Would Arsenal fans accept Pochettino as manager in the future?

Let us say, hypothetically, that Arsenal go through a terrible run of form this season and find themselves in the bottom half of the table, or maybe we do reasonably well all season but end up in 8th place with no trophies to show for it. In which case, it would have to be considered that Stan and Josh Kroenke may decide it is time to part ways with Mikel Arteta’s project.

It will be very interesting to see whether the Gunners would then go for a more experienced manager or go for a similarly inexperienced man like Arteta again. I don’t know what your own predictions would be, but for me it would be interesting to see if Arsenal fans would be happy to see an ex-Tottenham manager come to the Emirates.

The ex-Man United star turned pundit Luke Chadwick thinks that Mauricio Pochettino would be a success if Arsenal did go for him. “If the likes of Chelsea or Arsenal are struggling then he’s sure to be linked because of his fantastic record in the Premier League,” Chadwick told CaughtOffside.

“He did a really impressive job at Tottenham, nearly leading them to the Premier League title, so I’m sure we’ll see him linked with top jobs again.

“In terms of Manchester United, you sort of hope and pray that Erik ten Hag can end up being a long-term solution for the club. It looks like it’s going to be a project that takes time, so if he doesn’t make the best of starts you’d hope there won’t be the vultures circling. United need to give someone time, Ten Hag looks an exceptionally talented manager and I think he could achieve something if he’s given time.

“Obviously Pochettino’s a great manager as well, albeit he’s not done as well as he would’ve liked at Paris Saint-Germain. I hope he’s not being linked with United in the near future because of what that would mean for Ten Hag, but it would be good to see him back in the Premier League.”

The news has just been leaked today that the Poch has been sacked from his contract with PSG, which still had a year to run, so it is feasible that the Argentinean coach could sit out this season and wait to see if any top jobs could be come available.

There are many Arsenal fans on here that could easily see Mikel Arteta failing to meet his targets tis season, so should the management consider approaching Poch as the possible replacement?

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  1. Does Arteta have targets that he must meet?

    So far he has none, the process has not required any targets previous managers faced.

    There are better managers out there to bring in. Sacking a manager who can’t finish in the top 4 and replacing with a manager who can’t win a trophy in PL isn’t a big improvement.

    Poch has a more entertaining style of football compared to Artetaball, but not a winner either.

  2. I don’t know if he could do it with us, but he got spurs into the Ucl final while managing them and managed to overplayed that Liverpool team, but Liverpool came won regardless.
    That’s impressive if you look at it, considering we ourselves have only been there ourselves once in the last 25 to 30 years.
    We haven’t even participate in the competition in 7 years not to talk of getting to final.
    At times these managers can do wonders when they are not under pressure to deliver.
    Nobody would like to work with pressure but it comes with some job regardless.
    Arteta himself could build himself a good CV if he manage a lesser team.
    Take note, Arteta might be doing great for himself, but don’t compare arteta improvement to that of Arsenal and call it success.

  3. All things considered Arteta has done very well as a rookie manager.
    People seem blind to the fact that he is very young in his managerial walk.
    Compare other managers.
    Arsene Wenger’s first 3 years as Manager.
    AS Nancy 12th, 18th, relegated.
    Bundesliga 2nd tier at Mainz.
    ‘4th 4th 3rd (promoted)
    Bundesliga 1st tier at Mainz
    11th 11th relegated
    Conte His first four clubs Arezzo Bari Atlanta Siena all got relegated.
    Thomas Tuchel
    Nine years as youth coach before he began management. Then when he did manage his results were poor. Mainz 9th, 5th, 13th,13th, 7th
    So Artea is well ahead of all those managers early careers. No rookie manager had ever had to deal with covid and empty stadiums.
    The best comparison is with other young managers in the league. To me Arteta is well ahead of ahead of Potter + Lampard. Ahead of Vieira and perhaps on par with Stevie G. Arsenal is therefor extremly lucky to have persevered with Arteta.

    1. Forgot to add 250 million to spend in 2 years that those managers did not receive.

      Also complete control over players, and the freedom to freely release players costing the club tens of millions in lost revenue.

      But otherwise yeah they all started somewhere, the others didn’t have Kroenke’s checkbook to buy their way clear of midtable and relegation struggles

      1. FF

        Tuchel at Mainz 9th then 5th progress?
        Then 13th 13th then 7th progress also?

        Arteta 8th 8th 5th is called progress?

        What if Tuchel had the youngest squad in the league?😎

      2. The facts remain those other managers were abject failures for years.
        You also “forgot” to add that those same managers only found success at top, rich already successful clubs.
        Klopp at Dortmund/Liverpool ,
        Conte at Juventus/Chelsea/Inter Milan.
        Tuchel at Dortmund/Chelsea.
        Pochettino after 15 years as manager only won at PSG who could win with a two year old manager.

        1. I really can’t work you out. You just contradict your own points.

          All those managers are all abject failures yet Tuchel at Mainz more or less had the same results as Arteta is having at Arsenal.

          Are Arsenal not a rich club then? Only club Arteta has managed and they’ve spent a fortune with him? So what is the difference?

  4. I think he should be a candidate. He developed a young Spurs side into Title contenders and CL finalists, whilst not spending a lot in comparison with the competition he was up against, good man-management and style of football based on a high pressing system. However there are quite rightly still question marks about him as he hasn’t managed to get over the line to win trophies (outside of Ligue 1) and his in-game decisions (substitutions) were poor at times i.e CL knockout tie vs Juventus and Fa cup semi-final vs Man utd.
    Roberto Mancini Imo would be the perfect manager to replace Arteta, Proven winner(Man city,Inter Milan, Sampdoria) he is Conte-like but not as forthright and has a more attacking style than the former. He would comply with the mandate of continuing to develop our youngster’s whilst adding experience to be competitive in the here and now. His success with Italy proves that where, he took over a nation who had just failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup and rebuilt them with youth exuberance with assistance of experience players in Chiellini and Bonucci etc

    1. Brilliant write up and I did share your settlement.

      In fact I will consider Rodgers to be a good candidate as well.

      Got Liverpool challenging for the league with mostly average team and few world class players.

      Won the FA cup and community shield with leceister with a lesser Budget and made them finish in top5 twice .

      Although they were poor this season but any average team would be especially when they lost their best player ” vardy” to injury.

  5. I know the article is hypothetical, but it’s in bad taste for me personally.

    We all know the fanbase is split regarding Mikel, but he’s just signed a three year deal and is busy forming his own team – we should at least give him that opportunity now that kronkie has backed him to the hilt.

    Just as an afterthought – any manager / coach / physio / scout who would make The Arsenal better, should be welcomed with open arms…. no matter where /what their previous background was.

  6. Just the latest in Pats many Devils Advocate articles on JA.

    So a fantasy “what if “article fills the 11.40 JA article time slot. PAR FOR THE COURSE WITH JA.
    No moans, as I am simply describing normal daily business on JA.

  7. I’m not sure I’d want him at Arsenal. Can’t put my finger on it exactly but I suppose the obvious answer is that he hasn’t won anything truly significant yet.
    I’m not wishing failure on Arteta either nor would I want the board to consider another newbie should this or a future season go pear shaped

  8. Nope.

    I remember his hysterical celebrations when the spuds beat us and his maniac eyes on the match of the day post match interviews. He clearly hated us.

    I’d rather ask Bruce Rioch back or keep these current chuckle brothers instead.

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