Would Arsenal fans accept Henry-Benitez next season?

Arsene Wenger is into the last year of his contract and there is much speculation claiming that he could be set to finally leave the club come the end of the season.

Massimiliano Allegri of Juventus and Eddie Howe of Bournemouth have both been strongly linked, but the Mirror is now claiming that a combination of Rafael Benitez and Thierry Henry could well come in.

The Spaniard is currently sitting top of the Championship table with Newcastle, one point above Brighton, but more importantly seven pòints away from dropping out of the automatic promotion spots.

Benitez is claimed to be on the shortlist to take over from Wenger for when he finally steps down, and the Mirror also claimed that he ‘will‘ ask Thierry Henry to work with him in a coaching capacity.

How the publication is able to make such a conclusion is some complete madness to me, especially as they have no claims that Arsenal have even made an attempt to talk to the manager or his club, and could have no idea what the former Liverpool manager’s thoughts would be should he choose to accept.

How they came to the idea is not what we are interested here however, as we know many of the reports we read are BS, but would you welcome a duo of Henry and Rafa taking over the helm?

Benitez’s most recent success in England came with Chelsea, when leading them to Europa League glory after taking over from Roberto Di Matteo half-way through the season, but was overlooked to take on the role permanently, and moved to Napoli instead.

The 56 year-old has brought to success to most of the roles which he has taken on, including winning two La Liga titles in his first three terms with Valencia, the Champions League in his very first year with Liverpool as well as various other successes elsewhere.

Would the #WengerOut brigade be happy to get their wish if Benitez and Henry were his replacements?

Pat J

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  1. Godswill says:

    Benitez? No way.
    Even Admin and a conglomerates of fans will be better.
    Admin over to you.

    1. Budd says:

      Mock him as you want but the man is having a UCL on his shelf. Not like I want him as manager but it just shows that even such managers can’t find a great club. As for Henry, well that’s got to be a joke. Love him as a player but when he picked the money and say whatever his employer told him to say over a club career I think it was clear for me he will never be a manager. Not top flight, anyway. Is not like he does not have enough money, is it?

      1. RichSAAlao says:

        Well said Budd. He was part of the mentality problems, that why he is awed by Barcelona.

  2. bran99 says:

    “Would the #WengerOut brigade be happy to get their wish if Benitez and Henry were his replacements?” was this necessary? people should grow up, you think fans want Wenger out coz they hate him? it’s all for the success of the club, the old man is really old and can’t take us anywhere, so what do you want Pat J? Wenger to rule for life? we shouldn’t disturb your master? should we all be like you? love him the way you do? thought everyone has their own opinion, but calling people names? let’s give Wenger 2 more years to prove himself then, or we judge him at the end of the season

    1. How many times will we say “lets judge him at the end of the season” ? And what difference will two more years make to a man who has already had 20 years to proove himself?

    2. RichSAAlao says:

      If he has not packed to leave this summer, then for all his greatness, I wish to suggest only one season on condition thst announcement with it to leave afterward. For decency.

    3. Skills1000 says:

      Wenger should go at the end of the season. We need a new manager with a winning mentality. Any one of Allegri, Tuchel, or the Leipzig Manager will be OK

  3. ny says:

    We need a bold manager who has the balls to control the superstars. Wenger admitted that Ozil is lacking confidence.Will he drop him for next match? Noooooooooo.
    Arsenal is the team who mess up with the No10 roles. Arshavin played few games as No10 and he was unstoppable but was always asked to play as a winger and ended up as a tragedy.Guess who was playing No10 role at that time? it was Ramsey.Now it is Ozil when Alexis,Perez,Welbeck all could be better at this position at least at this moment.
    Arsenal plays with 11 player when they have position and momentum ,but are reduced to 10 when no possession with Ozil just wandering.Hard to watch other play makers like Ander Heriera,David Silva, Wilshere (not ours at the momentum) etc etc contributes to putting pressure on opposition when looses possession.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Arshavin had the same faults that Mesut has. When Mesut begins assisting again I will still see those faults, they’re too big to overlook. Putting a weak defensively (understatement) player in the middle is a bigger hindrance than on wing. Neither is ideal.

  4. AD says:

    The managers that I’ll like to them to replace AW, which I know they can bring success – both silverware and squad building for trade (as AW has been doing) are 1. Leonardo Jardim of Monaco.
    2. Diego Simeoni of A. Madrid 3. Luise Enrique of Great Barcelona 4. Max Alegri of Juve. 5. Ronald Koeman of Everton.

    If I have a chance to choose, I’ll either go for Koeman or Leonardo.

  5. gotanidea says:

    I will not accept Benitez until he proves himself again in his current club. He had achieved success, but recently his works were not good at Inter and Real Madrid. I want to see either Allegri, Guardiola, Tuchel or Klopp to be Arsenal manager someday.

  6. Jansen says:

    Benitez would be a mistake. We need a younger manager IMO. My favorite would be Simeone despite the fact that I don’t see that happen. I would take Koeman over Benitez but he might go to Barca and has only just started at Everton which would put doubt about his loyalty. On the other hand Arsenal is a bigger club than Everton and why could a manager not want to manage a big club?

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Benitez is who they get to try steady a ship until they can find someone more suited. Wenger would stay if that was the case. I was thinking about where Wenger would go when he calls time. He’ll get many offers. I see him choosing between two clubs though. I can see him take up the Monaco job, they have a decent reputation for bringing through good French players. Also he began at Monaco before moving to Japan. PSG buy the ready made these days, I think Arsene prefers to bring through players, and if he wins the title it’ll mean more to him than at PSG. For similar reasons the other club I see him joining is Dortmund, and I think Wenger will appreciate a new culture, a new beginning. I see him doing well at whichever job he chooses, good luck Boss.

  8. ger burke says:

    i would prefer anybody but wenger at this stage !, i would even think that michael jacksons mate bubbles would do a better job than wenger at this point . and we would only have to feed him bananas instead of crazy money for telling untruths day in day out.

  9. palmer17 says:

    Tuchel and bring aubermayang with you

  10. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I would except Benitez as a temporary fix, who knows, he may even bring us the champions league trophy that’s if we qualify for next seasons tournament.
    He is a decent manager for cup competitions and maybe Henry could learn more off of him than he would off of Wenger.
    Steve Bould is proof of that…. Totally Useless and that’s being polite.

  11. antbadapple says:

    If anybody thinks the grass will be greener without Wenger then be careful of what you wish for..
    ..if he goes we will only get another lesser manager who has the same philosophy and development ideas … a Claude Puel for instance…
    …the club is run like this from the top.
    No manger will be the saviour after Wenger, just a continuation i believe.

  12. Koss says:

    with Benitez we will manage to beat big teams for sure and that could possible make us challenge for trophies again.

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