Would Arsenal fans be happy with three-way Real Madrid deal?

Real Madrid are supposedly keen on signing Alexis Sanchez, while Arsenal are said to be eyeing James Rodriguez and Alvaro Morata, but could all three moves happen?

Our club has so far failed to make the signings needed to excite our fans, and the window has grown increasingly frustrating in recent weeks, enhanced by our failure to win either of our opening two league matches.

A rumour has now emerged claiming that we want to sign James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, as well as striker Alvaro Morata, who we have been linked with signing for some months.

The reports had cooled on the Spanish forward’s potential switch however, with Zinedine Zidane having chosen to start the 23 year-old in both the European Super Cup, as well as the opening league fixture, although Benzema was ruled out for the latter with a hamstring injury.

James however is believed to be surplus to requirements in the Spanish capital, and we could very well end up striking a deal for the attacking midfielder, although that position is not a priority for strengthening currently.

Alexis Sanchez is now said to be on the wishlist of Real, and while no Gunners fan would agree to let him go, if it meant we could strike a deal for both James and Morata to come the other way, with a fee no doubt thrown on top, maybe it would be a clever move for our club.

Would you be happy to see Arsenal send £50 Million and Alexis to Spain with Morata and James coming the other way? Or would we need to spend more to land the duo?

Would you be happy to swap £50M and Alexis for Morata and James?

  • No (60%, 1,583 Votes)
  • Yes (32%, 833 Votes)
  • Swap Ozil instead (8%, 220 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,636

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  1. Lol , we need a decent enough striker and (or at least) a good centre back. Wenger won’t sign them eventually run out of time and options and finally land up buying James Rodriguez as a panic buy. Very good player but not what we need

  2. My Question to Wenger. Does he think a decent club like Valencia or some other which does not have that much financial constraint will sell their top players towards the end of transfer window cheaply and without getting to replace them?
    Or Big clubs like Madrid sell even their surplus player cheaply.
    Mr. Wenger ,Throughout the World There, in every sector whether it is football or any other business, if you want the best you need to pay, cheaper pay will give you only and only cheap quality

  3. Lol.
    According to del Cra’iola of Madrid
    Bale and Ronaldo are coming to Arsenal
    being traded for Sanogo and Wellbeck.

  4. For ten years Arsenal has been
    “linked” to top strikers but
    always backs down and buys
    mediocre hacks at much lower prices.
    Arsenal will sign someone like Lucas Perez for 17 mill.
    This is totally in line with the likes of
    Arshavin 15 mill Park 10 mill Chamakh free.
    Walcott 10 mill Chamberlain 12 mill Giroud 12 mill
    Girvinho 12 mill Podolski 12 mill
    and the panic buy Wellbeck 16 mill.
    Not one became world class. Not even close.
    Most cost vast sums of money in salaries
    and ended up hard to shift deadwood.
    Top 4 does that to you.

  5. What I fail to understand is why Gazdis talks like we going to spend big but then we are waiting on some domino effect… I.e. Lukaku to Chelsea, Costa to Athletico, Greizmann to Arsenal.

    If we are now able to compete in the transfer market, why don’t we start the domino effect. I understand business but winning franchises makes $$$. La Lakers, NY Yankees. Arsenal is a London club, desirable city to live in, brand new stadium, but so dam cheap and lack some balls on and off the pitch.

    1. I think that might be the case with big name players… I.e Griezmann, James, Ozil, Sanchez.
      But this summer if our main targets are anything to go by, Vardy, Lacazette, Morata and Icardi haven’t really been like that. They’ve either wanted to stay at their current club, or the club has asked a ridiculous fee to get him (Laca)

  6. Amazed to see almost 50% folks are in favor of this deal. For me Sanchez is the only player who gives his 100% in every game. He was flop in first two games because he was playing as CF and not as winger.
    He has proved himself in PL and on other side we don’t have any guarantee how Morata will turn out. From Sanchez we can at least expect 15+goals and unless Morata gives us 25+alone in PL no meaning of this swap.
    I know we will get James as well but he has not proved himself other than world cup.
    Moreover this deal is another made up rumor as Madrid has CR7 and Bale and I don’t see Sanchez starting over them. He will not go to sit on bench.

    1. That’s just not true. James had a great first season at Real, he just really doesn’t fit into Zidane’s system, but neither would Ozil.
      If Sanchez had 4 years to go on his current deal I’d say no way…
      But he has two years left, and if we’re to give this rumor any credibility at all (which is pretty foolish to IMO) it would have to assume that Sanchez wants the deal to go through. If Real can turn his head this window, he could damn well be persuaded next window when all the negotiating power is in his hands. From a business perspective we’d be getting a striker with amazing potential and an on the brink of world-class player.

  7. Sir Alex Fergie must be laughing into his cornflakes over Danny Welbeck.

    Yes Arsene, He’ll fit in at Arsenal seamlessly!

  8. Waiting till a week before the window closes to get a CB and forward is ridiculous
    Most of the time you don’t get an Ozil caliber player this late

    Other clubs got their players (some at reasonable prices) like Mkthitaryan, Ibrahimovic, Nolito, Batshuayi, Janssen, Kante, Wanyama early on in the summer

    We spent big on Xhaka but not on the positions we desperately need.

  9. 50M AND Alexis?!!!!!!!! Has someone fallen over and bumped their head?? If ever such a move materialised I would go on a 1 man protest all season long, for the next 5 seasons!!!
    I wouldn’t swap Sanchez for Morata and James plus 50M, let alone us giving them 50M! LOL you can F right off!!!
    James some hype job and Morata, the dude nobody wanted to splurge 50M on earlier in the window. So it’s basically like pay for Alvaro and swap Alexis for James LOL nah mate you’re alright!

  10. Alexis is our best player and the main man when it comes to fighting spirit on the pitch. I really hope that he can actually become our main striker. Yeah he didn’t exactly inspire such confidence in the 1St 2 games but which of our forwards did play well? Plus, it’s the 1st 2 games of the season, AFC always suck at the beginning of the season. Besides, if Giroud can go 15+ games without scoring, then why can’t Alexis have a few more games to try and prove himself? It may just work out in our favour? If only our other wingers would step up!

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