Would Arsenal fans accept £40m for Hector Bellerin?

There were many rumours about Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin wanting to move back to Barcelona last summer to rejoin his family, and it would appear that the rumours were based in fact according to the BBCs David Ornstein who ‘revealed’ at the end of the window that Bellerin actually asked Wenger if he could move back to Spain, but Wenger refused to countenance any transfer talks with Barcelona as the 22 year-old still had 6 years left on his recently signed contract.

But now the reports are saying that Juventus are also keen, but have put off by Arsenal’s valuation of £40m, but thee young Spaniard is still only 22 and with a long contract we should be able to secure an even bigger fee. Juventus are said to be interested in acquiring his services after losing Dani Alves to PSG last summer, but it is unlikely they will be willing to pay as much as Barcelona may offer. The Old Lady are currently looking for their 7th Serie A title in a row but are not finding it so easy in this campaign with Napoli in blistering form above them in the table.

Bellerin was brilliant when he burst into the Gunners First team a few seasons back, but last year his performances dropped off and he was even left out of the side for a while in favour of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and he often seems more interested in how his hair looks than making blistering runs down the wing. The fact is that we currently have Nacho Monreal and maybe Calum Chambers available when fit to replace Bellerin on the wing, and if he is so keen to leave maybe we should just sell him anyway.

So, would you accept £40m for him in January?



  1. McLovin says:

    No because in less than 10 months we will need:

    Sanchez replacement
    Özil replacement
    Cazorla replacement
    Vieira replacement (10 years due)
    CB or preferably
    Wenger replacement (long overdue)

    1. redmau5 says:

      that last line gave me a chubby

      you flirt you 😉

  2. Tony says:

    i will take 40mil for bellarin any day. he is no exeptional full back.his only good point is pace.defense poor,tackling poor,anticipation poor. we can get better full backs with that money

    1. Wolf says:

      Willing to keep him undder a new/better manager

    2. Salmonella says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more mate

    3. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Agree with Tony , £40 million, don’t know about their hand, I’d snatch their arm off

  3. Roachie says:

    We should keep him for 6 years and then let him go for free!!

  4. redmau5 says:

    offer him and 40 mill for dybala
    when we get told no and they laugh in our face

    pull down our welcome paolo banners..an cry
    …just cry

  5. Sue says:

    I can’t see Arsene letting him go…. but then on the other hand Ker-ching £££££

    1. Simon Says says:

      If we don’t make champions league I reckon he’ll be gone Sue, not necessarily because he wants to go and yes I am questioning his attitude but because the club will sell him to recoup the extra money gained from missing out on it. That of course is only my opinion!

      1. Sue says:

        Gonna be a struggle for the top 4 so have to go for it on thursdays!

        1. Simon Says says:

          I don’t believe we will Sue

  6. AndersS says:

    Not without a really good replacement! Suggesting Monreal must be a mistake and Chambers is nowhere near good enough. I think Bellerin is very much a victim of changing to 3 at the back. He is a great fullback but not quite as good as wingback.
    I really don’t see why we play with 3 at the back. It worked well in the beginning, when we surprised everybody, but now we seem just as bad defensively as before, and we seem worse going forward. On top that, we are a bit short of proper centrebacks as soon as one is injured.

  7. Mitch Connor says:

    I agree with the first comment completely.
    We already need a lot of players. Getting rid of one more will delay getting others if we get others. Also, we may get a Xhaka quality replacement. I think
    We already need :
    1. CentreBack
    2. Defensive Midfielder or central midfielder strong in defense like Viera
    3. Box to Box player like Cazorla
    4. Replacement for Ozil
    5. Replacement for Alexis
    If you think we will get half of those, you are delusional as Le Professeur. He has really done a number on us. United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs have everyone they need but are still upgrading. We don’t even have all the basics. Eleney, Coquelin and Xhaka are not defensive midfielders but defective midfielders. Monreal is a LB not a CB. Mertsacker is retiring. Koscielny is not as good as he used to be. Mustafi is decent but we need another CB, 2 If we continue 3 at the back.
    Full Backs we are fine, unless Bellerin leaves them we have yet another person on the shopping list

    MANAGER should be first on the shopping list!

  8. jermaine bryan says:

    He can’t cross or defened

  9. LORDBEEMAN says:


  10. jon fox says:

    The basic problem that any of our outfield defenders have is Wenger and his refusal to accept how vital even the concept of defence is. It would be a start if Wenger even RECOGNISED that defence is vital. But, clearly he does not and never will. My view on Bellerin is this: He has great speed and can look superb when going forward and when we are not under threat defensively. BUT, being skinny, even weedy, when he has to really defend he is all at sea. Needless to add, he has received no evident coaching as to positional play, at which he is alarming at times. He is very weak in the air and defenders , even shortish ones, need to be able to really challenge in the air and know how to mark and when to sit, not go forward. At all these things he is a virtual novice. Had we a proper manager or even acoach who was allowed some imput – which Bould clearly is not allowed – I would say keep him and work on his defensive skills. BUT while Wenger remains in charge, we might as well sell him, even though he is only 22. He already has so many defensive frailties and there are , in truth, good full backs out there who would come to us. Sadly, Wenger would not recognise a top CB, and apart from Kolasinac, (the single exception that proves the rule) not a full back either, who can defend; let alone buy him, coach him and play him in the correct position. Keep Wenger, then pointless keeping Bellerin. Once Wenger goes, he has a chance to improve and could be worth keeping.

    1. Ivan says:

      I understand where you are coming from Jon although I think Wenger is the basic problem not Hector. A decent manager with some tactical nous would have him playing well.
      When I get to watch Arsenal live and I see how Wenger sets up the players starting positions it reminds me of a bunch of school kids in the playground. Everybody bundling forward and at most 2 players expected to cover more than half the pitch. That is Wenger’s mad tactics and one of the main reason we lose. Decent managers keep their team compact

      1. jon fox says:

        I agree with you and thought I had said more or less the same. I perhaps made it look as though Hector is a bad player, which he is not but he has distinct faults, which a pro-active manager could have put right before they developed. I do think young players have the most scope for quick improvement but if a lazy minded manager wastes those special early years by not coaching properly,it is always harder to put right later. Same happened with Ox and Walcott. Wenger thinks systems just magically happen, if you throw enough attack minded players together. I do think him lazy minded compared to Conte, Poch, Guardiola, Mourinho, etc.

  11. Real gunner 757 says:

    I can’t wait till Wenger leave. Then arsenal fall out of the top ten. A manger can only prepare the players, he can’t play for them. The only players that play for the badge are Walcott and Wilshire. I would trade all of the plastic fake arsenal fans and. Keep Walcott and Wenger. All this arsenal hate is sicken. I been a arsenal fan since 1998 and I can’t stand other arsenal fans. I watch games with a utd fan and he gives more love to arsenal than most of these fake arsenal fans.

  12. Yossarian says:

    If he’s not happy in England and wants to go back to Spain, then selling him for a good price makes perfect sense, especially as he’s got such a long contract left. But we need to spend the money we get to buy an even better replacement, so that the team gets better overall. That’s usually where Arsenal go wrong these days.

  13. Mogunna says:

    Bellerin is top class and best in league for past years unless yiu name one as good past 3 years. Barcelona still wants him bc he didn’t lose his football. He is 22 and just starting but ahead as playing top level for years. Once you play him wing back and OX leftback, they must run outa here and try to get back into their real position. OX LB and him Winger? Wenger lost it and will ruin any player bc he is bigger than anyone; he is the club rep.

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