Would Arsenal fans accept a swap of Bukayo Saka for Vlahovic?

Would you be willing to swap Bukayo Saka for Dusan Vlahovic? by Daniel O

Would any of the main Arsenal players, who appear to be playing their best football under Mikel Arteta at the moment, be willing to leave his project? While you think about that, Juventus head coach Maximiliano Allegri believes he can steal Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka.

On the surface, the claim appears to be impossible, but CMW reports that Juventus may be willing to offer Dusan Vlahovic in exchange for the Arsenal winger.

The CalcioMercatoWeb report says: Deal with Arsenal, Bukayo Saka on the plate
For all this series of reasons, the renewed Juventus management could now seriously consider an offer for its player. Obviously, if only cash, the proposal could not be less than 80 million. But there are also those who float the hypothesis of a sensational exchange that sees an absolute talent of English football as a co-protagonist. One who, like Vlahovic , could be valued at up to 100 million .

Juventus haven’t been themselves in recent seasons; things just don’t seem to be working, so they’re tempted to use the transfer window to return to their former glory. Going after Saka is maybe a bit too ambitious; Arteta may be desperate to land a top “hitman” like Vlahovic, but I doubt he’d risk losing one of his project’s foundations to do so.

Saka has been steadily improving since breaking into the scene a few seasons ago. His excellent performances have earned him several suitors, but Saka’s preferred club is arguably Arsenal.

Looking at Arsenal right now, would it be wrong to say that Arteta is leading the club to a point where they will no longer be the selling club that supplies talent to other clubs? Arsenal is gradually gaining the right to be the purchasing club.

Daniel O


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  1. I think there are stickers on the Winter transfer markets available though always difficult to buy. I don’t see the need of a player who refused to join Arsenal club in the last summer. Spalsh some money to buy FAO Felix from Athletico. Thanks.

    1. Walidomy, Huge applause from me for the single most aptly descriptive comment about this ridiculous and fake theory!

      Do you do stand up comedy and if so, how can I BUY A TICKET!!!

  2. Of course, that will be the joke of the year.Vlahovic doesn’t worth it. No one in arsenal should think about that. The suggestion is from the pit of hell.

  3. its simply very immaterial to swap saka for dusan…saka is a big talent whilist dusan is a seasonal one

  4. We seriously needed Vlahovic at some point just 12 months ago and they made things difficult for us …..

    And now they have this dream about Saka ……… they must have slept on the wrong side of the bed.

    Anything involving Juve now (and possibly Vlahovic) is best avoided by all means ….. we been here before and they’re wasting our time again

  5. Leaving asidde the fact that this CalcioMercatoWeb site is a constant peddlar of plainly false fantasy comments( so further comment on that rogue site is pointless), I do agree with Daniels last paragraph, IN PARTICULAR, when he says we are steadily becoming a buyer of qualityplayers and not a seller, as in the EARLY Emirates years.

  6. If anyone in Turin believes that they can do a swap deal involving Saka then they obviously still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

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