Would Arsenal fans accept being a stepping stone to Spanish giants?

Kylian Mbappe is claimed to be keen on playing under Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, but is also claimed to be eyeing a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid within four years.

The Gunners have been strongly linked with a deal to sign the French wonderkid in recent months, although many people have been of the thought that the deal was simply too good to be true, which would be a fair assumption considering previous windows….

I have also been under the impression that his arrival could only happen in my wildest dreams, but the longer the saga continues to unravel, the more realistic it appears to become.

Mbappe is now claimed to be eyeing a possible deal which would see him learn from Arsene Wenger, a manager known for his ability to help young players flourish into world stars, such as Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry, Hector Bellerin, Cesc Fabregas and many others.

This news comes with a catch however, with the same story claiming that Mbappe has intentions to play for one of the two biggest clubs in Europe by the age of 22, which would see Arsenal viewed as a stepping stone in his career.

I’m struggling with the idea of being used as a means to go onto better things, but on the other hand, the idea of watching a top player flourish in our side, while in the knowledge that he intends to leave would be better than a player claiming to be Arsenal, and then force his way out unexpectedly.

Would you accept a deal to sign Mbappe in the knowledge that he WILL move onto Real or Barca in four years or less? Is there any doubt that Mbappe will be become a superstar for years to come?

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    1. Every club in the world are a stepping stone bar Barcelona, Bayern and Real Madrid, to an extent Manchester United.

      1. Being used as a stepping stone is actually the most practical model for Arsenal with a money minded owner like Kroenke,he gets his money, we get our players. Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele and Thomas Lemar should please use us as stepping stone, just like Anelka, Petit and Overmars before them 🙂

      2. At the end of the day this is just a plain, realistic type of proposal. And whilst I remain in favour of AW moving on from the club, it must be said that it is only the fact of Wenger’s status in the game, especially in French circles, that even gives Arsenal a whisper of being able to take this kid.

  2. And why Not? It’s not as if we haven’t been stepped upon, in the past.
    At least we know where we stand beforehand albeit an expensive deal but as long as Wenger doesn’t hamper the kids progress, Arsenal will at least double or even treble their money in the process and If they are really clever ?? they would stick a ridiculous buyout clause in Mbappe’s contract.,, How’s £500 million sound ??

    1. £500 million will drive Mr. arsene nuts ??.

      If he is actually half as good as the media says he is then in four years time he should fetch us at least three epl titles and a champions league cup.

      1. I don’t think just one player can win us all those things. If he signs and after game one gets a season ending injury then next season he comes back plays 3 games gets crocked again..you know, like Cazorla, Wilshere, Diaby, Welbeck, Van persie…we need minimum 4 quality additions to win all those things.

        1. It’s a mixture of the players being fragile and weak boned, and Wenger giving out everyone’s medical records. Henry Freddie Pires used to always play, and it was much tougher back then. We used to see other clubs have recurring problems. Now it seems it’s our turn. We need to lose the player the moment these things begin cropping up. Sign players who get up and brush themselves off.

    2. I agree. he could help us win some serious silverwear and we can make a huge profit off him in a few years

  3. why we even talking about Mbape?he is one of the best talent now n we r a mid table team. i will be happy with 2 decent attackers if we can plz.

  4. I actually don’t mind, I mean we are playing in the Europa league, we are no longer great team we use to be, even our legend TH14 left when he noticed our decline, but if we start winning trophies (not FA cup) he might not want to go..

  5. Hahahaha! “A family” members says Mbappe could learn from Wenger and we all are so desperate that we actually think Mbappe would want to join us?

    Would you rather train with the likes of Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale and all the other double CL winners and train with a modern manager who is not only a champion as a player but already won two CL trophies and a La Liga trophy? or train and learn with Giroud, Walcott, and Ramsey and being managed by a guy who never won the CL or even a PL league in the last 13 years?

    We should have learned from the last 10 years not to get excited by what “family members” of our supposed targets say.

    If Mbappe needs a loan spell as far as Real Madrid are concerned I doubt they would choose Arsenal as the desired club for this loan spell.

    I don’t mean to sound negative but I think negativity will set in amongst the fan base if we continue to jump to the date of these journalists who link us with players we know are out of our league. Just be reasonable and accept Mbappe, Aubamayang or Lewandowski will not come to Arsenal.

    Even Lacazette is a long shot and not in the same league as the above. The guy is on holiday with Griezman from Atletico. He was destined to go to Atletico until the ban. Maybe Atletico will appeal or the ban will be lifted in December who knows. Also, Wenger could have signed him for a lot less money last season and even less the season before yet never showed any real interest. The Lyon president is tough and knows Wenger’s games and will not let Lacaette go for cheap. So there are many reasons to doubt the rumors about Lacazette what we do know is that Lyon has confirmed that they have not received an offer from Arsenal and this is believable since it came from the club.

    My advise is prepare for a window like we have had for the last 5-7 years during which we never signed a goal machine like Aubamayang or Lewandowski or a player for 100 million plus. What reason do we have that things will be different? For me until the club announce one of these super players have been signed it is more relaxing to assume business as usual at AFC.

    PS business as usual is that we are linked with many players, we muck about pretenting we are active, we don’t make any offers, the players we were linked to are slowly taken of the table by others or their own club and shortly before the window closes we sign a player that we were never linked to and one that you have to look up on youtube to find out who he is.

      1. Guess they can’t handle the truth. TBH for years I was like them and actually hoped season after season that we would fill the obvious gap left by the departure of Henry and RVP with players like Higuain or Benzema until it dawned on me that if we really wanted those players we would have signed them.

        Now after Wenger having been rewarded with a new contract I realized that it is up to me to no longer be taken for a mug and to control my own optimism. At Wenger’s age, he is not going to change. The only change we have seen is the change that was forced on him. For instance, do you really think we would have changed to 3 at the back if we had hobbled along inside the top 4? No, things got so bad that Wenger was forced to try something different.

        Contrast that with Conti who took only a little time to pro-actively change to 3 at the back and you see the difference. I wonder where we would have ended up if we had changed to 3 at the back the same time Conti did.

  6. Wenger rest being a stepping stone as a badge of honour. Basically money in the bank for him.

  7. no surprises..
    we have all seen this channel and program before..

    some of us just seem to have short memories or hearts to full of optimism as opposed to heads dealing in realism.

  8. Any player who signs for a new club use that club as a stepping stone so what is the problem. It does happen but you rarely get young players who you sign stay at your club for the rest of their careers. We’ve signed young players who have used their previous club as a stepping stone to sign for us, a bigger club, so why should we expect to be treated any different…..

  9. We are stepping stones for all players with ambition of joining bigger teams . we are the place for all outcasts from bigger teams. Look at our transfer records for last 10 seasons .

  10. C Ronaldo done it at utd and it didn’t turn out too bad for them. This fella might be that player or one of a couple such is his ability at 18 years of age. It feels wrong to admit from the beginning to being a stepping stone, but the truth is every club is looked on as a stepping stone when Barca and Madrid come into the mix. Sure there are a few exceptions like Hazard or Rio or Adams, but the best foreigners generally do see everyone as being a stepping stone to those clubs. Even PSG and Bayern players see it that way from time with those clubs picking up scraps from that table same as the rest of us.

    I don’t think we are gonna get him though. I think he wants to know more about where he’ll play and how many games, and his agent is trying to get the fattest salary possible for both himself and his client. If we are trying to persuade him join us I hope another Suarez Higuain mishap doesn’t occur.

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