Would Arsenal fans agree that Danny Welbeck is a clinical finisher?

I am certain that it is a bit early to analyse the form of Arsenal’s newest signing Danny Welbeck, but after watching him get very close – but just one actual goal – so far for the Gunners I would not go so far as to call him a “clinical finisher”.

But the little Spaniard Santi Cazorla would like to disagree with me. He was quoted in the Mirror as saying: “He is a very different player to the ones we have had before at Arsenal.

“He is a clinical finisher, quick and always ­looking for space. Olivier Giroud is a different kind of striker. He is good at heading and is strong, but Welbeck, perhaps, is ­providing something new to the team.”

It certainly is refreshing that Arsenal have finally bought an out and out striker, and hopefully he will grow into the role as he grows more accustomed to his team-mates, but right now? I could not agree…..

I guess to be fair we have to compare him to when Olivier Giroud arrived at the club, and he took quite a bit of time to find his goalscoring boots, but the French philanderer also had to cope with speaking a new language as well as a step up to a much more physical league. I don’t think we can give those allowances to Welbeck.

I am not saying that Welbeck won’t turn into another Thierry Henry in the end, and am not even trying to criticize the ex-Man United man. I am simply saying that Cazorla may have jumped the gun with his praise and may even have put pressure on Welbeck to live up to his expectations….

What do you think?

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  1. welbeck is a great player an slots in well.

    but clinical- hell to the no

    clinical costs wonga, or takes great scouting

      1. I gotta agree with that. Tbh. Did u hear about Gazidis’s ambition for Arsenal to have the best academy in the world? I think Flamini will go next season and we will buy a player that plays in defensive midfield and defense. If Welbeck doesn’t step up then we will have to buy a striker. Godly m hopefully welbeck proves his worth.

  2. What did you want Santi to say?
    “He is bloody ar&ehole ex-manu player whom we despise. He cost more than be cause he is English.”

    He is new to the team. Of course they will praise him to up his confidence.

      1. You do have a point JoJo and thinking about it he did say that Giroud was in the same bracket as Suarez 6 months ago after Giroud publicly admitted he wasn’t. It’s clearly just to boost confidence as you can’t have a deflated striker like Torres, especially when Giroud is out for 6 months.

  3. Danny needs to calm down and stop tryin so hard. Otherwise I think he’s well capable of becoming a “clinical finisher”.

  4. Why do we always have to have doom and gloom?
    I remember 3 years ago we started with:
    Santos Squid Mertesacker Sagna
    Song Arteta
    Arshavin Benayoun Gervinho

    We also have deadwood such as Denilson, Chamakh, Frimpong, Park, Santos and Djourou.

    Now we have:
    Debuchy Kos Mert Gibbs
    Arteta Ramsey
    Walcott Ozil Cazorla

    We have hardly any deadwood with Rosicky, Diaby, Campbell, Chambers, Bellerin, Ospina, Chambo, Welbeck, Giroud and Podolski in reserve! People say that Wenger does not adress weaknesses but that is a lot of rebuilding considering how bad we were 3 years ago. Benayoun in the champions league lol. We loaned a Chelski benchwarmer!

    1. Is this the only thing you can come up with everytime your hero wenger does something wrong
      Cause I am fed up of it

      These things which you speak my friend are not gonna solve our problems ryt now
      Past is Past Present is Present

      We are competing for the PL for that we need to address our serious problems and solve them

      For that a manager needs to overcome his ego and play a team to his full strengths
      Which wenger is not doing ryt now and making some terrible mistakes

      Each gooner has the ryt to question him and if to hide his problems you have to come up with this history thing
      Then I can’t say anything more

      1. @TMTR
        Yet, you and many others on here selectively use history to make your point against AW. (ex. 9 throphyless years, sold key players etc.)

      2. People like you are sooo contradictory. I have no problem with people that want Wenger out, however, most fans aint got a clue of how a club is run and always chop and changed opinions. In all honesty how are we to judge Wenger tactically? He has top class scouts abd managed over 1,000 games at top level. He even said that he doesn’t listen to critics or social media which is why is seems as if he has an ego at times. I think that we can give all competitions a good go this season. If we give it a good go then I would be proud of the team even empty handed. Remember Rome weren’t built in a day and I think that this year we will be a force when at top form.

          1. It’s because the future is bright. Young talent is coming through, were a financial powerhouse and the chequebook is coming out as well as the end of the trophy drought. 6 games ago, people we much more positive.

              1. Look, realistically speaking, the league is a marathon. Assuming we lost home and away to Chelsea and City (unlikely) there would be 102 other points up for grabs. If we had beaten Leicester, Everton and Spurs, we would be level with Chelsea. The only worry is our number of draws (4) and failure to hit top form. The first sight of consistency would inspire me with confidence about our title chances tbh.

                1. It’s way too early to be predicting league winners and saying our season is over. Let’s see how the next two months pan out and make a start by beating Galatasaraay. COYG

    2. Yeah but arsene wenger would rather play.


      Thats why were all doom and gloom.

  5. So much of rebuilding and still scraping for the fourth position. Nothing changed in terms of ambition and glory. If this is the case then there is something wrong with the manager. Think about it!

    1. Net spend from 2006-12: -48 mln
      Net spend from 2013 to now: 110.5 mln quid
      The squad is much better.
      Ivan Gazidis wants to build the greatest academy in Europe.
      Training facilities being upgraded.
      100 million quid extra per year from commercial revenue streams
      Money being spent.
      How’s that not ambition?

      1. 4th place is not ambitious, dont you get it? We have a bad manager, who has all the power and we dont have enough quality players, and as a team we have had a chance to address both issues but have not, so we have not shown ambition.

        Look if Wenger was winning something every two-three years, a championship here, an FA cup there, a semi final of Champs league etc. nobody would be complaining but this is just ridiculous

        1. You have just taken a quote about 4th place a few years back and blown it out of proportion. This was a year when we had players like Squillaci starting. Stadium debt needed to be paid off and less than 4th = disaster. Wenger has publicly spoken multiple times about ambitions to win the title. Remember that from 06 to 12 our net spend was – 48 million. Noooo manager ever makes top 4 while making a profit. I think that we had expected too much while the club was lumbered by stadium debt and didn’t see the size of Wengers job. The future looks bright COYG!

  6. This team has great play-makers, runners, one awesome defender(kos6) but not great finishers. Welbeck is still raw and needs more games, the only decent finishers we have is poldi and alexis.
    Regardless of these player’s abilities wenger can make a lot things happen but he’s got nothing new to give. Anything less than 3 points against gala and another r*pe against chelsea wenger’s gotta go thanks for the memories…

  7. A clinical finisher would’ve put that chance away that eventually fell to the ox for the equalizer. Still backing him tho. He’ll get there.

  8. Wellbeck is a good team player without a doubt BUT he is no Diego Costa and that is the kind of player we need – someone who scores.

    We are weak in defence and are not clicking in midfield.

    It just seems that this club, despite its recent outlay on players has not moved forward at all – they just don’t look like a team who is going to challenge for anything this season.

    I know I will get abuse for saying this but I feel this club needs a new direction otherwise it will just stay where it is, challenging for fourth place.

    Wenger needs to step down…

  9. wats wrong with fans from site? when a player like welbek works hard for the team you say he shud stop trying so hard..wen aplayer like ozil calms down as u put it u say hes lazy,…..wenga and the board are failing,players stil are failing and also we fans are failing…lets get behind the boys ..coyg

    1. @arsenaly
      I said he tries too hard. He does need to calm down and focus. I like his work rate, nothing wrong with that. Wish a few of the other guys would up their work rates to match his and Sanchez…

  10. If you gooners put all you hatred aside for a moment
    I think we can win at Stamford Bridge
    It surely will take a hell lot of a effort

    These 2 things need to happen for sure
    1) Park the tank(be as compact as much you can)
    it’s compulsary if you want any chance of winning the game during the opening period
    We have been trying that attacking game for years against big teams in Pl and CL and have found little success

    2) attack with pace and numbers
    To be honest this ryt here I have not seen in arsenal team for a long time
    Don’t leave welbeck isolated(although that’s what gonna happen)

    Let’s face it chelsea are easily in the top 5 teams in Europe ryt now(no shame in admitting that)
    I feel they are one of the teams that know how to counterattack

    Its gonna be very tough and we would need a perfect performance but we can do it

    1. We have defenders who cannot defend and a striker who cannot score goals.

      Does not install confidence in people that we can win.

      I think the notion that we can go there and get a win is a bit far fetched but you never know..

      It would be nice, for once for Wenger to deliver a win against Mourinho because so far Mourinho has shown him just how one dimensional and predictable he is…

    2. @TMTR
      I think one of our problems are not pressing off the ball. Other teams hunt us in packs, wining back the ball. While we just turn around and set up our defense…

      1. Nailed it @ny gunner and that’s one more reason I am Pissed with wenger

        We have seen this how many times mate and he still does not do anything on this matter
        Matter of fact we should improved in this department a long time ago

        He is the one that needs to give them a real banter when he sees them walking around not us

    3. @Tony I agree with you but we just dont have the team to park the tank. Arteta is hurt and even if he were not he isnt a good DM, Flamini is just horrible, I mean this guy is a reject of Milan, a team that is built on rejects from the rest of Europe. Maybe just maybe, we could put Chambers and Ox in the middle of the park, for me they are the two players with most fight in them. Or maybe Ox and Ramsey. I dont know but holding the midfield against Chelsea with this squad might not be possible.

      We definitely have the team make up to attack fast and in numbers, Sanchez, Ox, Campbell, Welbeck all have the speed to run onto passes by Ozil or Cazorla.

      In January we have to buy a DM, and a CB or even 4th place is in danger.

  11. I would play Sanchez in every game that mattered, I would play Ozil in the middle, I would try to integrate Chambers and Bellerin into the defense, I would play Ox on the wings, I would never play Flamini unless he was the only midfielder we had standing. I would give more chances to Campbell. I would not play Cazorla and Ozil together sending one of them to the wing just doesnt work. Most of all, I would get rid of Wenger and get a younger hungrier more motivational coach to replace him.

    1. At last some sense…

      I agree with everything you said, although I think the idea of getting rid of Wenger would send shivers down the spine of some who have absolutely no ambition at all.


      Gibbs Mertesacker/Chambers Koscelny Bellerin/Dubuchy

      Sanchez Wilshere Ramsey Walcott



      1. @you
        Some of you think that gettin rid of AW right now would mean we get a new manager and thats it.
        It would mean a total restructuring, and in many cases, players being shipped out. A good chunk of the players, only AW values. I can’t see a Simione or Klopp keeping half the players we have now. And therein lies another huge problem. As if the board would even think of giving money to finance in essence a new squad.
        And so we’re stuck with the same players many of you don’t even rate as good enough.
        Maybe Tony Pulis would go for that sh*t. But I doubt if Simione, Klopp or any other “young and hungry” manager would…

        But hey. You guys are so adamant to get rid of AW, you don’t give a flyin f**k about all that it entails…
        Keep hope alive dudes. Well at least for 3 more years…LMFAO!!!

    2. @Jimbeam
      You were doin OK until you started on the AW out stuff. I think Flamini could be useful as a back up defender. Just not in midfield.

      1. To think Flamini was from dm saviour last year to useless deadwood *sigh*. Midfield is so overloaded atm that he has to go at the end of the season despite making a decent backup. Couple that with Arteta being captain and a decent chance of up buying a dm in the next 2 windows, he has to go.

      2. Why is the thought of replacing Arsene Wenger such a taboo subject for you ?

        I just get the overwhelming impression from Arsenal fans like yourself that you put the loyalty to the manager before the welfare of the club.

        No one including Wenger is bigger than Arsenal.

        Don’t get me wrong Wenger has done extremely well in maintaining champions league qualification under restricted budgets while the Emirates stadium was built, seeing his best players sold to balance the books but those shackles are gone now and he has money to spend – now he is expected to deliver and there are no excuses.

        There needs to be signs that Arsenal are moving forward and to be honest six games played with 2 wins and 4 draws is not evidence of moving forward. Arsenal are no different to any other club, they don’t have the time to wait for Wenger to deliver because our competitors will not sit on their laurels and wait.

        He needs to deliver or get out – its simple as that, if you were a realist you would understand that.

        1. So 6 games in and 10 of 18 points is enough evidence to prove that we ain’t going fowards? What a joker. Pellegrini has had 11 out of 18 and lost home to Stoke so City are going backwards. Real Madrid has lost 3 games this season so Real are going backwards. By your logic 6 games is enough to judge a teams progress. That’s the most far fetched assertion which I have heard today.

  12. @ny gunner @arsenalman I am wenger out mates and the reason is our same problems which we should have dealt with a long time ago and are no being even addressed

    1) from the last year see from the goal by lewandowski at emirates to this day
    Just see how many goals have been shipped due to Counterattack
    He has not even addressed this issue

    2) substitutions can’t even talk about this

    No problem with money spent on transfers
    We did good but was hoping for cavani today be honest

    If he solves the problems then no problem but he is not even trying from what I have seen in the last year

    1. The first thing is that no philosophy is perfect tbh. Guardiolas Barca team struggled against quick, direct teams, his Bayern team move the ball slowly and struggle against the same sort of team, Real struggle against teans that press high up, Chelsea of last year were too defensive and couldn’t score to save their life.

      Subs are odd but they usually work out e.g Giroud vs Everton. Again I don’t have experience for over 1,000 games so I don’t think we can really question that either tbh.

      1. But when a game screams for a substitution he never makes it or leaves it too late
        You must have seen this with your own eyes many times
        Subs can be effective you’re just need to have courage

        And wenger is being arrogant on my part if he just. Cannot see the same type of goals we have been shipping for such long
        Any manger would have addressed that and now we are losing points cause of that

        You support wenger too much I feel
        But hey that’s allright

        1. We all have different opinions, however I don’t see how subs take balls as by making one he has nothing to lose. Like I said I’m no expert as Wenger has been in game management from the late 80s.

    2. @TMTR
      Good for you dude. I see you’ve decided to use history to make your point…Guess only you are allowed to huh?

      1. @by gunner No mate no disrespect but you have puts too Much faith in wenger
        Everybody including wenger me you and everyone on this site deserves to get a reality check from time to time

        We are shipping goals on counterattack and counterattack
        Solve it or even try
        No need to show history from this side or your side

        1. @TMTR
          I put faith in him, because he’s the guy thats there right now. No, I don’t think he’s perfect and am critical of many of his decisions(ex. team selections, player favoritism, subs, inability to crack the whip when needed)
          I started following AFC during the 84/85 season under Howe. A mate of mine in Beirut who was from Islington was a supporter and taught me about the game and peaked my interest in it. I never even thought of supporting any other team. Win or lose.

          No they ain’t perfect. And neither the manager nor players are above criticism. But yeah, I got a blind faith in them. No matter whose playin for them, or whose managing them. Regardless of my opinion of them on the day. I’m still behind them 100%…

    1. i believe we av wat it takes to beat gala,,lyk sambody said we av vry good quality squad bt tha results we geting frm them ar jst inversly proportional to their quality,if every player performs to his potential then we are thea,tht being said, wenger shud accept to change with modern futbol,rigidity has got no room in modern futbol,change tactics as per game and play every player we he performs best even if it means benching others,at the end of the day its 4 the good of arsenal nt individual plays

      1. Arsenals football is based moreso on fluidity than rigidity tbh with quick passing. The team need to click into top form fast!

  13. wenger out brigade shud eavesdrop wats apening inside manures home,,if u change the rhym arsenal plays i thnk,nt sure bt i thnk they wil be lost forever,if they r gettin lost with the manager who hs been around 4 17 yrs or so,what if a new manager takes charge?

    1. How many times have you seen Santi play this season Enygma?

      You forget Cazorla is a top player, a World Cup Winner, A Euro winner, a regular for Spain for years, a master key player for Arsenal, he is qualified to judge players because he is with them all during training and during games, so he can also compare players.

      Santi speak, Enygma be quiet and concentrate on what Santi say. ;D

  14. The problem is:
    1. The players like flamini , mozart ,diaby , arteta ,monreal , they dont understand any strategy ,look our defence in city game our spuds ,all dangerours situation cused by flamini , why wenger trust him?
    And in transfer market always said ,we have world class players ,who? Flamini? mozart? Diaby? Arteta? Monreal? , and sold vermalen to barca , and i belive he was better than per
    2. Our key players like giroud ramsey wilshere walcott … Injured very simple and we must play the players that i dont know why still are in this club
    3. Wenger only care to his old style of play but even small clubs ( like spuds ) knows how stop the way we play , and he expect win chelsea or dortmund

    I love wenger but he is not the answer anymore ,

  15. So far Welbeck is not clinical, he’s no Costa for example. But Costa was 32m.
    I like really Danny and think he will come good soon the more game time he gets. Once he starts scoring a few more and gelling with the other players he wont look back.

  16. We do really need a target man in the box, the only way we score goals is either a wonder long range hammer from usually Podolski, or quickly getting behind the defence. Unfortunately we do a lot of passing about infront of their defence on the penalty box perimeter, which hardly ever results in a goal. We need to be patient with Welbeck and not heap the pressure on him.

  17. OT, people blaming Flamini for losing the ball and giving possession to Spurs for their goal. He is to blame for part but I question why the hell Per M played the ball to him. Flam was surrounded by Spurs players and didn’t expect to get the ball because of this.
    Again I proportion blame to BFG.
    And yes I’d stand by this even if his header had gone in.
    As long as we have a weak spine at DM and CB, (Per) we’ll struggle to win any competitions and compete for the top positions in the PL.

  18. Just read further up the comments, this brings me to Flamini again.
    I want to agree with @nygunner and defend Flamini. He is now struggling as a lone DM midefield player but as cover for CB, LB, MF etc. he’s invaluable.
    Also in recent times he has appeared the only player passionate on the pitch and giving 100%, this goes a long way with me. The grit and physicality is of value to Arsenal even if/when we buy the younger out and out DM warrior we need, (Kondgobia please Arsene).

    1. @Ronny331
      To be honest. I’d use Flamini against Chelsea instead of Per. And put Chambers as DM, with Bellerin at RB. Sanchez RW, Ox LW. Wellbeck up top, Oz and Rosicky in the middle and we’re good to go…

      1. ny gooner@ wat meks a gud defender is mo
        than just pace,yes per was exposd the last
        game bt mayb if it was flamini we cud av
        conceded mo than we did in tht game, per
        lacks pace bt has composure does the right
        position and also gud wen defendin aerial
        balls unlike flamini who makes rushy and
        costy decisions,,am nt a flamini hater becoz
        hes an arsenal player bt tht comparison i
        beg to differ bt i agree with on the otha
        part,up gunners

    2. Play Flamini with another player in the 4-2-3-1 who has some mobility about them (Diaby) and he can be effective. I agree with you that he is one of the only players who has grit and some tenacity which we are seriously light on in the middle of the park.

  19. I am not adamant that we should get rid of Wenger.

    What I am saying is this.

    If he cannot deliver the improvement in performance that is expected of him at the salary that is paid to him then his position should be evaluated.

    This is not an unreasonable demand of Wenger – it is the same expectation that is expected of every premiership manager.

    You fail to deliver you get fired.

    Why should Wenger be excluded ?

    1. I agree, however there is no reason to even think about sacking him. He has overdelivered over the past 18 years.

  20. ny gooner@ wat meks a gud defender is mo than just pace,yes per was exposd the last game bt mayb if it was flamini we cud av conceded mo than we did in tht game, per lacks pace bt has composure does the right position and also gud wen defendin aerial balls unlike flamini who makes rushy and costy decisions,,am nt a flamini hater becoz hes an arsenal player bt tht comparison i beg to differ bt i agree with on the otha part,up gunners

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