haul.

    I just hope that Ozil signs another contract and stays for the best years of his career.

  20. Give ozil what he want and bring in aubameyang and a CB and we see where we can finish this season. We cannot loose 2 best players at the same time even in few months time.
    We need quality players to compete not dead wood or fringe players all on the name of singing players

  21. We need a player like Aubameyang Bcus we r not scoring enough goals, doesn’t matter if we hv lacazette already, would be better to play them together. At least we shud be scoring like 2/3 goals in a match, not just a single 1 goal and struggling to win a game.

  22. Would Arsenal be mad not to offer Ozil 200k a week if that is his demand?
    Big, emphatic YES!!!

    I read an article talking from a BvB perspective on what Auba is like. They love him for not his pace but his intelligence and how unselfish he is along with bags of skill. Speed is down the list even though he is one of the fastest players on this planet currently.

    Auba did play on the right before going CF and he scored plenty still… so the right side of 2 AM just behind the CF will see him get plenty of the ball and in positions where he can be a threat, either driving through and shooting or using that skill and intelligence to pick the pass.

    Mkhitaryan we know done well with Auba, having him as the 2nd AM instead of Ozil would put him in his preferred position, more of a number 10 than a winger. He has shown he can assist, grabbing 15 that one season with Auba. He has shown he can score but he isn’t a big scorer… Still scores more than Ozil though and we want his intelligence just behind Laca so we can set Laca up to score multiple times a game.

    Ozil would be in a free role now, kinda CM and kinda AM… drifting between the lines and pulling the strings. IMO that would get the best out of him.

    If he had a 3 man CM to work with like 2 CM and a DM (Wilshere/AMN/Xhaka without any new signings) then he would see plenty of the ball as he links up the CM to attack. Can’t just ignore the CM though as they have the capability to let loose a long pass for the pace of the new attack…

  23. We absolutely must pay Ozil and keep him. Ozil, Aubameyang, Mikhitaryan and Lacazette are potentially a far greater fab four Liverfool were prancing around during their brief day out in the sun. We need an almighty push to get back into the UCL places. We just need a quality CB and a DM to play alongside Wilshere/Ramsey and we are set.

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