Would Arsenal fans be happy if Chelsea gave us Fabregas in Alexis swap deal?

There was a lot of Arsenal rumours saying that Manchester City would be prepared to give us Sergio Aguero as part of a deal that took Alexis Sanchez to the Etihad Stadium, but now that the Gunners have secured the French hitman Alexandre lacazette that is no longer a possibility although there were many Arsenal fans that would have welcomed the exchange.

The big transfer rumour of yesterday was that Man United have reportedly beaten Chelsea to the signing of Everton’s Romelu Lukaku, and with Diego Costa expected to leave the Bridge it has left Antonio Conte in a strikerless situation and may now turn his attention to Alexis.

Wenger may not like the idea of the Chilean superstar moving to a rival, but the fact is that we could use this to our advantage and ask for our old captain Cesc Fabregas as part of the deal. Cesc did not start many games under Conte last season but performed spectacularly when called upon and may be feeling frustrated that he is no longer an automatic starter at the Blues but would be certain to play regularly back at Arsenal.

Arsenal’s one biggest problem over the last two seasons is that we have missed our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla as our engine room in midfield, and we know that Fabregas could easily fill his shoes. We desperately need someone in that position, and now that we have Lacazette we won’t miss Alexis so much.

Would you be happy for us to get Fabregas as part of a swap deal?


    1. Now that would be amazing if Kante came to Arsenal in a swap-ish deal and ended up winning the Premier league with us, to make it 3 on the bounce ???

      1. STOP!.. We can safely go back to choosing one of Man city’s players …. Again. ??

        According to El Mercurio, Sanchez has set his mind on linking up again with Pep Guardiola – his former manager at Barcelona – next season at the Etihad.

        1. I have a better plan, how about we hand our 13 league titles, our first eleven and the entire emirates stadium for a pot of Lentils?

    2. Where do these posts start from ? there is no discussion re Fabregas swap for Sanchez anywhere .. and your post has been immediately superceded by the fact Chelski have matched Evertons bid…
      chelsea will bid big for Lukaku or Morata.. dont worry about that !
      Fabregas should have been brought back when we had first option and played alongside Cazorla.. too late now !

  1. Im still cescs biggest fan & would love him back at Arsenal to help the Santi case we have at the Emirates but not in a million years in a swap for Alexis… maybe Ox but not Sanchez.

  2. I personally would take Cesc back because we need him, but it would be very risky to have Cesc, and Xhaka in the middle, given their lack of pace. Not to mention the fact that neither of them is a DM.

  3. l am not sure what you are smoking or whether you wrote the article for the sake of simply writing something. l doubt Wenger or any of the majority of the fans would want Fabregas even if he was a free agent. Dude ain’t loyal…If Sanchez wants to leave they should sell him abroad even if it’s slightly less than what City or Chelsea are offering, just read Milan are interested so the options for him are increasing. Chelsea are already weakened at the moment, will lose Costa and Lukaku is heading to United, if they are not careful they might not get into the top four. For the mean time Wenger should just keep the good work he is doing like increasing the Lemar bid.

    1. True that, we can’t swap our most hardworking lethal and best striker we have with a lazy slow judas type of player. Sell him abroad

  4. No way.
    They already have a World Class player in Hazard. To have Hazard, Alexis and a top striker would make them favorites

    We want to build Arsenal not other Premier League teams

    I would love to have Fabregas but not give them Alexis.

    By the way, I wonder if Conte is regretting his text message to Diego Costa considering losing Lukaku to United lol

    1. Some people are thumbing you down, so some fans in here really want us to strengthen our rivals? So that they keep winning the EPL and we add some more years to the 13 we currently have? Grow up.. we need to be stronger now not the other way around

  5. I would only take hazard or kante for alexis, a few teams are getting worried about us. Personally I would not let any of our best 25 leave unless we are upgrading on them. For example I think there are better rwing backs out there than Monreal bellerin and chamberlain. I think there are better centre midfielders than coquelin, wilshire, and elneny and better attackers than walcott welbeck giroud and perez. However all 10 are currently in my best 25, although only 1 makes it into my starting x1.

    However feel free to come and shop for ospina or martinez, macey, iliev, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Gibbs, cazorla toral, campbell and akpom. IMO all are surplus to requirements and could raise £35m in a pre-season clearout.

    1. For players to be better, it’s a collective responsibility between the player and the coach.. And most players you see out there looks better than what you have until you have them in your team.. Sooner to you they look like shits..

  6. The reason why we are arsenal and we’re not winning anything is because how we volume and rate players on their ability and what they do on the pitch in the 3421 system Riyad mahrez would be our best signing of the summer if u don’t believe me go on watching is games then watch ozil and Sanchez you would see is creativity passing dribbling shooting an ability to take on defender which ozil an Sanchez. doesn’t really do i can really influence the game on his own he has match winning ability an equality he is far better than ozil some one to keep in mind sadio Mane Liverpool off Liverpool

    1. It looks so to you because Mahrez is the kingpin of Leicester. . Though I want him but no player in the Premier League is better than that big head Sanchez… Not even Hazard.. . stats don’t lie, out there on the Internet.. And about Ozil?!… They have a different role to fill.. In Ozil department, Mahrez wouldn’t get a cut in the German team.

  7. Some of these articles make me laugh
    Nice to have a chuckle once in a while


  8. Now Juventus are inquiring about Lemar, we know that the player prefers to join Arsenal but it’s all about the offer made to the club. Judging by the news that this player was not been included in Monaco’s away kit promotion, it looks as if he’s off!

    Sticking with Monaco, we are now supposedly monitoring Fabinho (£40 million), who can also play in midfield as well as RB… ?? is Bellerin going somewhere?

    At this rate, Monaco won’t have any of their champions left at the club. They must have one impressive youth academy, packed with future stars.

  9. both r good and alexis is a money crazy person i would take fab back fab n give him captaincy

    1. Lol you’re really a frustrated gunner, as much as I will take him back, I won’t give him captaincy right in seven years not to talk of getting the armbands, that will be his punishment for ditching us.

    2. Take Fab back and give him captaincy. Do we want Arsene and Arsenal to take fans serious, seriously!. Alexis has never been dishonest unlike that ungrateful cnut. As of right now, it’s all paper talk. Fabregas has already shown his turncoat true self. Anyways, himself and Xhaka would be terrible idea.

  10. Sell Alexis abroad, he is causing instability in our mind. We need loyal players. Loyal Giroud is better than Disloyal Sanches lolz

    1. nonsense. love how everyone is pretending Alexis is bad all of a sudden. Even with a bad attitude he was still carrying the team last season, lmao!

      1. Ronaldo and Messi carry their team to titles.. Sanchez didnt carry us to the title only 5th place

        . in fact when we were top was when he put a cog in the works.. no doubting he is a great player but he often runs up a blind alley or tries things himself rather than for the team…
        Cazorla seems to be the real kingpin that makes the side tick… however with this new back 3 system we won 10 out of 11 !

        Having said that Sanchez with Lacazette along the front could be amazing times ahead but not if his wage demands are too high…

        Lets see how this turns out…

  11. im very happy for the two new addition to our Squad but to only make top four if we keep Sanchez we still need two more quality players we can’t be doing the same thing over on over again always short of two quality players the other top teams are better than us already and they are making 3 to 4 top quality signings so where those that leaves us on less we have some Magic spell or magic potion we still need two more quality players Riyad mahrez. or Thomas Lemar William Carvalho jean Michael Siri leon Goretzka

  12. No – the only way we are going to have a force that can challenge for the league next year is to keep AS – then we can be contenders. It is in our hands if we have him for at least another year or not. For that reason we must keep him. Would love to blow Citeh out the water, they are starting to get a Barcelona type arrogance about them, where they think they can just take anyone’s players. It is so annoying that we are stuck, shackled by Kroenke, as we would be able to tell any of them where to go with Usmanov.

    1. Oh, and it kind of irritates me when Arsenal Fans say that we don’t want Usmanov because he has a shady past – there’s lots of hearsay, but AFAIK he made his money in the same way that Abramovich did … I don’t see Chelski supporters wanting him kicked out. Nor do I see Citeh supporters wanting their Saudi owners disenfranchised, a country whose football team refused to stand and be silent for a minute for the victims of the London terrorist attack, in which their hosts, Australia, had lost citizens. Now if that doesn’t hit home, I don’t know what does. And funnily enough Everton don’t seem too opposed to Usmanov’s investment either …. The FA have basically hidden and refused to confront the problem of dodgy owners – their website says they will answer questions, but when I asked this one, it didn’t get a response. But I digress ….

  13. Little OT, but Arsenals next multi-million dollar signing should be the top scout or head of player recruitment for Monaco. What the principality club has churned out over the past few years is simply staggering.

    James—$60M +
    Martial–$50M +
    Kurzawa—$20M +

    And possibly
    Lemar–$50M +

    Nearly a half a BILLION dollars in potential transfer fees within a handful of windows, and Im sure I left a few players out as well.

    Mind blowing to say the least.

  14. No I would not. We need more legs in the engine room. Fabregas and Xhaka both want the deep role. So no he’d be all wrong. Goretzka, Verratti, Keita, these types I’d be happy with. Maybe Fabinho, Carvalho, but I’d have to look some more, go past the stats.

  15. Why do people think this is even an option?

    I would LOVE Cesc back in a swap for Sanchez if we get Lemar/Mahrez…. but I think there is a higher chance of getting Messi or Ronaldo than Cesc! MAYBE after Wenger leaves but otherwise I cant see this happening.

    Cesc could have gone back to Arsenal after leaving Barca but Wenger did not buy him back when he had him in a silver platter… there is a greater need for Cesc now with Santi, Jack and Rosicky out/poor form/retired than back then but Wenger should never have allowed this transfer to happen for simply NOT letting Chelsea get stronger, we had enough room in the squad roster back then anyway and he could have sent Jack on loan that season and common sense also said Rosicky was almost at the end of his career so Cesc would have played a lot anyway.

    To me this says Wenger resents Cesc for leaving when he was trying to build a team around him, he had the chance to get Cesc back and refused due to personal reasons, not football reasons….

    Like the lover that told you “I love you” and a few years later split up to go out w their Ex and after that didnt work they want to come back to you.

    This transfer simply aint gonna happen, Wenger was heartbroken after seeing Cesc go back to Barca and he aint gonna give him a chance to hurt him again by trusting in him.

  16. Is Arsenal a swapping team anyway?? We fancy selling than swapping, not so many swaps have happened at Arsenal. If the worst comes to the worst, sell him abroad, even for a cheaper price than in the league. Don’t stick to him, let’s move on as Arsenal !!

  17. Sell Sanchez and get Lorenzo Insigne for £45 million. He is 26, scored 20 goals last season and assisted 12 times, also operates from the left Frank.

  18. Jean Seri would be the most like to like rep for Cazorla….followed by Tomas Lemar… watch their clips and you would see why….I would be glad if we can get 1 of them and retain all our 1st 11 players last season….

  19. I`m in agreement with Ian Wright. Give the greedy bum what he wants for one season with conditions of performance then let him go.

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