Would Arsenal fans accept Sterling swap as part of Alexis deal with Man City?

It certainly looks like Man City are nowhere near giving up on bringing Alexis Sanchez to the Etihad, despite Arsene Wenger continually asserting that Arsenal have no intention of letting the Chilean leave this summer. The lastest Arsenal rumours are saying that Pep Guardiola has offered to give Wenger Raheem Sterling as part exchange for the wantaway Gunners star.

The report states that City don’t think that Wenger will accept a deal unless they offer a player in return to appease the fans, and most pundits thought that Sergio Aguero would have been the most likely to move the other way, but that rumour seems to have been discounted, although we couldn’t rule out it coming back if Arsenal still refuse to countenance a deal including Sterling.

I’m not sure personally that Wenger would go for this deal, but considering Sterling is still only 22 and has got five years experience of playing at the highest level with Liverpool and City this could be a deciding factor if the England international would agree to the deal. He can play on the wing or as a striker, which seems to be requirement of every forward that Wenger buys, and has been known to score some spectacular goals from nowhere.

I think I would take this deal if I was Wenger, would you?



  1. Krish says:

    accept it and sell ox buy a new team.. there is no chance that the new team is worse than our joke of a team now..

  2. Wolf says:

    No. We don’t need more deadwood. And Wenger should stop buying anyone and leave and take the board, Stan and want- away players with him.

    1. Peter-John says:

      If we wanted pounds sterling for sanchez we would have sold him on the stock exchange

  3. McLovin says:

    Who cares? Wenger will play him CDM and he will be another deadwood (if he’s not already).

    Fudge off Wenger, just fudge off.

  4. antiwenger says:

    The transfer windows just keep getting worse and worse.This one has to rank up there with the one that we only signed Cech and thought he was going to win us the league

  5. Muff d says:

    Window closes in what 60 hours
    Can u imagine the carnage that’s going on right now at the club
    Feel for arsene . We are watching teams like Liverpool and man u re-emerge and we’re stuck in this cycle and he alone is footing the blame …his choice though.

    Just remember something gooners we won’t be down much longer . We as fans won’t stomach the yearly implosion forever.
    The club know this, changes will be made , I know it seems like it won’t but have faith. If need be focus ur energies elsewhere
    1886 till infinity

  6. Sue says:

    Says it all that city want to get rid of him!

  7. Vish says:

    Sterling has been instrumental in City winning their last 2 games . He has pace , power as well as a bit of mean streak along with some steel much like Dele Alli . These 2 attributes are sorely lacking in our squad of menstruating prima Donna’s. I would take that proposal . Sterling is 22 , loads of experience, a goal threat plus he is English so it helps our home grown qouta. If we can prise David Silva as well that would be an astute piece of business but it NOT GUNNER HAPPEN .

    1. Kajika says:

      Sterling has “power”. LOL…if you consider flopping around on the ground to be power, then yeah, sure.

      1. Paul says:

        We don’t want Sterling, we should do a deal for Aguero if they want Sanchez that much.

  8. Coldzero says:

    Anyone that doesn’t want to play for the club should be got rid of now!! I don’t care who it is- get out of the club!

    Play the kids instead- get those lazy players out.

  9. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Why would Sterling come to Arsenal?

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      because with sanchez in he won’t play, and it’s a world cup year. get him, no reason keeping sanchez. he is everything we wanted walcott to be.

  10. Paul P says:

    Sigh. Nothing’s going to change, Wenger will go on doing what he always does. The board will going doing what it always does. The club? The Fans?
    We’re just a giant hamster running endlessly on a wheel, hoping against hope that we’re eventually going to arrive somewhere. But we never do.

  11. The cassete says:

    Probably the best offer out there at the moment. We should get this done, but my only concern is that he is very similar to Nielson…kinda would defeat the purpose in us getting him now, his obviously more experienced but his end product is still lacking, so it might rather be worth giving Riess a shot…but either way he’d be an exciting signing. But damn, how the hell did we get to this.

  12. Joshua Bryant says:

    I would do the deal BUT i would take Sterling as Chamberlains replacement. Then with the £15m and the £35m we get for Chamberlain go out and get a replacement for Sanchez if that makes sense. I would go back to 4231 and put Sterling in the right and a Sanchez replacement on the right. Then we need a CM and a CB. So basically bever gonna happen lol

    1. Joshua Bryant says:

      sorry meant sanchez replacement on the left

  13. Kays says:

    Absolutely not. That would be a replacement for chamberlain and Wenger can only make him worse.

    1. Vish says:

      How is he a replacement for the Ox ..?? . He has scored more goals in 1 season than the Ox in his entire Arsenal career . Sanchez is going regardless so why not cash in and have a player than can add an attacking threat

      1. Pro-gunner says:


  14. OxInTheBox says:

    we need to rebuild. get all contract rebels out and use that money to bring good players. get stearling and use the extra cash for draxler. sell lazy-ozil and get VVD. rebuild the midfield- the weakest midfield in the top 7!- and get n’zonzi, grotazka/seri.
    get tuchel for wenger, and start the process of rebuilding we should have started 2 years ago. than maybe in 2-3 years we’ll be a real title challengers.

  15. Antony Douglas says:

    Sterling is not English. He is a Jamaican.

    1. Admin says:

      He was born in Jamaica but he is an England international. He counts as home-grown because he has lived in UK since he was 5 years old….

      1. waal2waal says:

        …isn’t Jamaica part of the 16 common wealth of realms? yes. This is why even canadian, jamaican, barbados, st lucia, or new zealand (born) players will be considered to play for ENG, SCO, or WAL.

        1. Admin says:

          No! Commonwealth countries have their own football teams! You need citizenship to swap international teams.
          But you need to be trained in UK to be considered home-grown…

          1. waal2waal says:

            …thanks for the heads up.

  16. arsenal_epl_champions_2018 says:

    Time to start the rebuild.
    Debuchy. Free.
    Mertesacker + Cazorla (will require 5m compensation)
    Gibbs 15 m
    Wellbeck 20m.
    Wilshere 15m.
    Sanchez to Man City 50m+ (Leroy Sane 2 year loan)
    or to PSG with Draxler coming the other way.
    Chamberlain to Chelsea 30m.
    Ozil to BVB 42m.
    All the dissatisfied, injured, old and under performers gone.
    Total sales. 167 mill.
    Saved salaries = 39 m .
    Total 206m.
    Cech Ospina
    Bellerin Chambers
    Kolasinac Monreal
    Koscielny Mustafi Holding Bielik
    Coquelin Xhaka
    Elneny Ramsey
    Sane Iwobi Walcott Nwakeli
    Lacazette Perez Giroud
    Add CB + AM
    Transfer/Salary kitty = 206m
    Get it done Arsene 🙂

    1. andydale says:

      You still got plenty of deadwood left.

  17. Nokia says:

    As much as I hate sterling… I would probably take the deal

    Sanchez doesn’t want to play for us anymore and i can’t handle anyone showing that bs attitude that sanchez showed at anfield…. It doesn’t matter if you are the best player in the team… That sort of a reaction is poisonous

  18. Declan says:

    Take the deal

    1. Paul says:

      Add a few quid and get Aguero

  19. Scubagooner says:

    Here is how I see things.
    If alexis is going get as much as we can. The worry of strengthening a rival really doesnt matter this season as we wont be challenging anyway. As most of us think just getting back into the top 4 may still be a struggle. So no to sterling.
    This team could be ok for this season.
    Belerin. kos. Holding. Kol.
    Granit. Eln
    Lacaz. Giroud.
    Before I get slated for including wheelchair I like most of us understand his weeknesses. I believe he deserves another chance. His skill is there he just needs to be injury free. If he can do that I still think he could be a very good player.

    Also including ramsey will not be popular at the minute but giving him the ozil role will free him up more from his tracking back. I think we could see the better of him in this role.

    Playing 2 up top just seems to make sense to me with who we have available. Both are playing well and seem to complement each other.

    That would allow us to get rid of ozil. I am a fan of his but think the money lost next year would not warrent keeping him this year.

    Take europa seriosly and let all our kids gain experience. No more mollicodling let them make mistakes have tough patches and learn from them.

    All I can hope is the joy of watching my team get some confidence and entertain me again comes back soon. Rebuild next summer with a big kitty and hopefully a new manager.

  20. rkw says:

    I still don’t understand why Wenger wanted 2 more years .. he knew his reputation was on the line that his squad was 5th place at best and that with everyone else strengthening he needed to be serious in the window and bring in 3 or 4 world class players .. instead it was business as usual and now even the 4th place junkies have had enough …weird behaviour … he’s basically to AFC what Trump is to the US presidency the train wreck has just hit us sooner

  21. chinaka1 says:

    Sterling would be a good buy but I’m not giving up on Sanchez!

  22. classyGunner says:

    So far, I always maintained an unwavering stand that Sanchez should not be sold. However, after watching that shocker of a display at Anfield, I would say sell anyone and everyone we can. At least we can hand the new manager some kind of a budget.
    I respect Wenger a lot, however, unfortunately he can’t motivate the team anymore.

  23. Antonio Vargas says:

    No I would not swap Alexis for Sterling.. Not a chance. Because if we get sterling and lose Alexis City wins the premier league and we finish outside of the top 4. For those who don’t think that’s true look at what Liverpool did with Sterling. Trophies? None
    Alexis for Aguero is the only possible deal and if that doesn’t happen then Alexis plays one more year with 120k week wages. End of story.
    WTH is wrong with fans considering trading an overrated English player for our best player?
    Alexis has much more to lose than we do.. if he doesn’t sign an extension he will be in lower wages for 12 more months and losing 150k+ week.

  24. waal2waal says:

    i think sterling is an arsenal fan from NW london, but, when he was about to leave lpool i don’t remember we showed serious enough interest in securing his signature.

    so now while we’re placed 16th and also in europa meanwhile he’s in the CL, what makes anyone think sterling wants to join us now? we’re clearly in a state of free-fall – things are that dire that if we continue the path we are doing we’ll be after players from lower divisions, why’? because we’re fighting relegation, players are jumping ship and our transfer strategy is a sham. we really do need changes quick.

  25. Antony Douglas says:

    Arsenal looses three matches and its a crisis. Its a marathon not a sprint. There is still time to change. Keep the faith.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      Oh boy, we have been keeping the faith for how many years now?

      We usually falter in mid season and most teams would want to start off well to get momentum going. This is the first season in a long time where we’ve started so badly, what makes you think this team can last the whole season especially with a team with such a weak belly and an inept manager at the helm? The Leicester game was very lucky otherwise it would have been 3 defeats in a row. If we can’t even get results now to get a good cushion can you imagine when we suffer our usual mid season collapse, how on earth are we going to make up for it?

    2. Anthony Douglas,
      Another deluded Wenger fanboy, it’s not just the 3 matches, it’s the manner in which we lost, it’s the fact we can’t tie our players down to contracts, it’s the fact we can’t secure anybody else in the transfer window. I can’t see this getting any better it’s going to get worse mate .

  26. DANDY GUNNER says:

    It is quite obvious that Wenger and Co had no plan at all for this Transfer window.
    NO Plan Bad Management Wenger reminds me of an Ostrich he has his head in a hole in the ground. WENGER OUT.

  27. amb98 says:

    No we should not accept Sterling. He has some good attributes like pace, dribbling and tenacity but he cannot make decisions. It would just be like having the Ox and Walcott. Arsenal should either sell Alexis for £70m and use this money to sign Mahrez and Draxler (combined cost will probably be closer to £80/90m) or get a top player in exchange like Aguero.
    I feel we should go back to a back 4 and sign a quality CB like VVD/Manolas/De Vrij/Kouliably/Sakho, a right back to compete with Bellerin like Mario Gaspar/Henricks/Ricardo Pereira and two central midfielders- one holding midfielder like Nzonzi/Krychowiak/Danilo Pereira and a creative central midfielder like Seri (he has said he wants to join Arsenal). Ideal line up:
    Mario Gaspar Manolas/VVD/New CB Koscielny Kolasinac
    Nzonzi Seri
    Mahrez Ozil Draxler

    Unfortunately, I will be surprised if we get one of these players. Not looking forward to more mediocrity.

  28. Nonso says:

    Who’s even telling man city that with Alaxis Sanchez they will be EPL or champions league winners, with immediate effect Asene should accept before its too late in motion that Sanchez is no longer wants to play for Emirates , but I wish it would be Aguro for Sanchez

  29. AndersS says:

    No, but if the deal could be, that Man C take Wenger as well, I think we should do it.

  30. gooner4life says:

    why don’t we insist we get toure instead of sterling?I know he in nearing the end of his career but he is a beast and bosses the midfield, he’s a leader and would organise the shambles which goes on every week.

  31. RSH says:

    In the same category as Ox, and Walcott. And has a terrible attitude. Arsenal needs fighters, because Wenger sure as hell isnt one.

  32. harlioscar says:

    Wenger as a person is an obstacle to change..Get in Dangote asap get ride the dead wood..

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