Would Arsenal fans be happy if we stole Tottenham’s manager?

The last few days have shown the vast amount of anger and disappointment that the majority of the fan base has against the team at the moment. The Arsene Wenger situation has often divided the fans in the past, but I don’t think the fans have ever been so united in wanting Wenger out at the end of the season.

Rumours have been spreading all season that this could be the Frenchman’s last campaign in charge of Arsenal. Wenger himself has remained coy on the matter, whilst it’s understood that the Arsenal board have already drawn up a year extension for Wenger to sign. The board are also supposedly considering other options as well, should Wenger choose to call it a day at Arsenal in the summer. However there is one candidate for the job, who surprisingly heads the list.

Mauricio Pochettino is reported to be a high priority candidate for Arsenal this summer, with the Arsenal board having identified him as a manager who could take the club to the next level. Pochettino is young, ambitious and has a wealth of Premier League experience, meaning he could be the perfect fit.

The only issue is of course that Pochettino is the current manager of Arsenal’s biggest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. His current side of course makes the task of obtaining the Argentine a lot harder, with those at White Hart Lane unlikely to let Pochettino leave with ease. Players and managers are known to have featured for both sides in the past, Sol Campbell and George Graham being prime case examples. However in this modern day era where money rules all, it will be quite difficult to prize Pochettino out of his current commitment to Spurs.

As hard as it may be to admit, Pochettino has taken Tottenham to the next level since he’s been in charge of the club. The side has gone from being a Europa League challenger, to aiming for the Premier League title and participating in Europe’s elite Champions League. Pochettino has worked wonders with Spurs both on the pitch in terms of quality and playing style, as well as off the pitch with transfers and business. If he was to be in charge of the Gunners, then I’m sure he’d be able to have a decent crack at taking Arsenal a step back up to the level we once were.

The likes of Simeone, Allegri and Howe are also reportedly high up the list of top candidates to replace Wenger as manager, once the Frenchman does call time on his association with Arsenal.



  1. iamvia says:

    Diego Simeone all the way, high motivating spirit is the major problem of our players, I will keep saying our players are not that bad but the fact that the manager is not keeping them on their toes makes them feel too comfortable. Wenger is a kind of man who is not harsh on players either play well or not and this makes the players feel relaxed Ozil’s case is a good example he made it clear to us all he will only sign if wenger stays (what a lazy man) if he is as good as he made us feel Real Madrid wouldn’t have sold him. Take a good look at wengers signings half of then are average players because he is always ready to settle down for top four and and early CL exit unlike Diego simeone who signs players from no where with relatively small money and push for trophy every season. Arsenal fans will love to watch their beloved team again if a manager whose tactical awareness is on the high side because wenger has no plan B in every game, he leaves his step son Ozil who is playing bad and remove Iwobi or anybody just because his tactics is configured.

  2. Twig says:

    Of course. The fact we’ll be taking him off Spurs will make the deal even sweeter.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Whether it’s Pochettino, or someone else, I would pretty much take anyone over Wenger! He’s hit rock bottom this season, which is reflected in our results, and performances.

    The likes of Pochettino, Klopp, Conte, Clement, Koeman, have all improved their respective clubs , City, and Utd are slowly improving as well, and I am sure the Manchester clubs will be a huge threat next season. Changing managers isn’t always a guarantee things will improve, but I don’t think that will be the case at Arsenal. We have the money, we have a quality squad, and we have the stadium…Arsenal should be doing better. Even if next season is worse, for fans at the very least, we’ll have optimism! I am sure for most Arsenal fans, there will be a huge sigh of relief, and excitement, when Wenger finally goes.

    If Wenger does decide to go, then he should announce it asap. I don’t think it’ll be like the Pellegrini situation, because Wenger’s decision would actually unite our fractured fan base, and then we could all really get behind the team until the end of season. Knowing that Wenger loves Arsenal, and that he’ll definitely be managing next season, I would imagine he’s itching to sign the contract that’s already on the table. Given that he said he’ll decide on his future in March/April, I think he wants to see where Arsenal are before any decision is made. Arsenal usually finish a season strong to snap up a top four place, and this greatly worries me, as that could be enough for Wenger to sign again.

  4. ger burke says:

    at this point , my guide dog, rolo , would be a far better manager than wenger the arrogant !.anybody would be better than this hasbeen to be honest . all due respect to wenger for his PAST glory. but sentiment will not win us anything , ever.time to wave bye bye to this dictator, the emirates wont know what happened to it when our new manager comes in , and it will all be for the good too , believe me .

  5. NY_Gunner says:

    What a sorry bunch of moaners…

  6. ger burke says:

    NYgonner calling people moaners. now thats so rich !!!, lol.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @ger burke
      Says Ms Moaner herself…Queen of the b*tch brigade…

  7. G-Rude says:

    Jeez give it a rest. Arsenal lose a few games every season and everyone starts moaning. Only one manager ever has gone a whole season without losing Oh Yes! That was someone called Wenger too!
    We still have every chance of winning the FA Cup and coming second in the League. If Wenger manages to do thatin such a talent filled EPL then he deserves a contract extension. Judge him at the end of the season please.
    Or until we lose to Sutton lol

  8. sayantan says:

    gazidis just met pellegrini in Spain , omg

  9. Vlad says:

    I’m just going to copy and paste what I’ve already said in one of the other posts:

    “What a delusional bunch most of you are. Why do you think Wenger is still with Arsenal? Because Kroenke, Gazidis, and the rest of the board are happy with what he’s done/doing. If they weren’t, he’d be sacked years ago. It’s all about money, and nothing else. Arsenal is a profitable business these days, not a football club. Do you really think that the new manager (if Wenger leaves) will be tasked with winning trophies? Not a chance. The objectives will stay the same, and so are the results. So channel your anger towards the owner and the board, and not the guy who has done exactly what’s asked of him.”

    As for Poch – I’m not sold yet. I’ll give him props for “discovering” and giving a chance to Kane, and Alli. But that’s about it. I like their pressing game, but they still have a lot to learn. Last season they needed 3 points from the last 4 games. They choked. They couldn’t do anything in CL this season. In recent weeks they’ve been humiliated by Liverpool, and then again lost to Gent the other night in Europe. When results go their way, they are fun to watch, but I feel like Poch and Co. are still a bit weak mentally when things start falling apart.

  10. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Arsenal have not hit bottom rock this season as they are currently in 4th position in the table. Eh? ThirdManAW. If it is our lost to Bayern Munich that has caused the uproar against Le Prof to leave Arsenal by the disgruntled Arsenal supporters. Well, I have good news for them. First and foremost, Arsenal will beat Sutton tomorrow in the FA Cup and later beat Liverpool at Anfield later in the League. Then, they’ll knockout Bayern Munich from this season’s Ucl at the Emirates Stadium by a 4-0 home win and qualify on away goal rule. And then afterward, they’ll beat Leicester in the League st the Ems to quieten the media and the football pundits hypes against Le Prof to leave Arsenal. And secondly, Arsenal will not sign Pochentino because the Spurs side he’s been managing have never finished above Arsenal in the League. So he’s never an improvement on Le Prof.

  11. Onochie says:

    You might not like this but I think its time we leave spurs alone and face our troubles. I mean what joy would we get if for example we finish above them then ended up winning no trophy,its still almost the same thing,the slight difference is that we’ll make more money for stan and the board who doesn’t love the club. Getting simeone or Allegri would be very good because of the motivation they can bring into the team,but if the coach starts making demand of the target he wants to help take the club forward,I hope the board and stan would be supportive. And No we don’t need the spurs coach.

  12. proffetic says:

    This is a nonsence article, I’m afraid. Such a proposition could never be serious.Of all managers why would we want to poach Tottenham’s and why would he come unless he has some kind of death wish.The author is having a laugh inviting fans to squabble, and he’s succeeded. Nothing more to say..

  13. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    I’m with NY_Gunner, yes ger burke you are a burk!
    Look it up, it means idiot, amongst other things.

  14. Break-on-through says:

    I for one wouldn’t want him. I could not see the hype, what it was all about.

    I’d like to see the coaches at Seville arrive. They play fantastic football, very entertaining, quick, real easy on the eye. They done same with Chille, and had the team grinding clean sheets against SA attackers. Problem is Barcelona want him, esp now with Barca saying they are in a crisis.

    Allegri is who I’d take too, and maybe try getting the Seville sporting director if we can’t get their manager. He’s done a great job with those funds.

    Simeone would be us going back to our old school ways. Teams would hate playing us and I feel with enough time he could deliver a title, maybe even a CL, as those tactics are capable of downing free flowing tactics. There is a problem though, he is blue of Milan all day long, his family too. They all seem to be on the same page as to where he goes.

    We need new talent spotters too, ours keep on identifying weak ass mental players. Allot of our scouts are old players who never made it big, some not at all. I can see why they never made it, they don’t know what it takes.

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