Would Arsenal consider Jack Grealish as being worth more than Nicolas Pepe?

SkySports state that Arsenal are considering a deal to sign Jack Grealish this summer, but his fee is likely to cost somewhere between £70-80 Million which is currently consider outside our budget.

Our side would most certainly benefit by the addition of the young English international, and while we would previously have expected to lose out on his signature to Manchester United, they now appear to be prioritising the arrival of Jadon Sancho instead.

It remains to be seen whether Aston Villa would consider lowering their asking price, given that Manchester United’s interest automatically adds weigh to a player’s fee, but you wouldn’t expect our side to pay £70 Million.

On the contrary, Arsenal were also not expected to be spending big last summer, but somehow pulled of a master stroke to bring in Nicolas Pepe, albeit with the full payment being paid in installments.

That poses the question though, if we were able to strike a £72 Million deal with Lille last summer, maybe we could come to some sort of similar arrangement with Aston Villa to acquire the England international, but would they view Grealish in a similar way to Pepe?

Some still claim that the Ivory Coast international is yet to earn his price tag, but the reality is that since Arteta came into the fold, he has easily been one of our best performers.

Grealish would pose as a huge boost to our midfield options, with very little goals and assists coming from our current midfielders, although you could argue that Jack plays in a more advanced role to our midfield three.

If Grealish is viewed as a winger, then I would struggle to make the argument that he is would make a huge improvement to our side, mostly because the area that we most need strengthening is in midfield, and at centre-back.

Would Grealish pose as a big enough improvement on our attacking options to warrant such a fee? Or would he be able to revert back to playing in behind the striker or in midfield where we could most definitely profit from a player of his ability?


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  1. Pepe has really done nothing useful since he joined Arsenal.He should sit down to watch how wingers like Mahrez,Zaha,Adama,Sallah,Mane,Sterling,Son,and Rashford play week in week out performing consistenly for their clubs.That partly contributed to Arsenal scoring just 56 goals this just concluded season while we scored 73 goals the previous season.Gunners need a deep penetrating winger that can consistently take the ball to the opponent’s area.

    1. Mike I agree £72 million wasted Grealish is a big fish in a small pond put him in a big pond he will be like the invisible man

    2. Zaha? Really lol? The others fair enough but zaha is definitely not “consistent ” hes hit 10 goals in a season ONCE in his career and has 24 assists in 215 games lol Terrible return regardless of who you play for, and cost more than pepe last season and is a couple of years older, dont get the hype.

  2. Come on… We are not willing pay Partey’s Release Clause 45 Millions, why Board will go for Grealish???
    Unnecessary Article…
    We should start looking at Substitute for Partey..
    Danilo Pereira is the name popping up which can be available in half price…. We can look for Doucouré as well… He is strong powerful and decent passer of the ball… He will be available in cheap as Watford has gone down

    1. Amadou Diawara has also been mentioned…..

      After all of this though, if we don’t end up with Partey, omg I’m going to be so enraged!!!

      1. Sue, it wouldn’t hurt to get him or Pereira or Marc Roca as well as Partey, such is the standard of Arsenal’s midfield.

      2. It is Partey or no one else. 45m pounds is a good deal for a player like Partey. he is what we need in midfield

          1. 👍 👍 👍 An absolute bargain at €50 million buy out, yet Arsenal dithers while the Club slips down the table and the value of the Club drops.

  3. Pepe has never performed anything better since his arrival. I would sell Pepe and bring in Zaha

      1. Not what Arsenal need now, given the unsellable players that can’t be moved on in midfield and defense and the young forward talent Arsenal has coming through.

    1. has Hazard justified his fee at Madrid? Does that mean Madrid will sell him because of that? Pepe needs time. he has done well in his first season.

  4. Should go all out for partey even if that means he will be our only signing the guy is a beast and something we been missing in midfield for years!! Ideally him and a top quality centre back to be added plenty of deadwood to sell on so should be have sufficient funds to buy both!!

  5. Pepé is an exciting player but has been fairly average at best and Grealish is certainly not viewed as a winger.
    Btw we have offered Atleti £25 million plus Guendouzi for Partey which has been rejected.
    No way would we be spending £60-80 million on Grealish.

  6. I would rather look for a dm,grealish is a very good player but 70-80 million,cmon man….

  7. As much as I’d love to see Grealish in an Arsenal shirt… it’ll have to be on fifa!! 80m? 😂😂😂 Unless Villa are up for an installment plan over 50 years, no chance in hell!!!

  8. Why consider Jacko or Coutinho, when we have the “19 assist in one season” still on our rolls. The 60-70M we would be spending on the transfer fee for the CAM, reinvest in our golden boy. Make the fella happy, extend his contract by another 3 years with 10-15% hike and we are sorted out for the next 4 years! This proposal should excite the fan club.

    1. And this “professional” footballer’s agent has just restated that he is so happy at the Emirates not playing, that he intends to stay until he can leave as a free agent.

  9. I agree we hsould go all out for Partey, which we should be able to do by selling Guendouzi, Socrates, Ozil and Mhiki. Also we need a strong CB to partner Salliba.

  10. Sokratis, Ozil and Mhiki will not bring in any money. Sokratis has 1 year left with a high salary and his agent says he wants to stay. Mhiki is likely to stay on loan with Roma and Ozil will not move. If we could sell Sokratis I doubt we could get more than 10 M tops.

    Guendouzi could be sold though. There are no easy fixes for Arsenal right now.

      1. I agree but do you think they will offer to pay him this much while they are considering strengthening the team in some other positions?

      2. Are you for real? comparing Pepe with Grealish? Pepe is by far better. People keep slating Pepe like he did nothing this season. this guy scored 2 free kicks in a match.

        You cant judge a player just from his first season. Hazard scored only one goal all season for Real Madrid.

        Pepe: 8 goals and 8 assist for arsenal.
        Hazard: 1 goal and 4 assist for real madrid
        Grealish: 10 goals and 4 assist for aston villa

        Pepe is top quality. he will come good.
        grealish is over rated.

        We should buy Nabil Fekir, Thomas Partey and Isco
        You need quality in attacking midfield area.

        1. Hahahahahaha, 2 free kicks in one match!? WOW! So that accounts for 2 of his 5 league goals then, well worth £72m, you should have said sooner! You can’t judge a player in his 1st season? But yet you are clearly judging Grealish on his 1st real season and you don’t even know his stats (9 goals, 7 assists), it’s hard to take you seriously when you top it off with a wish list directly from Fifa 20, lol, real life doesn’t always work like that

  11. I just hope it’s untrue or just a smokescreen, because it only implies we’re not setting our priorities straight….. more than anyone else, we need Partey, then a top CB, and a highly tricky creative player, maybe two, to add that creative spark to our game…. I believe these signings will spell the end of predictable sideways and backwards passes, and we can go on to actually dominate teams. Let’s just hope this window turns out a happy one for us. COYG!

  12. Some realism is required at this time of transfer speculation.Our accounts for the year to 31/5/20 are likely to disclose losses of around 30m and our wages to revenue ratio is I believe a staggering 77% when anything above 50% is a matter of concern.We have recently had to restructure Bond debts of approx 220m through KSE to ease the pressure and we are also in danger of breaking FFP rules.Fans have to realize we are not in a position to spend other than a very modest amount on bringing in new players , which in essence means we have to sell before we buy or enter into swap arrangements.In these circumstances we are not in a position to contemplate buying someone like Grealish nor any other high value player.Like many other Clubs we are strapped for cash, and as the Pandemic is not ab ating it could be some considerable time before we can trade our way out of the mire as our Owner is highly unlikely to inject funds.

    1. Grandad, remind us again why Arsenal left Highbury, sold its best players and spent a fortune building the Emirates, so they could compete against the top clubs in the EPL and Europe?
      It now looks like the top clubs in the EPL now include Sheffield United, Burnley and Southampton. Arsenal is in this place, because of the mismanagement of Arsenal’s financial and player assets by the Board and senior executives charged with the stewardship of this once great Club.

    2. @Grandad Thank you for being the voice of reason here. People act as if the clubs finances is something optional when it comes to transfers.

    3. I think you’re spot on with this comment Grandad. I don’t expect us to start next season with a stronger squad than we have now. It would be weaker if we sell Auba. I’m guessing loans and swaps will be par for the course. Hopefully Arteta will be able to improve the team spirit, organise the team well, get everyone working hard and doing their job. If this happens we can push for top 6 next season.

  13. Actually I am strongly aligning myself with my fellow Gooners who have opined strongly saying that, comes the next players summer transfer window, Arsenal should as a MUST prioritize the signings of a top rated midfield enforcer and also a top rated creative midfielder popularly called a play maker. And also the elite football club side MUST equally prioritize the signing of a proven centreforward to partner with Aubameyang alongside the midfield enforcer and a play maker that Arsenal MUST do all these three top quality signings before the upcoming summer players transfer window closes. So therefore, all in all Arsenal will certainly need to do 3 major incoming signings during the next players summer transfer window to strengthen their first team squad to compete strongly next season’s campaign in the Premier League and possibly win the title too. But before Arsenal can achieve all these three major signings next summer transfer window, I think they will have to sell some of the Gunners who are currently at Arsenal’s London Colney training group to recoup to balance their Books. But who are the 3 Gunners that I think Arsenal will have to offload in the market next summer window alongsides actualising the trio major signings they have to do is any Gooner’s guess. But let me do some guessing I believe Arsenal could could do. I think they will sell Guendouzi during the next window. But who else do L think Arsenal should sell? Well, I can’t for sure say at this time until us have clinched the FA Cup on Saturday.

  14. Would love to get Grealish
    Do worry about his behaviour off the pitch though ?
    Problem is Lille were delighted to get offered that kind of !money , hence the payment plan
    Maybe if Villa had got relegated but with another year in the Prem they can sell on their terms
    This hurts to say as well but can see player forcing move to.a United or Chelsea but not Arsenal

  15. I would love to see Grealish at our club, he is exactly what we need in our midfield a talented and aggressive player who needs no motivation. He is also versatile as modern footballers need to be and could also play the No. 10 role if required. All pie in the sky anyway, we can’t afford him so we will probably loan Ceballos again for another reported £15m total cost. With EPL stats of 2 assists and 0 goals in 24 matches and one successful through pass, I do not think he is the answer. By the way his La Liga record is similar and it is maybe the reason RM want to move him on.

  16. Ceballos has been an absolute revolution after the restart to me. His role is not to be the primary creator though by the look of things.

  17. Your right ozziegunner, mismanagement allied to sheer incompetence is the cause of our decline.Unfortunately we are locked into contracts with mediocre performers who will be overpaid for another season , so Arteta will need time to repair the damage.

    1. 👍 and help by the Board and senior executive to “repair the damage”, otherwise he risks being thrown under a bus, like Emery was, by Raul Sanheili et al.
      Kroenke better start showing his business acumen before his Arsenal asset decreases further in value.

  18. Everybody gets it wrong about Pepe.
    He is not a $75m player. He is actually 5 $15m players.
    Arsenal could only afford him over a 5 year period at $15m per year.
    Whether he is worth it or not is another matter.

    The reason we cannot buy Zaha or Grealish is because their clubs want most of the money up front, and we CANNOT afford it why we are still paying for Kroenke’s new stadium in LA (and paying off the loan to allow Kroenke to own 100% of the Arsenal shares).

    Until this Pandemic is over and the Emirates and the Rams LA stadium can accept punters, Arsenal will continue to be a middle of the table team!!


    This is silly speculation. Someone trying to generate controversy when none exists.

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