Would Arsenal fans be happy to let Ramsey join Barcelona?

There seems to be an ever-growing feeling that Barcelona have made the Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey their main target for the coming summer, and the rumours are becoming more and more persistent in the last few weeks.

Ramsey has played alongside Gareth Bale in the Wales national team for many years and they will both be meeting up again to represent their country at the European Championships in France in June, so he can fill him in on the life of a superstar in Spain. Today’s report says that there will be no approach until after the competition so as not to disrupt their preparations.

It is also being reported that the Catalan giants are fully expecting to pay 50m to 60m GBP to prise Ramsey away from Arsenal, and the Express says that “sources” at the Emirates have privately revealed that the club will not stand in his way, and which player in the world not be keen to play alongside stars like Messi, Neymar and Suarez?

Would Arsenal survive without Ramsey if he moved to La Liga? I think we would, although we have a few aging midfielders like Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky that are already going to need replacing this summer, and Cazorla is not getting any younger either…

So if Ramsey also leaves then Wenger may have to make a few more additions than he normally likes to in one transfer window. Of course there is always the possibility that Jack Wilshere may finally stay fit and be a natural replacement for Aaron, and maybe Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could suddenly fulfill his promise, but I wouldn’t back on either of those happening, although there are a few more promising youngsters that may step up next season.

But I digress, let’s ask the question. Would anyone begrudge Ramsey moving to Barca if they came calling?

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  1. The more i think about it the more i realise that it can actually happen. Wilshire, el neny, carzola and now even ox can play box to box. 60M pounds? …. eh thatnks for the years ramsey, good luck making the 1st 11.

  2. Barcelona may have to sell Neymar or Suarez yet they are going to spend 60 million on Ramsey? BS transfer rumors.

  3. Ramsey must stay, no-one else mentioned has anywhere near the engine, goal scoring ability or impact that he has.

    We have glass legs jack, and some old timers who will be shipped out in addition to a young, talented but unproven in the PL Egyptian we have just bought.

    Ramsey would leave a massive hole in this team and would be sorely missed as he is pure class.

    1. @Arseovertit
      He sure left a “massive hole” in our midfield the other night. That won’t be missed when he leaves, for sure. With the exception of Sanchez, Ozil and Kos, everybody else can be replaced without me shedding a tear…

      1. He is box to box and that’s his game. If anyone is to blame its Wenger for keep selecting him if he does in fact want a rigid defensive midfield as well as for not playing someone else who is in his place…

        1. @arseovertit
          Dude you truly live in some bizzaro backwards universe. Blaming AW because Aaron goes miss on his defensive duties.

          1. Really. Who picks the team then?

            After all, if Wenger like you thought Ramsey was responsible for all our errors then he would have replaced him with someone more defensively minded, surely?

  4. £60 million? ….. See you later Ramsey ?
    I wouldn’t miss him, thats for sure ??
    The missing, is only for the legends.

    Oh my hamstrings Ramsey is injury prone, anyway!
    So I’m sure that the Arsenal board would be rubbing their hands at £40 million, they would pack his bags and drop him off outside Barcelona’s ground for £60 million ?

    Offer them Jack Wheelchair and Ramsey + a £1 for Suarez

  5. Even if Arsenal were to sell Ramsey, for that kind of money,
    It would be more wiser to sign a few replacements first,
    Otherwise, the would be selling clubs would hold out for more money, knowing that Arsenal have a big budget.

    It’s funny how certain players form drops, during a transfer window. …. looking towards the direction of Leicester City,
    Two penalty misses in a row from the algerian messi ?

  6. Barcelona have been doing their shopping at Arsenal fc for many years now ?
    So any rumours that come from there, have to be taken seriously!

    Alexander. H

    I’m sure that is more…. anyone? ?

  7. Barcelona have been doing their shopping at Arsenal fc for many years now ?
    So any rumours that come from there, have to be taken seriously!

    Alexander. H

    I’m sure that there is more…. anyone? ?

  8. Lately Aaron has been playing like he’s putting himself in the shop widow. And it’s come at a cost to the team.
    Trying to emulate Bale? If we can get a good price for him, I say take it and buy better…

  9. Be careful what you wish for guys.
    You might think that we are doing ourselves a favour through the sale of ramsey.
    Just hope after he is gone we get a better player and that we dont regret it like those who decided to sell de bruyne matic robben pogba glen johnson and more.

    You want to sell an all rounded midfielder who can play from defence to midfield to the wings to being a target man.
    He was once a worldie and it is probable he is going tp reach those heights and perform on a more consistent level

  10. If he chooses to leave almost forcing arsenals hand, he would be regarded an unappreciative bastard, and traitor. Coz when he was useless and a liability to the team as well as injury plagued Wenger stuck by him and developed him at the expense of a fielding a weaker team. Now that hez become an intelligent and worthy player for us he wud be a VanPussy to leave.

  11. Of course we wouldn’t be happy.
    it’s great to have both Cazorla and Ramsey in b2b positions among other positions they can play

    the days of us losing our big players are over

    They may sign Sanogo if they are interested

  12. @ny gunner, thank you spot on I did comment earlier doesn’t seem to be posted stating the exact same thing in regards to the last game. If you watch it again it’s Campbell on numerous occasions sensing danger and actually going off the wing and closing players down in midfield Hats off to that boy.

    Ramsey needs to get his finger out and be more of a team player simple as.

    Massive Final today could define our season

  13. Jesus .. People on this site are beyond dilusional …Ramsey more likely to be heading to barnsley than barcelona …

  14. Not going to happen with this site posting few days ago 3 players getting ready for the axe. When a post like is posted on the future of the 3 midfielders then Aaron should be considered as the best possible player who can sustain the position. Arsenal have had it from Barca and whatever they try to do for long period they come along and take what they want. Wenger knows the fact he can score goals, it will about time they do the presser on him using the usual suspects during the ahead of the Arsenal-Barca tie. Man it hurts and seeing them in such a advantage with the ability to even sign players during Bans.

  15. Love Rambo but pep could spend 60mill on better players and have a deep squad. Yes pep will come to arsenal

  16. I know I’m going to see a lot of red thumbs for this but it may be worth it to get an answer. Can someone please explain to me why Ramsey is so special? I see the energy and I see his stats and that he gets a decent amount of goals. But I also him take ten touches too many, constantly try stupid, unproductive passes, force a pass to try and get an assist when he could’ve easily kept a play going and looking for a better option, he shoots from too far away and sometimes from stupid angles, he always tries that stupid scoop pass over the back line and never gets it right, etc. My brother put it in a way that made a lot of sense: he gets a bunch of stats because he takes too many risks. one is bound to work. Yes risk is good sometimes, not all the time.
    With that being said, I want so bad to love him the way everyone else does. Can someone tell me what to look for during the next game? I want to like him the way I like the other stars, and apparently he’s a star.

  17. I knew this would eventually happen. I mean, if you honestly look at his style of play, he fits Barca more than he fits Arsenal, since he won’t be having as much defensive duties there as he has in Arsenal. I’m not happy at all about it, but be sure it will happen in the summer. I just hope we find a proper replacement.

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