Would Arsenal fans accept Van Persie back?

RVP in Arsenal U-Turn?

In desperate and concerning news, the media is today reporting that in addition to interest from West Ham and Crystal Palace, Robin Van Persie has also attracted interest from former side Arsenal.

The Mirror is today reporting that Arsenal’s interest has sparked at the news that former Gunner Robin Van Persie, could be available for transfer this summer, at a ridiculously low price. Turkish side Fenerbache are supposedly offering the Dutchman the chance to leave in a deal that would not cost more than a few million and it has supposedly alerted Arsenal. With any luck however we can hope that this is just another ridiculous rumour, especially after yesterday’s signing of Takuma Asano.

Van Persie may have worked wonders for Arsenal once upon a time, but his last two seasons of top quality does not mean that his injuries, the manner of which he left and everything else, is all forgotten. Van Persie spent most of his Arsenal career on and off the treatment table and a lucky two years without many injury concerns, saw him rise to the level of performance that was expected from his career. However just when the going got good for Van Persie he traded Arsenal in for a move to Manchester United, which looking back at it, was good for his professional career, but did not go down well with Arsenal fans.

Due to the nature of his exit, I can’t see Arsenal fans being at all favourable of RVP returning to the club, and I don’t think Wenger and co would especially want him here either. Therefore I think it’s safe to put this rumour past us, because even if RVP did want to return, surely the Dutchman isn’t good enough these days anyway. RVP joins the likes of Nasri and Adebayor who wouldn’t be welcomed back to the club even if they wanted to rejoin.

Anyway we have Lord Bendtner training with us already!



  1. RVP doubled his wages when he left us. I have no problem with his leaving. What I can’t understand is how MU can afford salaries of 250 a week, while sometimes missing out on CL?

    1. Because of the money they generate from having a reputation of winning trophies. It’s simple logic, win trophies > all the top players want to join > spend on the best > win more trophies > generate more money. The fact is you can never compete with the biggest clubs if you don’t spend, and Wenger is showing the signs of repeating what he did last season by spending money on one top player then shopping at pound land to fill other gaps in the squad.

  2. Judas….. Return to who or where??? I hate traitors. I wud rather play Sanogo or Akpom

  3. You could argue that arsenal let RVP down. He thought he had joined a top club, arsenal then sell fabregas and nasri without replacing them. Rvp fires in 30 goals in the PL. He wins golden boot and player of the year but we do not win PL. Rvp asks for reassurances that team will be strengthened, arsenl response is to sell song who has been providing him with the assists.

    Us fans criticise arsenal for not showing ambition, rvp left because arsenal were not showing ambition. How can us fans then criticise rvp, he wanted something to show for his playing career and had to keave to get it.

    If he can do a job for us then we should sign him. He has scored a lot of goals at fenerbache despite limited playing time. We must look to the future, if he can score the goals we need then sign him, if he is over the hill then forget it.

      1. Jojo is spot on with this RVP issue. I’m sure many fans understand why he left and don’t blame him for it. It’s the fact that he joined one of our most bitter rivals that makes him a traitor. Had he joined Man City, not many would have cared and we’d be supporting City during the Manchester derbies too partly because of it.

    1. You can’t be serious….?
      You know RVP had serious attitude problems as a youngster.. Not to mention he was pressed charges for rape. Arsenal took a massive gamble on him which is why we got him at a cut-price deal. Sure he showed flashes of absolute brilliance but spent the majority of his time on the injury table.
      You highlight one good season as if Wenger and Arsenal owes him anything…? What about the multitude of seasons before with limited appearances? What about the fact that Wenger showed faith in him when a lot of clubs didn’t?
      ‘Could argue Arsenal let him down’ – that’s a joke mate……

    2. I do agree with you, but the issue was never Van Persie leaving. The issue was him joining Man Utd.

    3. Be that as it may. I still don’t want RVP back at Arsenal. There are other strikers out there and available.

  4. No!… Hahaha ?

    If we’re going to sign him then why stop there?
    May aswell sign Nasri, Adibuywhore, Bendtner and Fabregas and make it a fairwell party for the departing Wenger. ? … Said No ####!!

    I’m not fooling myself into beliving that Wenger will sign what we need, like I said before, if there was a priority signing for wenger, it would have been done already! ?
    I have accepted that and moved on to hoping that the likes of Walcott, Akpom and even Sanogo have a great season for the Gunners! ?

    1. Fenerbache are probably looking for about £4m for rvp and wage demands should not be too hign as rvp is desperate to leave and wants to come to london. If we can sign fabregas, nasri and rvp for 12m then go for it and give wenger a good party. No need for bentdner or adebeyor to go to the party.

  5. i come back from abroad to see this…
    and that man u have got henrikh mikhytyran and zlatan? i thought u only got top players with champs league- who said that again??

    what the bumbaclaart, should have stayed on hols

    anyway what up gooners

    1. Hahaha ? Welcome back man!.. I thought that you got banned lol.
      So Was this abroad on the moon or something? ?
      what no wi fi ? ?

      Hope that your batteries are fully charged, mate, your gonna need it!

      1. Colombia with the missus for few months, gd time to break from being online , my Spanish is alot better 🙂

        hope you been representing fb !

        seems i got alot to catch up on- an wales are in euro semis …what the FUUUUUU.

        gonna catch up on transfer gossip tonight…..

      1. hey josh u good?
        yeah i imagine money is the definitive factor- but zlatan an henrikh ?!
        dude alotta cl teams could offer more money – why manure?

        henrikh for 26 mill- cannot believe we didnt outbid

        23 goals an 32 assists- in 1 season! in decent league- ermmmmm
        no brainer josh

  6. To be brutally honest, my mind wants RVP here because we have been really starved of a potent and ruthless finisher since he left…before he left,I have his collections and still watch it on TV and it makes me sad…

    However,getting him back will be a shame and a huge step backwards for a club of Arsenal’s stature..especially the way he left,the things he said after leaving and his agonizing celebrations…I don’t see this happening at all…but we can get a striker with his qualities or even better if only we have the ambition to do so!

  7. why sign the guy when he doesn’t have what it takes anymore. he will just take up space and make it look like we have a striker when we dont. Wenger must just get what we really need and must not compromise. there is no time for 2nd hand materials and postponement of real issues.

    1. ^^

      look people theres an actual person who HASNT burned his rvp shirt

      gandhi-is that you?

  8. RVP is transfer liated in the Turkish leage! why would we sign him. it would cause instabilities in the dressing room as well as in Arsenal blogs lol.

    its all rumours. but if it were true, he will always have a place in our reserves bench 🙂

  9. Just sign any one of following ; Lukaku, lewandowski, lacazette, iCardi, Higuain, jannsen, Cavani,

    ANd one o the following
    Aubameyang, Greizmann, Reus, draxler, gotze, Rodriguez, mahrez

    Surely we can get two of these players

    Also free up wages by selling Theo. £140,000 per week0 Is Ridiculous.

    1. There is a problem with selling theo, he has to agree terms with the buying club and who will pay £140 000 pw for him. So if he moves he takes a pay cut or he stays put and rakes in the money. At the end of his contract he moves to another club who will not have to pay transfer fees so will hav more money to pay him.

      Win win for theo, lose lose for arsenal. Just goes to show we should not get in to final year of players contract, they should be sold beforehand.

  10. seems theres dejavu in the air….or is that lynx africa…either way it smells like desperation.

    granit xhaka ive never heard of, i hear hes the new bastain schweinalonso….which works for me

    an mourinhos takin shots at wenger again!

    shots fired arsene- get your cobwebs off that leather square u used to call a wallet and buy what we need – come on …u know u want to 🙂

  11. Hahaha at times I wonder about this thing in football called loyalty.So imagine a world where all players were loyal to their clubs till the end of time.If that were to happen many so called top clubs wouldnt have top players.He left for the right reasons and I wish him all the best.If Arsene wants to go for him he should.Every player is a traitor as long as he wants to move but the club doesnt want to sell or every club is a traitor to a player who wanted to stay but the club wanted to ship him out by force.This is life so deal with.I’d take him in a heartbeat because to me am sick and tired of being sick and tired of watching this awful and terrible striking force.Nonsense!!!!

  12. I would have no problem with him returning in principle. He had to leave to win something. As a result of injury and timing he did not win any serious trophy in his career and time was running out for him. Can’t blame him and his move proved right for him.

    Having said that he is now too old and we need a better striker. I would take him over Giroud though.

  13. I think rvp as a bench player is great choice TBH why not. Don’t need to love him just here to do a job

  14. I would have no problem whatsoever with Van Persie returning to the club IF he were a few years younger.

    A 32 year old Van Persie won’t be the same player so I’d pass on resigning him only because of his age.

    Personally I think Arsenal failed the likes of Van Persie, Fabregas, even Nasri and Adebayor.

    We had several very decent players that wanted to win trophies and be successful. Any of the top players that left for Man City, Barcelona, Man Utd etc simply saw the opportunity to go to clubs that were genuine challengers for trophies each and every season.

    I know we didn’t have the cash necessary to compete with the clubs I mentioned following the move to the Emirates but we also made huge mistakes in the transfer market which meant we were saddled with several below par players on high wages.

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