Would Arsenal fans be happy if we ONLY won the FA Cup this season?

Arsenal are currently in 5th place in the Premier League at the halfway stage, and although we are only 8 points behind the leaders, many Arsenal fans think we are simply not playing well enough to challenge for the title – and in fact may have a battle just to finish in the Top Four.

And it is the same thing with our draw in the Champions League. Although I would like to think we will give Bayern Munich a run for their money, there are not many people predicting anything but a usual victory to the Germans over the two legs. So these facts make it even more important that the Gunners got the better of Preston at the weekend.

This victory makes it look like the FA Cup is our very best chance of a trophy this season, and after 2 winners medals out of the last 3 seasons, we should have every chance of going all the way yet again. After the Preston game, Arsene Wenger was asked if he would change anything about the FA Cup, and he replied: “What do you want more? I think it was a great tie today. I came here with a team of quality, 80 per cent of the players who played today played at Bournemouth and the rest were out. But I think maybe the first round, the third or fourth round, people are a bit more [ambivalent]… but after when it gets to the final stages, everybody is absolutely focused on it.

“I don’t know why people have not a positive opinion of the cup. It’s more the press I think. I think so. Inside our game, I would have been devastated if we had gone out tonight. So we are all focused to compete, really. Somebody reminded me yesterday that I had not gone out in the third round in 20 years. That’s because I care about the competition, but overall, no I think it’s every year a debate. For me it’s no debate, it’s a fantastic competition.”

That sounds like a man that knows the importance of winning a trophy, any trophy, this season. So, considering the incredible quality of the competition now in the Premier League (and the Champions League!), would you lot be happy if we managed Top Four AND won the FA Cup this season. Would that be enough to earn Wenger a new contract?



  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    Some gay a like fans like Chris from Atv might feel its enough. But true champions know that the fa cup wont make the likes of Sanchez and co stay in the club. We are not spurs for f. sake. Or maybe we have become like them who knows?

  2. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Got to beat the Canaries or Saints away in next round first.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      What? ? the same saints that knocked us out of the Micky mouse cup?
      There goes Wenger’s contract extension.. Hip Hip… Hooray ???

    2. RSH says:

      Have we ever won at St. Mary’s since Soton got promoted? I really don’t remember… Rooting for Norwich

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    More? Hahaha ? I think that Wenger summed himself right up there.
    By the way, Who was the reporter? … Oliver Twist? ?
    And yes, the Fa cup trophy will earn Mr Humbug another 2 year extension, just like before.

    1. bran99 says:

      we never learn, every year same bul****. now FA cup is back in business, but when the season starts we like, EPL, UCL are all ours, by January we go back to our FA cup, why is Wenger playing the same movie every year? and we keep watching it coz we have nowhere else to go

  4. Juhi McLovin says:

    Can’t afford to rotate in the next FA Cup round, except for Ospina. Got to play our first XI.

  5. El Blaze says:

    Satisfied with 4th place and FA Cup? You kidding me right?

    1. bran99 says:

      it’s been happening for the last 10 years, no kidding

  6. Bobbyraz says:

    With the way we are playing currently we will be lucky to get a cup and a top 4 finish, wenger shuldnt get an extension on his contract he is done, let another manager give it a go, he can take ramsey, ox, debuchy, sanogo with him, how can one club have so many flops

    1. bran99 says:

      and Ozil

  7. Carlos says:

    Only idiots wouldn’t be satisfied with the FA Cup and top 4. Only Barca, Real, PSG or Munich would be disappointed with that. PSG cause they’re in a shitty league so to not win it isn’t acceptable. The other 3 arre the top 3 teams in the world. Its nothing to go crazy over, but its still good!

  8. Onochie says:

    We won’t be happy with only FA cup,even though I don’t know how we’ll win it. Please We have played more than half games in the league,its time to wake up to reality that either we improve on our game or we should get ready for a life outside the top four. I have no Doubt that Stan would give wenger another two year contract,he seems like the only manager/coach he can control. One quick question,do you sincerely think that even if Wenger is given 5 years,that he can ever win EPL title?

    1. Koss says:

      the last 12 years definitely answers your question.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Would have liked if the board had helped Wenger out more by having some good men around him. Gazidas is basically a bank manager, this has been a huge hindrance. Brady was tops, but he was old and losing his passion for the game. Arsene’s not the type to admit he needs more help, he would be the guy that listens to everyone’s problems, while keeping mum when dealing with his own, so to speak.

  9. firehart says:

    The board has already offered him an extension. It’s Wenger who’s delaying it.

    1. bran99 says:

      yes, he wants to win one easy match, when everyone is smiling, he goes and sign it

  10. Break-on-through says:

    If it comes right down to it, say we are out of everything else, well then I would look forward to the FA cup final. Like say we really gave the league a good go of it, but narrowly missed out by one or two points, it would mean we came close to the double, but at least we have something to show for it. Best not to talk like this though, because some people don’t like context.

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