Would Arsenal fans be annoyed if Arsenal DID NOT buy a top striker?

There have been some rumors that Arsenal may be looking for a new striker.

However, what if Arsenal decided not to sign a top striker in the summer? Will you be willing to let it slide if they instead focus on strengthening other positions — the LCM and LB positions, as well as finding a backup for Bukayo Saka — other areas that also require bolstering? I think Arsenal could become even stronger than ever if they sign three top-quality players to strengthen these three positions. I’m wondering just how strong they can be without signing a top striker.

But Havertz’s form in 2024 has definitely shown that he’s got what it takes to lead the Arsenal attack, right? The German international has been doing really well as a center forward, showing great form and impressive stats. Whenever Havertz has led the attack, Arsenal has not lost a single Premier League game with him in the starting lineup.

Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that Arsenal has not lost a single Premier League game when he has scored. Additionally, the 24-year-old has achieved a milestone by scoring a goal and providing an assist in four Premier League games, a feat not seen since Alexis Sanchez.

Considering how impressive his performances have been, wouldn’t it be great if Arsenal could make Havertz their first-choice striker (rather than bench him when a striker is signed)? With Gabriel Jesus still in the squad, there shouldn’t be a pressing need for a new striker, even if Nketiah leaves.

Instead, Arteta could create a seriously strong lineup by bringing in a top LCM, LB, and right winger. With this balanced team, they could dominate both the Premier League and the Champions League.

What’s your opinion?

Sam P


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  1. Sad to say this, but if Gabby J picks up another injury, we’d be reduced to having a single striker. I don’t think we should ship him out, because its likely that he’s a leader in the team and contributes to the overall morale and confidence. However, I think we should sign a young, hungry striker to compete for the attacking positions. Similar to how City have Alvarez.

  2. Arsenal will lose Havertz’s physicality if he gets injured. Jesus is simply too small and too injury-prone to play against huge EPL CBs every week

    Havertz is good, but he’s not as physically-dominant as Giroud was. I’d like to see Arteta’s tactics with a stronger CF

    1. He’s more dominant than Giroud ever was !!! Just go check the stats, he’s in the top ten for aerial battles won in a stat dominated by defenders. He also comes In top in 80% of our games since Christmas at ground duels won. Throw in the fact he’s only 4 off Giroud top scoring season whilst playing most of it at left 8 most of it says it all really

      1. I rarely saw Giroud lost crucial aerial and ground duels, as compared to Havertz who looked weaker in the games

        1. I always thought giroud looked weak and isolated in the build up when he played for us. He was robust, but not overly powerful compared to the defenders he faced. He had plenty of other qualities and was very good in the box, but he was no drogba. Adebayor is the most recent example of the type of powerful cf who was really useful in the buildup play imo, and he was often playing in a front 2.

    2. @Gai, I totally agree.
      We simply need another strong CF.
      I am also afraid Pathey should be sold and Jorginho will soon be having ageing legs and he doesn’t do well against quick midfielders.
      My fingers crossed on how Arteta intends to set up next season. But some players mush surely be moved on..

  3. A top striker doesn’t always ensure you end as top scorers or have the best goal difference….a top striker is more someone that turns a loss into a draw and a draw into a win when it’s just not going for you on the day.

    People don’t seem to understand this

  4. Not really as we just need upgrades on the back ups for Havertz, we’re scoring enough goals from all over the pitch presently so I don’t see the point in spending lots of millions on someone who doesn’t fit our system.

  5. If we are serious about competing for a trophy or battling for say 3 cups in a season,it is obvious that we must upgrade our squad and a C.F is a must.
    We sacrificed the F.A Cup to concentrate on the Epl because we didn’t have the personel to handle both.
    It also happened when we were facing Villa and bayern the same week,we lost both coz we don’t have quality depth in our squad.
    We’ve learnt this season that we have no choice other than adding quality across the team to help when it matters if we intend to win a trophy.

  6. Speaking for myself, it wouldn’t bother me at all if we stuck with the forwards we already have and invested the money elsewhere in the squad. I don’t know if Martinelli or Trossard could cover Saka, but it would save even more money if they could.
    There’s not a huge amount that needs to be spent TBH.

  7. I thought the Villa game was a good indication of what we need.

    Jesus is garbage as a striker, not his fault though, as he never was a striker, managers just try playing him there.

    He can backup Saka on the RW, and we can get a striker who’s profile is different from Havertz. Gimenez, Boniface, Roque from Barca, there are options.

    We need 2 midfielders I would argue. Arteta sees Rice as a B2B, so a DM to replace Partey and a backup that can bed in while Jorginho plays out his last year.

    Another defender but it depends on how he plays Tomiyasu and Kiwior. So either a CB or another fullback.

    A backup striker, 2 midfielders, a defender, and a reasonably priced backup GK who will likely play 5 games if that.

    1. Couldn’t agree more !!!! Finally someone else who fancies Roque!!! We could even barter a loan to buy option given the current situation which means we can spend more elsewhere. If we spend decent on a Saka back up like Olise I can see us just shifting Saka to the left because you know he’s class where class wherever he plays. Would prefer a top class left winger and have Jesus be second fiddle to saka if he stays.

      1. I also fancy Roque, and see a diamond waiting to be polished. Roque is young and talented, so maybe a good deal while Barca has their financial issues.

        It is worth a gamble because Havertz is obvious first choice so Roque has time to bed in without instant expectations.

        I believe Roque can play across the front 3 positions, but I may be wrong. Speed, technique, and finishing, a great plan B to Havertz.

  8. One of our limitations as fans is accepting a decision we know will harm us on the long run.

    We all said it when the season started that Saka needs a backup, and also needed a proper striker but the manger thought otherwise, where did that leave us; we suffered for it. Saka has suddenly suffered from this and we’ve made the media mock him while Folden has excelled from Man city’s decision to not use emotions but do what’s right.

    We have seen our own flaws and wants the club to address where we lacked all season but some fans are already accepting what’s not.

    Are some of us not tired of this nearly mindset? Do you think it’ll be just us and Man city next season? Watch out for our neighbors Chelsea, they’ve got a team that’ll challenge and we’re aware how they’ll be aggressive come seasons end.

    Let’s not leave our pursuit of success on hope again but rather take firm decision when it matters now so we can all celebrate next season.

    Anyways, I’m not surprised because it seems Arteta has learnt his lessons because he knows he made a mistake by letting emotions get over him in the villa game when he changed a formation that was excellent to accommodate Jesus and Zinchenko, Arteta of last season would have stuck to the mistake but I notice he immediately made the decision we all needed him to make and we went back to winning ways.

    My fellow brothers and sisters, we need a top 9, I like Boniface of Bayern Leverkusen, he’s skillful, well built and amongst all a team player. We need a proper winger for Saka, a midfielder and a defender.

    We will challenge and be ruthless if we make the right decision.

    This is my take

  9. I’ve said this on number of occasions, I don’t believe an out and out striker figures in MAs plans. So far his strategy seems to be working. Btw Havertz is not a centre forward neither does he have impressive goal or assist stats. 48 total matches last season 13 goals and 7 assists are good stats for a midfielder but not for a CF. Personally I would like to see a quality DM and CF added to the squad which needs to be strengthened. Unlike previous seasons our injury list was low which might not be the case next season.

    1. Andrew An astute view, esp noting how few key player injuries we had overall. I do however believe a proper proven striker is very much in MA sights.
      I am certain the way over hyped Zirkzee is of no interest at all to MA and very much doubt the mere 20 year old Sesko will be of interest either, despite the constant rumours.

      I THINK ISAK will be of major interest, IF an affordable fee can be agreed. Zubimendi too will be a firm target for MA, imo!

  10. I think you are being over crital of Havertz at cf toward. He had an awful first half of the season in midfield and barely contributed a goal. His tally of goals and assists was mainly in his 15 game run at cf which placed him second in the pl for goals contributed in 2024. There’s a lot of names being floated around for big big money and I don’t think any one of them are a massive upgrade on havertz. All the noise about Boniface but he’s scored half the goals Kane has in the Bundesliga albeit playing less games. Isak has 3 more non penality goals than Havertz and 6 less assists. Sesko and zirkzee don’t have the numbers to back it up and I don’t think we should go crawling back for Vhalovic.

  11. More than annoyed, we need a striker if only to replace Nketia. Evan Fergurson is only 19 surely he could be molded into Arteta’s style of play.

  12. Definitely need a prolific striker can be the difference between winning or loosing the prem league we will have the funds to go big as believe we will sell 3 or 4 players and I would prioritise a forward midfielder to partner Rice and a left back if can do it then a wide player to give Saka more competition and can rotate a bit more instead of him playing every game!

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