Would Arsenal fans be unhappy if Wilshere and Szczesny moved on….?

Now I know there is a long way until June, but that doesn’t stop the Sunday papers coming up with lots of Arsenal transfer rumours to give us all something to talk about. Todays offerings are NOT about incoming players but instead are focusing on which players Arsene Wenger could be losing in the summer.

First of all the Star is reporting that one of Man City’s top targets is our very own terrier Jack Wilshere, as they are under pressure to build up their “home-grown” contingent at the Etihaad.I am not sure how many JustArsenal readers would actually complain about this deal, especially as Man City are well-known for splashing out ridiculous amounts to get their targets.

Although a child prodigy and an early England international, Wilshere seems to have been on the treatment table for most of his Arsenal career. Maybe that will change at a club like City, but I wouldn’t bank on it, and wonder why City would be so keen to take that chance? Strangely enough that same article reckons that, although Wilshere has three years left on his contract, the Gunners are looking to extend it by another two years AND increase his wages to £150,000-a-week. Really?

Secondly, the same paper reports that Roberto Mancini has targeted Wojciech Szczesny for Inter Milan this summer as his current Number One, Samir Handanovic, is expected to be leaving at the end of the season. Again they ruin it by saying that Man United are the favourites to land the Slovenian, presumably as third-choice keeper behind David De Gea and Victor Valdes. Really?

But this article is not here to discuss the veracity of the rumours in question, but to ask the question of whether Arsenal fans would be unhappy if both (or either of them) were to part company with the club. I could see Szczesny moving on if he remains as second choice behind Ospina, but we already have Emiliano ready to be second choice for Arsenal, and Wenger has also just approved a contract extension for the 20 year-old Macedonian stopper Deyan Iliev, so we are hardly going to be short of cover if Szczesny leaves.

So, who thinks we should cash in on Wilshere and Szczesny if the chance arises?

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  1. I still think Wilshere has got something to offer if his injuries go easy on him. If it means loaning him just do that, but selling him right now would make me nervous.

    I know no ones rates him on here as he is very frustrating with his running into opposition players, always falling to the ground and play acting etc, lol.

    To me he is a quality player to have in the squad if he can keep fit.

    1. To loan him out at dis age will hit his confidence and discourage him. We simply need to sell fringe players like arteta flamini diaby etc to so dat wilshere knows he’s competing wid probably only Ramsey and not 3-4 players. We arsenal fans easily forget d talent of d players

    2. and those who left (RVP, Nasri, Sagna) went so willingly. Jack is Arsenal to the core. I’m pretty sure Jack would be one of our last Gunners to join a rival if given the choice, no matter how much money Man City offers him.

    3. Sell them both and get upgrades.
      Is wilshere better than coutinho?
      Is he half as good as fabregas at years of age?
      On Szczecny, how many times would he have to cost you a cup, or progression in a cup competition before you declare,” enough is enough “. Champion league exit last season and league cup final.
      How many times would he have to gift 3 points before we admit that he is simply not good enough.

    4. All this money for Walcot Wilshire 30mil apiece what planet are you guys from A they can’t get into the first eleven B can’t play more than 3 games then out for treatment End of storey C B

    1. hes 23, clearly has talent- why sell?
      same with ramsey – last year our best player also young-

      give them time

  2. Jack was a talent, but by being greedy he brought bad tackling and injuries to himself.

    No he has stagnated and many are better than him.

  3. It would be stupid to sell them Jack. Why?

    Every team has to have x number of home grown players.
    Every team has squad restrictions on number of players.

    Manchester City don’t have many home grown players & are desperate
    Like him or don’t Jack is one of the best British players if Man city can’t get there hands on any decent home grown players then they have to get second rate home grown players who are no way near top 4 champions league team material. Thus weakening them massively.

    This is going to be a problem for them over the next few seasons FFP means they can’t spend ridiculous money anymore and there lack of home grown players means they have to waste some of there spend on players they might not Necessary want.

    Plus Jack has massive talent you don’t lose that think how good he was a couple of seasons ago. He just needs the injuries to stop. Some of his recent injuries aren’t that bad there just niggles for previous injuries and aren’t really a massive concern the only problem is its stoping him from having a decent run and reaching top form.

  4. Unfortunately both players had to deal with stardom too early i think, therefore expectations have been high for them.

    Szczesny is as good as any keeper in this league, his errors are most noticeable because he plays for ARSENAL, i actually think he is a better keeper than ospina and this competition for a place in the team will only improve him, so i think it would be rather foolish for us to sell him.

    Wilshere once considered one of our main men, has lost some amount of that fame, due to injuries (which some i think he caused upon himself), stupid antics outside of football and the input and upsurge of new talents in the squad. Can he still be a part of the arsenal engine, i can not see why not, does he still have the talent, i think it is quite evident that he does. but i think if he goes or stays it is up to him, he has to fight for a place in the squad, work harder than before, and take care of his body to minimise injuries. He needs the game time but there are several names i would put before his on the match card.

    If he does not have the appetite to fight for game time here, he will have to do t else where, big teams normally have several options in his position, so it would be more suitable if he does the fighting for position here

    1. Agreed. If injuries to players and gives him or Walcot the chance,they should grab it like Coquelin did, and prove they are better. CB

    1. Hafiz, sometimes i just think youre actually admin and trying to provoke positive responses or negative ones towards you but positive for Arsenal as you never give much explanation or reveal why it is you think the way you do also never really putting your thoughts a certain way so to get gooners coming round to your way of thinking. Enlighten or highlight a subject.. it just comes across as a giant brain fart.

  5. IMO I wouldn’t sell them. It’s more of an attitude problem than ability if the don’t cut the mustered they should work hard from the sidelines until they do. You’d be surprised how many good teams would like to have them in there squad.

  6. Schneiderlin is home grown so will help our quota. If Cazorla stays I would not mind selling Wilshere, he would command good money. We have Crowley as a number 10 coming through the ranks and Ozili/Cazorla are the genuine CAMs. Ramsey/Rosicky are the backup CAMs.

    Sell Wilshere and get Kondogbia and of course Schneiderlin too. B2B is then Schneiderlin/Kondogbia/Ramsey.

  7. wouldn’t hope for him to leave but if the paper talk is true rarely s) I would be happy to see him at City for 30 mil. He may have the odd good game, but with their squad, injuries and reserves will most likely be what he sees so it shouldn’t haunt us later as he most likely will stop progressing. Wojeh can go if we can get Cech.
    That would leave us about 30 mil to spend on Schneiderlen or better, Schneiderlen and 5 mil towards a Pogba buy to replace Jack.

  8. Szczesny major problem is just his age goalkeepers dont usually get really awesome until there close to 30years old, there are very few examples of keepers being world class from a young age maybe a handful like neuer casilias buffon, but most just get better with age young szcy will get better with age and will iron out the kinks in his game that is what wenger sees i suppose he sees what they can become not what they are now.

    wilshere apart from the injuries his major problem is what position does he stay fixed into, he should have a fixed position (this is damaging his future progress) by now,
    ramsey is a box to box that is defined, but young jack dont know where is place in the team is that’s why he play in-between two different styles, this is wengers fault he should have took him to one side by now i molded him into one type player or the other by now. To me he should just play a deep laying play-maker role and dictate the play, with the great vision he has, (play to his obvious strengths is the way forward) he will never be a box to box as he ain’t got the stamina for it as ramsey has if he did then he would be vastly improved quicker.
    Ramsey has the qualities needed for the modern box to box were as wilshere doesn’t really he is ok over a short distance with a short burst but beyond that he is quite static in the middle, but is excellent technically and can play a quick pass when he is on form use him as a springboard to launch counter attacks from any new manager that comes in will either help him improve or he will be a casualty of the new regime, unfortunately that reality of life in football i hope for one both of them stay and help us win trophies in years to come COYG

  9. No there is no need to get rid of them unless they wish to leave

    some of these players should be considered for sale or release

    1. Mertsacker (good cb but too slow for PL). Replace with top defender
    2. Podolski (older and Wenger doesn’t like him)
    3. Diaby (Always injured)
    4. Flamini- not good enough anymore
    5. Campbell- not a goal scorer and hasn’t really impressed
    6. Jenkison- he is a good RB, but we have Debuchy, chambers, Bellerin
    7. Sanogo- the reason is in his nickname (Sanogoal)

    From sale of Mertsacker, Sanogo, Jenkison, Campbell and Podolski added to our reported £50 million war chest, we could easily sign a 1. Top striker, 2. Top DM, 3. Top defender and 4. young backup LB
    Also release of Flamini and diaby would free up money for salaries.

    Just a thought

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