Would Arsenal fans be happy to see Julian Draxler arrive?

Before this years Euros Arsene Wenger said that he didn’t expect to find any surprise new possible signings for Arsenal at the competition, due to the quality of his extensive scouting system, but he did say that it would give him a chance to take a closer look at players that he has already been made aware of.

One of Arsene’s long-time targets, if the rumours are to be believed, is the German youngster Julian Draxler, who was considered to be a child prodigy during his time at Schalke. Last year the 6ft 2in winger moved to Wolfsburg and Wenger revealed that, amongst other young players at the tournament, he was keen to see how Draxler performed.

‘At the moment I think most of the young talented players are in France,’ Wenger said.

‘We speak about (Anthony) Martial, we speak about (Kingsley) Coman, who are still about 20. And I’ve seen a very interesting young talent from Turkey – (Emre) Mor.

‘You have as well some other players like (Leroy) Sane in Germany. It will be very interesting as well to follow what Draxler is doing, he’s still a very young player.’

Right now I think that Sane and Coman are probably more accomplished young Germans, but those two would be hard to prise away from their clubs. With Wolfsburg finishing out of even the Europa League places this season, Draxler may be able to be persuaded to move to the Emirates.

Would Arsenal fans want the 22 year-old to come to Arsenal to develop even further under Wenger?



  1. No Mahrez is the winger we should go for,he’s done it in the EPL and won’t need time to adapt

    1. Do you also know that walcott scored 14 and assisted 12 when he was 23 in the same epl.
      Not taking anything away from mahrez just be prepared for dissapointment.

      1. Mahrez won the league because his contribution was vital,I remember that season Walcott even scored a hat-trick against Newcastle in a 7-3 win,the thing with stats is they are deceiving most of Walcott’s 14 goals in that season were not decisive he’d score when we were already 3-1 up so the game would end 5-2 and inflate his stats!

        1. I have watched nearly EVERY game for over a decade and from watching the games I an tell you that your full of BS.

          Theo scores when he is on form, that doesn’t matter if it is the 1st goal or the last goal of the game.

          That Newcastle game I can use as an example.
          Theo scored the 1st goal to get us ahead.
          Theo scored the 4th goal, to put us ahead yet again. Yes Theo got the 7th goal but to point out you was talking BS I picked the game you stated and shown you that Theo did score much needed goals and they was decisive.

          STFU and go watch football.

      2. Does Mahrez have a record of injury, and as mentioned before me, is he mostly adding goals to an already won match? I get your point absolutely, but the biggest difference between Mahrez and Walcott is that Mahrez already look like a moulded player that will only improve with the years, and Walcott has throughout his entire time at Arsenal been the fast player that needs to improve on his finishing, dribbling and intelligence. He’s still that “talent” he was 10 years ago, only now he’s 27 and will not really improve with age, as his only weapon – his pace, is diminishing. Even Wenger seems to have given up on Walcott, as “his prime” has been an absolute disaster so far.

  2. I remember how long it took draxler to arrive that summer!……. After he was claimed to have come arnd London colney and inspected our facilities to his amazement..

    Boy!….i dn’t wanna go down that road again

  3. I believe Draxler would improve under Wenger. He is a very talented lad, but I feel if Wenger was really keen on a youngster he would button his lips and try to get it done under the carpet. At the same time if Draxlers career is beginning to nose-dive well then the boss might smell a bargain base talent. Would we take Draxler over Walcott and/or Oxlade, I think allot of us would. We need this striker sorted out though, we do need a winger but all resources must be on a striker and CB at the moment.

    1. I am a bit confused Trev, you said we need THIS striker sorted out, it sounded like Draxler is a CF when he is a AM who Wenger has said in the past that he may make a good CF….

      1. I meant it in the sense of we need this striker business sorted out. I don’t class Draxler as a striker.

    2. “We need this striker sorted out though, we do need a winger but

  4. Still think Draxler would be an excellent signing for us, but no way he has ever warranted that 37 million Schalke quoted for him back in the day.

  5. @nygunner I know he’s a c**t but would you take Diego costa, if Chelsea sign moratta, i know i would.

    1. Hell no, he would not fit our style of play and we do not need a thug who can only score from being a bully.

      You can take him all the way to your bedroom if you love him so much.

      1. I would take Costa in a hard beat. He has proven he can score goals in the PL, he is 27 years old, and perhaps Wenger can manage him so he can control his temper a little bit. Besides Arsenal can use a little bite, some times we are too tame for my liking.

  6. Draxler gotze and sane are more than welcome to the gunners.. those players are already lightyears ahead of ox welbeck akpom and still have room for improvement.. some on here wont want draxler to come simply because they’re English themselves like the majority of those mediocre players who are holding back the club, and will find every excuse to protect their place in the squad.

  7. Draxler has been a target of ours for a long time, Wenger at the time did not want to pay the 37 million they had ask for, and i guess he has proven it was the right , at the time i felt wenger was going to mold him in the shape of a Rvp because of similar built and ability.
    I however think a 20 million on Draxler would not be a bad idea , but we are in need of a ready made forward,
    Lukaku is still my preferred choice for forward, but a Draxler with a (Dembele, Guirassy, Jovetic, Milik or Jansenn) would be a good deal

  8. I agree with trevor, we need to first and foremost sign a central striker to take over from Giroud, after that I doubt Wenger would sign Draxler.

    My fear is Wenger will not sign a starting caliber central striker.

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