Would Arsenal fans accept Jose Mourinho as their manager

I cannot believe that this question is actually being asked but it is being suggested in some quarters and is therefore worth a debate.

Personally, I would say no way, there are too many high-quality managers out there for the club to hire in the event that they part company with Unai Emery.

Forget all the personality stuff and the clashes with Arsene Wenger down the years, that is what managers do to each other and anyway, Mourinho and Wenger do punditry together, no, my issue is with his qualities as a manager.

Yes, he has been a serial winner but he is not a long term manager, he tries to buy success, he has no record of developing youth, he plays awful football and his tenure at United in terms of league success was poor.

Mourinho is the sort of manager that requires all the tools, he has to have it handed to him on a plate, he is not a builder of teams and that is not what Arsenal fans want in a manager.

He is far too controversial and it always ends up being about him and not the team, he alienates players and is basically a disruptive influence.

That is why I do not feel he would be a good fit for Arsenal.

Unai Emery may still turn things around at Arsenal but if he does not, there are managers like Massimiliano Allegri or even Rafael Benitez that would be a far better fit as an Arsenal manager than the divisive Mourinho.


  1. Sue says:

    Not for me, can’t stand him

    1. ngome godday says:

      That is your opinion. Many school of thaught believe he JOSE will do a better job as a renewed manager.

      1. Sue says:

        Yes you’re right, that is my opinion… yes he’s been successful, but he’s also been sacked, players haven’t wanted to play for him.. he has zero class.. i mean look at what he’s said about us in the past! He upsets people wherever he goes, and if that’s your idea of a great manager then sheesh!!!!!

        1. Selby Zungu says:

          Sue you are true, Mourinho is not that type of a manager who can help you to build the future team but only to himself. He is a quick fix for winning trophies but not to build for tomorrow.

  2. Viju Jacob says:

    Nope. Not me. I’ll stay away from the club even.

  3. ArsenalWhy says:

    Yes why not? He has won every single trophy and is still one of the best managers out there. We wanted to be ruthless.

    1. lol says:

      Wenger stagnated, Emery decaying and finally Moanrino to destroy it all.

      If you believe in life cycles then yes. After he wrecks the spirit of the players and values of the club, we can finally start from scratch

      1. Gunless says:

        Why not. Long term manager and builder youth policy. I thought that arsene try to do that and fail for so long. Its a long time arsenal won the premier leaque and I dont think we will if we keep having this romantic notion of building a team from youth policy blah blah. There will never be a era like alex ferguson has. We need to win a premier leaque and only success will beeed confidence..

      2. Frederick Omondiale says:

        You are at scratch already, you persistent Europa side! Arsenal is dying, and whatever else you say, he’s a winner.

    2. Rixy says:

      Not on your life!!!!!! Would destroy the history and class of our great club. Are we all forgetting an arsenal legend. Bring in viera with overmars as his no 2. No messing grit with flair too. Get emery out we have no backbone.

  4. kenyanfan says:

    I have always hated him to bones but right now I would hug him. Bring anyone ever Emery. Every coach apart from Allegri is better than Emery.. I would also accept back Wenger at least till the end of the season or even for ever over Emery

  5. Welbeck says:


    He’s managed two of our bitter rivals, that’s enough to make my blood boil. I prefer managers who conduct themselves in a more classy manner.

    1. Frédéric slimane says:

      Wel said! everywhere he goes he leaves a mess after wasting millions which we don’t have,apart from Porto he bought success everywhere he went,the reason he no longer wins is because pl clubs are all richer due to tv revenues, sponsorship deals..he’s lost the only advantage he had to win, Money!

  6. kenyanfan says:

    At least Mourinho will know how to use Ozil to link up well with our deadly attackers, he is good at setting up a defensive line(our weakest point) and he knows what suits Luiz. I think with the team we have, he can do better than Emery. Allegri is similar to Emery. Pragmatic and clueless. He has no style of play. Benitez Rafa is old functioned. My preference for Wenger replacement was Arteta and is still today. But Mourinho any day over Emery

  7. RSH says:

    Nope. Leaves every club in shatters. Somewhat a chequebook manager as well, and wont get the millions he got to spend at United/Chelsea/Madrid. Horrible fit for Arsenal.

  8. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    Not for me, cant stand him.

    1. lcebox says:

      Not that i disagree but i cant stand our set up atm we are like sunday league defending.

  9. Roshan says:

    I want Naglesman from RB Lezpig (formerly Hoffenhein), he has experience developing young players and has good tactical sense.

    Emery is a fraud. He has lost arsenal identity and we are going backwards.

    Not only have we not improved, but if it wasn’t for Sven, Edu, Raul we would be stuck with old former emery players with no resale value

  10. Sue says:

    Oh get in there!! Chelsea lost… and wait for it, so did Liverpool!!! Llorente came on just to make sure of it!!! Absolutely stoked!!! ??????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    1. lol says:

      Haha Napoli showed everyone it can be done. Even if you play 4-4-2 and defend poorly, just don’t concede from a corner or give away a penalty and capitalize on Pool’s mistakes

      1. Sue says:

        ?? mistakes? Liverpool shouldn’t be making mistakes, they have those 2 gods – VVD & Salah ? all the Liverpool fans i know always tell me how they never expect to concede or lose… so they shall be hearing about it today ??

    2. ?? so much for the best team in Europe! We were told to shut the whining and in fact, to consider it both and improvement and an achievement to only lose by 3 goals. The same mediocrity boys who worshipped their glorious 4th place.

      1. Sue says:

        Was the perfect night, QD… no pearly whites on display last night, or running onto the pitch to celebrate with the gk!! Aww gutted ???
        At least we went there & won!!

  11. Jaggi says:

    Not all please! Jose is pretty bad in Man management, shall create rift within the team. Allergi or Luis Enrique shall be a good choice!

  12. Roshan says:

    It’s funny we bought Sokratis for $18m cause emery wanted an experienced defender.

    We were rumoured to be into Caglar Soyunco all summer who even said he wanted a transfer to arsenal.

    Look at the 2 now, soyunco is killing it for Leicester

    1. ahmad73 says:

      Apparently Sven wanted Diallo who now plays for PSG after a year at Dortmund. Emery prefers older players!

      1. RSH says:

        this is untrue. Sokratis was picked out before Arsenal even appointed a manager.

  13. Jaggi says:

    *Not at all please!

  14. Aussie Jack says:

    There was a time when I would have said `yes` to Mourinho for manager but that was quite a few seasons ago, since then I`ve found him `not humble enough` for my liking and I don`t trust him. By `humble` I certainly don`t mean weak. Klopp and Guardiola are humble but my no means weak. Mourinho? not for me. Come closer to home ,for this season at least, and get the fans back on side. This is not about winning the title it`s about regaining respect.
    Freddie for me.

  15. Tom says:

    No team in the league are 100% so why should arsenal be that right now? New signings, sales, players at African cup and copa America.. we haven’t had a settled preseason like the year before.

    We just need to encourage the process. Joel Lopez in the european squad could be interesting. Options is what we need but settled reliable first 11 asap is what we need.

    1. lcebox says:

      Sorry tom but watford are in the same boat and they made a show of us.
      We are making same mistakes month in month out so its tactics.

  16. ken says:


  17. Le Coq Monster says:

    He`s probably better than our Manuel from Fawlty Towers ,but It would be all about him and not Arsenal, he cant see past his ego !

  18. ken1945 says:

    I know that some will criticise me for bringing in the age thing here, but what the hell!!!

    Never, in my sixty odd years of following our club have we EVER had a manager who deemed himself bigger than The Arsenal.

    This, in my opinion, arrogant, presumptuous, self-centred, power crazy, destroyer of football clubs and their supporters, would be that man.

    He represents nothing that our club has always been renowned for since its inception, decency, class and humility…that’s why everyone else wants us to lose.

    I have to say though, he seems to have mellowed slightly as a pundit, probably because his peers won’t put up with him.

  19. Artsenal says:

    No he doesn’t fit our team.He’s the only hero upon success whereas the players are the issue when the sitiuation turns around.

  20. Azeez Sir pam says:


  21. Innit says:

    Absolutely NOT
    He’s a JERK and lost the Chelsea and United dressing room.

    I support Emery but if I had to choose a new manager it would be Allegri

    1. Phil says:

      @innit-I thought Allegri and with his success at Juve he seemed perfect.But as a few pointed out on this site, what competition did he have in that league? I know Enrique was on our list and he might be ready for a challenge.What I do know is that we need to have someone who is not a gamble as we cannot make the same mistake as we seem to have done with Emery.

      @Ken1845 – brilliant profile of Mourinho Sir.This is a “Professional” who thought it was fair game to verbally abuse AW at every opportunity with vitriolic venom only he could spout.And when Wenger went for him at Stamford Bridge? Completely bottled it.Never in a million years should he ever be considered at our Club.We might be desperate but we have standards to uphold and this man is not capable of conducting himself as a manager should.

  22. Twig says:

    Just get Arteta in

  23. Al Ong says:

    I would let Unai go now. He’s had 2 transfers periods plus last season and he still can’t sort out his team structure. He can’t get the best of his top players like Mesut and I think he’s losing the changing room. Let him go now. Won’t cost much money since his contract runs out in June anyway. We need to salvage this season and the January and next summer’s transfer. Go hire Rafa Benitez. He knows Premier League and Champions League. He can sort out the defense and midfield. Guve him 1+1 year or 2+1 year contract and let him stabilize the team.
    I was patient with Wenger but I can’t be patient with every manager. Emery has shown, especially in Watford game, that he’s lost it or never had it. Switch him for Rafa now.

  24. Gunnertz says:

    JULIAN NAGELSMANN or ERIK TEN HAG enough with this crap

  25. ozziegunner says:

    Absolutely No to Mourinho!
    By the way, how does Klopp’s record away to Napoli compare to Emery’s?

  26. ArseOverTit says:

    Stupid idea. Never gonna happen so move on.

    Emery is contracted and will be here til contract expired. We are not Chelsea (for the good or the worse depending on point of view).

    So settle down and get used to it.you think overnight suddenly we are gonna be ruthless. No, that comes with an owner who gives a flying feck and ambition to be the very best.

    Ain’t happening

    1. RSH says:

      we can let him go at the end of this year if we want actually. It’s in the contract he signed that we aren’t required to keep him for his last year.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        We are still not getting shot of him!

  27. Grimlar says:

    Mourinho: No, never.

    I dont mind his defense first approach, but I cant stand the mind games and the way he leaves his clubs in pieces when he goes.

    He may win things while he’s there, but he never seems to leave the club in better condition than when he took over.

  28. Marty says:

    In a word…NO!!!
    Don’t care what he’s done in football….horrible , sneering man.

  29. Grandad says:

    Football is an uncomplicated game which is being complicated by Coaches/managers such as Emery and Mourinho.An Arteta/Ljunberg combination appeals to me.What they lack in experience is more than surpassed by their personal track records and in the case of Ljunberg by his ability to develop young players.The fact that they are ex Gunners is of course a major plus point for they are fully aware of the philosophy of the Club and the fans perception of how the game should be played.They also do not have the baggage of having signed the very players who are currently dragging us down.

  30. No way coz mourinho is full of him self and he dosent take blame he point fingers everytime especially when his side lose the game ……likes fifghting with players too much …… I say noway ;Emery is contracted and will be here til contract expired. We are not Chelsea (for the good or the worse depending on point of view).

  31. Philip afolabi says:

    I wonder why you all complain about mourinho! What about guardiola? Guardiola has bought more success than any other coach in modern football. All the guardiola teams were well set up for him in quality of players and financial power. Mourinho has been unlucky not to have his way in recent teams and it works against him.

  32. Ginovensar says:

    He is still special one.

  33. Oluropo Ojo says:

    Mourinho my foot. He will destroy everything we stand for. Give me Louis Enrique

  34. Ingleby says:

    Horrible man.

    I would stop watching if he arrived.

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